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The !'arlin fo 1111.1 l'mfocol.
Rem/ling article 5. paragraph 9. and arttclc I 0. paragraph of
the 19'-JX Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in
Decision-making and Access to .lusticc: in l:ll\ ironmcntal Matters (the
Aarhus Conven tion ),
Rccogni::ing that pollutant release and transfer registers prm ide
an importam mechanism to increase corporate accountability, reduce
pollution and promote sustainable development. as stated in the Luc-
ca Declaration adopted at the 1irst meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus
Coil\ ention.
Hm'ill!!, regard fo principle I 0 of the !992 R in Declaration on l. n-
\ ironment and Development.
I hning regard also fo the principles and commitments agreed to
at the 1992 United Nations Conference Lln E111 ironment ami DC\ elop-
mcnt, in particular the pr01 isions in chapter 19 of Agenda 21.
Taking nofc of'thc Programme fo r the Further lmpl emelllation of
Agenda 21, adopted by the Cieneral Assembly of the United Nations at
il'> nineteenth special session. 1997. in \1 hich it called for, imcr alia, en-
hanced national capaci1ies and capabilit ies for information collection.
processing and dissemination. to facilitate public access to informat ion
on global etwironmental issues through appropriate means.
l!ming regard /o the Pl an of Implementation of the 2002 World
Summit on Sustainable De\'Ciopment, \\'hich encourages the develop-
ment of coherent integrated informati on on chemica ls. such as through
nat ional pollutant release and transfer registers.
Taking i171o occou/11 the'' ork ol' the lniergovernmental Forum on
Chemical Safety. in particular the ::!000 Bahi a Declaration on Chemical
Sak1y. the Priorities for r\ ction Beyond 2000 and the Pollutant Release
and Transt'er Register Emi>sion lm en tory Action Plan.
Taking info ucco11nf u/10 the activitie> undertaken within the 11-a-
me\\ork of the !mer-Organization Programme for the Sound 'Vlanagc-
mcnt of Chemicals.
Taking info accullnl/llnhcnnore the "ork of the Organisation lo r
Economic Co-operation and De!' clopmcnt. in particular its Council Re-
commendation on Impl ement ing Pollutant Release and Transfer Regi -
sters. in which the Council calls upon member countri es to establ ish
and make publicly a\ ail able national pol lutant release and transl'er re-
1/ 'i,hing to prm ide a mcchani>m cotmibuting to the abi lity of
C\ cr) person ol' present and future generations to live in an environ-
ment adequate to his or her health and \\ell-being, by ensuring the dc-
\elopml!nt of publici) access ible en' ironmental information systems,
lf'i.1hing a/10 to en>ure that the! de\clopment of such systems ta-
kes into account principle> contributing to sustainable development
>uch as the precautionary approach ;,ct forth in principl e 15 of the 1992
Rio Declaration on Ell\ ironment and De\ elopment.
Recogni::ing the link bet\\ccn adequate environmental informa-
tion >ystcms anclthe e:-;ercise of the rights contained in the Aarhus Con-
.\'ofing the need for cooperation "ith other international init ia-
ti\es concerning pollutant> and "a;,tc. including the 200 I Stockholm
Convemion on Per>istcnt Organic Pollutants and the 19S9 Basel Con-
' cntion on the Control ol' Transboundai') Mm ement s of Hazardous
Wastes and their Disposal.
Rccogni::ing that the objecti\ C> ol an integrated approach to mini-
miLi ng pollution and the amount ol' \\ astc resulting from the operati on
of industrial installations and other sources arc to achieve a high level
of protection for the en\ ironment as a ''hole, to move towards sustai -
nable and ell\ ironmentally sound de\ clopmcnt and to protect the health
t11. prcsent and future general ions.
Cominced ol' the 'aluc of pollutant release and transfer regi sters
a> a cost-clfecti\ e wol for encouraging improvements in environmental
performance. for pro' iding public a..:cess to information on pollutants
released into and transferred in and through communities, and for usc
b) Go\ ernments in tracking !rends. demonstrating progress in pollu-
tion reduction. monitoring compliance'' i1h certain international agree-
ments. setting priori tie> and e\ aluat ing progress achieved through em i-
ronml!ntal policies and programme!;,.
Bdi<T ing that pollutanl release and tran>l'cr registers can bring
tangible bcn.:Jits to industr: ihrough the improYcdmanagcment of pol-
\'oting the opportunities for using daia from pollutant release and
transl'cr tegisters. combined "ith health. environmemal. demographic,
economic or other types of rekvant information. lor the purpose of
gain ing a better understand ing of potential problems. identifying 'hot
spots , taking pt-e\ cnti\ e and mitigating measures, and selling environ-
mental ma nagement priorities.
Rccogni::ing the importance ol' prOiecting the privacy of ident i lied
or identiliable nawral persons in the processing of information reported
to pollutant release and transfer rl!gisters in accordance with applicable
intcrnalional standards relating to data protection,
Recogni::ing u/.1u the importance of developing internati onall y
compatible national pollutant rch:a>c and transfer register systems to
increase the comparability of data.
.'\ ofing that many member States of the United Nati ons Economic
Commis,ion f(Jr Europe, the European Community and the Parties to
19. OKT06ap - 20 11 . ME1jYHAPO,aHvt YfOBOPVI 6poj 8- CrpaHa 159
the North Ameri can Free Trade Agreement are acting to collect data on
pollutant releases and transfers from various sources and to make the-
se data publi cly accessibl e, and recogni zing especiall y in thi s area the
long and va luabl e experi ence in certai n countri es,
Taking into account the different approaches in existing emi ss ion
registers and the need to avoid duplication, and recogni zing therefore
that a certain degree of fl exibility is needed,
Urging the progressive development of nationa l pollutant release
and transfer registers,
Urging also the establishment of links between national pollutant
release and transfer registers and information systems on other releases
of public concern,
Have agreed as fo ll ows:
Article I
The object ive of this Protocol is to enhance public access to infor-
mation through the establi shment of coherent, integrated, nat ionwide
pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTRs) in accordance with the
provisions of thi s ProtocoL which could facilitat e public participati on
in environmental decision-making as well as contribute to the preven-
tion and reduction of pollution of the environment.
Article 2
For the purposes of thi s Protocol ,
I. , Part y" means, unl ess the text indicates otherwise, a State or
a regional economic integrat ion organi zation referred to in arti cle 24
which has consented to be bound by thi s Protocol and for which the
Protocol is in force;
2. ,Convention" means the Conventi on on Access to Informati on,
Publ ic Parti cipati on in Dec ision-making and Access to Justice in Envi -
ronmental Matters, done at Aarhus, Denmark, on 25 June 1998;
3. , The publi c" means one or more natural or legal persons, and,
in accordance with national legislation or practi ce, their associati ons,
organi zat ions or groups;
4. ,Faci li ty" means one or more install ations on the same site, or
on adjoining sites, that are owned or operated by the same natural or
legal person;
5. ,Competent authority'' means the nati onal authority or autho-
ri ties, or any other competent body or bodi es, des ignated by a Party to
manage a nati onal pollutant release and transfer register system;
6. , Pollutant " means a substance or a group of substances that
may be harmful to the environment or to human healt h on account of its
properties and of its int roducti on into the environment ;
7. , Release" means any introducti on of pollutants into the envi-
ronment as a result of any human act ivity, whether deliberate or acci-
dental, routine or non-routine, including spilling, emi tt ing, di schargi ng,
injecting, di sposing or clumping, or through sewer systems without 11-
na l waste-water treatment ;
8. , Off-site transfer" means the movement beyond the bounda-
ries of the facility of either pollutants or waste dest ined for di sposal
or recovery and of pollut ants in waste water destined for waste-water
treatment ;
9 .. ,Di ffuse sources" means the many small er or scattered sour-
ces tlom whi ch pollutants may be released to land, ai r or water, whose
combined impact on those medi a may be signifi cant and for whi ch it is
impracti cal to coll ect reports fi om each indi vidual source;
I 0. The terms ,.nati onal" and , nationwide" shall , with respect to
the obli gations under the Protocol on Parti es that are regional economic
integrati on organi zations, be construed as applying to the regi on in que-
stion unl ess otherwi se indi cated;
II . , Waste" means substances or objects whi ch are:
(a) Di sposed of or recovered;
(b) Intended to be di sposed of or recovered; or
(c) Required by the provisions of nati onal law to be di sposed of
or recovered;
12. , Hazardous waste'' means waste that is dcll ned as hazardous
by the provisions of national law;
13. ,Ot her waste" means waste that is not hazardous waste;
14. , Waste water'' means used water containing substances or ob-
jects that is subject to regul ation by national law.
Article 3
I. Each Party shall take the necessary legislat ive, regul atory and
other measures, and appropriate enforcement measures, to impl ement
the provisions of thi s Protocol.
2. The provisions of thi s Protocol shall not affect the ri ght of a Party
to maintain or introduce a more extensive or more publicl y accessibl e
pollutant release and transfer register than required by thi s Protocol.
3. Each Party shall take the necessary measures to require that
empl oyees of a faci I ity and members of the pub! ic who report a viola-
tion by a fac ility of nati onal laws impl ementing this Protocol to publi c
authoriti es are not penali zed, persecuted or harassed by that facility or
public authorities for their actions in reporting the violation.
4. In the impl ementati on of thi s Protocol, each Party shall be gu-
ided by the precautionary approach as set forth in principl e 15 of the
1992 Ri o Declaration on Environment and Development.
5. To reduce dupli cati ve reporting, pollutant release and transfer
register systems may be integrated to the degree practicabl e with exi-
sting in formation sources such as reporting mechanisms under licences
or operating permits.
6. Parties shall strive to achi eve convergence among national pol-
lutant release and transfer registers.
Article 4
In accordance with this Protocol , each Part y shall establish and
maint ain a publicl y accessible nati onal pollutant rel ease and transfer
register that :
(a) Is facility-specific with respect to reporting on point sources;
(b) Accommodates reporting on diffuse sources;
(c) Is pollutant-specific or waste-specifi c, as appropriate;
(d) Is multimedi a, di stinguishing among releases to air, land and
(e) Includes informati on on transfers;
(f) Is based on mandatory reporting on a periodi c basis;
(g) Includes standardi zed and timely data, a limited number of
standardi zed reporting thresholds and limited provi sions, if any, lor
confident iality;
(h) Is coherent and designed to be user-friendl y and publicly ac-
cess ibl e, including in electronic form;
(i) All ows for publi c participation in its development and moditl-
cat ion; and
( j) Is a structured, computeri zed database or several linked data-
bases maintai ned by the competent authority.
Article 5
I. Each Party shall ensure that the data held on the register refer-
red to in article 4 are presented in both aggregated and non-aggregated
t'orms, so that releases and transfers can be searched and identified ac-
cordi ng to:
(a) Faci lity and its geographi cal locati on;
(b) Acti vity;
(c) Owner or operator, and, as appropriate, company;
(d) Pollutant or waste, as appropri ate;
(e) Each of the environmental medi a into which the pollutant is
released; and
(f) As specifi ed in article 7, paragraph 5, the destinati on of the
transfer and, where appropri ate, the di sposal or recovery operati on for
2. Each Party shall also ensure that the data can be searched and
identifi ed according to those diffuse sources which have been included
in the register.
Crpa1-1a 160 - 6poj 8 ME15YHAPOAH111 YfOBOPfll 19. OKT06ap - 2011.
J_ Each Party shall design its register taking into account the pos-
sibility or its future expansion and ensuring that the reporting data from
at least the ten previous reporting years are publicly accessible_
4_ The register shall be designed lor maximum ease of public ac-
cess through electronic means, such as the Internet. The design shall al-
low that, under normal operating conditions, the infom1ation on the regi-
ster is continuously and immediately available through electronic means.
5_ Each Party should provide links in its register to its relevalll
existing, publicly accessible databases on subject matters related to en-
vironmental protection_
6_ Each Party shall provide links in its register to the pollutant re-
lease and transfer registers of other Parties to the Protocol and, where
feasible, to those or other countries_
Article 6
l_ Eac h Party shall ensure that its register includes the informa-
tion on:
(a) Releases of pollutants required to be reponed under article 7_
paragraph 2:
(b) transfers required to be reported under article 7_ para-
graph 2: and
(c) Releases of pollutants from diffuse sources required under ar-
ticle 7, paragraph 4_
2_ Having assessed the experience gained from the development
of national pollutant release and transfer registers and the implemen-
tation of this Protocol, and taking into accoulll rele1 ant international
processes, the Meeting of the Parties shall revie11 the reporting requirc-
ments under thi s Protocol and shall consider the following issues in its
further development:
(a) Revision of the activities specified in annex 1:
(b) Revision or the pollutants speci1ied in annex II:
(c) Revision of the thresholds in annexes I and II: and
(d) Inclusion of other relevant aspects such as information on on-
site transfers. storage, the specification of reporting requirements for
difCuse sources or the development of criteria for including pollutants
under this Protocol.
Article 7
I_ Each Party shall either:
(a) Require the owner or the opcrator of each individual facility
within its jurisdiction that undertakes one or more of the activities spe-
cified in annex I above thc applicable capacity threshold specified in
annex I, column I, and:
(i) Releases any pollutant specified in annex II in quantities exce-
eding the applicable thresholds spccilied in anncx II. column I:
(ii) Transfers ofT-site any pollutant specif ied in annex II in quan-
tities exceeding the applicable threshold specified in annex II . column
2, where the Party has opted for pollutant-specific reponing oftransrers
pursuant to paragraph 5 (d):
(iii) Transfers ofT-site hazardous waste exceeding 2 tons per year
or other waste exceeding 2,000 tons per year, where the Party has opted
for waste -specific reporting of transfers pursuant to paragraph 5 (d); or
(iv) Transfers any pollutant specified in annex II in wa-
ste water destined for waste-water treatment in quantities cxceeding the
applicable thrcshold specified in annex I L column l b:
to undertake the obi igation imposed on that owner or operator
pursuant to paragraph 2: or
(b) Require the Ol\ ncr or the operator of each individual facility
within its jurisdiction that undertakes one or more of the activities spe-
ci tied in anne_\ I at or above the employee threshold speci tied in annex
I, column 2, and manufactures, processes or uses any pollutant speci-
fied in annex II in quantities exceeding the applicablc threshold speci-
fied in annex I L column 3, to undertake the obligation imposed on that
owner or operator pursuant to paragraph 2_
2_ Each Party sha ll require the owner or operator of a facil it y refer-
red to in paragraph I to submit the information specified in paragraphs
5 and 6, and in accmdance with the requirements therein, wit h respect
to those pollutants and wastes for which thresholds were exceeded.
3. In order to achieve the objective of this ProtocoL a Party may
decide with respect to a particular pollutant to appl y e ither a release
threshold or a manufacture_ process or use threshold, provided that thi s
increases the relevalll information on releases or transfers available in
its register.
4_ Each Part y shall ensurc that its competent authority collects, or
shall designate one or more public authorities or competent bodies to
collect. the information on releases of pollutants Crom diffuse sources
speci tied in paragraphs 7 and 8_ for inc lusion in its register.
5_ Each Party sha ll require the owners or operators of the facilities
required to report under paragraph 2 to complete and submit to its com-
petellt authority. the lollowing info1mation on a lacility-spccitic basis:
(a) The name. street address. geographical location and the acti -
vity or activities of the reporting racility, and the name of the owner or
operator. and. as appropriate, company:
(b) The name and numerical identifier of each pollutant required
to be reported pursuant to paragraph 2;
(c) The amount of each pollutam required to be reported pursuant
to paragraph 2 released liom the facility to the environment in the re-
poning year. both in aggregate and according to whether the release is
to air. to 11atcr or to land, including by underground injection:
(d) Either:
( i) The amount of eac h pollutant required to be reported pursuant
to paragraph 2 that is transferred off-site in the reporting year, distingu-
ishing bet11een the amounts transferred ror disposal and lor recovery,
and the name and address of the facility receivi ng the transfer; or
(ii) The amount of waste requi1ed to be reported pursuant to pa-
ragraph 2 transferred in the reporting year, di sti nguishing bet-
ween hazardous waste and ot her waste, for any operations of recovery
or disposaL indicating respecti vely with 'R or 'D' whether the waste
is destined for recovery or disposal pursuant to annex Ill and, tor tran-
sboundary movements or hazardous waste, the name and address of the
recoverer or disposer or the waste and the actua l recovery or disposal
site recei1ing the transfer:
(e) The amount of each pollutant in waste water required to be
reported pursuant to paragraph 2 transferred off-site in the report ing
year: and
(f) The type of methodology used Ill dc:rive the informat ion refer-
red to in subparagraphs (c) to (e), according to article 9, paragraph 2,
indicating whether the inlormation is based on measurement, calcula-
tion or estimation_
6. The information referred to in paragraph 5 (c) to (e) shall inclu-
de information on releases and transfers resulting ti-om routine activiti-
es and from extraordinary evems_
7. Each Party shall present on its register, in an adeq uate spatial
disaggregation. the information on releases of pollutants from diffuse
sources for which that Parry determines that data are being collected
by the rel c1ant authorities and can be practicably included. Where the
Party determines that no such data e.xist, it shall take measures to initia-
te reporting on releases of relevant pollutants fi-om one or more diffuse
sources in accordance with its national priorities_
8_ The information referred to in paragraph 7 shall include infor-
mation on the type of methodology used to derive the information .
Article 8
I_ Each Party shall ensure that the inlormation required to be in-
corporated in its register is publicl y available, compiled and presen-
ted on the register by calendar year. The reporting year is the calendar
year to which that information relates_ For each Party, the first repor-
ting year is the calendar year after the Protocol enters into force for that
Party. The reporting required under article 7 shall be annua L However,
the second reporting year may be the second ca lendar year following
the first reporting year.
2_ Each Party that is not a regional economic integrat ion organi-
zation shall ensure that the information is incorporated into its register
within tificen months from the end of each reporting year. However,
19. owro6ap - 20 II. ME1jYHAPO,llHM YfOBOPM Epoj 8 - CTpaHa 161
the information for the first reporting year shall be incorporated into its
register wi thin two years from the end of that reporti ng year.
3. Each Party that is a regional economic integration organi zation
shall ensure that the information for a parti cul ar reporting year is incor-
porated into its register six months after the Parti es that are not regional
economi c integration organi zati ons are required to do so.
Article 9
I. Each Part y shall require the owners or operators of the faci-
liti es subj ect to the reporting requirements of arti cle 7 to coll ect the
data needed to determine, in accordance with paragraph 2 below and
with appropri ate fiequency, the faci li ty's releases and off-site transfers
subj ect to reporting under articl e 7 and to keep avail able for the com-
petent authori ties the records of the data from which the reported in-
formation was derived for a peri od of five years, starting from the end
of the report ing year concerned. These records shall also describe the
methodology used for data gathering.
2. Each Party shall require the owners or operators of the faciliti es
subj ect to reporting under art icle 7 to use the best availabl e informa-
tion, which may include monitoring data, emi ssion factors, mass ba-
lance equat ions, indirect monitoring or other calcul at ions, engineering
judgments and other methods. Where appropriate, thi s should be clone
in accordance with internat ionall y approved methodologies.
Article 10
I. Each Part y shall req uire the owners or operators of the fac iliti es
subj ect to the reporting requirements of art icle 7, paragraph I, to assure
the qua lity of the information that they report.
2. Each Party shal l ensure that the data contained in its register are
subj ect to quality assessment by the competent authority, in parti cul ar
as to their compl eteness, consistency and credibility, taking int o acco-
unt any guidelines that may be developed by the Meet ing of the Parties.
Article II
I. Each Party shall ensure publi c access to informati on contai ned
in it s pollutant release and transfer register. without an interest having
to be stated, and according to the provisions of thi s Protocol , primaril y
by ensuring that its register provides for direct electroni c access thro-
ugh publi c tel ecommunicati ons networks.
2. Where the informati on contained in its register is not easil y
publi cly accessible by direct electroni c means, each Party shall ensure
that it s competent authori ty upon request provides that informat ion by
any other effective means. as soon as possible and at the latest within
one month after the request has been submitted.
3. Subj ect to paragraph 4, each Party shall ensure that access to
informat ion contained in its register is free of charge.
4. Each Party may all ow its competent authority to make a charge
lo r reproducing and mailing the specifi c informati on referred to in pa-
ragraph 2, but such charge shall not exceed a reasonable amount.
5. Where the informati on contained in its register is not easil y pu-
bli cly accessibl e by direct electronic means, each Party shall faci lita-
te electronic access to its register in publicly accessible locati ons, for
example in publi c librari es, offi ces of local authoriti es or other appro-
priate places.
Article 12
I. Each Party may authori ze the competent aut hority to keep in-
formati on held on the register confidenti al where public di sclosure of
that in formati on would adversely affect:
(a) lntemati onal relati ons, nati onal defence or public security;
(b) The course of justice, the abi li ty of a person to receive a fa ir
tri al or the abi lity of a publi c authority to conduct an enquiry of a crimi-
nal or disciplinary nature;
(c) The confidenti alit y of commercial and industri al informati on,
where such confidenti ality is prot ected by law in order to protect a legi-
timate economic interest;
(d) Intellectual property ri ghts; or
(e) The confidentiality of personal data and/or Ii les relat ing to a
natural person if that person has not consented to the di sclosure of the
information to the publi c, where such confidential ity is provided lor in
nati onal law.
The aforementioned grounds for confidentiality shall be interpre-
ted in a restrictive way, taking into account the publi c interest served
by disclosure and whether the in formati on relates to releases into the
environment .
2. Within the framework of paragraph I (c), any informati on on
releases whi ch is relevant for the protecti on of the environment shall be
considered for disclosure according to nat ional law.
3. Whenever in fo rmati on is kept confidenti al according to para-
graph I, the regi ster shall indicate what type of info rmati on has been
wi thheld, through, for exampl e, providing generi c chemical in forma-
tion if possible, and for what reason it has been wi thheld.
Article 13
I. Each Party shall ensure appropri ate opportuni ti es to r publi c
participati on in the development of its nati onal pollutant release and
transfer register, within the framework of its national law.
2. For the purpose of paragraph I, each Part y shall provide the op-
portunity for free publi c access to the information on the proposed me-
asures concerning the development of its nati onal pollutant release and
transfer regi ster and for the submi ss ion of any comments, informat ion,
anal yses or opinions that are rel evant to the decision-making process.
and the relevant authority shall take clue account of such public input.
3. Each Party shall ensure that , when a deci sion to establi sh or
significantl y change it s register has been taken, info rmati on on the de-
cision and the considerations on which it is based arc made publicl y
avail abl e in a timely manner.
Article 14
I. Each Party shall , wi thin the framework of it s nat ional legisla-
tion, ensure that any person who considers that hi s or her request for
information under art icle II , paragraph 2, has been ignored, wrongfull y
refused, whether in part or in full , inadequately answered, or otherwise
not dealt with in accordance with the provi sions of that paragraph has
access to a review procedure before a court of law or another indepen-
dent and impartial body establ ished by law.
2. The requirements in paragraph I are without prej udi ce to the
respective ri ghts and obli gati ons of Parti es under ex isting treati es appli-
cabl e between them dealing with the subj ect matter of thi s articl e.
Article 15
I. Each Party shall promote public awareness of its pollutant rele-
ase and transfer register, and shall ensure that ass istance and guidance
are provided in access ing its register and in understanding and using
the information contained in it.
2. Each Party shou ld provide adequate capacity-building for and
guidance to the responsi bl e authoriti es and bod ies to assist them in ca-
rrying out their duties under thi s Protocol.
Article 16
I. The Part ies shall. as appropriate, cooperate and ass ist each other:
(a) In international actions in suppor1 of the objectives of thi s Pro-
(b) On the basis of mutual agreement between the Parti es concer-
ned, in impl ement ing national systems in pursuance of thi s Protocol;
CTpaHa 162 - l)poj 8 Tff5c!Jl1!! ; ME]jYHAPO,aH/11 YfOBOP/11 19. OKT06ap - 201 l.
(c) In sharing information under this Protocol on releases and
transfers within border areas; and
(d) In sharing information under this Protocol concerning tran-
slers among Panics.
2. The Parties shall encourage cooperation among each other and
with relevant international organizations. as appropriate. to promote:
(a) Public awareness at the international level:
(b) The transfer or technology: and
(c) The provision of technical assistance to Parties that arc de-
veloping count ri es and Parties with economies in transition in matters
relating to this Protocol.
Article 17
I. A Meeting of the Parties i ~ hereby established. Its first session
shall be COn\ened no later than two years ailer the entry into force or
this Protocol. Thereafter. ordinary sess ions of the Meeting or the Par-
ties shall be held sequentiall y with or parallel to ordinary meetings of
the Parties to the Conventi on, unless other\\'ise decided by the Parties
to thi s Protocol. The Meeting of the Parties shall hold an extraordinary
session if it so decides in the course or an ordinary session or at the
wri tten request of any Party provided that. \\ithin six months of it being
communicated by the Executi\'e Secretary ol the Economic Commis-
sion for Europe to all Pmiies. the said request is supported by at least
one third or these Parties.
2. The Meeting of the Parties shal l keep under continuous revie\\
the implementation and developmem of this Protocol on the bas is of
regular reporting by the Parti es and. with this purpose in mind, shal l:
(a) Revie" the development of pollutant release and transfer re-
gisters. and promote their progressive strengthening and convergence:
(b) Establish guidelines lacilitating reporting by the Parties to it.
beari ng in mind the need to ~ v o i d duplication of effort in this regard:
(c) Establish a programme or work:
(d) Consider and. where appropriate. adopt measures to strengthen
international cooperation in accordance 11 ith arti cle 16:
(c) Establish such subsidiary bodies as it deems necessary;
(f) Consider and adopt proposals for such amendments to thi s
Protocol and its annexes as arc deemed necessary for the purposes or
this Protocol. in accordance \\'it h the pro\ is ions of article 20:
(g) At its rirst session. consider and by consensus adopt rules of
procedure for its sessions and those of its subsidiary bodies. taking into
account any rul es of procedure adopted by the Meeting of the Part ies to
the Convention;
(h) Consider establishing financial arrangements by consensus
and technical assistance mechanisms to facilitate the implementation
ofthis Protocol:
( i) Seck. \\'here appropri ate. the sen ices or other rele\'ant interna-
tional bodies in the achievement or the objecti\'CS of this Protocol; and
(j) Consider and take any additional action that may be required
to further the objectives of this Protocol. such as the adoption of guide-
lines and recommendations which promote its implementation.
3. The Meeting of the Parties shall facilitate the exchange of in-
formation on the experience gained in reporting transfers using the pol-
lutant-speci lie and wastc-spcci lie approaches. and sha II re\ie11 that ex-
perience in order to in vesti gate the possibility of eomergence between
the two approaches, taking into account the public interest in infonna-
tion in accordance with article I and the overall effecti veness of natio-
nal pol lutant release and transfer registers.
..f. The Uni ted Nations. its specialized agencies and the Internati-
onal Atomic Energy Agency. as well as any State or regional economic
integration organization entitled under article 24 to sign this Protocol
but which is not a Party to it. and any illlcrgovernmental organi zation
qualified in the fields to whi ch the Protocol relates. shall be entit led to
participate as observers in the sessions of the Meetint.! of t h ~ Parties.
Their admission and participation shall be subject to t h ~ rules of proce-
dure adopted by the Meeting of the Parties.
5. Any non-gcncrnmental organization qualilicd in the fields to
which thi s Protocol relates which has informed the Executi ve Secretary
of the Economic Commission for Europe of its wish to be represented
at a session of the Meeting of the Parties shall be enti tl ed to participate
as an observer unless one third of the Part ies present at the sess ion raise
objections. Their admission and participation shall be subject to the ru-
les of procedure adopted by the Meeting of the Parties.
Article 18
I. Except as pro\ided for in paragraph 2. each Part y to this Proto-
col shall have one \'Otc.
2. Regional economic integration organi zations. in matters wit-
hin their competence. sha ll exercise their right to vote with a number
of votes equal to the number of their member States which are Parties.
Such organi zat ions shall not exercise their right to vote if their member
States exercise theirs. and \'ice versa.
Article 19
Annexes to this Protocol shall form an integral part thereof and.
unless expressly provided otherwise. a reference to this Protocol consti-
tutes at the same time a reference to any annexes thereto.
Article 20
I. Any Party may propose amendments to this Protocol.
2. Proposals for amendments to thi s Pmtocol shall be cons idered
at a session or the Meeting of the Parties.
3. Any proposed amendment to this Protocol shal l be submitted
in writing to the secretariat. which shal l communicate it at least six
momhs before the session at \lhich it is proposed tor adoption to all
Parties. to other States and regional economic integration organizat ions
that have consented to be bound by the Protocol and for wh ich it has
not yet entered into force and to Signatori es.
4. The Parties shall make every effort to reach agreement on any
proposed amendment to this Protocol by consensus. If all eflorts at con-
sensus have been exhausted. and no agreement reached, the amend-
melll shall as a last resort be adopted by a three-fourths majority vote of
the Parties present and voti ng at the session.
5. For the purposes of this article, .,Parti es present and voting"
means Panics present and casting an affirmative or negati ve vote.
6. Any amendment to this Protocol adopted in accordance with pa-
ragraph 4 shall be communicated by the secretariat to the Depositary,
who shall circulate it to all Pmiies, to other States and regional economi c
integration organi zations that have consented to be bound by the Protocol
and for which it has not yet entered into Ioree and to Signatories.
7. An amendment, other than one to an annex, shall enter into force
for those Parties having rati lied. accepted or approved it on the ninetieth
day after the date of receipt by the Depositary of the instruments of rati-
fication. acceptance or approval by at least three fourths of those which
were Parties at the time of it s adopti on. Thereafter it shall enter into tor-
ce for any other Party on the ninetieth day after that Party deposits its
instrumem of ratification, acceptance or approval of the amendment.
8. In the case of an amendment to an annex, a Party that does
not accept such an amendment shall so notify the Depositary in writing
within twelve months from the date of its circulation by the Depositary.
The Depositary shall without delay inform all Parties of any such no-
tification received. A Party may at any time withdraw a notification of
non-acceptance. whereupon the amendment to an annex shall enter into
force for that Party .
9. On the expiry of twel\'e months from the date of its circulation
by the Depositary as provided lor in paragraph 6, an amendment to an
annex shall enter into force for those Parties which have not submitted
a notification to the Depositary in accordance with paragraph 8, pro-
vided that. at that time. not more than one third of those which were
Parties at the time of the adoption of the amendment have submitted
such a noti rication.
I 0. If an amendment to an annex is directly related to an amend-
ment to this Protocol. it shal l not enter into force until such time as the
amendmem to this Prot ocol elllers into force.
19. OKT06ap - 20 11. ME1)YHAPO,llHII1 YfOBOP/11 5 poj 8 - CrpaHa 163
Article 21
The Executi ve Secretary of the Economic Commi ssion for Euro-
pe shall carry out the following secretariat functions for thi s Protocol:
(a) The preparation and servicing of the sessions of the Meeting
of the Parti es;
(b) The transmission to the Parties of reports and other infonna-
tion recei ved in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol ;
(c) The reporting to the Meeting of the Parti es on the activities of
the secretari at; and
(d) Such other functi ons as may be determined by the Meeting of
the Parties on the basis of ava ilabl e resources.
Article 22
At its first session, the Meeting of the Parti es shall by consensus
establi sh cooperati ve procedures and institutional arrangements of a
non-judici al, non-adversarial and consultative nature to assess and pro-
mote compli ance with the provisions of this Protocol and to address
cases of non-compliance. In establishing these procedures and arran-
gements, the Meeting of the Parti es shall consider, inter ali a. whether
to allow for info rmation to be received from members of the publi c on
matters related to this Protocol.
Article 23
I. If a dispute ari ses between two or more Parti es about the inter-
pretation or appli cati on of thi s Protocol , they shall seek a soluti on by
negotiati on or by any other peaceful means of di sput e settlement accep-
table to the parti es to the di spute.
2. When signing, ratifying, accepting, approving or acceding to
thi s Protocol, or at any time thereafter, a State may declare in writing
to the Depos itary that, tor a dispute not resolved in accordance with
paragraph I, it accepts one or both of the following means of di spute
settlement as compul sory in relation to any Part y accepting the same
(a) Submission of the di spute to the International Court of Justice;
(b) Arbitrati on in accordance wit h the procedure set out in annex IV.
A regional economi c integration organi zation may make a decla-
ration with like effect in relation to arbitration in accordance with the
procedures referred to in subparagraph (b).
3. If the parties to the di spute have accepted both means of di spu-
te settlement referred to in paragraph 2, the di spute may be submitted
onl y to the Internat ional Court of Justice, unless the parties to the dis-
pute agree otherwise.
Article 24
This Protocol shall be open for signature at Kiev (Ukraine) from
2 1 to 23 May 2003 on the occasion ofthe fifth Min isterial Conference
"Environment for Europe," and thereafter at United Nations Headqu-
arters in New York until 3 1 December 2003, by all States which are
members of the United Nations and by regional economic integration
organi zati ons constituted by sovereign States members of the United
Nations to which their member States have transferred competence
over matters governed by thi s Protocol, including the competence to
enter into treati es in respect of these matters.
Article 25
The Secretary-General of the Un ited Nations shall act as the De-
positary of thi s Protocol.
Article 26
I. Thi s Protocol shall be subj ect to ratification, acceptance or ap-
prova l by signatory States and regi onal economic int egrati on organi za-
tions referred to in article 24.
2. This Protocol shall be open for accession as from I January
2004 by the States and regional economic integration organi zations re-
ferred to in article 24.
3. Any regional economic int egrati on organization referred to in
article 24 which becomes a Party without any of its member States be-
ing a Part y shall be bound by all the obli gations under thi s Protocol. If
one or more member States of such an organi zation is a Party, the orga-
ni zati on and its member States shall decide on their respective respon-
sibilities for the performance of their obligations under thi s Protocol. In
such cases, the organi zation and the member States sha ll not be entitled
to exercise ri ghts under thi s Protocol concurrently.
4. In their instruments of ratification, acceptance, approva l or ac-
cess ion, the regional economic integration organizations refe rred to in
artic le 24 shall decl are the extent of their competence with respect to
the matters governed by thi s Protocol. These organi zations shall also
inform the Depositary o f any substanti al modifications to the extent of
their competence.
Article 27
I. Thi s Protocol shall enter into force on the ninet ieth day after
the date of deposit of the sixteenth instrument of ratifi cati on, acceptan-
ce, approva l or accession.
2. For the purposes of paragraph I, any instrument deposited by
a regional economic integration organi zation shall not be counted as
addit ional to those deposited by the States members of such an orga-
ni zati on.
3. For each State or regional economic integrat ion organi zati on
which ratifies, accepts or approves thi s Protocol or accedes thereto after
the depos it of the sixteenth instrument of ratification. acceptance, ap-
prova l or accession, the Protocol shall enter into force on the ninet ieth
day after the date of deposit by such State or organ izati on of' its instru-
ment of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession.
Article 21l
No reservations may be made to thi s Protocol.
Article 29
At any time after three years from the date on which this Protocol
has come into force with respect to a Party, that Part y may withdraw
from the Protocol by giving written noli fication to the Depos itary. Any
such withdrawal shall take effect on the ninetieth cl ay afier the date of
its receipt by the Depositary.
Article 30
The origi nal of thi s Protocol , of which the English, French and
Russian texts are equall y authenti c, shall be deposited with the Secre-
tary-General of the United Nations.
IN WITNESS WH EREOF the undersigned. being duly authori-
zed thereto, have signed thi s Protocol.
DONE at Ki ev, thi s twenty-first day of May, two thousand and
CTpaHa 164 - 6poj 8 ME1jYHAPO,[JH/11 YfOBOP/11 19. OKT06ap - 20 [ [.
I. S('ctor
(a) Vli neral oil and
(b) Installations !'or gasification and
(c) Thermal power stations and other combustion
(d) Coke m
(c) Coal rolling mil]:..,
(f) Installation:-. for the of coal producb solid smokeless fuel
2. Production and processing of metal s
(a) nrc (inducting su lphidt: nrc) roa:-;ting or instJllation!-.
Annex I
Capacity threshold
(col umn I)
\\ ith a input of 50 megawatt s (!\/1 \V)
\\ 'ith a capacity 1)f l 1011 hour
Employee threshold
(column 2)
I 0 empl oyees
(b) Installations j() r the production or pig iron or stt:cl (primary or secnndar) melting) including continuou:-. casting \\ 'ith a capaci ty or 2.5 hJilS hour
Installations for the ofll:rrous metals: (i) lint-rolling mills
( i i) \\ ith hamm..-:rs
(iii) Application nfprotccti\ ..-: fu,nlmdal coats
FcTTuu..:; lllL'tal fnundric.s

(i) For the produetinn nrnon-k-rrous crude metals !]om UI"L'. concentrates or nl\\
metallurgical. chemical nr electrolytic
(ii) F(_lJthl..' smelting, including thL' alloying. (_lt'non-
rerrous metals. including rCC\)Vl..'rt.Xi pnH.Iucb
(refining, fouml l") casting. L'tC.)
I llat l'or treatment o I' mt..'ta Is and plnst ic
materials using an ckctro!; uc or Lhemical
1\tl ine ral industry
(n) Underground mining and related opt.Tatiuns
(b) Orencast m1ning
(c) Installations for the productionnf:
(i) ( L'lllL'Ilt clinkLr in kiln..,
(ii) LimL' in rotur) kiln..,
(iii) CL'll1C1H clinker or linK' in other t'untaCl.'"
/(d) Installations l(x till' production or asbestos and the manull1cture
ln:-.tallatiuns f(1J" thi..' manufacture ofgla ....... including gins:-:. librc
ll)r melting mincral subst:mccs. including the production l)fm111cral !'ihres
ln:-.tallations for the of ceramic
firing. Ill particular roofing tJ!e,_ bricks, rcrraC(OI") hrick-.,,
ti ks. stonL.'warc nr porcelain
.t. Chemical
(a) Chemical installatums !"or the productionnn an industrial ofhasic organic chemicals. as:
(i) Simple h) drocarbons (linear or cyclic, saturated nr unsaturated. <lliphatic nr aromatic)
( ii) ( hyg.L'n-L ontaining hydrocarbon:-- .-.uch as aldehy(_ks. ketones. carhoxyl ic acetates. et-
hers. peru:.. ides. t:J)(l\)' resin:-.
(iii) Sulphurous hydrocarbons
(i\) Nitrogenous h)droLarhons such anuncs. am ides. nnrous compounds. nitro compounds or n1tratc com-
pounds. nitriles. cyanates. isocyanate..,
( v) Pho::.phmu:-.-cnntaining hydrncarhon:-.
(\ i) llalo!:!enic hydrocarbons
(\ ii) Organollleta!lic compouncb
(\iii) Basic matcriab mns, synthctil. fibres and CL'IluhJ-.,e- bascd fibres)
(ix) Synthetic rubber ...
(;.,) Dyes and
(:\1) Suri:Jcc-acti\L' and ...
a capcKit) of:?O of crude steel
per hour
\Vith an energy of 50 kilojtltt\es per 10 employees
hammer. \\ hert' the calnri lie po\\'er
t..::-.cccds 20M\\'
\Vith an input or 2 toth or crude stet..' I
per hour
\Vith a production capacity t)f20 ton:-.
per da)
Capacity threshold
(column I)
\\'ith a melting
of..J. tons pa da) for kad
and cadmium or pt'r day tOr
all uthl:r metals
\\.'here the\ olumc of the trt.mment 'ats
equals 30m'
\\ ' here the or
the area being mined
equals 25 hl.'CI<.lrL':-.
\\/i th a production capacity of 500 tons
per day
\Vith a production capacity
:'0 tons per cb.l)
\Vith a production capacity of 50 tons
per da)
\\.' ith a melting of 20 tons per day
\\ 'ith a melting capacity or .20 ton:-. per day
\\ ith a production capacity or 75 ton:-- per
(_b). or\\ ith a kiln capacity or ..J. m; and
\\ ith a :-.clling density pL'r kilnof300 kg/ m;
Capacity thr{'shold
(column I)
Employer threshold
(col umn 2 )
I 0 employees
I 0 empl oyees
Employee tl11eshold
(column 2)
I 0 employees
19. OKT06ap - 20 ]]. IT""""
ME1jYHAPO,[JHM YfOBOPM 6poj 8- CTpaHa 165
No. Activity
(b) Chemical install ations for the producti on on an industrial scak of basic inorgani c chemi cals, such as:
( i ) Gases, such as ammoni a, chl orine or hydrogen chl ori de. fl uori ne or hydrogen ll uori dc. carhon oxi des. sulphur
compounds. nitrogen oxides, hydrogen, sulphur di oxide, carhonyl chloride
(ii) Acids. such as chromi (.; acid. hydrotluoric acid, phosphoric acid, nilri c acid. hydrochl ori c aci d. sul phuric acid.
ol eum, sulphurous aci ds
(iii ) Bases, such as ammonium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide. sodium hydroxide
(iv) Salt s. such as ammonium chl oride, potass ium chl orate. potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate. pcrboratc,
sil ver ni trate
(v) Non-metal s. metal oxides or other inorgani c compounds such as calcium carbide, sili con, sili con carbide
(c) Chemi cal instal lati ons lOr the production on an industrial scale of phosphorous-, nitrogen- or potass ium-based
fe rtili zers (simple or compound l'crtili ze rs)
(d) Chemical install ati ons lOr the production on an industrial scale of bas ic plant health products and ofbi ocides
((') In stall ati ons using a chemi cal or biol ogical process tt1r the production on an industrial scale of bas ic phannaceuti -
cal products
(I) Installati ons lOr the production on an industrial scale of explosives and pyrotechni c products
No. Activity
5. \Vaste and waste-wat er management
Capacity threshold
(column I)
Capacity threshold
(column I)
Employee threshold
(column 2)
I 0 empl oyees
Employer threshold
(column 2)
r( a..:. )_+-l_ns_t_a_l h_ll.,. ic_ m_s_l.,. o_r_ti_1C--:- i n_c_il_1c_ r_at_i<_ >l_1._,p-' y_r_o_,_ ly_s_is..:., --1-l_ {c:..'C..:. c_i v_il-' 1bo:.'_I o .:....:. to..:. n..:: s..cp..:.c_r..:. da"'y'--- ------1 I 0 empl oyees
(b) Install ati ons for the incinerati on of muni cipal vvaste With a capaci ty of 3 tons per hour
(c) Install ati ons for the di sposal of non-hazardous waste With a capacity of 50 tons per day
(d) Landfi lls (excluding landfi ll s of inert \vast e) Receivi ng I 0 tons r er day or with a total
capaci ty ol'25,000 tons
(e) Install ati ons tOr the di sposal or recycling of animal carcasses and animal waste
(I) Muni cipal waste-wa ter trea tment pl ant s
(g) Independentl y operated industri al waste-water treatment plants whi ch serve one or more act ivit ies of' thi s annex
6. Paper and wood production and processing
\Vith a treatment capac ity of I 0 tons per day
With a capacit y or I 00.000 popul ati on
equi valents
With a capac ity of' I 0,000 111 ' per day
f-'-( a..:.)_+-l_nd_,_,s_tr_ia_l_cp_h_m_t_s_lo_r_t_he_ .:.. p_rc_>d_u_c_ti _o,_, _o_r'- p_ul..cp_l_r<_ll_n_t_in_1b _e_r_o_r_s_ in_1l_ b_r_r_,b_r_m_ls_ , ,_n_a_ te_ri_ a_l s _ _ ___ _ _____ -1-------- --- - ------1 I 0 empl oyees
(b) Industri al pl ants lor the producti on of' paper and board and other primary wood products (such as chipboard,
fibreboard and pl ywood)
(c) Industrial plants tOr the preservati on of wood and \VOod products with chemicals
7. Intensive livestock production and aquaculture
(a ) Install ations for the intensive rearing of poultry or pi gs
With a producti on capacit y or20 tons
per day
With a product ion capacit y of 50 per day
( i ) With 40.000 pl aces lor poul try
(ii) With 2.000 pl aces il>r production pi gs
(over 30 kg) 10 empl oyees
Int ensive aquuculturc
Animal and vegetabl e produds from the food and beverage settor
Slaught erhouses
f reatment and processing intended lOr the producti on of food and beverage products from:
(i) Animal raw materials (other than mil k)
(ii) Vegetabl e raw materials
Treatment and r rocess ing of mi lk
(ii i) Wit h 750 pl aces lor sows
I ,000 tons or !ish and shellfi sh per year
Capacity threshold
(column I)
Wi th a carcass product ion ca pacit y of 50
tons per day
With a t-ini shed product producti on
capaci ty of 75 tons per day
With a fini shed product production
capaci ty of 300 tons per day (average
value on a quarterl y basis)
With a capacity to receive 200 tons of milk
per day (average value on an annual basis)
9. Other acti viti es
(d )
( c)
Pl ant s lOr the pn..:t rcat ment (operati ons suc h as washing, bleaching. mercerizati on) or dyeing of fi bres or
Plants for the tanning of hides and skins
Installat ions for the treatment of substances, obj ec ts or using organic solvt:nt s. in parti cul ar
for dress ing, pri nt ing, coat ing, degreas ing, wat erproofing, sizing, painting, cleaning or impregnating
Install ati ons tOr the producti on of carbon (hard-burnt coal) or electrographite hy means of incinerati on or
graphiti zati on
Insta llati ons tOr the buil ding ot: and painting or removal of paint from ships
Explanatory notes:
Column I contains the capacity thresholds referred to article 7, paragraph I (a).
With a treatment capac ity of I 0 tons
per day
With a treatment capac it y of 12 tons of
lini shed product per day
With a consumption capacit y of 150 kg
per hour or 200 tons per ye(l r
With a capac it y f(w ships I 00 m long
An asteri sk(*) indicates that no capacity threshold is applicable (all facilities are subj ect to reporting).
Column 2 contains the employee threshold referred to in articl e 7, paragraph I (b).
, I 0 employees" means the equivalent of I 0 full-time employees.
Employee threshold
(column 2)
I 0 employees
I 0 employees
CTpa 11 a 166- 5poj 8



20 7140-511-X
22 7 -0
2(, 30'1-011-2

29 1-U-50-U
34 1117-06-2
35 75-11'! -2
.16 hll-'i 7- 1
_1 7
JX 115-29-7
_w 72-2o-x


60X-73- I

)5 71-55-(l
57 7'1-01 -(l
Carhonmono-...:idc (('OJ
Carhrm dim ide (CO I
l l )dro-lluorocarh<"" (Ill Csl
;\mmoma {0111.1
"nn-Jncthanc 'nlatik organ1L' ( 0. \1\'0C l
( PFC..,)
Sulphur hc\allunridc (SI,)
Sulphur oxides (S(h SO. i
I nta! nitmgcn
lutal phosphorus
II) dmchlorollLh)I"OI:arhons ( \ICF( \ l
(_ "hlorolluomcarhons (( l
II a Ions
.\rscnic and compouJKb (J:-. .-\ ... )
Cadmium nnd compound:-. (as ('d)
(_ hromium and (as Cr)
Coppt:r and compounds (as Cu)
ivkrcury amlcompuumb (a:-. Ji g)
Nickel and (as Ni)
!.cad and compounds (a:-. Ph)
Zinc and compounds tas /n )
( hlordane
<. 'hlorll:n\ inph<h
(_ 'h !oro-a I kJnt' .... <. . -l
1.2-dichloroethanc I F:l)(' J
liich lowmcthanc ( lKM)
llalogenatcd orgaml: l:Ompoum.b (a-; ,\OX)
I kptachlor
llc,achluruhcntcnc (IICBJ
llc\achlorohutadicnc (IICilJ))
Pen tach lorohcn;enc
PentJchlorupiH.:nnl ( Pl'P)
Pol) chlorinated h iphcn) Is (PCB>)
l"'ctra<.:hlorueth: knc (PI: R)
lctral:hlorlHlll'thane (r<.\1)
I richlorobt:n/l'llt.'S t
1.1.1 -trichltm)dhane
1,1.2 . .2- h.'tral'illorncthanl.'
rrichlonxth; knc
I rich loromcthJnL
Annex II
Threshold for rrllases
(colu mn I )
to air to \\<Her to land
(column Ia) (rolumn I b) (l'Oiumn I<.)
ear kg/ year kg/year
500 OliO
100 111illion
Ill 0011
10 0110
150 1)1)()
501100 50 01111
5 000 s 1100
100 50 50
lOll 50 50
50 co 211
2011 20 20
2110 lOll 100
I 0()(1 10 10
111110 10 Ill
I 000 I 000
11.001 0.001 11.1101
0.1 0.1 0.1
2 000
2 ()()()
19. OKT06ap - 2011.
T hreshold
for ofT-site
transfers of
(column 2)
kg/yea r
10 OliO
I 000
l Oll
I 000
I 000
I 000
I 000
I 000
I 000
I 000
I 000
process or use
(column 3)
kg/ year
10 000
Ill 000
10 000
Ill 0011
Ill 000
10 000
10 000
10 OliO
10 000
Ill 000
10 000
10 000
10 oon
10 000
10 0011
10 000
10 000
10 000
10 0110
0.00 1
10 000
10 000
10 000
10 000
10 ()()()
10 OliO
10 000
10 000
10 000
19. OKT06ap - 20 II . rJjifC:HIIfK ; ME1jYHAPO,[JH/11 YfOBOP/11 6poj 8 - C rpaHa 167
CAS Poll utant Threshol d for r el eases T hreshol d Manufacture,
numhcr (col umn I ) for otT-site process or usc
to a ir to water t o land
t ra nsfers of threshold
(col umn Ia) (col umn lb) (col umn l c)
pollu ta nts (col umn 3)
(col umn 2) kg/year
59 xoo 1-35-2 Toxaphene
60 75-01 -4 Vinyl chl oride
o l 120- 12-7 Anthracene
62 71-43-2 Benzene
oJ Brominatcd diphenyl cthcrs ( PI3DE)
64 Nonylphcnol cthoxylatcs (NP/NPEs) and rel ated substances
65 100-4 1-4 Et hyl benzene
66 75-2 1-8 Ethylene o xidc
67 34 123-59-6 l soproturon
68 9 1-20-J Naphthalene
69 Organotin compounds (as totnl Sn)
70 117-R 1- 7 Di -(2-ethyl hexyl ) phthalate (DEI I P)
71 I OH-95-2 Phenol s (as total C)
72 Polycyc li c aromat i c hydrocarbons
73 108-88-3 Toluene
74 Tributyltin and compounds
75 Triphenyliin and compounds
76 rota! organic carbon (TOC) (as total Cor COD/3)
77 1582-09-8 Tri llural i n
7R 1330-20- 7 Xyl enes
79 Chl orides (as total Cl)
80 Chl ori ne and inorgani c compounds (as t-I C\)
Rl 1332-2 1-4 Asbestos
R2 Cyanides (as total CN)
R3 f l uorides (as total F)
R4 Fl uorine and inorganic compounds (as I-I F)
R5 74-90-8 Hydrogen cyanide ( II CN)
86 Part i cu late matter ( PM n)
Expl anatory notes:
The CAS number of the pollutant means the prec ise identi fier in
Chemi cal Abstracts Service.
Column I conta ins the th res holds referred to in art icle 7, para-
graph I (a)( i) and ( iv). If the threshold in a given sub-column (air, water
or land) is exceeded, reporting of releases or, for poll utants in waste
water destined for was te-water treatment , transfers to the environmen-
tal medium referred to in that sub-column is required with respect to
the fac ili ty in questi on, for those Parties which have opted for a system
of reporting pursuant to arti cle 7, paragraph I (a).
Column 2 conta ins the thresholds referred to in arti c le 7, para-
graph I (a)( ii ). If the threshold in thi s column is exceeded for a given
poll utant, reporting of the otf -site transfer of that pollutant is required
with respect to the facility in questi on, for those Part ies whi ch have op-
ted for a system of reporting pursuant to art icle 7, paragraph I (a)( ii ).
Column 3 contai ns the thresholds referred to in articl e 7, paragraph
( I )( b). If the threshold in thi s column is exceeded for a given poll utant ,
reporting of the releases and off-site transfers of that pollutant is requi -
red with respect to the faci lity in questi on, for those Parti es which have
opted fo r a system of reporting pursuant to art icle 7, paragraph I (b).
A hyphen (-) indicates that the parameter in questi on does not
trigger a reporting requirement.
An asterisk (*) indicates that, for thi s poll utant , the release thres-
hol d in column ( I )(a) is to be used rather than a manufacture, process
or use threshold.
A double asteri sk(**) indi cates that, tor thi s pollutant, the re lease
threshold in column ( ! )( b) is to be used rather than a manufacture, pro-
cess or use t hreshold.
a/ Single pollutants are to be reported if the threshold for BTEX
(the sum parameter of benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene) is ex-
kg/ year kg/ year kg/y<' ar
I 000 10 10 100 10 OliO
50 I I 50 50
I OliO 200 (as 13TEX)' 200 (as IITEX) 2 000 (as 13TEX) ' 10 000
I I 5 10 ()()()
I I 5 10 1)01)
200 (as BTEX) 200 (as IJTEX)' 2 000 (as BTEX)' 10 000
I 000 10 10 100 10 000
I I 5 10 000
100 10 10 100 10 000
50 50 50 10 000
II) I I 100 10 000
20 20 200 1()()()(1
50 5 5 50 50
200 (as BT EX)" 200 (as llTEX) 2 000 (as BT EX)' 10 000
I I 5 I ll 000
I I 5 10 ()() ()
50 000
I I 5 10 OliO
200 (as BTEX)" 200 (as 13TEX)< 2 000 (as !H EX)' 10 000
2 milli on 2 mill i on 2 mi ll ion 10 000'
10 000 10 000
I I I 10 10 ()()(I
50 50 5011 10000
2 000 2 000 10 0011 10 ()()()'
5 000 - 10 000
200 10 OliO
50 000
b/ Polycyc li c aromati c hydrocarbons ( PAHs) are to be meas ured
as benzo(a)pyrene (50-32-8), benzo(b) lluoranthene (205-99-2), bcn-
zo(k) fluoranthene (207-08-9), indeno( I ,2,3-cd)pyrene ( 193-39-5) (de-
ri ved from the Protocol on Persistent Organi c Pollutant s to the Conven-
tion on Long-range Transboundary Air Polluti on).
c/ As inorgani c compounds.
Annex II I
- Deposit into or onto land (e.g. land fi ll )
-Land treatment (e. g. biodegradati on of liqui d or sludgy di scards
in soil s)
- Deep injecti on (e. g. inj ecti on of pumpabl e di scards int o well s,
salt domes or naturall y occurring repos it ori es)
- Surface impoundment (e.g. placement of liqui d or sludge di -
scards into pit s, ponds or lagoons)
- Speciall y engineered landfi ll (e. g. placement into lined di screte
cells which are capped and isolated flom one another and the environ-
- Release into a water body except seas/oceans
- Release into seas/oceans including sea- bed inserti on
- Bi ological treatment not specified elsewhere in thi s annex whic h
resul ts in final compounds or mixtures which are discarded by means
of any of the operations specifi ed in thi s part
- Physico-chemi cal treatment not specifi ed e lsewhere in th is an-
nex which results in final compounds or mi xt ures whi ch are discarded
by means of any of the operati ons specifi ed in thi s part (e.g. evapora-
ti on, drying, calcinati on, neutralizat ion, precipitati on)
- Incineration on land
CTpaHa 168 - 5poj 8
fifiict!.l!J!i ;
ME1jYHAPOAHlll YfOBOPJII 19. OKT06ap- 201 1.
-Incineration at sea
-Permanent storage (e.g. emplacement of containers in a mine)
- Blending or mixing prior to submission to any of the operations
spcci tied in this part
- Rcpad,aging prior to submission to any of the operations speci-
tied in thi s part
-Storage pending any of the operations specified in this part
-Usc as a fuel (other than in direct incineration) or other means to
generate energy
- Solvent reclamation/regeneration
- Recycl ing/reclamation of organ ic substances which arc not used
as solvent s
- Recycling/reclamation or metals and metal compounds
- Recyc lingircclamation of othcr inorganic materials
- Regeneration of acids or bases
-Recovery of components used for pollution abatement
- Recovery of components fiom catalysts
-Used oil re-rdining or other reuses of previously used oil
- Land treatment resulting in benctit to agriculture or ecological
- Uses of residual materials obtained from any of the recovery
operations speci ficd above in this part
-Exchange of wastes for submi ss ion to any of the recovery opera-
tions spec i fiecl above in this part
-Accumulation of material intended lor any operation spec ili ed
in this part
Annex 1\"
I. In the e,ent of a dispute being submitted for arbitration pursu-
ant to article 23. paragraph 2. of Protocol. a party or parties shall
notify the other party or partit:s to the dispute by diplomatic means as
well as the secretariat of the subject matter of arbitrati on and indicate,
in particular, thl: articles of this Protocol whose int erpretation or appli-
cation is at issue. The secretariat shall forward the information received
to all Parti es to this Protocol.
2. The arbitral tribunal shall consist of three members. Both the
claimant party or parties and the other party or parties to the dispute
sha ll appoint an arbitrator, and the two arbitrators so appoi nted shall
designate by common agreement the third arbitrator. who shall be the
president of the arbitral tribunal. The latter shall not be a national of
one of the parties to the dispute. nor have his or her usual place of r..:si-
dcnce in the territory or one of these parties. nor be employed b) any or
them, nor have dealt with the case in any other capacity.
3. If the president of the arbitral tribunal has not been designated
within two months ol"the appointment of the second arbitrator, the Exe-
cutive Secretary of the Economic Commi ssion lor Europe shal l. at the
request of cithcr part) to the designate the president '' ithin a
further two -mont h period.
4. If one of the parties to the dispute docs not appoint an arbi tra-
tor with in two months of the noti lication refcJTCd to in paragraph I, the
other party may so inlorm the Executive Secretary of the Economic
Commiss ion tor Europe, who shall designate the president of the arbi-
tral tribunal wi thin a further two-month period. Upon designation. the
president of the arbitral tribunal shall request the part) \\ hich has not
appointed an arbitrator to do so\\ ithin two months. If it to do so
within that period, the president shal l so intorm thc Executive Secretary
of the Economic Commission lor Europe, who shall make this appoint-
ment within a further two-month period.
5. The arbitral tribunal shall render its decision in accordance
wi th international law and the provisions of this Protocol.
6. Any arbitral tribunal constituted under the pro\'isions set out in
this annex shall draw up its ov.n rul es of procedure.
7. The decisions of the arbitral tribunal, both on procedure and on
substance, shall be taken by majority \'Ote of its members.
R. The tribunal may take all appropriate measures to establi sh the
9. The parties to the dispute shall facilitate the work of the arbitral
tribunal and. in particular, using al l means at their disposal , shall:
(a) PrO\ ide it\\ ith all rele\ ant documents, racil iti es and in forma-
(b) Enable it, where necessary. to ca ll witnesses or experts and
receive their e\idence.
I 0. The parties and the arbi trat ors shall protect the conliclentiality
of any information that they receive in confidence during the procee-
dings of the arbitral tribunal.
II. The arbitral tribunal may, at the request of one of the parties,
recommend interim measures of protection.
12. If one of the parties to the dispute does not appear before the
arbitral tribunal or fails to clcfcncl its case, the other party may request
the tribunal to continue the proceedings and to render its final decision.
Absence of a party or failure of a party to defend its case shall not con-
st itute a bar to the proceedings. Before rendering its final decision, the
arbitral tribunal must sati sfy itself that the cla im is well founded in fact
13. The arbitral tribunal may hear and determine counterclaims
arising direct I; out of the subject matter of the dispute.
14. Unless the arbitral tribunal cletcnnines otherwise because of
the particular circumstances of the case, the expenses of the tribunal,
includ ing the remunerati on of its members. shall be borne by the parties
to the di spute in equal shares. The tribunal shall keep a record of all its
expenses. and shall furni sh a tina! statement thereof to the parties.
15. Any Party to this Protocol which has an interest of a legal na-
ture in the subject matter of the dispute. and which may be affected by a
decision in the case. may inter\'ene in the proceedings with the consent
of the tribunal.
16. The arbitral tribunal shall render its awa rd within five months
of the elate on which it is establi shed, unless it tin cis it necessary to ex-
tenclthe time limit for a period which should not exceed live months.
17. The awa rd of the arbitral tribunal shall be accompan ied by a
statement of reasons. It shal l be tina! and binding upon all parties to the
dispute. The award \\'i ll be transmitted by the arbitral tribunal to the
parti es to the dispute and to the secretariat. The secretari at wil l forward
the information received to all Parties to this Protocol.
18. Any dispute which may arise between the parties concerning
the imerpretation or e\ecution of the award may be submitted by either
party to the arbitral tribunal which made the award or, if the latter can-
not be seized thereof. to another tribunal constituted lor this purpose in
the same manner as the first.
C111pwre oeoz
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o nocTyn 11ocn1 J1H!popMaUJ1ja, y4ewl1y jas11ocn1 y LlOIJOJUefby OLtJJyKa
11 npasy 11a npaBIIY 3aW"JJ ITY y )KYIBOTHe cpe!tHIIe 11 3 1998.
(ApxycKa KOHBeHU11ja).
llpenmHrlJ)-Iiu .1a penrcTpH ncnyuJTafba 11 npeHoca
:-1aTep11ja OOe36el)yjy BalKaH 3a II OBenaBafbe KOp110paHJBHe
O;JrOBOpHOCTI1. 3arat}efba 11 yHanpetjefba 0Llp:>K11BOr pa3Boja,
KaKO je HaBe:.tCHO y JlyKa LlCKJJapaUJ1jH )'CBOje HOj H3 npBOM CaCT3 HKY
Crpa11a ApxycKe KOHBeJJLtHje,
11.\tairliu r 81/r)\ I 0. npHHuHn P110 ;J.eKIJapauHje o iKHBOTHoj cpe-
:.tJJJ JJJ II pa'liJOjy 113 1992.
Tw,ol}e 11.\williu 611(}\" npllHUJJne 11 o6asne ycarrJa UJeHe Ha
KoHcpcpcHuHjH o "iKJ1BOTHoj cpeLI HHH 11 pa3Bojy Yje.UJHbeHHX naunja H3
1992, a JlapO'II1TO 0:1pcn6e nornas.'ba 19 ArCHLte 21,
YJII.\W/l'n/1 _\" o6:mp nporpaM 3a naJby HMilJleMe HTauHjy AreJJl.( e
21' KOjH je reHepaJJHa CKynWTJ11Ja YjeLIIHbeHHX HaUHja Ha
CB0\1 cneunj aJJH0\1 J997. y KOMC je 3aXTeBa-
HO, 11"3:- JeiJy oc-ra:JoJ: nosel1aJt.e HaUHOHa:JJJJIX KanauHTeTa 11 cnoco6-
HOC1JJ 33 npHKYIIJb3fbe, 06pa;ty II WHpelbe 11Hcp0pMaul1ja, KaKO OH Ce
jaBJIOCTJ1 OJlaKWaO npllCTyn 0 rJJOOaJlH11M Jl J1TafbHMa
'la iKIIBOTHY cpe;:tJIHY nyTe:-J O,'lrDBapajynJJX Cj)C}l,CTaBa,
19. OKT06ap - 2011. fiiifC:HIIfK ;
y rwov n naH 11MnJleMewraul1je CseTCKOr 0 on p-
)K11BOM pa3BOJY 11 3 2002, KOjl1 riOLlCTWie pa3BOj yCKJJaljeHI1X,
C3HI1X 11HCjJOpM3U11j3 0 XeMI1K3Jl11j3M3, KaO WTOje nyTeM H3U110H3JlHI1X
perHcTapa o 11 npeHocy 3araljyjytmx M3TepHja,
YJu.Hajy nu y o63up pan Meljynp)K3BHOr cjJOpyMa o xeMHjcKoj cH-
rypHOCTI1 , H3p0'111TO D3XHj3 LleKJJapaUHjy 0 XeMI1jCKOj CHrypHOCTI1 H3
2000, rlp11opHTeTe 1a 3KU11jy nocne 2000. H AKUHOHH nnaH 3a PerH-
CT3p HCriYWT3H>3 H npeHOC3 / eMI1CI1j3 33raJjyjynHX M3TepHja,
TaKOIJe y nwajynu v o63up aKTHBHOCnl cnpoBeneHe y OKBHPY
VfHTep-opraHH33U11jCKOr nporpaMa 33 npaBHJJ HO ynpaBJbaH>e xeMHK3-
JI HjaMa,
/-laiJwbe _11311.\Wjvnu y o63up pan OpraHI133U11je 33 eKOHOMCKY ca-
11 p33BOj , H3p04HTO npenopyKy CaseTa 0 HMnJJeMeHT3UH-
jH pcrHCT3pa 11 npeHoca 3araljyjyl"iHx MaTepHja, y Kojoj Ca-
BeT 3axTeB3 on 3eMarba 4JJ3H11Ua n a ycnoCTaBe 11 Y4HHe jaBim noCTyllH11M
HallHOH3JIHC perHCTpe HCri YWT31ba H llpeHOCa 3araljyj y l"iHX M3Tep11ja,
Y JICe/bll n a Ce 06e36CLlH MCX3HH33M KOjH 611 Ll OnpHHOCHO CI"IO-
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CHCTeM3 Y3HMajy y 063Hp np11HUHI"II1 KOjH JLOnpHHOCC onp)!(11BOM p33-
BOjy KaO WTO je np11CTy n npen OCTpQ)KHOCTH HaseneH y 15. np11HilHil Y
P11o neKnapauHje o )!(HBOTHoj cpeni1HH 11 pa3Bojy 113 1992,
f7pC11fJ3IICijy nu BC3y H3Meljy an eKBaTHHX HHcpOpMaUHOHHX CHCTe-
M3 0 )1(11BOHIOj cpen HHI1 H 11p3Ba C3np)!(3HHX y Apxy CKOj
17puMenyjynu noTpe6y 1a ca n pyrHM
11H11UHj3niBaMa se3aHHM 3a 3ar31jyjyl"ie M3TepHje H oman, yKJbY'Iyjy-
liH CTOKXOJIMCKy KOHBeHuHjy 0 nyroTp3jHHM opr3HCKHM 3araljyjyl"iHM
Cyr1CT3H(l3Ma 113 200 I. rOLlHHe 11 6a3CJl CKY KOHBeHuHj y 0 KOHTpOilH npe-
KOrp3HWIHOr KpeTaH>a OnaCHHX OTnan3 H l-bi1XOBOM 0LlJl3faH>y H3 ]989,
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)I( HBOM H 3a )!(11BOTHY CpeLl HHY npHXB3TJbHBOM pa3BOjy H 3allJTHTa
3LlpaBJb3 H 6ynyl"iHx reHepauHj3,
Yr1epeue y spenHOCT perHcmpa Hcnyun31b3 H 3araljyj y -
hHx MaTepHja K30 pewra6HJJ Hor cpenCTB3 33 noncTHLL3H>e
331lJTHTC )KHBOTHC CpCLlHHC, 33 nocTynHOCTH 11H(p0p-
MauHj3 jaBHOCTH 0 33r31jyjyJiHM M3TepHjaMa HCnywTeHHM y H llpe-
HeCeHHM y HJlH Kp03 3ajenHHI.lC, H 33 KOpHwl"ieH>e on CTpaHe np)!(3B3
33 npalieH,e TpeHnosa, H3npeTKa y
np3liel+>e on pen6H onpeljeHHX MeljyH3ponHHx cnopa3yMa,
11pHOpHTCT3 11 OUeH>HB3H>e H3npeTKa riOCTHrHyTor Kp03
r10Jli1THKe H nporp3Me 33 )!(yiBOTHY cpen 11Hy,
Bepvjvnu n a perl1cTp11 HcnywT3H>3 11 npeHoca 33r31jyjyl"iHx Ma-
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3araljyj y h11M MaTepHj3M3,
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pa 11CrlyWTaH>3 H npeHOCa 3araljyjyl"ii1X MaTCp11j3, y KOM6HH3U11jl1 Ca
3Ll p31lCTBeHI1M, eKOJIOWK11M, neMOrpacpCKI1M, eKOHOMCKI1M 11 n pyri1M
BpCT3M3 peneBaHTHI1X HHqJOpMaUHj3, y CBpXy 60Jber pa3yMeBalba r10-
TeHLLI1j aJJ HI1X npo6JJCM3, 11neHTHCp11KOBalb3 , upH11X T34aKa", npeLly3H-
Malb3 npeBeHT11BHI1X 11 Mepa y6JJa)l<aBaH>a, 11 y-rsplj11BaH>a np110pHTCTa
Be33HHX 3a ynpaBJb3H,C )KI1BOTHOM cpeni1HOM,
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KOja cy H):leHT11cp11KOB3H3 11Jll1 MOry 611TI1 11):1eHT11cp11KOBaHa np11I111KOM
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11 npeHoca 33r31jyjyi1Hx MaTep11ja y CKJJaJ:Iy C3 sa)!(el"i11M MeljyHapoJ:I-
1111M CT3HJ:I3p):I11M3 Be33HI1M 33 33 WTI1TY r10):13T3Ka,
f7peno:majvnu 111C1KO/; e B3)!(H0CT pa3BOja MeljyHapOJ:I HO KOMri3TH-
6 11JlHI1X H31.li10H3Jl HHX CI1CTeM3 peri1CT3pa 11CriYWT3H>3 11 npeHOCa 3a-
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Ma o cno60J:IHOj TproBI1HH y CeBepHoj AMep111.lH pat tc Ha
nOJ:13T3K3 o HcnyWT3H,y 11 npeHocy 3aral)yjyi1Hx MaTepHj3 11 1 pa3Jli1'111-
THX 11 3BOpa 11 H3 THX llO):IaT3K3 H3 pacnOJl3f3H>e jaBHOCTH, 11
H3p0411TO np113H3B3jyhl1 Llyro 11 BpCJ:I HO HCKYCTBO O):lpeljeHI1X 3eMaJb3
y OBOj 06JlaCTI1,
Y3u.lwjy nu y o63up p33JJ WIHTe npHcTyne noCTojel"iHM peri1CTp11-
Ma eM11c11ja 11 noTpe6y na ce 11 36en1e nynn11pa 1+>e, 11 cTora npeno3Hajy-
l"il1 ):Ia JC ri0Tpe6aH OJ:IpeljeH CTCileH qlJlCKCI16HJJHOCTH,
Ypzupajynu J:\3 ce nporpeOI BHO p33BI1jajy H3U11 0HaJJHI1 per11cTp11
H npeHOCa 33raljyjyl"i11X MaTep11ja,
Ypzupajynu TaKolje J:\3 ce ycnocTaBJbajy seJe 113Meljy H31.li10H3JJ-
HHX peri1CT3p3 HcnywTaH>a 11 npeHOC3 3ar31jyjyl"i11x MaTepHj3 11 HHCjJop-
M31.lHOHI1X CI1CTeM3 0 J:l p yrHM HCil YLUTaH>HM3 OJl 3Ha'laj3 33 jaBHOCT,
Cnopa3)We:l e cv ce o c.wrl ene. 11:
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lJ,HJb OBOr npOTOKOJia je yHanpeljeH>e ):IOCTYriHOCTI1 HH(jlOpM3-
Ill1j3 j3BHOCTI1 npeKO ycnOCT3BJb31b3 yCKJJaljeHI1X, 11 11TerpHC3HHX, H3-
lli10HaJlHHX perHCT3pa HcnywTalb3 11 npeHoca 3araljyjyl"i11x M3TepHja
(PRTR') Y CKJlaJly C3 onpen63M3 OBOr npoTOKOJl3, WTO 611 MOfJIO OJ13K-
W3TI1 Y'lewl"ie jaBHOCTI1 y LlOHOWei+>Y Ot \IlyKa no ni1T31-bi1Ma )!(11BOTHe
cpeJ:I HHe, Kao 11 ):lonp11HeTI1 cnpe'I3BaJ+>y 11 )!(11BOT-
He cpeJ:II1He.
4JJaH 2.
.LlE<I>M H J.1 LI, MJ E
33 CBpxe OBOr llpOTOKOJla,
I. ,CTpaHa" 31-13411, OCHM YKOJI11KO ce y TCKCTY He H3BOJl H npyra-
' I Hj e, J:l p)!(3BY 11Jll1 peri10H3JJHY opraHI13al.lHjy 3a eKOHOMCKY HHTerpa-
l.ll1jy HaBe):leHy y 'IJI3HY 24. KOj3 ce carnac11n3 ):13 6yJ:Ie o63Be33Ha OBHM
npOTOKOJlOM 11 33 Kojy je npoTOKOJl H3 CHa311;
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Y'lewl"iy jaBHOCTH y OJ:IJJyKa 11 npasy Ha np3BHY 33WTHTY y ni1-
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19. oKTo6ap - 2011.
11 .. ,0Tn3Jt" 3H3'111 M3TCp11je 11Jll1 npellMeTI1 KOjl1 cy:
6) H3MCfbCHI1 0JlJI3f"31bY 11JII1 11CKOj)fll.llllelbY: 11Jll1
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H 0)13 BCTB3.
onwn: O)lPELU>E
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CTaB 2. 33XTCBaHO na ce 113BetuTaBa;
6) npeHOCI1M3 BaH ,10K3U11je 0 KOJ11Ma je LIJiaHOM 7. C'J'3B 2. 33XTe-
B3HO na Ce 113BCLUT3Ba:
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raJ) I1Bafba 0 KOjHMaje YJiaHOM 7. CTaB 4. 3aXTCBaHO ]\3 CC 11 3BCWT3Ba.
2. Kana npoueHH HCKYCTBa np11Kyn.rbeHa 111 pa3Bt1j a,ba HaUHOHaJI-
HI1X pet ' YICTapa HcnywTafba 11 npeHoca 3aral)y.Jylll1x MaTep11j a 11 cnpo-
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(a) peBH3Hja aKTHBHOCTI1 H3BeneHHX y aHeKCY 1;
(6) pes11 311ja 3aral)yjyi111 X MaTep11ja HaBeneHI1X y aHeKcy II ;
(u) peBH3Hja rpaHWIHHX BpeJIHOCTI1 y aHeKCI1Ma 111 II , 11
(n) o6yxBaT3fbC t.tpy rHX j)CJICBaHTHHX 3CrtCK3T3 K30 I.UTO cy 11H-
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l. CBaKa CTpaHa:
(a) t1Jll1 >axTeBa 011 BJlaCHI1Ka 11n11 onepaTepa csaKor nojeJ!HHa'J-
HOr nocrpojefba y csojoj Hanne)KHOCTI1 Koj 11 o6asJba jell.HY 11Jll1 BHwe
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y KOJI I1 411H3Ma npeKO B3)1(Clli1X r paHWIHHX Bpe!] HOCTI1 HaBC!l CHI1 X y
3HeKcy 11, KOJlOHa ] ;
(i i) npeHOCI1 BaH Jl OKau11je 6HJl f" KOjy 3aral)yjyny MaTep11j y HaBe-
neHy y aHeKcy II y KOJll1'li1HaMa npeKo B3ll(etie r paHWI He BpenHOCTH Ha-
seneHe y aHeKcy 11 , KonoHa 2, aKo cc CrpaHa onnyY11na 3a H3seunasa-
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CT3BOM 5 (H): 11Jlfl
(iv) npeHOCH BaH JlOKaU11je 6 11 J10 KOje 3aral)yjyne MaTepHje Ha-
BC]lCHC y aHeKcy II y OTnaL1HI1M BonaMa npenB11l]eHHM 3a rpeTMaH
19. OKT06ap - 2011.
ME1jYHAP0;:1HM YfOBOPM Epoj 8 - CTpaHa 171
OTn3JJ. IHfX 80!1.3 y KOJ111411H3Ma npeKO np11MeHJb11Be rp3HWtHe BpeJJ.HO-
CTYf H3BeJJ.eHe y 3HeKcy IL KOJlOH3 16;
!1.3 npey3Me 063Be3y llOCT3BJbeHy TOM BJ13CHHKy HJl H Onep3Tepy y
CKJ13fi.Y C3 CT3BOM 2; HJlH
(6) 33XTeB3 0!1. BJ13CHI1K3 11JlH onep3Tep3 CB3KOr nojeJJ. HH3'1HOr
nocTpojelb3 y CBOjoj H3JJ.JlelKHOCTI1 KOjl1 063BJba jeJJ. HY HJlH BI1We aK-
TI1BHOCTH HaBeJJ.eHI1x y 3HeKcy I y1 6poj 33nocneHI1X Koj11 je jeJJ. H3K
HJIH Ben11 0!1. MHHHM3JIHOr npoceYHOr 6poja 33nOCJleHHX H3BeJJ.e HOr y
3HeKcy I KOJlOHa 2, H np0113BO!J.H, npep31jyje 11JlH KOpHCTH 6HJ10 KOjy
3araljyjyny M3Tep11jy HaBeJJ.eHy y 3HeKcy II y KOJ1HYI1H3Ma npeKo np11-
MeHJbi1Be rp3HWtHe speJJ.HOCTI1 H3BeJJ.ette y 3HeKcy II , KOJlOH3 3, !1.3
npey3Me 063Be3y nOCT3BJbeHy TOM BJlaCHI1KY HJlH onep3Tepy y CKJ13!i.Y
C3 CT3BOM 2.
2. CBaK3 CTp3H3 33xTeB3 O!l. snaCHI1Ka 11JlH onepaTepa nocTpojelha
H3BeJJ.eHOr y CT3BY J. !1.3 !I.OCT3BI1 HHCjJOpMal.(l1je H3BeJJ.eHe y CT3BY 5. H 6.
H y CKJ13fi.Y C3 33XTeBI1M3 113 HCTI1X, y Be311 ca OHI1M 3araljyjyn11M M3TepH-
j3M3 11Jll1 0Tn3JJ.I1M3 33 KOje cy rp3HWIHe BpeJJ.HOCTH npeKOp3YeHe.
3. )J,a 611 ce noCTI1r3o 1.(11Jb osor npoTOKOJ13, CTp3H3 MOlKe !1.3 OJJ.-
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r3thy y lbeHOM peri1CTpy.
4. CB3K3 CTpaHa o6e36eljyje JJ.a lheH HaJJ.JielKHI1 opra11 np11KynJba,
11JII1 OJJ.peljyje jeJJ.3H IIIII1 BHWe OpraHa jaBHe BJ13CTI1 11JII1 HaJJ.JielKHI1X
TeJia !1.3 np11KYilJb3jy 11HqJOpM3UHje 0 11CilYWT31bi1Ma 3araljyj ynHX M3-
Tep11ja 113 !1. 11QJY3HI1X 11 3BOp3 3araljHBalba HaBeJJ.eHHX y CTaBOBI1Ma 7. 11
8. paJJ.H yKJbYYI1B3t-h3 y tbeH perHcTap.
5. CB3K3 CTpaH3 33XTeBa Ofl. snacHHKa HIIH onepaTepa nocTpoje-
lha KOjl1 cy H3 OCHOBY CTaBa 2. 063Be3HH JJ.a fi.OCT3BJbajy 113BeWTaje, JJ.a
rtp11Kyne 11 !i.OCT3Be 1-heHOM HaJJ.JielKHOM oprat-ty CIIeJJ.ene 11HQJOpMaUHje
33 nojeJJ.I1H3 noCTpojelh3:
(a) Ha311B, reorp3QJCKa noKaul1j3 11 JJ.enamocT 11II I1 JJ.enaT-
HOCTI1 nOCTpOjetna KOje 11 3BeUJT3B3, 11 11Me BJ13CH11Ka 11III1 Onep3TOp3, 11
aKO je np11MeHJhi1BO, 11Me npeJJ.y3etia;
(6) Ha311B 11 HJJ.eHTI1QJI1Kai.(I10HI1 6poj CB3Ke 33r31jyjyne M3Tep11je
33 KOjy Ce 3aXTeBa 113Bei.UT3BaH,e y CKJI3fi.Y ca CT3BOM 2;
KOJII1411HY CB3Ke 33r31jyjyne M3Tep11je 33 Kojy ce 33XTeB3 11 3-
BeWT3B3I-be y CKJI3fi.Y C3 CT3BOM 2. KOj3 j e 11CilYWTeH3 113 llOCTpojetb3 y
)KHBOTHY cpeJJ.I1HY y rOJJ.HHI1 33 KOjy ce llO!I.HOCH H3BeWT3j, H 36HpHO 11
npeM3 TOMe !1.3 Ill1 je 11CnyWT31be BpWeHO y Ba3fi.YX, BO!I.Y 11III1 3eMJbH-
WTe, YKJbyYyjynl1 11 nomeMHo y6p113r3B3tbe;
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(i) KOIIWII1HY CB3Ke 33r3ljyjyne M3TepHje 33 Kojy Ce 3aXTeB3 113-
BeWTaB31be y CKIIaJJ.y ca CT3BOM 2. Koja Ce npeHOCI1 BaH JlOK3U11je y
rOJJ. I1HI1 3a KOjy Ce nOJJ. HOCI1 113BeWTaj , np3Benl1 pa3Jl11 KY 11 3Meljy KOJ1 11-
411Ha KOje cy 6 11J1e npeHeTe 3a OJJ.Jiaralhe 11 3a llOHOBHO 11CKOp11WOelbe,
11 H3311B 11 3JJ.pecy noCTpojet+>a Koje je np11M11JlO npeHo c ; 11n11
(ii) KOIIWII1HY OTn<JJJ.a 33 KOjy Ce 3aXTeB3 113BeUJTaBalhe y CKJlaJJ.y
C3 CT3BOM 2. KOj3 je npetteTa BaH JIOK31.(11je y rOJJ.I1HI1 33 KOjy Ce 113Be-
WT3B3, np3Benl1 pa3I1 11KY mMeljy on3CHOr OTnaJJ.a 11 JJ.pyror oTnaJJ.a, 3a
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BajynH C3 , R" HIII1 ,0" 33BI1CHO 0!1. TOra !1.3 Jl11 je OTilaJJ. OJJ.peljeH 3a
llOHOBHO 11CKOp11Wnelbe 11IIH Ofi.JI3f3t-be y CKII3!i.Y Ca aHeKCOM Ill 11, 3a
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jy llOHOBHOr 11CKOp11wnelba 11IIH Ofi.II3falb3 KOj3 je np11MI1JJa rtpeHOC;
(e) KOJII1411HY CBaKe 3araljyjyne MaTep11je y 0Til3fi.HI1M BOJJ.aMa 3a
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LI Jlall 19.
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4 Jlall 21.
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4 J1311 22.
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4 Jlall 23.
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CTpaHa 174 - bpoj 8 ME1jYHAPOtlHM YfOBOPM 19. OKT06ap - 2011.
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4nau 24.
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4nau 26.
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4 :Jall 28.
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19. OKT06ap - 2011.
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CAS 6poj JaraiJyjyne Marcp11jc lH3'-III npeuH3HY H; leHn1CpHKauHjy y .. Chemical Abstracts Service".
Kono11a I ca11p'LOI rpaHwiHe spenHocni 113 4JiaHa 7. c-Jas I. (a)(i) 11 (iv). AKo ce rpaHwtHa spen HocT y naroj nOTKOilOHH (Ba3nyx, sona 11n11
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cy ce onpeJ.leJIIIJIC '33 CI ICTeM WlBeUIT3B3lb3 y CK! I3.])' C3 4n3HO\'I 7. CT3B I. (a).
19. OKT06ap - 2011. ME1jYHAPO,QH/11 YfOBOP/11 5poj 8 - CrpaHa 179
KonoHa 2 ca,Qp)f( 11 rpaHW!He Bpe,QHOCTI1 11 3 'IJJ aHa 7. cTaB I. (a)
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naTy 1aralj yjyl1 y MaTepHjy, H3BewTaBal-be o npeHocy Te 3araljyj yli e Ma-
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fJ!_ 0 0Tpe6HO je H3BeWTaBaTI1 0 nojenHHa4HHM 3araljyjyi111M Ma-
Tep11j aMa aKo ce npeKopa4H rpaHH4Ha BpenHOCT 3a BTEX (36HpHH na-
paMeTap 6eH3eHa, TonyeHa, en1JJ 6eH3eHa, KCHJJeHa) .
na ce Mepe Kao 6eH3o(a)nHpeH (50-32-8), 6eH30(6)cpnyopaHTeH (205-
99-2), 6eH3o(K)(jlilyopaHTeH (207-08-9), Hrl!leHo ( I ,2,3-cd), nHpeH
( 193-39-5) (H3BeneHO 113 npoTOKOJJa 0 nyroTpajHHM opraHCKHM 3ara-
ljyjyliHM cyncTaHuaMa y1 KoHseHuHjy o npeKorpaHH4HOM 3araljel-hy
Ba3nyxa H3 BeJJHKHM yn3JbeHOCTHMa.)
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ITOCTYnt.J,H O)l.JlAfAJhA (' D')
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- J!bnaral-be oTnana npouecHMa y 3eMJbHWTY (Hnp. 6Honerpana-
UHja Te4HOr OTnana 11JlH MyJbeBa y 3eMJbHWTY)
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nyMnaMa Mory y6p113rasan1 y 6yHape, HanywTeHe pynHHKe conH HJIH
npHponHe nenoe)
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JbeBHTHX BpCTa OTnana y jaMe, 6a3eHe HJJH JlaryHe)
- Onnaral-he omana y noce6Ho npojeKTOBaHe nenou11j e (Hnp. on-
Jiaral-be omana y JJ HHeapHo nopeljaHe noKpHBeHe KaceTe, Meljyco6Ho
H30JIOBaHe H H30Jl OBaHe on )f(HBOTHe cpenHHe)
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- l-1cny WT31-be y MOpa, OnHOCHO OKeaHe, YKJbyYyj yliH YTHCKHB3-
1-be y MOpCKO nHO
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OBOM aHeKCy, a 'IHjH cy KOHa'!HH 11pOH3BOnH j enHI-bel-ha HJI H CMeWe KOje
ce on6auyjy 611J10 KOjHM on noCTynaKa HaBeneHHX y osoM neny
MeCry y OBOM a!ieKcy, a 4Hj H cy KOHa4HH npOH3BOnl1 j enHI-bel-ba HJJH CMe-
We Koje ce on6auyjy 611no KojHM on nocrynaKa HaseneHHX y osoM neny
(Hnp. Hcnapasa!-be, cywe!-he, KaJJ UHHauHja, HeyTpaJJ H3auHja, TaJJO)f(el-be)
- CnaJbHB31-be (HHCHHepaL\Hj a) Ha TJJY
- CnaJbHBal-he (HHCHHepauHja) Ha Mopy
- TpajHo CKnanHLUTel-be (1mp. cMewTaj KOHTejHepa y py.ll HHK)
- oTnana npe nonsprasal-ba 611 no KojeM on nocTynaKa
HaBeneHHX y OBOM neny
- npenaKoBal-be oTnana npe nonBprasal-ba 611no KojeM on noCTy-
naKa HaseneH 11 x y osoM neny
- CKnanHwTel-he oTnana Koj e npnxonH 611no KojeM on nocTynaKa
HaBeneHHX y OBOM neny.
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HOM cnaJbHBal-hy) HJI H npyror cpencTBa 3a np0113BOnl-hy eHeprHje
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CTe Kao paCTBapaYH
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- PeuHKJJHpal-he/ npepana npyrHx HeopraHCKHX MaTepHj ana
- PereHepau11ja KHCeJI 11Ha 11n11 6a3a
- n oHOBHO HCKOpHwliel-he KOMnOHeHTH KOpHwli eHHX 3a CM3rbe-
l-be 3araljel-ba
- n oHOBHO 11CKOpHWii el-he KOMnOHeHTH 11 3 KaTaJI H3aTOpa
- Pe-pacpHHauHj a HJII1 npym Ha'II1H nOHOBHor 11 CKOpHwliei-ba oT-
nanHor yJba
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- Pa3MeHa oTnana 3a nonsprasal-he 611no KojeM on noCTynaKa no-
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- AKYMYI!Hpa!-be MaTep11jana onpelj eHHX 3a 611no Koj11 noCTynaK
HaseneH y osoM neny
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pen6aMa 4JlaHa 23. CT3B 2. OBOr npOTOKOJia, CTpaHa 11JII1 CTpaHe o6ase-
WTaBajy npyry CTpaHy 11Jl l1 CTpaHe y cnopy nHilJlOMaTCKHM ll YTeM, K30
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npOCJieljyj e npHMJbeHe HHQlOpMaUHje CBHM CTpaHaMa OBOr llpOTOKOJia.
2. Ap6HTpa)f(HI1 TpH6yHan ce cacTojH on TPI1 YJJaHa. CTpaHa HJJH
cTpaHe Koje Ty)f(e, Kao 11 npyra CTpaHa cTpaHe y cnopy HMeHyjy no
jenHor ap6HTpa, a nBoje HMeHosaHHX ap611Tapa Ha ocHosy cnopa3yMa
onpelj yjy Tpelier KojH je npencenHHK ap6HTp3)f(HOr TpH6yHana. OH He
cMe na 6yne np)f(aBJbaH11H j enHe on cTpaHa y cnopy, H11TH MecTo 1-hero-
Bor CTaJI HOr 6opaBHUJTa MO)f(e 6HTH Ha TepHTOpHjH j enHe On THX CTpa-
Ha, HHTH OH MO)f(e 611TH 3anOCJJeH KOn lbHX, HI1TI1 na j e pan110 Ha TOM
CJJyYajy y 611JJO KOM npyrOM CBOjCTBy.
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poKy on nsa Meceua on naHa HMeHoBalba npyror ap6HTpa, l-13spwHH
ceKpeTap EKOHOMCKe KOMHCHj e 3a Espony, Ha 33XTeB 6HJIO KOje CTpaHe
y cnopy, onpelj yje npencenHHKa y nep11ony on HapenHa nsa Meceua.
4. AKo jenHa on cTpaHa y cnopy He HMeHyje ap611Tpa y poKy on nBa
Meceua on o6aBewTel-ba HaseneHor y cTasy I , npyra c-rpaHa o TOMe MO-
)f(e o6aBeCTHTH H3spwrl0r ceKpeTapa EKOHOMCKe KOMHCHj e 3a Espony,
KOj H r! OCT3BJb3 npencenHHKa ap6HTpa)f(HOr TpH6yHaJJa y pOKy on Hapen-
H3 nsa Meceua. n o nocTasJbel-hy, npencenHHK ap6HTpa)f(HOr TpH6yHaJ!a
3aXTeBa on CTpaHe KOja HHje HMeHOB3Jiil CBOr ap6HTpa na TO Y'IHHH y
poKy on nBa Meceua. AKo CTpaHa To He Y'IHHH y naTOM poKy, npencen-
HHK 0 TOMe o6aBeWTaBa I-13BpWHOr CeKpeTapa EKOHOMCKe KOMHCHj e 33
Espony, KOjH HMeHyj e ap6wrpa y poKy OLl Hape!llla nsa Meceua.
5. Ap6HTp3)f(HH TpH6yHaJI noHOCH CBojy onnyKy y CKJJany Ca Me-
lj yHaponHHM npaBOM 11 onpen6aMa OBOr npOTOKOJJa.
6. CsaKH ap6HTpa)f(HH TpH6yHaJI KOHCTHTyHcaH y CKnany ca on-
pen6aMa OBOr aHeKca noHOCH cBoja npaBHJJa nocTynKa.
7. OnnyKe ap6HTpa)f(HOr TpH6yHaJJa, 611no no nHTalbY nocTynKa
6HJJO y norneny npenMeTa cnopa, ce noHoce seliHHOM rnacosa 1-bero-
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ljHB31-ba 4HI-beHH4HOr CTal-ba.
9. CTpaHe y cnopy onaKwasaj y pan ap6wrpa)f(HOr TpH6yHana 11,
Hap04HTO KOpHCTeliH CBa Cpe.llCTBa KOja HM CTOje Ha pacnonaralby, OHe:
(a) o6e16eljyj y csa penesaHTHa noKyMeHTa, cpencTBa 11 11Hcpop-
ME1)YHAPO,[JHII1 YfOBOP/11 19. OKT06ap 20\\.
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Kojy y noscpclbY y TOKY nocrynKa 11pe;1 ap611TjJ3)fCIIH\I rpu6y-
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TpH6)'H3JlOM HJIH He rlj))')f(H CBOI' CJI)''Iaja .. ' lpyra CTpa-
1-13 MO;Ke '33XTeBaTH OJ\ TpH6)' 1 Ia!la l (a H3C'f3BH Ca llOCT)'Il KOM H ;JOHeCe
KOH3'1HY OWI)'Ky. OncycTI3o je)llle crpa11c >!JlH HeyYeCTBOBal-he y
HII CJI)''Iaja 11c npCL\CTaiw,a npenpcKy 1a O!lBHjalbe nocrynKa. npe JO-
IIOUielba KOHa'IHe OJlJl)'Ke, ap6wrpa)f(IIH TpH6)'H3JI Ce MOpa ysepHTII ,13
Ce 'l3XTCB )' IIOTil)'IIOCTH 13CIIIIB3 1-13 Lllll-bCHHUaMa II '33KOH)'.
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THHT)'JK6CHHM '3aXTeBHMa KOjll np011311JI<Be .lHpeKTHO In
14. YKOJIHKO ap6wrpmKHH He O;JJIYLIH 16or
noce6HHX OKOJJHOCTII __\3TOI' CJI)'4aja. TjJOLUKOBH I pH6)' 1-13JI3.
jyhH H3KH3lle 'l3 lnCroBC 'IJ13HOBe. CHOCe Cl paHC: )' Cnopy IIOL\jeL[H3KO.
o6paL1y1-1 crpa11aMa y cnopy.
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cnopa II Ha Kojy MOJKe ,la )'TWIC 0!1JI)'K3 y J aTOM
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16. Ap6wrpmKH 11 Tp110)'113Jl ,JOHOCVI CBojy O,'\JI)'K)' y poKy 0;:( neT
MCCCL\H 0,1 ."tal Ia CBOI' KOIICTHTYHCalba, OCI1\I )'KOnHKO IIC YTilf);\11 ;.ta jc
IICOfiXO)liiO c\3 npO,l)'lKI1 BpCMCHCKH pOK 'la nCp110;\ KOjll He Tpe6a :13
17. 0L1JiyKa ap6Hrpa;tcl!or rp11 6yHaJ1a jc 11ponpancHa o6pa>:lo;Kc-
0Ha jc KOHa4Ha H o6aBC3yjyha la cBc crpa11c y cnopy. Ap61npa-
;t(HI1 TpH6)'H3JI O!lJI)'K)' )l0CT3B.' b3 crpaHJ.\13 y cnopy II CeKperap11jary.
CeKperapHjar npocneiJyje npHMJbeHe HHtjlopMauHje CBH'I CrpaHa'Ia
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ry:-.laLICI-ha HJIH 113Bpwcl-bc o,JnyKe, CTpaHe Mory 1131-ICTII ap6HrpanmoM
Tp11 6)'H3II)' KOje je T)' OL\JI)'K)' .10HCJ10. HJIH, )' CJI)''Iajy Taj Tp110)'-
H3Jl HC MOJKC ;.ta CC Ca30ilC . 1jJ)'I"OM Tp116)'11JJI)' KOHCHITYHC3HOM 13 OB)'
CBpxy Ha HCTH 113LIIIII K30 II npeTXO.:\HO.
L!naH 3.
Peny6nHKa Cp6Hja ce onpC!lCJIII.13 )la pewasal-be c11opa OKO ryMa-
'ICiha 11JIH npHMeHe llporoKo,1a n0;1Hece Mel)yHapo;JH0\1 cy.'ly npaB;:rc.
0Baj 1aKo11 cryna 11a c11ary 00101 !\aHa Oi illaHa o6JaBJbiiB<Uba y
,.CII)'lK6CIIOM rmlCIIHKY Pcny6'1HKe Cp611je yroBopH ...
Ha ocHony 'III alia 112. craB I. T3LIKa 2. Yc1 3133 Pe11y6JJIIKC C p611je .
o npofJiawethy 3aKOHa o noTBpijuBathy C nopaJyMa UJMel) y
Bm11.1,e Peny6m1Ke C p6uje n BJlane Peny6JlnKe TypcKe
0 capaLI, tbH y OfiJlaCTii 11\IIBOTHC CpCLliiiH'
llporna1mma ce 3aKOII o IIOTBpiJHB31bY Cnopa>yMa IBMcr,y Bnane
Peny6nHKe Cp611jc 11 l3mll1C Pcny6m1Kc o capa:llbll y o6nacn1
lKI IBOTHe cpenHHe, KOjH je noHena HaponHa CK)'n!lJTHIIa Peny6JIHKC
Cp611jc 11a llpBoj CCJlHIIllll ll,pyror pCLlOBIIOr 'l3Cel \31ba y 20 II. 1"0!111-
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o noTBpijHBathy C nopaJyMa nJMel)y BJ1a11,e Peny6JluKe
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noTBpl]yje ce Cnopa3yM Bnane Peny6nHKC Cp6Hj e H
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nor11 11 CaH y AHK3p11 I 0. Mapra 20 II. rOLlHHe. Ha cpncKOM. rypcKoM 11
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L! JI3H 2.
TeKcT Cnopa'lyMa Bna!lc Pe11y6nHKC C p6Hjc H B naAe Pe-
lly6"111KC TypcKe o capa.Qibll y o6;1acn1 )f(IIBOTHe cpe)lHHC, Ha cp11cKoM
je111K)' I'JI3CH:
Peny6mtKe Cp611je 11 Bnana Pen y6m1Ke T ypcKe (y 113JhCM
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113pa)f(asajynH )f(eJbY lla jaLtajy npHjarefucKe om10ce H3Meljy cpn-
CKOI If Typc;;or H3j)O.J3 II -13 p31BHJ3JY cap3!11-bY )' UHJb)' 13LIITHTe )f(H-
BOTHC cpCJIJHC. y OKB11p)' Ca!tp;Kaja OBOr Cll0p33)'M3 0 Capa)l lbfl (y )13-
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ljCibY ;KI1BOTIIC CpC.11111e y 1,ljJ31l Jba II L\OOp06HTH l l3H3WinHX H
I h1ajyllll y BHJ)' norpe6y '3a 6mtCK0\1 cap3L\1-bOM y H3)' '1HI1 M, TeX-
HII'IKIIM II Te.\HOJlOI IIKHi\1 3Cr1CKTII M3 33lliTHTe ;J(HilOTI!e Cpe,Q11 HC. npH-
jJO!lHHX pccypca. 6110;!11BCp311TeT3,
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n1narepa.lH11 X f:OHBCHLII1ja II 11p0TlJKOJ13 )' 06J13CTH 33111THTC )f(HBOTHC
cpel111He 4Hje cy nornHCHHL\e Llp)f(aBe Yrosop1111 x crpa1-1a,
cno;nLle cy ce o c1e: 1ehe\l:
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0)ljJ)f(IIBOCTI1 )KHBOTHC CpC.:\111-le, 11p11p0J\HI1X pecypca 11 6110L\11Bep3HTe-
T3 y l y pasHoreJKCI-he npoueca lbi1XOBe 33Uinne 11 KOpHuJnelna, Yrosop-
He CTpaHe ne cap3l)I1B3TI1 Kp03 palMCH)' HCK)'CT3B3 H TCXHOJIO-
I'I IjC Ha 63311 jC!lH3KOCHI, peUHripOUIITCTa H 060CTjJ3HC KOpHCTI1.
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YroBopHe crpa1-1e he capaiJIIB3TII 11a cnc.rJeilHM noJbi1Ma:
a) TeXHHKC H TCXHOJIOrllja 111BCL\eHHX pallOBa KOjH ce TH'I)' pe-
cypca riOBpWHHCKHX 11 nOL[3CMHIIX B0;\3,
6) nonnasa II cywe, CH36.JCB31b3 L\OManHHCTaBa BO)lOM H n pe'IH-
LUhaBalnY BO;JC. pexa61L111T3U11jff 11 MOL!CpHH13UHjH CHCTCMa 33 H3BO)l-
fb3 B31nC 11 KOjJHUJllCI-b)' B0,1C.
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fi3) \ H11M B0.:\3M3 113 )10M3Il11HCT3B3 H 111-l,'l)'CTpHj e,
r) YnpaB.Ch<11-ba KB3JIIITeTOM B33Llyxa. HHTerpHcaHor y 11paBJbal-ba
ynpaB.b3fb3 XeMHK3JlHjaMa.
.J) Cnpe'laBalba 3araljel-ba 11 Haj60;'hHX )locrynHHX
lj) KI111 .\13TCKI1.X npoMeHa.
)!() npoue11e )'Tifltaj a H3 )KI IBOTH)' CjJCLlHHy. IHBeUITaja 0 CT31-bY
)f(HBOTHC cpe,'l, II HC, 11pOCTOjJII O riJ131111p31bC 11 llfrrerpHCaHO )' lljJ31lJh31nC

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