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Effects on ascendant of Jupiter,Mars,Venus in each sign & house & Saturn sade sathi
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Effects of Jupiter for Each Ascendant

Introduction: The planets Jupiter and Venus, are natural benefics. Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are natural malefics, Moon is treated as a benefic provided it is not within 72 degrees from Sun in distance. If it is, whether in the dark or bright pakash or fortnight it is considered as malefic. Mercury when acting alone is a benefic. But if posited with other planets then it indicates the traits of that i.e. if with malefics it becomes a malefic, with benefic, it indicates benefic results. Rahu acts like a Saturn and Ketu acts like a Mars. Like planets there are malefic and malefic houses vize 3, 6, 8, 11 and 12 houses are malefics whereas 1, 2, 4, 5, 1, 9, 10 houses are termed as benefics, 11th house is termed as malefic but the planets posited in this house only afflicts the health but not the finances unless and otherwise weak and afflicted. So the effects of the planets can be divided broadly ito four parts: 1. The planets which always produce good or benefic results. 2. The planets which produce always malefic results. 3. The planets which remain Neutral. 4. The planets which indicate malefic and benefic results. These parts are detailed below for the guidance of readers: 1. The most benefic houses are Trines or Trikonas viz. 5th and 9th houses. The lords of these houses give always good results, irrespective of the fact that the planets may be malefic like Mars Saturn etc. In addition to the results confered by them in the Horoscope as general, they also behave like that in their dasa and Antar dasa. (Major period and Sub period). 2. The malefic houses are 3rd, 6th, 8th and llth. Lords, of these houses always denote malefic results whether benefic or if malefic, the evil results predominate for the effects as signified by house, sign and planet. For llth house, the adverse affect is for health and other matters and not the income. 3. Kendra houses are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th. Malefic lords of these houses confer either malefic or benefic results where as benefic lords of these houses indicate malefic results but these results can be modified by aspects, exaltation sign, : own sign, mooltrikona or sign position etc. 4. Lords of 2nd and 12th houses are such which give malefic and benefic results. These planets will give the results of those houses where they are posited or where the other rasi or sign of their lord is posited. But Sun and Moon when lords of 2nd or 12th house will give the results where they are posited. In case of Dasa of 12th house lord and bhukti of a Yog Karka will give the effects of Raj Yoga. Before proceeding further, we should also note that whether the planet is in dignity, in good or bad aspect etc. Also note the nature the sign whether, Fiery, Earthy, Airy or Watery Cardinal, fixed or common etc. In this chapter we have taken care of all the points except: aspects which the readers should count for the correct delineations. STRONG AND WEAK PLANETS Under the following conditions the planets become Strong and give good results if they are benefic for a particular ascendant. The good results will be for the houses over which they have lordship and for the house in which their Mool Trikona sign falls. 1. When they are posited in good houses as detailed above. 2. When the sign posited by them is his exaltation, own or friendly sign. 3. When not combust and in the middle of the sign. 4. When they are retrograde. 5. When they receive benefic aspect and conjoined with benefic planets. 6. When they occupy good varga particularly in Navamsa chart. 7. When they are in friendly Nakshatra and has directional strength. The planet is termed weak and bestows malefic results. when: 1. Posited in malefic houses as detailed above. 2. When located in debilitiation, enemy's sign or in inimical sign. 3. When combust or occupy a degree at begining or fag end of a sign, they loose their strength. 4. The aspects on planets are malefic or conjoined with malefic planets. 5. When occupy vargas of inimical planets or in bad vargas particularly in Navamsa chart. The occupy inimical Nakshatra. In view of the foregoing discussion, we now analyse Jupiter for each Ascendant. 1. ARIES ASCENDANT For Aries Lagna, Jupiter has lordships over 9th and 12th houses. Jupiter's "Mool Trikona" sign falls in 9th house. If strong will give good results tike favour from elders, gainful journeys, religious mind and pilgrimage. It will give some windfall. If weak it will indicate opposition from Govt.; and persons in authority and reverse the above results.

In 12th house if aspected beneficially will denote occult abilities, power less enemies and gain of wealth through secret ways but if afflicted difficulties and sorrows. 1st House. Jupiter when posited in Lagna is found in friend's, house and indicates that one will be respectful to his preceptor and religion. Wealthy, learned, respected, intelligent, holds a good position under the Govt.; faithful, character will be above board. Dedicated to Public and generous. 2nd House. In enemy's house. Gain through foreign trade, Science, publication, learning, travels, invention or banking. Social with all, respected, religious and devoted to one's country. Also gain through secret missions and occult. If afflicted, loss of money through enemies and generally unfortunate conditions. 3rd House. In enemy's camp. Learning, gain and progress through research, travel, investigation, exploration or writing. Occult learnings. If afflicted loss, troubles through relations, friends or neighbors, short journeys or writings etc. 4th House. In friend's Camp. A sign of exaltation. Lucky like a king, wealthy, famous, respected due to business, trade or other position. Builder of charitable institutions, places and other works connected with public welfare. If afflicted. secret sufferings, loss through father and above sources. 5th House. A trine and friend's house. Liberal or unconventional views in regards to union. Free living, pleasure through journeys. Gain through travels, philosophy, air flights, sports, foreign investments and speculations. If afflicted, secret sorrows through children, sports, love, speculations and journeys etc. 6th House. In enemy's house. But the person born when Jupiter is in 6th house is with silver spoon in a respectable family. Wealthy, blessed with property, good rank in service. Death of elders in family. Many enemies, will be under debt in middle of life. Last part of life will be comfortable. If afflicted then sickness through travelling, difficulty in work in foreign lands, or in connection with export etc. 7th House. A enemy's house. This position indicates marriage to a stranger of education and refinement whose relations will oppose to the native. Wise, tactful, learned and brave. Gain through marriage, travels, partnerships and contracts. If afflicted, troubles through direct and treachery concerning unions, law suits, marriage, partnership, contracts etc. Troubles through women generally and public enemies. 8th House. In friend's house. Gain by long journeys concerning legacies or dead etc. Psychic experiences. Secret enemies, many misfortunes, death of secret enemies. Trouble over inheritance, Unsatisfactory end. Persecution regarding religious, Scientific or educational convictions also through publication. 9th House. Jupiter in own house indicates travelling for education, scientific or for religious purposes in foreign country. Prophetic dreams, many fine quantities. Gain through culture and development. Secret mission, investigation or secluded research, sacrifice for science or religion. If afflicted. shipwreck or air crash, difficulties with relations, men of science and religion etc. 10th House. A sign of debility, Jupiter and Saturn are Neutral. It bestows on the native honour, credit, high position, rank and authority. Gain and honour through Science, literature or travel. Success in foreign land and affairs. Many friends and gain through them. Success, in hopes and wishes. If afflicted reverse results like disgrace, loss from superiors, troubles in long journeys etc. 11th House. Again Jupiter in Saturn's house of Neutral planet. Fortune friendships on Voyages and gain through foreign and foreign friends. Acquaintances among relatives, travellers, Scientists and legislation. If afflicted then one will face troubles, disappointments and obstacles. Deceitful friends and losses through them. 12th House. Jupiter's own house. Occult abilities, powerless enemies, secret investigations, fond of animals, limitations, troubles and obstacles prove to be blessings in disguise by developing inner growth and understanding. If afflicted difficulty and sorrows through religion, science and journeys. If writer or inventor then difficulty in the completion of job. In middle or latter part of life seeks seclusion for development, occult learnings etc. 2. TAURUS ASCENDANT For Taurus Ascendant Jupiter rules over 8th and 11th houses and it will not be conducive for health affairs particularly when weak. If Jupiter is strong, it would however be conducive to income and will boost the wealth and honour of elder brother if any. Overall it is not benefic but being lord of 11th house if strong it will give benefits for wealth as above. If weak, in addition to above will bestow evil results and indicate loss of income, loss to elder brother and children, diseases etc. 1 st House. No doubt Jupiter is in enemy's rasi. It is lord of 8th house so malefic; but since it is posited in Ascendant. it is quite strong. It will confer rank, authority, respect. wealth and long life. Self respected and comforts from wife and progney. Quite social, generous and will hold a good rank in society. Very kind to lower persons. He will waste his property and may become under debt. He will be courageous and make donations. He will have gain from foreign trade of export and import. Legacies, over power his enemies and obstacles. When afflicted, ill health, if aspected by Mars, accidental and unnatural death, loss of money, troubles and turmoils 2nd House. Learned, intelligent, command over many languages and scholar, No accumulation of wealth. Middle part of the life will be troublesome. Losses and a troubled life. Realisation of debts, gain through deceased and friends 3rd House. Jupiter in Cancer is exalted but it is lord of 8th and 11th houses. This is not a happy position and indicates wealth and a learned native, but all will be destroyed and one will be under debt. Early part of life will be miserable. Death of brothers, property litigations. No gain from brothers Young age will be happy for a short duration. 4th House. Religious and charitable, wealthy, learned and well respected. Blessed with happiness, property and land. Honest, even tempered, and man of good deeds. Comforts from life. Gain of ancestral property and legacies 5th House. Intelligent, learned, famous and wealthy. Will lead a comfortable and prosperous life. May go to foreign land due to some property dispute in the family. Much happiness and pleasure through children and friends. Loss through speculations. 6th House. A good friend, sweet speech, worries from enemies, diseases, Danger of ill fame in youth. Unsuccessful in hopes and faithful servants.

7th House. Intelligent, clever and learned but devoid of wealth. Married in a respected and reputed family, but inspite of all resources, influence and capability there will be no success and comforts. Many enemies. No good profession Under debt. Will earn moderatly through many sources after struggle. A rich partner to whom money comes unexpectedly, Success in law suits. 8th House. A good craftsman but no gain out of that. Unhappy and under debt. Will engage himself in many professions but will remain worried and financially tight. Loss and troubles through friends. 9th House. Birth in a respected family. Low deeds. Malacious thoughts and actions. Loss and unfulfilment of hopes. Journeys, loss and troubles through journeys. Death in a distant land by drowning or voyages. 10th House. Learned, intelligent and well respected. Generous, honest and good deeds. Learned in vedic, ancient literature and Ayurvedic Science. A few sons, will command respect in people and will hold a position of command and authority. Death of native during war or violent death. 11th House. Learned and well educated. Wealthy but wealth will be destroyed through sons and relations. No sincere friends but opposition from relations. Loss and troubles through women. Death among friends. 12th House. Under debt, a preceptor or religious, journey to foreign land, generous, good deeds, but sometime will act in an immoral ways. Difficulty over inheritance, fear of imprisonment, deceitful friends. Good friendship with Occults, 3. GEMINI ASCENDANT Jupiter for Gemini Ascendant is lord of 7th and 10th houses. A benefic planets lords of two Kendras becomes malefic. But if placed in maraka house i.e. 2nd, 7th etc. it can give serious physical troubles during its major and sub periods of dasa. If strong then it confers much benefit from Govt.; wife and profession, particularly the former. 1st House. Intelligent and learned. Social, good thoughts and actions. Gain and comfort from children and wife, Generous and man of justice. A man of authority, wealthy and happy. First half part of life very happy and latter half average. Love of women and gain through them. Honour through merits, and success through hard work. 2nd House. True and sincere friends, learned and know ledge of Law. Scholar of Astrology. A man of authority and rank. Early life will be, troublesome and full of miseries. Old age will be comfortable, one will gain respect and wealth. Gain through marriage, trade, profession, industry and Govt; Office. 3rd House. Gain and respect from rulers. Kind hearted and sweet tempered. Many brothers and sisters. Blessed with some awards and rank during middle part of life. Enmity with brothern and neighbours. Marriage with relative and brothers. 4th House. Learned, well respected and blessed with long life. Comforts and owner of property and conveyance. Sexy and adulterous. Many relations with other women. Gain from parents and maternal relations, property by marriage and happy married life. 5th House. Birth in good environments. Comforts from children, respect from Government and officers in authority. Learned, travel to foreign country, waste of money on litigations. Worried and troubled life. Gain through speculations. 6th House. Residence in foreign land, learned, famous and respected. Two wives, under debt and without any ancestral property. Troubles due to disputes and litigations. No permanent profession. Loss of wealth and troubles due to enmity. 7th House. Learned, intelligent and respected. Residence in foreign countries, happy from wife and a native of good rank and authority. Less comforts from parental property. Brothers will be lucky and holding authority. Gain through law suits. 8th House. Being learned and intelligent no gain from such pursuits. Gain from ancestral property. Journey to foreign country. Gain from progney in youth. Not good behaviour with elders. Gain from wife and through law suits and by handling other's money. 9th House. A man of authority and rank. Religious and learned, Inclination towards religion and may be charitable and founder of religious institutions. Progney from second wife if 7th and 5th houses are afflicted. Generous and good famed person. Famous due to religious activities and good orator. Honourable voyages, gain from writing, learning and Publishing. 10th House. Wealthy, lucky and will lead a comfortable life A man of power and authority. Well respected and blessed with property. Can not remain subordinate to others, a native of independent views. Noble and famous, More respect and rank after middle part of life. opposition from friends, helpful to others and ambitious. 11th House. Early age will be average but prosperity and fame as the age advances. Knowledge of law and will have a good rank. Respected, independent and wealthy man. A good progney and comforts therefrom. Comforts from conveyance, loss through friends. 12th House. Learned, intelligent and scholar of law. Skilled-well respected and lucky from childhood. Two marriages. Gain and happiness from second marriage. Expenditure of money on good deeds. Unhappy first marriage, secret sources, jealous and sickness. Loss of honour and dignity if afflicted. 4. CANCER ASCENDANT For Cancer Ascendant Jupiter is lord of 6th and 9th houses. The mooltrikona sign of Jupiter falls in Trik 6th house. Jupiter here will give good results over all. The more strong it is, the more good results of wealth, profession, service, religion will be realised. If weak will indicate displeasure from Government officers and Non-religious etc. 1st House. In friend's house and sign of exaltation of Jupiter. It indicates that native with be wealthy, learned, skilled in many arts, a comfortable and happy life. Blessed with palatial property and houses. Long life. Friends of high ups. A man of high rank and authority. Will lead a kingly life. In the start and end of life span, one will face troubles and litigations. Religious and builder of charitable institutions. Long journeys, learning, wisdom, fortunate with strangers and foreigners, voyages and law.

2nd House. Gain of ancestral property but loss thereof and will be under debt. Many enemies. Danger from opponents and friends. Troubles in life and a desperate man. Gain through foreign merchants, science, publication, travel and inventions Loss through sickness and servants. 3rd House. Many brothers, Fond of music and dance. Scholar of occult sciences. Grief due to the failure and losses of brother in youth. 4th House. Loss of property, under debt through enemies. No permanent profession. Friends will be insincere and native will be disrespected in the family. Sickness of father, troubles in family and with servants. 5th House. Learned, wealthy, respected and religious. Cautions for respect. Much progney, kingly status in life, intelligent, clever, and a high ranking native, Sickly children, illness of the native due to over indulgence in pleasure and sports. Pleasure through journeys. 6th House. The native will be disrespected although he may be a religious and kind hearted roan. Many enemies, will lead an average life, troubles and worries in middle age. Shortage of wealth and under debt. Friends and relations will act as enemies. Worried on account of debt. If Jupiter is well aspected reverse the results. 7th House. Jupiter is in debilitated sign and will not be beneficial. Learned but no gain from that. Under debt, clever and intelligent, worried, loss of wealth through quarrels and law suits, changeable position and profession, a troubled life. Disease of heart, disrespected. Loss through business, No comforts from wife and will not be so popular with the people. Public enemies, marriage with a stranger whose relations will oppose. 8th House. Short life, early life will be comfortable. Success and wealth in middle life. Relations with other women. Wealthy, blessed with property. Less comfort from parents. Downfall for a short period and may become ill famed. Worried and in trouble due to some secret disease. Under debt. Disfavour and worries from Government officers. Financial reward for faithful service. Gain by long journeys and psychic. 9th House. Jupiter in own and trine house. Lucky, wealthy, learned, famous and respected. A man of power authority and command. In youth one will become administrator and will lead life like a prince. Religious, founder of charitable and religious institutions. Last part of life will be troublesome and worried. Work with foreign affairs and university. Travelling for education, scientific or religious pursuits. Prophetic dreams. 10th House. Famous and very lucky, a man of authority and power. A very lucky guy. In middle of age may be transfered to some foreign country in an administrative capacity. May teach others. In old age one may not face loss of wealth etc. Honour through literature or travel. Success in foreign affairs. 11th House. Cautious about respect, two marriages, subject to other checks, not much respected. Loss through brothers, may become bankrupting life during major or Sub-period of Jupiter. May deny repayment of debt as if has not taken. The wife will be beneficial. Success will come after the birth of a child. Interested in politics and gain. Voyages and gain in foreign Land. 12th House. Learned, wealthy, kind hearted and generous. May seek seclusion in latter part of life. Helpful to mother. If well aspected then success with large animals and in remote places. Private enemies amongest servants, work of secret nature will be gainful. 5. LEO ASCENDANT For Leo ascendant Jupiter is lord of 5th and 8th houses, But 5th house is its Mool Trikona rasi. So it is benefic in own dasa and bhukti. It indicates good results in regard to wealth, competitive examinations, progney, victory over enemies and happiness. If weak it brings about absence of or trouble to son, unlucky, loss to father and ill health. 1st House. A judicious, religious and pious native. Respected, wealthy, and a man of power and authority. Blessed with property, respect from rulers and superiors, generous and charitable. He may grab the property of his enemies. Many love affairs. 2nd House. Birth in a respected family, promotions, comforts and gain up to middle age. A man of words, clever and intelligent. Gain through deceased. Respected, owner of land, lucky up to middle age, after that there will be downfall for some period. A happy old age. Gain through investment and children. 3rd House. Licentious and adulterous. Out of control from the parents. Disputes and enmity with relations. Will be comfortable and lead a pleasureable life for a short period. Loss in vice acts. Troubles through brothers. Fortunate in realising debts and gain through deceased. Liking for travel, sports, drama and adventure. 4th House. Learned and intelligent. Generous, knowledge and command over rules and law points. Will have self created property. Love of home, well respected, wealthy and happy in last phase of life. Gain through children. If afflicted or weak reverse are the results. 5th House. Jupiter is in Mool Trikona rasi, if strong and well aspected, then generous, respected, learned and well versed in wordly affairs. Love affairs, respect, gain, authority and rank from Government. Early life will be average. Adventures. A wealthy and will lead a comfortable life. Worried from progeny, may be under debt in life. From middle age onward, one will lead a life of prince and also then gain from children. Will lead a respectable life. If weak or afflicted then the results as indicated above will be reverse. 6th House. Diseased and worried. Devoid from the comforts of elders and will face disputes, disrespected, loss through enemies and opponents and of property in litigations. Sickness among children, gain through careful speculations. It is a sign of debility of Jupiter. If well aspected then benefic. 7th House. Marriage in a wealthy family and gain therefrom. The wife will be faithful and gentle. Gain from profession. After the middle age, one will face a serious accident (not bodily) due to which one will face many difficulties. Loss of wealth by theft and may be under debt. Pleasure or close association and understanding with partner but discord with children. 8th House. Birth in a respected family. Not much wealthy. He will be religious and preach others. Average, normal and comfortable life. Suffers through children and loss through speculations. Spiritualistic experiences.

9th House. Lucky and learned. Long life. Generous, pilgrimage, dutiful children and good deeds. Helpful to others. Long life to father, loss and troubles in old age. Pleasure in foreign land. Afflicted with windy complaints. Death in a distant land. Partner has troubles with relatives over money matters. 10th House. Wealthy and learned. A native of power and authority. A judicious and have comforts from children and wealth. He can be a judge or head of a village etc. Favour and authority from Government and officers. Renown in speculations, business or theatrical work. Gain through wife or inlaws and his own mother. 11th House. Respected, wealthy, and comfortable. Gain and comforts from conveyance. A native blessed with land and property. Favour and power from the Government. Fond of children, will have a good rank and authority. Generous and famous. Builder of houses. Successful hopes. Pleasure among legislatures and ambassadors and gain through them etc. 12th House. Extravagant, average profession, sorrows through children, and loss of service. Generous and respected. Honest and will spend the money on good jobs and public welfare. Speculations may cause ruin. Difficulty over inheritance, fear of imprisonment etc. 6. VIRGO ASCENDANT Lord of 4th and 7th viz. kendra houses are owned by Jupiter. A benefic lord of kendra is malefic. If strong and well aspected, then confers wealth, high position and religious aptitude on the native. Also one is blessed with honour and favour from Government. But if weak and posited in 2nd, 6th 8th or 12th house, it is malefic and gives very bad health, toss in service and disfavour from the Government etc. and it creates physical trouble in its major period and Sub period. 1st House. Gradual rise in life, comforts from wife and progeny. Respected, generous, skilled and endowed with wealth. A good hospitable and expenditure on ill health. Fond of scents and pleasurable life. An average life. Gain from land, property, inherited property, love of women and benefit through them also partnership will be beneficial. Public enemies. 2nd House. Learned and skilled but will be disrespected. Relations with many women. An average financial status and will be under debt. Gain by marriage, land, property and estate. 3rd House. Love and affection with brothers. Religious, learned and wealthy. He will gain through women and brothers. Marriage with relative or neighbour. Legal or religious disputes. 4th House. Intelligent, learned and wealthy, long life, blessed with property and land but disrespected. In middle life, one will rise, successful hopes and efforts and will be blessed with comforts of life and wealth. Property by marriage and chaste wife. Happy married life, assistance of father. Loss through storms and floods. 5th House. A troubled and worried life. Loss of ancestral property. After middle age, there will be gain of money, respect, rank and authority. Disrespected. No comforts from progeny. Death of son in youth Financial conditions will be below average. Gain and pleasure from father's fortune. 6th House. Loss through opponents, a troubled and worried life. Diseased mother, strained relations with wife. No gain from mother. Under debt in early age. Also disrespect and ill fame Stomach disease. In old age one will be relieved of all troubles, will gain money and lead a comfortable life Sickly wife loss through servants. If well aspected, reverse results will be experienced. 7th House. In own house aspecting Lagna Wealthy, respected, and famous Blessed with high rank, authority and powers Gain from marriage in a good family, wife will be virtuous and respectful. Gain from inlaws. Will enjoy a kingly status. Success in law suits and untrue partner. 8th House. Strained relations with wife, under debt and troubled. Grief of children, early life will be happy but sudden downfall, troubles and worries will upset the schedule of life resulting in loss of wealth and respect. Last part of life will be happy. Death of wife. some inheritance but difficulty over it. Gain by legacy or estate. 9th House. Blessed with long life. respected, birth in a good family. From middle life there will be gain, comforts, authority and kingly life. Marriage to a stranger and gain. Foreign travel. Gain through inlaws. science, religion and long journeys. 10th House. Intelligent, respected and wealthy. A professor or lecturer etc. and gain through this profession, trade or Government work. Gainful and obedient to parents. 11th House. Kingly status and comforts. Lucky and respected. Long life. Respect and gain through brothers. Generous, wealthy, comforts from conveyance and charitable. A native of power, rank and authority. If afflicted, reverse results. 12th House. Residence in foreign land. A man of power and authority from early age. May be a judge or magistrate. Wealthy, generous and honest. Many servants. In old age, one will enjoy more respect, comforts and wealth. Afflicted health. Occult learnings. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows and fear of imprisonment. 7. LIBRA ASCENDANT Jupiter for Libra ascendant is lord of 3rd and 6th houses and since both houses are malefic, the Jupiter will act as a, malefic and will give bad results. But according to Bhavarth, Ratnakar it will act as benefic. 1st House. Lord of 3rd and 6th house in Ascendant indicates comforts and gain from children (since it aspects 5th house), blessed with long life and religious, wealthy, and respected, pilgrimage (9th house) and a comfortable life. Concern with affairs of brothern and neighbours, writings, learning and accomplishments. Loss through servants and sickness through irregularity. 2nd House. Gain through educational affairs, short journeys. writing, music etc. Losses through sickness, servants and animals. When well aspected then gain through service, employees, small animals, pleasure through young people. Command over foreign language. A few brothers. Respected and comfortable old age.

3rd Honse. Benefits through learnings, short journeys. Learned and intelligent, many brothers and gain through them. Knowledge of many languages. Pilgrimage, Interest in studies and method of healing and industrial economy. There may be some strained relations with brothers or kindered and sickness also if Jupiter is afflicted. 4th House. Generous and well respected. Intelligent and learned, impressionable and sweet speech. Lucky and wealthy, builder of temples, inns, and charitable places. Since it is 6th lord it will give sickness of father through worry and changes. Sickness of native through anxiety and troublesome through home or domestic affairs. Troubles through servants in the home. Travelling and writing in connection with home affairs and property. If afflicted reverse are the results. 5th House. Respected, famous and wealthy. Pleasurable journeys, mental pleasure through children but they will remain sick. Pleasure through brothers, reading, study, accomplishments and travel to pleasure places. Illness due to over indulgence in pleasures and sports resulting in loss of accumulated wealth. Death of nearest relative. 6th House. Some severe illness, command over foreign languages. Difficulty through brethern, interest in study of social economy. Financial condition not sound, grief and worries from wife and children. Many enemies and losses through relatives and friends. If ill aspected, reverse results are indicated. 7th House. Marriage as a result of journey, writing or with one of kin. Long life, generous and truthful. Average life up to middle age. Under debt, worried, quarrels through servants, difficulties with disreputed women and sickness. Troubles with employees. Last part of life comfortable. If afflicted reverse results. 8th House. Long life, grief of brothers and friends. Honest and respected man. Troubles in early life, dangerous illness, death of servants, animals, poultry etc. financial record for faithful work and service. False accusations, or troubles on account of death or bequests. Death at the hand of a cruel enemy. 9th House. Long life, journey to foreigns land, gain through philosophy, publishing and science, danger through over study. Generous, wealthy, intelligent, gain through relations, sickness abroad at sea while travelling. Work in connection with foreign affairs of universities. Expenditure on religious and charitable institutions. 10th House. Wealthy, intelligent and famous. Professional and honourable journeys and gain through them, renown also through writings or other accomplishments. Intelligent and gain through brothers. Respect and authority from Govt; and comforts from conveyance. 11th House. Fortunate through brothers. Intelligent, learned and generous comforts from conveyance. A wealthy and respected native. Hopes and wishes accomplished through progressive studies. Correspondance with friends, through journeys and gain through them. Respect, good rank and favour from Govt; sickness amongest friends and family. Hopes depend too much on acquaintances. Interest in legislatives activities, political and social welfare. In middle of life one becomes under debt. 12th House. A teacher or professor. Great sorrows through brothers, secret sufferings. Occult learning. Seclusion or estrangements from brothers or kindered. Many enemies who will be source of worry. Danger of enemity, and imprionment while travelling. Respected, Unwanted and uncalled for expenses. Sickness or work in large institutions. Work of secret mysterious nature. Interest in Archeology and submarine life. Grief from children. 8. SCORPIO ASCENDANT For Scorpio Ascendant, the Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 5th houses. Being lord of trikona highly benefic. If strong wilt bless the native with sons, wealth and good luck to self and father. If weak and afflicted then loss of wealth through sons and one suffers in speculation etc. In case it is benefic gain through speculations. 1st House. Blessed with long life, wealthy, respected, learned and man of power and authority. Many love affairs. Generous, sweet speech and propensity to pleasure through gaining and children. May face some troubles in last part of life. 2nd House. Learned, wealthy and accumulation of wealth. A good rank, power and authority, Gain through service long life. Good, obedient and dutiful children, gain through them. Gain through employees and servants. Respected and comfortable old age. When afflicted or weak reverse results. 3rd House. Many brothers and gain through them. Also gain from learning, writings and short journeys. Gain through dear ones. Loss of ancestral property and the native will have average wealth. 4th House. Gain of money and property through father. Gain from children and love of home. Wealthy and learned, comforts from conveyance and gain from mother's relatives. 5th House. Knowledge of law, learned and intelligent. Generous and God fearing. One will be respected, wealthy lead a pious life. Gain by speculations, investment, entertainment and through young people and children. Love affairs and prosperous children and pleasure through them. Jupiter in own house may deny children. If afflicted, reverse results. 6th House. Sickness among children, short life, many enemies, and may remain under debt. Chest disease is indicated. Money through careful speculations or by children's earnings. Gain through inferiors, poultry and small animals. 7th House. Long life, obedient to parents, wife will be faithful and of adjustable tempraments. Help from brothers, old age will be comfortable. Gain by marriage, contracts, business and dealing with others specially with women. Pleasure, close association or undstanding with partner but discord with children. Loss by theft. Early age will be in poverty, middle age in worries, no gain from business if in partnership. Worries through enemies. 8th House. Long span of life. Anti to religion and may change of that. Worries and loss through children. They may die before the native. In middle age the native will have some good rank and gain from ancestral property. Loss through speculations, gain by legacious or goods of the deceased. 9th House. Pleasure in foreign land, dutiful children who travel and give pleasure and learning to the native. Children may become scientists or explorers. A religious and preceptor. Founder of educational institutions. Many professions, pain by books. trading at sea, long journey, philosophy, religion and science. A native of good conduct. Less comforts from wealth. A well versed in many trades and jobs.

10th House. Learned, well respected, religious and of good dead. Comforts to parents through native. Gain by occupation, profession and merchandising, Govt; or inlaws. Gain from speculation, business or theatrical work. The children will be honourable, 11th House. Accidental fortunes fond of children and gain through them. Gain through friends, speculations, or pleasure and among legislatures, ambassadors and sportsmen. A wealthy and lucky native. Generous and religious, founder of religious places. Comforts from property and conveyance. Wife will be from rich family. A respected and pleasurable life. and owner of palatial building. 12th House. Intelligent and balanced talk, wealthy, many professions. Gain by secret affairs and occults Secret sources through children, speculations cause ruin. Pleasure through investigation and research of mysterious nature. Danger of imprisonment through gaming if afflicted. 9. SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT Jupiter is lord of Ascendant and 4th house. A benefic planets lord of Kendra houses is malefic but being lord of Ascendant and when strong and unafflicted confers power, authority, good health, comforts, wealth, good repution, liked by all, conveyance, property etc. It also confers honour from public (4th house), peace of mind and wisdom. The lagna is Mool Trikona house for Jupiter. If Jupiter is weak and afflicted then one goes to abroad, loses wealth, name and comforts. 1st House. Jupiter in Mool Trikona sign. Will confer wealth, respect, rank and authority. Long life, fortunate gain from inheritance, land, property, power over enemies, owner of property and conveyance. Good health, harmoney, triumph over difficulties. Religious, generous, and charitable. Judge the reverse if afflicted or combust. 2nd House. Gain through property and land. Hard work and gain through efforts to obtain money. Benefits through industrious activity. An intelligent, good mediator, and has a weight and force in his speech. Long life which will be pleasureable but last part of the life will be troublesome. 3rd House. A learned, intelligent, religious and well respected. Comforts, property and conveyance. Many brothers, power and authority in middle age. Gain from short journeys. A comfortable life full of pleasures and power. If afflicted reverse results and restricted or broken education. 4th House. Gain through land, mines, inheritance and3 possessions. Occult investigations. Learned, intelligent and; knowledge of other languages. Assistance of father, gain through old people and antiquities. In middle of life may be defamed due to connections with other women. Generous. and comforts from mother. Gain from other's property. Loss through storms and floods. 5th House. Gain through father, learned, intelligent and generous native. God fearing, blessed with children and gain through them. Helpful to people, knowledge of a few languages. comforts from children in old age Delight in pleasure, amusements, sports, speculation and children with tendency to success through these. Interested in art, literature and poetry. If afflicted and weak, reverse results. 6th House. A man of strong determination, a good healer, gain through human- itarianism, food, clothing and employees Loss of possessions through sickness or servants. May build his own house. Loss of respect in middle age. Many enemies and loss through them. Loss of money by standing a surety of someone. Friends may act as enemies. Danger of some punishment in middle age. 7th House. Learned, respected and knowledge of law. Careful for his respect. Marriage in good family, gain by marriage, land, and as a general. Fond of opposite sex, partnerships and close association with others. Power and authority in foreign country and gain of money. If afflicted -reverse results. 8th House. Wealth and learned. Many enemies and blessed with long life. Jupiter is exalted in this sign and is a lagna lord also. One will be proud, obstinate and a man of strong determination. Last part of life will be comfortable. Death through irregularity, occult experiences and mediumistic. concern over affairs of the dead with the money of others and partners. Gain by legacies or estate. When afflicted, death of mother, loss of inherited property, disappointments over legacies and troubles in financial matters. 9th House. Well respected and generous. Builders of charitable institutions. Long journeys, religious or psychic experiences, liking for science, law, philosophy and all matters connected with higher mind. Prophetic dreams or visions, gain through partner's relations, sincere, religious and long journeys. If afflicted, loss of foreign property, troubles with foreigners and religion, legal or educational affairs, fruitless and dangerous voyages. 10th House. Wealthy, respected, famous and learned. Author of books, psychic and prophetic nature. Rise to high, social and professional position. Merit, honour, preferment and success. Religious and generous. Gain in profession by trade, Govt.; work or by the fruits of the earth. 11th House. Well respected, wealthy and famous, Blessed with comforts of life and conveyance. Brothers will hold good positions. Large circle of friends, assistance to and from them, much pleasure in life. Hopes and wishes often attained, gain by success of employer. If afflicted, then friends are detriment, hopes are often defeated and reverse results as indicated above. 12th House. Fear of imprisonment, secret unhappiness, gain through occult. Enmities, afflicted health, sorrows through partner and loss through treachery. End of life in seclusion or devoted to the study of occult subjects. 10. CAPRICORN ASCENDANT Jupiter is lord of 3rd and 12th houses Both houses are malefic. So the Jupiter will be malefic in own dasa and bhukti and indicates loss of wealth and other evil results of 3rd and 12th houses. If weak or afflicted, malefic results will be enhanced 1st House. Reversal in life from good position, under debt, ear troubles, worried and troublesome periods in life. Journeys and removals, worries on account of brothers, neighbours, writings, learnings and accomplishment. Heavy troubles, secret sorrows and limitations. But all these troubles can be lightened through occult science of spiritualism Danger of imprisonment or disablement requiring hospitalisation. Medium span of life.

2nd House. Learned, intelligent and of strong will power. Gain through educational affairs, short journeys, writings and music etc. Also gain through secrecy and the occult, knowledge of law, respected and reputed and blessed with wealth. 3rd House. Benefit through education, writings, short journeys and brothers. Many brothers, many journeys in early age and sweet speech. Disappointments, sorrows and troubles through relations, friends or neighbours. Occult learnings May become the victim of impotency. Brothers will be wealthy and respected. 4th House. Blessed with long life. Travelling and writing in connection with home affairs and property. Troubles through mother. Secret sufferings, restrictions or limitations at the end of life. 5th House. Learned, intelligent, respected and famous. Gain from Government; and persons in authority, religious and pleasureable journeys. Mental pleasure through children, brothers, readings etc. Study and travel to pleasure resorts. 6th House. Sickness or injury through journeys, difficulty through brothers, interest in study or social economy. Difficulties and troubles in profession and through employees. Limitations on account of sickness. Troubles and worries due to law suits. Danger to respect, may be entangled in some criminal suit and under debt. 7th House. Exalted in this house. Marriage as a result of journeys, writings or to one of relatives, troubles through deceits, contracts and law suits. Educated, learned and respected. Faithful, learned and helpful wife. Comforts from brothers. Rank and authority through Government; If afflicted reverse results are indicated. 8th House. Journeys due to troubles, false accusation, sickness or death of brothers. An unsatisfactory end, many misfortunes, death of secret enemies, trouble over inheritance. Long life. under debt and troubles in life. 9th House. Professional or honourable journeys, writings, other accomplishments and journeys will be source of gain and honour. Respected and learned. Long journeys, secret missions, investigation, research and secluded work. Sacrifice for science or religion. Rank and authority. May be founder of charitable institutions and inns. 10th House. Gain by occupation, power, rank and authority. Obedient to parents also through profession, merchandising. or Government: or in laws. The native will be of suspicions nature. Respected and famous. A good comfortable life. If weak or afflicted, loss through employer, superiors and Government; resulting in disgrace and disrepute, all this will result in long journeys or retirement and seclusions. 11th House. Respected and famous. Religious and God fearing. Will earn money through righteous means. Friends through journeys. Gain through brothers, progressive studies, hopes and wishes will be attained. If afflicted loss through advice of friends unfortunate undertakings, great disappointments and obstacles. Deceitful friends etc. 12th House. Occult abilities, learned, sweet speech, and pilgrimage. Generous and well reputed, may be poet. Charitable, powerless enemies, disappointments and obstacles, adversities will enable him to develop inner mind growth and understanding. Grief through brothers. Secret sufferings, seclusion and danger of enmities or imprisonment. 11. AQUARIUS ASCENDANT Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 11th houses. Each house stands for wealth, Jupiter is Significator of wealth so Jupiter will act as a great factor of wealth, income and value and boosts much the house, planet etc. which it influences by association or aspect, particularly when the factors so influenced are in turn representative in character, For example, when it aspects the 4th house and Venus, it blesses the native with valuable conveyance and when aspects 4th house and Mars, it helps in the acquisition of valuable house. When 4th house and Moon, it enhances the longevity of mother. When it aspects 9th house and Sun, it boosts the father's longevity, carrer, Govt; favour and so on. It is malefic for health. If strong will bless the native with good wealth. 1st House. Gain through friends and supporters, can over come obstacles, and enemies. Fortunate and successful hopes, Money comes readily. The native will be respected, reputed and blessed with long life. Last part of life will be happy. Troubles through diseases. If afflicted and weak. then reverse results. 2nd House. Money and business through friends, legislative, interest or through own hard work and planning. When afflicted, heavy losses and much work but little gain. 3rd House. Gain through writings and journey. Friendship through relations and neighbours. Also gain through education, brothers, neighbours and short journeys. One will be learned and intelligent. Wealthy and comfortable life. respected and famous and will have successful hopes. If afflicted and weak. losses and reverse results. 4th House. Famous, respected and intelligent. A man of power, authority and rank. Knowledge of law, comforts and gain from fortunate children. All comforts of life. Gain through land, mines or household goods also through parents. Fortunate in property Love for father and gain through inheritance and friends. A kingly status in life. If afflicted and weak reverse the above results. 5th House. Respected and intelligent. An important person in family. The mother will be from good family. A man of good power, comforts and pleasures from children. Blessed with comforts of life. Gain by speculation, investments, pleasure, entertainments through young people and children. If afflicted reverse7 results. 6th House. Respected and native of authority but disrespected by his superiors. Friends among people those in army, navy or Air force. Interest in social service and welfare. Concerned with sickness among friends. Faithful servants and gain through them. If afflicted and weak, reverse results will be indicated. 7th House. Married in a respected family, intelligent. The wife will be of sanguine temperament. Wealthy and respected. Comforts from conveyance. Gain by marriage, contract, business and dealings with others specially women. Success in law suits. Desirable friendships and social connections. If afflicted reverse results.

8th House. Early part of life will be comfortable. Under debt, troubled and worried. Gain by legacy and goods of dead or money of the partner. Death of friends. An easy demise. Gifts and legacies from friends. Grief due to death of wife. Birth of a son after middle age or from second wife. 9th House. Intelligent and knowledge of law. Comforts from children in old age specially. Gain by books, export business, long journeys, religion, science and wife's relations. Friendship through travel, learning, education, ministers, writers and inventors and gain through them. If afflicted, waste of ancestral property and revers results. 10th House. Gain by occupation, profession, business, Government; and inlaws. Friendship and gain from those in good position. Intelligent, learned, but averagely respected. Comforts and respect in latter part of life. If afflicted reverse the results. 11th House Lucky and learned, wealthy, native of power and authority. A good astrologer and debater. Blessed with long life and God fearing. Gain through friends, well denned hopes and wishes. Accidental fortune. If afflicted, reverse results. 12th House. Gain through secret affairs, good friends through occultists, pleasure in peaceful, harmonious or selected places. If afflicted sufferings through deceitful friends. Under debt, loss of money and ancestral property etc. 12. PISCES ASCENDANT Jupiter is lord of Ascendant and 10th house. Being lord of 10th house it ceases to be benefic but as lagna lord it is benefic. When Jupiter is strong it confers repute, wealth, power, authority, health, comforts, honour from Government. One earns by dint of his own merits and gets of course wealth One gets long life and good moral qualities. If found weak and afflicted, the native will suffer as an action of Government; displeasure of officers, loss from Government; of health and gets disrepute. 1st House. Lucky, intelligent, famous, respected, a native of power, rank and authority. Blessed with property, generous, victory over enemies, a long fortunate life, good health, harmony and triumph over difficulties. Honour through merits and industry. Gain through Government: and superiors. Fair complexion, and handsome. A comfortable and lucky life. When Jupiter is weak or afflicted then it will give displeasure of officers. Loss from Government; afflicted health and Joss of wealth etc. and reverse results than above. 2nd House. Gain through hard work and industrious activity, trade, profession or Govt.; office. Good orator and truthful, will hate from vice acts, Early life will be unhappy but latter part of life will be happy and blessed with wealth, if afflicted reverse results. 3rd House. Religious, gain and honour and advancement through wife. Lucky wife. Respected among friends, happy relations with neighbours. Honours through short journeys, writings, accomplishment of hopes, business trips and Govt.; commission. Mental development and goods relation with friends and brothers. If afflicted and weak restricted development or education, troubles through some relatives, journeys and writings etc. 4th House. Comforts from conveyance, intelligent, learned, and with successful hopes and wishes. Lucky sisters, blessed with property. Lucky and comfortable life. Gain through lands, mines, inheritance, success late in life, occult investigations. Honour through parents, interest in reclamation, colonization, cooperative movements, horticulture and mining etc. If afflicted reverse results. 5th House. Learned and famous, gain of wealth and comforts through children, careful for his respect, knowledge of Astrology, good orator, and knowledge of many languages. Gain through speculations, pleasure, sports and stage. If afflicted reverse results. 6th House. A good healer, gain through clothing, employees and small animals. Modest worldly position, gain and honour through service, employment, army or navy affairs If afflicted reverse results and if through luminaries, much sickness and short life. If by Mars, surgical operation. Gifts through children, diseased and worried. 7th House. Leaned, intelligent, and well respected. Religious and will have many disciples. Wealthy and blessed with all comforts. Long lived. A good and chaste partner. In last part of life, more wealth. Gain through partnership with others. Pond of opposite sex. Gain through law suits and dealing with public generally. Honours and reputation through honourable marriage and partnership in a reputed concern. If afflicted, weak or combust, reverse results. 8th House. Gain and honours in handling the estate and money of others, although through law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance etc. of dead persons. Occult experiences. Mediumistics. if afflicted disappointments over legacy, troubles in financial matters. Aspect of Sun will shorten the life, otherwise average span of life. No gain from education. 9th House. Learned, rank in middle age, wealthy and will lead a religious life and good deeds. Honourable, voyages, professional journeys, gain and honour through learnings, writings, publishing or research work. Psychic experiences, prophetic dreams, gain throngh parents, relations, science, long journeys, inventions, law and matters of higher mind. If afflicted, troubles through foreigners and religious, legal or educational affairs. Fruitless and dangerous voyages. Loss and troubles the foreign land. 10th House. Blessed with long life. knowledge of law, intelligent, good deeds, wealthy and respected. Also owns property, builder of charitable places, generous and pilgrimage. Rise to high, social and professional position. If afflicted displeasures of officers, dishonour and reverse results. 11th House. Honourable fortune, gain from friends, legislatures, officers in power or professional position. Ambitious, ideal, helpful to associates. Much pleasure in life. Hopes and wishes often attained. If afflicted, weak then friends will be detriment, hopes often defeated and reverse results of above. 12th House. Secret unhappiness, generous, charitable, respect, profession in foreign lands, gain through occult affairs, and secret missions. Success in middle life. If afflicted, unfortunate environments and conditions. Loss of honour, office of dignity through secret enemies. Difficulty in employment and gain from occult sciences.

Mars For Each Ascendant

Manglik Dosha-The curse of Mars The wedding of Shri Rama & Sita. Whenever Mars is situated in 1,4,7,8,12 th house of a lunar chart it is called as "Manglik dosha,Kuja Dosha,Bhom Dosha or Angaraka Dosha". So if you were born on a Tuesday do not worry for you are not a manglik(Mars dominated native) as said by some Astrologers. Mars in any other fiery sign,Also if in addition to Mars there are planets like Saturn,Rahu ,Ketu in the above mentioned houses then also mangalik dosha is rendered ineffective.

So remember there is no such term as Double Manglik.It is a term coined by charltans for their own benefit.Mars in own house or in exaltation will considerably reduce the ill effects of the Manglic Dosha . Mars represents Self Esteem,Respect,Energy and Ego in a native.If manglik dosha is there then it can make a native's temper volatile.Such natives have troubles adjusting with spouse and can sometimes become ruthless. Mars dominated natives have a tremendous fire like energy and if this energy is not utilized in something constructive then the above related problem arises.Manglik Dosha generally affects the martial life.See the effects of Mars in the above related postions. Mars in the 1st house(Ascendant):It will have a drishti on (i.e) it sees the 7th house.7th house being the house of spouse Mars will create quarrels on even minor issues.Here it indicates physical violence and sexual abuse.Because of cruel behaviour such a native will be despised by society.Will not be able to gain assets. Mars in 4th house:This house also represents happiness.This also affects the work area.Will frequently change profession and jobs.Will not be economically successful.No job security . Mars in 7th house:Here it causes great anger.The native possesses extra energy.Will never be sexually satisfied for the partner will not be able to match such a native.Therefore it is possible that the native has a lot of partners or has an abnormal intrests such as domination,fetish,bondage.Also will have differences with family members. Mars In 8th House:Loss of paternal property and bad relationship with the elders of the family.Will be lazy.Here brothers will also not help.Will vile away the time and will expect the spouse to earn. Mars in 12th house:Sudden financial losses are indicated in this house.Lot of enemies and the enemies will always trouble such a native.Will have lot of mental problems and anxiety.Picture-The wedding of Rama and Sita Cases Where The Manglik Dosha Does Not exist. Lord Rama And Hanumana-The Ideal Friendship.

Folowing are the combinations when the Manglik dosha does not exist.These have been taken from the Brihat Jataka-the bible of Astrology by the Sage Parashra and other standard texts. These have also been verified in practice.REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING KNOWN AS DOUBLE MANGLIK DOSHA. 1. When Mars is in its own sign (Aries, Scorpio), exalted (Capricorn) or in the houses owned by PLANETS SUPPOSED to be his friends (Sun, Jupiter, Moon) manglik dosha gets cancelled. 2. If Mars is in the 2nd house but in Gemini, Virgo sign then the manglik dosha gets cancelled 3. If Mars is in 12th house but in Taurus, Libra then the manglik dosha gets cancelled. 4. If Mars is in 7th house but in Cancer, Capricorn then the manglik dosha gets cancelled. 5. If Mars is in 8th house but in Sagittarius, Pisces no dosha exists. 6. For Cancer and Leo ascendant Mars is a yogakaraka( a beneficial influence) wherever it may be no dosha at all. 7. For Aquarius ascendant Mars in the 4th/8th house then the manglik dosha gets cancelled. 8. If benefic Jupiter or Venus is in ascendant no dosha. 9. If Mars is in conjunction or aspected by Jupiter or Moon no dosha. 10. If Mars is in conjunction/aspected by Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu then the manglik dosha does not exist. Remedies for the Manglik Dosha Lord Mahavishnu As the Matsya Avatara. Following are the remedial measures for the Manglik Dosha.If done properly good results will follow: 1)Chant the Hanuman Chalisa daily. 2)From the first tuesday of a new month in a rising moon period Start a fast. 3)From a tuesday start chanting the Sunder Kand from the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for 40 days continuously.Success assured.All wishes will be fulfilled. 4)Daily chant the Gayatri Mantra for 108 times continuously daily. 5)Wear a blood red coral in gold in the ring finger of right hand while chanting the mantra OM KRAAM KREEM KROUM SAH BHOMAY NAMAH Wear the red coral after getting your horscope analysed from a good astrologer. 6)Worship Lord Hanumana with the mantra:OM SHREEM HANUMATE NAMAH.Go to the Hanuman temple on Tuesday and offer sweets ,sindoor and light a ghee lamp. 7)Donate blood on a Tueday every three months if health permits. 8)Donate red clothes to workers who work with sharp iron articles. 9)Perform the mangal Sadhana on a triangular mangal yantra alongwith the mangal stotra(Prayer to mangal) 10)If Manglik dosha is the cause of your not getting married then in that case do the fast as described above and alongwith it feed ants with wheat flour on that day.Success is sure. 11)Perform the Hanumant Sadhana on a Hanumant yantra. You can do any one of the remedies or use a combination of remedies.Remedies number 5,9,11 should be done after taking proper guidance.As soon as you start the remedies the good results will follow. ARIES ASCENDANT For Aries Ascendant, Mars is lord of 1st and 8th houses. First is more strong than 8th house. So results of Lagna will predominate. Mars in this case will give good results on the average. When Mars is in:1st House. Lord of Ascendant. The native will be a good administrator, wealthy, landlord and will lead a successful life. Respected by Govt. and people. He will be advisor, and a good orator. There will be some scar or wound mark on the body. Independent views, dynamic and chivalrous. Lover of beauty. Revengeful, brave and courageous. 2nd House. Indicates severe illness in childhood, if survived then long life. Disrespect and ill fame. Benefits through industrious efforts. Gain through the dead. If afflicted losses and troubles in life. 3rd House. Mental development, short journeys, gain through brothers and kindered. Delayed opportunities. Psychic and mysterious experiences. If afflicted loss through short journeys and brothers. 4th House. One will have medium age, gain through land and property, mines, inheritence and possessions, home connections and affairs with the father. Success late in life. Occult investigations, gain through death and abroad. If afflicted danger through falls, accidents. flood and storms. Troubles through inheritance, land and property.

5th House. Delights in pleasures, amusements, sports, speculations, and children and success through them. When Mars is afflicted, the children will be unfortunate, danger through excessive pleasures, speculation, children and their affairs. 6th House. Gain through servants, employees, fond of pets, small animals etc. If afflicted loss through them, operation and injury on head. 7th House. A rich partner or one to whom money comes unexpectedly. Partnership with others. Fond of opposite sex. If afflicted troubles in financial matters, death of partner, danger of death by violence, suicide, accident or war. Loss and troubles through law, union and open enemies. Material unhappiness. 8th House. Danger of death through assassination, enemies in youth. Skilled in many arts. No permanent residence and profession. Danger from wound, fire, reptile or animals. Occult experiences. Gain by dead and legacy. A comfortably fixed partner. Spiritualstic experiences. If afflicted disappointment over legacy, troubles in financial matters, operations and wounds. 9th House. Long journeys, religious or psychic experience, liking for science, invention, law, philosopy and all matters of higher mind. Prophetic dreams or visions. Gain through partner (being 2nd to 7th house) and their relations, and also through dead. Spiritual experiences. If afflicted troubles with foreigners and religious, legal or educational affairs. Troubled or dangerous voyages. 10th House. Merit, honour and success. Rise to high social and professional position. Gain of inheritance, power and authority. Well versed in working of machinery, ammunitions, fond of opposite sex (aspect to 5th house) and favour through women. Learned and interested in poetry. When Mars is afflicted, one will earn displeasure of superiors or Govt; dishonour, humilations, loss of partners or trouble through them. Danger of violent death through Govt: order or war. Mars is exalted here. 11th House. Large circles of friends and gain through them, much pleasure in life. Hopes and wishes often attained. Gain through profession, Govt; employees, and well wishers. Gain and legacies through friends. If afflicted reverse results. 12th House. Gain through occult affairs and secret missions, success in middle life. Difficulty over inheritance, great sorrows, anxiety concerning death or imprisonment. If afflicted death or imprisonment through enemies-Secret unhappiness. sufferings and misfortune. Mars gives good results when aspected by Jupiter or Sun and conjunction thereof. Reverse with Mercury or Venus. TAURUS ASCENDANT Mars for Taurus ascendant is lord of 7th and 12th houses. It will give the results of 7th house. Being a malefic but lord of kendra it will give good results provided it has benefic aspects. If aspects are malefics then will act evil for 7th house matters i.e.wife, business, Govt; etc. Mars when in:1st House. Mars in Taurus is strong but in enemy's sign. Such persons are found to be very cautious about their self respect. He will be obstinate, of rash temperament, clever and unsocial. Wife will be of afflicted health. The native can be subject to poor blood circulation, high blood pressure but even heart attack cannot be ruled out. Dependent on his children and troubles in hopes. His health will not be robust. Comforts from children and threats from enemies is indicated. He will be proud and will try to overpower his wife. Relations with other women and gain through them. Normally he will not stay at his home and will have more comforts outside. Danger of imprisonment and wound2nd House. One will be in Govt. service and will be surrounded by the opponents. He will be blessed with wealth and property but the same will be wasted. Last part of life will be troublesome. Others will be benefitted from his assets. Gain from children is not indicated. Gain by marriage and secret affairs and methods. 3rd House. Devoid from comforts of brothers. Younger brother will suffer a loss, of rash temperament. Diseases of ear. Relations with widows are indicated. His wife will be a patient of poor blood circulation. Not virtuous and will be of unhealthy thinking. Legal or religious disputes. Troubles on short journeys. Occult Learnings. Mars is in debilitated sign. 4th House. Diseased body, loss of land and property, weak and diseased mother. Not good for uncles and maternal uncles. Strained relations will relatives. Property by marriage, chaste wife and happy married life, limitations at end of life. 5th House. Gain from children in middle of life. Poor, ill famed and sorrowful life. Loss by speculations. Secret sorrows and difficulty through love and speculation. 6th House. Worried from opponents, litigation of property and travel to foreign land. Danger from fire and animals. After youth, life will be miserable due to many obstacles and troubles. Disease of blood. 7th House. Devoid from comforts of life in early part of life. Worried and disturbed mind from wife. Wise. clever, orator and a good argumentative. Cruel and will plan fruitlessly for his advancement. In middle of life, he will meet with success, respect and will be blessed with wealth. Success in law suits. 8th House. Early part of life with be happy, whereas last part will be full of troubles and turmoils. Under debt. Untimely or unhappy death. Loss of property, wealth and respect. 9th House. Lucky, famous and born in a respected family. Favour and authority from Govt. one will hold a magistarial post but he well be strict, cruel in behaviour and decisive. Will be entangled in several cases but will be exhonerated after efforts. His brothers will also be lucky and hold a good position. Marriage to a stranger from after foreign travel. If afflicted reverse results and shipwreck. It is exalted here. 10th House. Death or separation from wfte in youth. Grief from children, loss of wealth and property. One may lose his savings even. A troubled and worried life. His profession will be somewhat odd like smuggling. May commit murder. One can be exiled from the country. 11th House. Abundance of agriculture land and gain therefrom. Gain of money from disputes and litigations. Frequent journeys in life. Danger from enemies. Confrontation with some big family in middle age. 12th House. Wastage of money in property and litigation. Service in Army. More than one wife. Old age will be miserable and loss of money. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows and death at the hands of enemies. GEMINI ASCENDANT

Mars for Gemini Ascendant is lord of 6th and 11th houses. Both houses are malefic. But Mars as 11th lord is good, so will confer both bad and good results. 1st House. Many real friends. Short life. May have two wives. Brave, clever and knowledge of Law. Strained relations with friends and relatives. Gain from land and watery professions. Wealthy,less comforts from children. Victory over enemies. Fortunate actions and successful hopes. 2nd House. A debilitated sign for Mars. A troubled life, not favourable for brothers and sisters. Poor, unhappy and destroyer of property. Danger to respect. Danger of punishment without any fault. Benefits through industrial activity. 3rd House. Less comforts from brothers and sisters. Diseased, strong willed, brave and of rash temperament. Greedy for the world comforts. Respect and favour from Govt. and officers, likelihood of mental disturbance when sick. 4th House. Diseased and troubled mother, disputes with brothers and sisters. Loss of wealth and some body parts. Less comforts from relatives. Unfruitful attempts and hopes. A troubled life. Inheritance through friends, fortunate in property and love for father. 5th House. In enemy's camp. Indicates derrangement of brain. May become a cause of his own or brother's children. Last part of life full of difficulties and turmoils. Unrealised lending of money. Loss of ancestral property and in repayment of debt. Disease of nerves is indicate6th House. Many enemies due to his own talk. and loss thereof. Diseased, troubled and untrustworthy. Can be subjected to diabetics and other blood diseases. Some severe illness. Faithful servants, interest in social welfare. 7th House. Many enemies, grief from wife, waste of ancestral property. More than two marriages. Diseased and ill health.Death in family of elder brother. Troubles with employees. 8th House. Loss due to disputes with brothers and enemies. Troubles in early life. Loss through fire, diseases and troubles. In middle part of life, one will be blessed with contorts and wealth. Occult experience. Financial reward for faithful service. Mars is in exalted sign. 9the House. Unreligious, miser and unscruplous. Enmity with officers and subordinates. Opponent to relations and friends. Father will be diseased and troubled and enmity with brothers. Sickness abroad. Danger through overstudy. Relation with high ups. 10th House. Sickness, licentious, and a changeable life. Being a man of authority he will not lead a comfortable life. Sorrows and dishonour. Friendship with persons in good position. Gain from Govt. and officers. 11th House. Wealthy and owner of property but loss of wealth and under debt. Loss to brothers. More journeys in life. A good doctor or surgeon, or a good soldier and may be a officers. Sickness among friends and family. Interest in legislative, political and social activities. 12th House. Will be a man of authority or a magistrate. Very cruel. Adulterous, drunkard, passionate and loss of money therefrom. Happy and go lucky life in youth. May face imprisonment and loss through servants. Gain from Occult science. Powerless enemies. CANCER ASCENDANT Mars for Cancer lagna is lord of 5th and 10th house, kona and Kendra houses lord makes him Yogkarka. Highly beneficial. If strong will denote excellent results, otherwise evil if aspect by malefics, Rajyogkarka. If Mars is posited in lagna, it is not debilitated because it is 4th from 10th over rasi. When Mars is in:1st House. Reddish complexion, changeable career. Fond of music and dance. Strained relations with wife. Many friends and children. No permanent residence. Troubles in 50th year. Many love affairs Mars here is in debilitated sign. 2nd House. Loss of property in early life. A strong willed man. Will earn wealth by hard labour but will be wasted. Right eye will be affected at anytime in life. Gain though children and investments, industry, trade, profession and Government. 3rdHouse. Shortage of brothers, will be patient in youth age. More daughters. Troubles and turmoils in youth and old age. A troubled and sorrowful life. 4th House. Brave and talkative. Submissive, no comforts from house, conveyance or land etc. Knowledge of many languages. Loss to parents through native. Not happy in early age. Comforts in old age. Troubled home and domestic affairs and through servants. Gain and honour through parents, land and property. 5th House. Much progney, love for children, comforts from land for a short time. Early life will be troublesome. Litigations, loss of wealth but comforts in old age. Much pleasure, love affairs. Gain through investment or speculations. Mars in own House. 6th House. A daring, troubles in middle life, loss of land and ancestral property. Money through speculations. A famous, brave and good military officer. Loss and disputes with Govt. and officers. There will be numerous troubles and difficulties in life. Sickness of children. Gain through service. 7th House. Wealthy and famous, respected and brave. Courageous and land owner. Victory in disputes and arguments. A good orator. Two marriages. No comforts from first wife. Discord with children. Loss by theft. Gain through law suits and good marriage. Exalted house of Mars. 8th House. Adulterous and licentious. Troubles and worries after middle age. Indigestion and weak stomach. Disputes with people. Rheumatic pains. Loss or injury to body part due to fall from high place or conveyance. Relations with other women. Two marriages and loss of wealth. Loss through speculations and children. Gain through estate, law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance etc. of deceased person. 9th House. Less comforts from brothers, not so religious, worries and unsuccessful in hopes. A troubled married life. Dutiful children and gain through them.Pleasureandgaininforeignland.Travelsforeducation.Propheticdreams10th House. Mars in own house. Early life will be comfortable, professions, brothers will be average in finances, the native will support them also. them also.

11th House. Unhappy, loss of parental property in early age. A few brothers. A troubled life. Happy and comfortable life in old age through influential and persons in authority. Great attachment with children. Successful hopes and gain through legislatures, ambassador and sportsmen. 12th House. Cruel, licentious, disrespect, enmity with other people. Secret sorrows through children. Sickness of an inflammatory nature occurs to the partner. Loss through speculations, escape from bondage. Loss of dignity and honour. Difficulty in employment. Mars for Cancer Ascendant when posited in Lagna or for any lagna Cancer sign is in debilitated sign is beneficial provided however its debilitation is cancelled. In this connection refer to conditions of NEECHA BHANGA RAJAYOGA. LEO ASCENDANT Mars for Leo Ascendant is lord of 4th and 9th house. A Yogkarka planet but not for Maraka. In own dasa and bhukti if strong gives immense wealth, respect, high position, comforts and all good things. But if aspected by malefics, reverse results. When Mars is in:1st House. Rash temperament, quarrelsome and irritate. Average health, bloody disease. Boils on face and body. Gain of ancestral property. Happy in early age than old age. Worried and diseased in old age. Comforts from wife and children. A man of strong will power and will admire good persons. Gain through property, land and long journeys. Fortunate with strangers, foreigners, inlaws and voyages. 2nd House. Of rash temperaments, poor and worried. Disfavour from Govt. in middle age. Gain of ancestral property. Loss in business and troubles in service. Grief from children. Gain through property, land etc. Gain of money through foreign merchants, science, learning and publication including travel. 3rd House. Devoid or shortage of brothers and sisters. Worried and troubled on their accounts. Brave, will earn through hard efforts. Diseases of chest, headache and lungs. Half life full of worries and troubles. Progress through research, travels, and writings. 4th House. Mars is lord of 4th house. Changeable professions. Gain from parental property. In middle life either mother will die or be seriously ill. Gain and wealthy due to help of brothers. Loss through natural calamities. Commander of army, respected by kings. After sexsual pleasures. If afflicted, brute, heavily sufferings, suffers sorrows, fickle minded, hated by relatives, devoid of motherly affection and afflicted education and career. 5th House. Of rash temperament and quarelsome. Worried from children, they will not remain under control. Happy married life. Good natured wife. Gain through father, liberal or unconventional ideas in regard to union and free living. 6th House. Licentious, adulterous and disrespected. Many disputes and to face many challenges in life. Loss through Govt. servants and opponents. In the end victory over enemies. Bit comfortable in old age. Loss through export. It is his exalted sign. 7th House. Ill famed, disputes, adulterous, strained relations with wife. Loss in business. In middle of life, one will be blessed with comforts, respect and wealth. Gain by marriage, land and women. Marriage with stranger of education and refinement whose relations will oppose. 8th House. Death due to fall or wound, short life, disrepute in middle age. Poor and under debt. Loss through employees if afflicted. Gain by legacy or estate and long journeys. Psychic experiences. 9th House. Respected, gain in trade, rich, many journeys for education, scientific or religious purposes. Prophetic dreams. Sexual pleasures. If afflicted, cruel, loss from agriculture, sickly father, dependent life, stubborn etc. 10th House. Victory over enemies, respected and native of power and authority. Magistrarial powers. Brave, strict, wealthy, gain from trade, profession or Govt. work and by fruits of earth. Honour and credit through science, literature and travel. Success in foreign affairs. Reverse if afflicted. 11th House. Wealth and respected, no elder brother if has, strained relations with him. Till middle age troubles and worries. Gain through friends. Worried from enemies. Voyages. Adversely rewarded for good actions done to others. Many hopes will be attained in old age. Gain from foreigners and in foreign land. 12th House. Adulterous and extravagant. Loss of property. Litigations, loss in business and wealth in middle age. Adoption of another profession. Difficulties through religion, science and journeys. Long travels. Afflicted health. End of life in seclusion. Less gain from children. VIRGO ASCENDANT For Virgo ascendant Mars is lord of 3rd and 8th houses. Both houses are malefics. If strong will give long life otherwise short. When Mars is in :1st House. Comforts from wife and friends. A leamed, intelligent, clever and brave guy. Worried and troubles from opponents and enemies. Disrepute, disputes with officers and relations, selfish and self conceited nature. Fond of music, dance and pleasures of life. Gain and respect in business. Medium longevity. Good children. Helpful to others. Gain through writing and learnings. 2nd House. Clever and critics, loss of property due to vice habits, troubles and worries in life. Money through educational affairs, journeys and writings. Fortunate. 3rd House. Adulterous and licentious, loss of wealth and ancestral property through women and vice habits. Brave and good relations with brothers. Victory over enemies. Affliction of chest and heart. Gain through learnings, writings, short journeys, and brothers. Psychic and mysterious experiences. 4th House. Respect and gain in foreign countries. Journeys. Gain and comforts from mother and her relatives. Death of mother in middle age. A comfortable and happy life. Gain in property. 5th House. Many enemies, troublesome early life, bad company, thievish nature, danger through excessive pleasure, speculation children and their affairs. Travel to pleasure resorts. In middle life grief of son. Comfortable old age. Wealth, property and prosperous life. Long travels. An exalted house.

6th House. Punishment from Govt. loss of ancestral property. Grief from mother and wife. Many enemies but will have victory over them. Poor and under debt. Disrespected and ill famed. Injury through journeys. If well aspected reverse will be the results. 7th House. Gain from ancestral property. Troubled married life. Two marriages. Ladies will be quarrelsome. Less comforts from first wife. Gain through rich partner, money comes unexpectedly. 8th House. First half of life will be joyous and comfortable. Many enemies. Under debt, bad company and loss of ancestral property. Blood diseases will afflict the native. False accusations, journeys on account of troubles. Gain by dead. One will be spiritual. 9th House. Fond of journeys, death of parents in old age, loss through father. Gain due to one's hard efforts, wealthy, respected, and men of rank. Death in a distant land. Long journeys gain through honour or renown through writings. Journeys with mother. 10th House. Native can not work in a-subordinate position. Changeable professions. Strained relations with parents. Self made man. Death of mother. Rise due to inheritance. Renown through writings when well aspected, otherwise reverse results. 11th House. Loss of wealth and property. Under debt. Downfall in life. Non religious, liar and a cheat, friends through journeys and gain from them. Successful hopes. Gain and legacies through friends. Mars is in debilitated sign. 12th House. Loss through enemies, no permanent source of income, loss of land and many reversals in life. Difficulty over inheritance. Great sorrows. Secret sufferings, danger of enmity and imprisonment while travelling. LIBRA ASCENDANT Mars is Lord of 2nd and 7th house. Being 2nd house lord it is malefic whereas being kendra lord it is good. So when strong it gives good results. Being lord of two maraka houses it becomes weak, if in 2,6,8 or 12th house gives ill health in its dasa and bhukti but only when other mahadasa lord other antradasa lord also denotes ill health. When Mars is in :1st House. Handsome, wealthy; love of women and gain through them. Connections with law. Public enemies. Unions, partnership, favourable. Money comes readily. When afflicted, obstacles and loss of money. Hard to accumulate money. Loss through enemies. Bad stomach and afflicted eyesight. 2nd House. Gain by marriage and own hard work, heavy losses in early age and through unions, partnerships, contracts, law suits, public enemies. Loss through women and death of partner. 3rd House. It denotes gain through education, writings, brothers. neighbours, and short journeys, but enmity with some of the brothers or neighbours, brave and of rash temperament. Annoyed over trifles, many enemies, difficulty through writings or contracts. Religious or legal disputes, troubles on short journeys. An average financial condition. 4th House. Estate's benefits through parents, land or mines. Property by marriage, a chaste wife and happy married life. When Mars is afflicted, indicates litigations over property, robbery in house, loss by investment in property and mines. Afflicted health of mother. Ill famed or disrespected. Mars is in exalted sign. 5th House. Gain by speculations, investments, pleasure, entertainment and young people and children. Abortions. The native marries and enjoys much pleasures thereby. Loss of earned and accumulated money. A native of rash temperament. 6th House. Gain through inferiors and servants, hygiene and service. Marriage below status, has sickly wife and evily disposed employees. Strained relations with relatives. Loss of ancestral property. Weak stomach.. 7th House. Marriage in a good noble family and gain thereby at latter stage. Contract business and dealing with others specially with opposite sex. Brave and courageous. Victory over enemies, law suit. A progressing partner, but likely one who grows cold or proves untrue or hostile. Prosperous brothers, and gain of wealth and respect. Mars here is in his own sign. If afflicted, reverse results. 8th House. Death of wife or partners, some inheritance but difficulty over it. Loss of money through marriage and partnership if afflicted. Gain by legacy and goods of the dead or through money of the partner. If afflicted, loss through legacy, of money through the financial loss of the others, as bank, finance company failures etc.. 9th House. Marriage through stranger, from a far. Gain by partner's relatives, partner's journey to foreign lands. Gain by books trading at sea, long journeys, philosophy, religion. Science and wife's relations. If afflicted reverse results are indicated. 10th House. Gain by occupation, profession, merchandising. Govt. and wife's parents. A honourable partner beneficial to the professional career. It is in debilitated sign. 11th House. Gain or loss by friends and accidental fortune Fond of company of religious persons. Native will lead independent life. Gain from the death of brother in the middle age. Friends becomes public opponents or enemies. Journeys to land in the company of religious person. Marriage to a widow or widower with children but liable to troubles through them. 12th House. A native of independent views and livings. Many enemies. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows, jealous, vexation and sickness, law suits after middle age. Partner or opponents may cause imprisonment or fear of it. Danger of death at the hands of enemies if 8th house lord is afflicted. Gain by affairs of secret nature, and through hospitals, occult investigations and by large animals. SCORPIO ASCENDANT For Scorpio Ascendant Mars is lord of Lagna and 6th house. As ascendant lord it is benefic but as 6th house lord it is malefic unless aspected by benefic planet. Over all it can be called Neutral. Exatled in 3rd but debilitated in 9th house. When Mars is in:-

1st House. Power, dignity, victor and overpowering the enemies. Long fortunate life, good health, harmony, triumph over difficulties. Intelligent, strong willed, rash temperament, energetic. Comforts from children and wife. Can be a military officer of renown. Danger from poison, fire or weapon. 2nd House. Gain through ancestral property but will remain worried. Brave and clever. Losses and limitations financially through sickness, servants and animals. Gain through hard work. Benefits through industrious activity. 3rd House. Sickness of some relatives and brothers, journeys on this account. Interest in studies and method of healing and industrial economy. Devoid from comforts of brothers. Gain through legacies. Comforts in middle age. Mental development. When afflicted, break or afflicted education. Troublesome relations, journeys and writings. 4th House. Gain through lands, mines, inheritance and possessions. Success late in life. Occult investigations, sickness of father through changes and worries, death of mother in early age, troublesome home or domestic affair. Trouble through servants. 5th House. Licentious, destroyer of ancestral property and fond of occult science. Gain through children, speculations, sickly children and illness through pursuits of and over indulgence in pleasures and sports. Accumulations of wealth through unfair means. Pleasure and gain in young age. 6th House. Not lucky for maternal relations, some severe illness, gain through humanitarism, food and employees. Surgical operation, fond of animals, pets and work. May be a source of troubles for relatives. Ill repute in middle age. Victory over enemies. If Mars is well aspected then the native will have usually a good health, success in service and with employees, poultry, medicines, healing or social work. Mars in own sign. 7th House. Marital unhappiness, two marriages subject to other indications and if afflicted. Partnership and close association with others, quarrels or Law suits with servants, difficulties with disreputed women and sickness. Fond of opposite sex. Loss of wealth due to enemies. 8th House. Financial reward for faithful service. Death through irregularity. Occult experiences and dangerous illness and of muscular built. Strained relations with relatives. Loss through enemies. A difficult death. 9th House. Long journeys, religious or psychic experiences, liking for surgery, science, invention, law, philosophy and all matter connected with higher mind. Prophetic dreams and visions, gain through partner's relations, danger through overstudy. Sickness abroad at sea or while travelling, work with foreign affairs and universities. Devoid from comforts or brothers and parents. A native of doubtful integrity. 10th House. Merit, honour, preferment and success, rise to high social and professional position. Honour through service, municipal or national activities. Strained relations with relatives. Worried and waste of property. 11th House. Comforts from brothers, sexy, fond of opposite sex, many enemies, disrespect due to some accusation. Sickness among friends and family. Fulfilment of hopes through friends. Interest in national or municipal activities. Large circle of friends, much pleasure in life. Gain by success of employer. 12th House. Service in army. Loss through enemies, litigations. worried and unhappy. Cautious for his respect. Fear of imprisonment, secret unhappiness, enmity, gain through occult, secret missions. Success in middle life. Diseases during middle life. Possibility of two wives. Work of secret or mysterious nature like espionage, C.I.D. C.I.B. or detectors etc. SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT Mars is lord of 5th and 12th houses lord for this Lagna. 5th is a trikona house for which it is benefic. Any malefic in 12th it aspected by benefics will give good results otherwise malefic. Exalted in 2nd and debilitated in 8th house. When Mars is in :1st House. In friends camp. Copper complexion. Many enemies and love affairs. Wealthy and man of power and authority. An afflicted health. A propensity to pleasure, a troubled life on the whole, secret sorrows, limitations. All these difficulties can be minimised through occult or spiritual practices. Danger of imprisonment or disablement. 2nd House. Gain through secrecy and occult. An engineer by profession or building contractor. Less comforts from wife, of loud voice. greedy and pleasure through children. Should not speculate at all. 3rd House. Through relations and friends troubles, sorrows and disappointments. Troublesome short journeys and writings. Occult learnings. Liking for travels, sports, drama and adventure. Short life. trouble in ears, diseased and troubled. Many opponents and loss through thieves. 4th House. A good skilled craftsman. Voyages, loss of ancestral property. Bold but quarrelsome. Gain through children. Gifts from grandfather. Love of home. secret sufferings, restrictions and limitations at the end of life. Trouble through father or wife's mother. 5th House. Lucky and man of power and authority. Comforts from children. May be a officer in army or a magistrate. Of rash temperament. Danger from fire, fire arms etc. 6th House. Troubles through enemies and loss of property through them and one may be forced to leave country. Sickness among children, pleasure through hygienic methods. Difficulty, troubles and loss through empolyees. Limitations on account of sickness. Troubled married life. Travel in foreign land. Fond of wealth but generally unaccomplished hopes. 7th House. Gain of money through speculation and children. Sickness among children. Pleasures of hygienic methods. Troubles through deceit and treacherous ways, concerning unions, partnership, contracts and law suits. Discord and opposition of partner. Generally troubles through women. Many enemies and opponents. Loss in business and extravagent spending. 8th House. Suffers through children who may die before him. Loss through speculations. An unsatisfactory end, many misfortunes, secret enemies may die, troubles over inheritance. Short life. A troubled guy. Many enemies and loss through law suits. 9th House. Strong will power, bold and stone hearted. Pleasure through beautiful women or man and well travelled children. Children can be preacher, scientists or explorer. Pleasures in Foreign lands. Landed property. Due to loss of property and death of a child grief and worries. If afflicted shipwreck, or isolation. Difficulty with relations, men of science and religion. Long journeys, secret mission, investigation, exploration, research, seclusion. Sacrifice for science or religion.

10th. House. Pleasure and, honour through inlaws, and his own mother. Honourable children, renown in speculation, business and the partical work. Liable to disgrace, disrespect and persecution from superiors, Govt. or persons in authority resulting in retirement or long journey and seclusion. 11th House. Great attachment with children and friends, gain through them. Successful hopes and wishes. Friends through speculation, pleasures, legislatures, ambassador and sportsmen. If afflicted, unfortunate undertakings, peculiar hopes, great disappointments and obstacles. Deceitful friends and losses through advice of acquaintances. 12th House. Occult abilities, powerless enemies, service in police or army. Foreign travel, secret investigations. Afflications and adversities in life prove to be blessings in disguise by developing inner growth and understanding. Children may cause sorrows, speculation may cause ruin. Pleasure through investigation of things of mysterious or research nature. CAPRICORN ASCENDANT Mars here is lord of 4th and 11th houses. Being lord of kendra and exalted will give good results, whereas being 11th house lord it is malefic. So will give mixed results for this Lagna. When malefic, gives ill health. In case it is strong, blesses one with good finances. Exalted in Lagna and debilitated in 4th house. When Mars is in :1st House. Mars is exalted in lagna and will confer wealth, power and authority. Of strong constitution, many servants, fortunate, inheritance. Gain through land, property of parents. Real friends and supporters. Victory our enemies and acquaintances, will create obstacles. Fortunate actions and successful hopes. Danger of fall through height during middle age. Wound or scar mark on body. Quarrelsome and inclined to war, wrestling and may receive wound through them. 2nd House. Bold and of rash temperament. Gain and owner of agricultural land. Scar. wound or boils on body. Gain through deal in property and land and through friends, legislative's interest or through one's new ideas. 3rd House. Bold and brave. Trustworthy, of rash temperament. Fond of drugs and narcotics. Gain through brothers and friends. Cordial relations with relatives and neighbours. Friends through writings and journeys. 4th House. Gain in property and through old people or entiquities. Profit and benefit at birth place. Gain from mother, inheritance, through friends and fortunate in property. Love for brothers. 5th House. Gain through parents, children, friends and beneficial circumstances. Skilled in use of Fire arms, military service or fond of wrestling. Afflicted reverse results. 6th House. Troubles through enemies, danger of wound, loss of profession through sickness and servants. May build his own house. Friends among working persons, army. Air or Navy. Faithful servants. Interest in social welfare. Loss of agriculture land. May there be some defects in arms or feet. Many troubles, danger of bite through reptiles. A surgical operation. 7th House. Gain through marriage, land and women. A loving partner with desireable friendship and social connections. Success in law suits. If afflicted, adulterous wife, unfaithful and may have separation or divorce. Loss in partnership or marriage. Law suits. Diseases of blood are indicated. 8th House. Gain through inheritance, legacies and from friends. Death of friend. An easy death. If afflicted then short life, death due to sudden accident, fall or wound. Danger to respect and Loss through above. 9th House. Gain through science, religion, long journeys and wife's relations. Success and profit through long journeys., friendship through travels and learnings. Friend among educator, ministers, explorer and skilled. Disrespected and dishonest. May commit fraud in charitable funds. 10th House. Gain through trade, profession, public or Govt; work or by fruits of the earth. Friendship among those in good position, gain and honour through them. Also through social standing, business of Govt. circles. Many enemies. If afflicted reverse results. 11th House. Large circle of friends and gain through them. Much pleasure in life, successful hopes and wishes in old age, good relations with brother, friends among unique, ingenious, or radical people. If afflicted and weak. reverse results like separation and strained relations with brothers, enemies among friends loss through trade and ancestral property. 12th House. Many journeys, loss of ancestral and self earned property. Afflicted health. End of life in seclusion or devoted to the study of occult science. Deceitful friends, good friendship through occults. Pleasure in peaceful, quite, harmonious or secluded places. AQUARIUS ASCENDANT Mars is lord of 3rd and 10th houses. Being Kendra lord it is benefic but as 3rd house lord, it is malefic, will give good and bad results. If Mars is weak and ill aspected, it gives good wealth. Mars is exalted in llth and debilitated in 6th house.When Mars is in:1st House. Preferment and dignities, honour through merit, success through efforts, high ambitions, gain through mother and Govt; joumeys and removals, concern with affairs of the brothers and neighbours, writings, learnings and accomplishment. If afflicted reverse results. 2nd House. Money through educational affairs, short journeys, writing and music. Gain through industry, trade, profession or Govt. offices. If afflicted reverse results. 3rd House. Gain through learnings, short journeys, writings and brothers. Gain, honour and advancement through partners relatives. Respected among relations and neighbours. Honour through short journeys, writings and accomplishments, business trips, Govt; Commission etc. Many brothers and the native will be under the influence of opposite sex. 4th House. Travelling and writing in connection with home affairs and property. Gain and honour through parents, land and property. Success and comforts in old age. Interest in reclammation, colonization, cooperative movements, horticulture, mining, architecture, and archaeology. If afflicted reverse results.

5th House. Pleasure through children, journeys, brothers, readings, study and travel to pleasure resorts. The children will remain sick but rise to honour. Gain through speculations, young people, sports or stage. If afflicted, death of young son and reverse results. 6th House, Wound or scar mark on body, disrespected in middle age, sickness or injury through journeys. Difficulty through brothers. Modest wordly position, gain and honour through service and employment. Practice of healing. Army or navy affairs. 7th House. Rash temperament, diseased and worried. Many women. Loss in trade and business. Marriage as a result of journeys, writings or to one of the relations. Gain through Law suits and dealing with the public generally. Honour and reputation assisted by honourable marriage and partnership in responsible concern. If afflicted reverse results. 8th House. Rash temperament, unsuccessful hopes, proud, unhappy and ill health. Losses and troubles through enemies. Death of brother. Journeys on account of troubles and false accusation. Gain and honour in estates and other's money, also law, inheritance, legacies, insurance etc. of deceased person. 9th House. Cruel, rash temper, long journeys. Gain through philosophy, publishing and service. Brothers may travel to foreign and marry there. Honourable voyage, professional journey. Honour through learning, writing, publishing, science, research. A religious or intellectual parents. If afflicted reverse results. 10th House. Gain and honour through profession, Govt, and employment. Success through mother. Gain through professional and honourable journeys. Bold, determined. Fond of travels. Honour or renown through writing etc. Gain from iron articles. If afflicted reverse results. 11th House. Fortunate through brothers, friends, journeys and progressive studies. Wealthy and comfortable. Eminent friends from legislators and officers and gain through them. Ambitions ideals. Helpful to associates and other. If afflicted, reverse results. 12th House. Pleasure through brothers, learning, seclusion. Danger of enemies and imprisonment while travelling. Sorrows through brothers, secret sufferings. Deals with arms and army. Loss through partnership. Difficulty in employment. Unfortunate environments and conditions. Difficulty relieved through occult science. PISCES ASCENDANT Mars is lord of 2nd and 9th houses. Being triknoa lord, it will bless the native with wealth, Govt; favour and religious mind. If weak and afflicted, loss through Govt; unlucky through family and loss of money through father. Mars is exalted in 11th house and dibilitated in 5th house. 1st House. Money comes readily, skilled, learned, intelligent and wealthy. Of rash temper, respected, fond of travels, long journeys, learning, wisdom, prudence and gain through foreigners and strangers. Interest in science, law, politics and philosophy. Avoid relations with opposite sex, property, law suits and vice habits. Afflicted and weak Mars indicates obstacles and financial difficulties, loss through Govt; father and family 2nd House. Bold and courageous, rash temperament, lucky and wealthy in middle age. Money through personal ingenuity and industry through foreign merchants, foreign trade, sea,-science, learning, publications, invention or banking. When weak and afflicted, losses through brothers and above matters. 3rd House. Gain through education, writings, brothers, short journeys, learning, accomplishments, and progress through research, travel investigation, exploration. Late marriage with difficulty. Removal on account of belief and connections. Many travels. 4th House. Wealthy, respected, property and house. Gain through parents, household goods, land or mines and partner's relations. Journey home to die. Travels on account of family affairs and wife's mother. When afflicted, no gain and added worries. Many enemies. Disputes etc. in middle age. 5th House. Gain by marriage, speculation, pleasure and entertainment. Of conventional ideas, free living, journeys due to children. Takes interest in .science, speculation, sports, air flights, and foreign investments. Pleasurable journeys. If afflicted, reversal in profession and loss through above. Worried due to brothers, loss of property and grief through children. 6th House. Many enemies and loss through them. Accusation. Gain through inferiors and poultry etc. Fond of animals, sickness through travelling. Foreign land or export work. Diseases of blood. Worried, unhappy in middle age. Danger for disrepute and loss of property. 7th House. Rash temperament, many enemies and family discord. Early age unhappy. Gain by marriage, contracts law suits, and dealing with women specially. Marriage to a stranger of education opposed by relatives. If afflicted, loss through above. Enemies, troubles. 8th House. Short life and death abroad. Many enemies, disrespected. Gain by legacy and goods of the dead. money of partner. Reservation regarding religion. Scientific, education, and publications, Gain by love, legacy, goods of dead, journeys. Psychic experiences. If afflicted, loss of legacy, money etc. and reverse results of above. 9th House. Wealthy, bold and courageous. Gain by books, publications and writings, journeys, export business, religion, science and wife's relations. Prophetic dreams, many fine qualities, splendid possibilities through culture and development. If afflicted losses and reverse results. 10th House. Wealthy and respected. Magistarial power or army officer. Bold and valorous. Gain by speculations, profession, merchandising. Govt: and wife's relations and parents. Honour, credit and esteem through science; literature and travel. Success in foreign affairs. Reverse effects if badly aspected and malefic. 11th House. Gain by friends and accidental fortune. Wealthy respected and famous, blessed with rank. power and authority. Voyages. gain from foreigner. If afflicted grief from wife, loss of wealth and sickness and troubles through above. 12th House. Early life troublesome and worried. All earned money will be destroyed through loss. In middle part of life seeks seclusion for study of occult learnings etc. long journeys. Difficulties and sorrows through religion, science or journeys. Gain by affairs of secret nature.

Venus For Each Ascendant

ARIES ASCENDANT For Aries Ascendant Venus becomes the lord of 2nd and 7th houses , hence marak and malefic . Malefic because 2nd house, is a neutral house and so Venus gives the result mainly of the 7th house, because it happens to be the mooltrikona sign of Venus ie Libra. Thus Venus as a benefic lord of a kendra becomes a malefic and as such gives bad results to health affairs mainly. As lord of 2nd house and also lord of 2nd sign of zodiac, Venus will represent all matters connected with 2nd and 7th house besides the other areas of which Venus is a Significator ( karaka). Thus Venus becomes a strong significator of finances, family life, eyes, marital life and business etc. Venus becomes very sensitive for these aspects in case of Aries Ascendant. Any affliction to Venus by way of placement in evil houses is likely to effect adversely these important aspect of life. Now we shall see the effect of malefic Venus in various houses with Aries as rising Ascendant. Venus in First House - Person will be very beautiful soft, learned, joyous and sensuous. It indicates physical fitness and mental alertness. He will be gifted with ability as a poet and taste for fine arts and may even be blind by birth if Saturn effectively gives company. Fond of decorative and scented articles. Here Venus will be in the sign of Mars and aspecting 7th house, thus as any relationship of Mars indicates immoral life, so the native besides being a sweet tongued may develop relations with opposite sex. Dear to all, blessed with wife, children and conveyance, land and houses etc. Recognition from public and government. Average wealth and religious, family problems because of women. Normally gives late marriage but early unions. Good wife and marital relations harmonious. Venus in second house - Here Venus will be in Taurus in its own sign but 8th from Libra its mooltrikona sign and so may give slight adverse results regarding married life. Lot of expenditure on account of sickness of wife. The native because of this placement is licentious and of loose morals. Gains through other women. It may also give gains through marriage or wife. The native may be attached to many women. Devoted to virtuous deeds, industrious, dear to friend and relatives with whom he is on good terms. Intelligent skilled and learned. These people are romantic, writer, poet and artist. Blessed with food and comforts of life. There is no patrimony but make good progress in government service. There is abundant wealth and sometimes acquisition of underground wealth and wealth through friends. Diseases could be cold, cough and scare of water. If Venus is afflicted there could be affliction to longevity of wife and self. Even there could be death of wife. The passions are high and for gratification of sexual urges may even go to a low caste, deserted and widows. May even keep a young lady as a keep. Disputes and differences with wife. This is normally with afflictions from Saturn. Venus in Third House - Here Venus will be in Gemini sign where it can give a mellifluous voice and confer legendary success in fields related to music, drama, cinema etc. After completing education earns normally through art of writing, composing poems and teaching. Being licentious keeps illicit relations with other woman simultaneously. Less issues one or two sons only and no daughters. Brothers and sisters may not be there. Fortunate with skilled work, foreign voyage, change of place, fame through own efforts, happiness and profit in business, promotions, instability of mind. After middle age hearing power declines and life is ordinary. Married with an ordinary girl. Venus in Fourth House - Here Venus will be in Cancer an inimical sign being owned by moon. It is generally an accepted fact that whenever Venus is either associated or placed in the sign of Moon or Sun, there are always marital problems. The family life is not happy one. Native endowed with reasoning power, poet, writer. At the age of 40 the relations with father are spoiled. Father dies early. Not on good terms with mother-in-law. No settlement up-to the age of 32 years and interruptions in higher post. Normally government service. Ambition to have lands and garden are realised after lot of obstacles. Fame through skilled work. Bestowed with wife, children, conveyance etc. Happiness after troubles during the sea voyage. Less fame, miseries from family. If married the house is not constructed, wife is ordinary.If Mars is in fall at the same time and be in effective orbs with Venus, dual marriage or a concubine will result. Venus in Fifth House - The planet is considered auspicious in the royal sign of Leo according to some authorities but being an inimical sign for Venus, there is always a fear that this placement may cause marital disharmony. No doubt it gives less education but the native is considered a great scholar. Does courageous works, worshipper of natural beauty, free noble ideas, enemy overpowered. Marriage with a rich woman or one of higher status. Wealth through woman. This position not only limits the progeny but also the children will be source of displeasure to the native. Mostly male issues and only one daughter and that too after many sons. They may not have even daughters. Respect for women. Fond of journeys, music, instrumental music, poetry and other artistic works. Get fame through acting on stage, working in dramas or cinemas. Success in business. Expert in skilled jobs, worried about wealth, and highly ambitious. Because of easy going life no savings. Not settled up-to 36 years of age, Licentious and profligate and so the native is inclined to have illicit relations with others wife despite having a desire to be loyal to wife. Indifferent to family and children. Partner may get a due respect but a second marriage is possible.If Venus is combust both marriage and progeny is reduced to ashes.Venus alone in 5th is liable to cause abdominal disorders and secret diseases. Venus in Sixth House For Venus this is not a good place to occupy as this happens to be its sign of debilitation. Apparently it may look a bad place but actually in fact it is not so as here Venus is in suppressed position. Though it makes a native quite sexy, licentious but his sexual habits and amorous acts remain chaste. The native will marry a girl below his status mentally or socially. However it gives good wife. Despite wife being quarrelsome they live happily and peacefully. Wife gets some disease at the age of 30 years. There will be miseries and they are always under debts till death. As education is not completed so one has to do a small job or service. Failure in business if with own investment. There is almost no progress in business and no early recognition. High ambitions are not realized and so normally unhappy. Fear of enemies. No happiness from maternal uncle and maternal grandfather. If Venus is afflicted the native may have relations with a girl from low community and are frustrated in love.Physical troubles always ill, diseases due to excessive eating,diabetics, hernia etc.Wife with a feminine grace but her ideas are like a man. Few issues. Venus in Seventh House - Here Venus is in its own sign, Libra and so placed in good position. As lord of 7th placed in 7th house gives the results of malavya yoga. It has also strong maraka power and if Venus is afflicted, it may shorten the life. The native is well educated, artist, poet, writer, editor, dramatist or being proficient in skill of music and dance. He is honoured in society. Wears beautiful washed and scented clothes and is himself beautiful and attractive. Marriage with a rich and beautiful woman and blessed with children. Wife is well versed in domestic arrangement and devoted to husband. They are themselves religious, fond of pilgrimage, healthy, blessed with good friends, impatient in love, desirous of love marriage, sensual and attached to number of women. Delay in marriage. Physical troubles always sick. Living in foreign countries, defamed, trouble from people and pain in not having money. Suffer from diabetics, hernia etc. Venus in Eighth House - In eighth house Venus will be in the sign of Scorpio owned by Mars. This position of Venus in eighth house is not considered good for married life and gives disturbed married life. In fact Venus in eighth house is to taken as curse inflicted on native for some wrong done in the past. There are constant strifes with wife and no marital happiness. One is inimical to his wife. Short age of wife. Incomplete education, engaged in sinful acts, opium eater or drunkards and addicted to other intoxicants, courageous, lives outside the country. Late marriage, frustration in love, trouble of mind a and body, always miserable. Second marriage after the death of first wife, defamed by relatives, fear of enemies. Wife is sick. Marriage is early and downfall begins after the death of wife. Troubles with children. They are held in very low estimation by their aunties ( mother's sister) and

elder brother's wife and uncle's wife etc. because of having illicit relations with some vicious women, they lose money and prestige, mismanaged business and instability, dependant Suffer from number of diseases. Venus in Ninth House - Here Venus will be located in Saggitarius which is inimical sign. The native is well educated, artist, respected by society, gains honour and money, fortunate after marriage and also because of other relatives, religious, learned, worshipper of God. The native will generally enjoy good results in respect of money and gets lot of dowry. Happy marital life. He will obtain a wife be jewelled with Jupiterian virtue brightened with Venusian grace, blessed with brother's. Wife expert in home management. Enjoys water voyage and there is foreign business. More sisters than brothers or daughters more than sons. Native is cheerful by nature, fond of poetry, drama, music and literature. Earnings through one of these vocations. Gets money and assistance from wife. Despite having a good wife these natives are licentious, profligate and debauchee. Downfall begins after death of wife. Intercast marriage or marriage with foreign women is possible.If Sun joins this Venus, it will avail of first opportunity of killing father. If Jupiter joins this Venus, both husband and wife will be blessed with divine grace and they will hold family flag aloft. If a benefic joins this Venus it indicates skill in music, drama, writing and cinema and in these fields he gets name and honour and fame. These people have got aptitude for acting.Gain in 21 years and loss in 33 years. Venus in Tenth House - Here the sign will be Capricorn, a friendly sign and so results should be good. The native is generous, social, calm and his qualities not provoked before opportune time. He is generous, religious and popular but addicted. Skilled in areas connected with cinema, theatre, photography etc. Financial gains through these occupations but no savings. Troubles are there. Temperamental-Ely lazy. Education not complete and so instead of doing big jobs is mostly engaged in small jobs. Lacks intelligence and miser. Do sinful acts. Marry a woman well versed in domestic work. Controlled by wife who is herself a teacher. Frustrated in love of some one. Settlement in life after marriage and fortunate after marriage. Early marriage. In some cases wife may help the native in profession. If afflicted, illicit relations with other woman causing loss of prestige and money. According to Shree Ramanuja even if Venus be in aspect to Jupiter he will not cause any Yoga. This is partially true if Jupiter occupies Vadha nakshatras i.e. 3rd, 5th and 7th asterism counted from Radical star. Venus in Eleventh House - Here Venus will be located in Aquarius, a friendly sign and so favourable results. However planets in this house otherwise normally give good results. It gives ordinary education. Endowed with skills for artistic work. Do business in commodities connected with art. Clever in art of music and drama. Through writing get fame and promotion in rank. Marry late at the age of 24 years with a beautiful girl. The natives wife will be sexually cold, subjected to diseases and be a source of trouble. Self earned money will be more. This position of Venus favours more daughters and anxiety about son. There may not be any male issue. Normally good for marital happiness and harmony but for sickness of wife and troubles arising out of it. Not on good terms with elder brothers. Slow progress in worldly matters. Engaged in religious work but still desirous of having relations with other woman. In case of afflictions these people get involved with some one. There can be two marriages. Venus in Twelfth House - Here Venus is in Pisces, its sign of exaltation but normally Venus here in matters of sexual relations docs not give good results. Deprived of marital happiness. There are secret sorrows. the native is highly licentious debauchee and of immoral temprament. Disputes and differences with wife. Spends money on woman of ill repute and brings disgrace to family. Married wife is hot tempered and quarrelsome. Fortunate after death of first wife and are worried about birth of sons. They gain through giving alms to religious persons. These people are liars, selfish, follower of wrong path, drunkard and sinful. It is a good position for wealth and fame. The native will be honoured even by the wealthy and will himself be very wealthy and will enjoy all comforts of life. Debts will be there and they end with death. The native is educated and earns money through cheating and cunning-ness. Proficiency in arts of singing, composing poems, writing and dancing. Happiness in water journeys.If Jupiter joins Venus in the 12th house along with Mars, the native will surpass others in riches and will be surprisingly opulent. He will own vast properties and will lead a very happy life. If afflicted by Saturn either marriage out of caste or remain unmarried, financial gains are not much. TAURUS ASCENDANT In case of Taurus as rising Ascendant, Venus is lord of Ascendant and the 6th house but as 6th house falls in the mool trikona house, Venus becomes malefic and maraka. Some consider Venus as benefic because Ascendant is considered stronger than the 6th house but l have seen highly malefic results for Venus with Taurus Ascendant. Venus in the first house Here Venus is in Taurus and so in its own Lagna. It forms malavya yoga and so general results of the same will be ordinarily available. The native is physically fit and mentally alert. He is skilled and educated fond of ornamental and scented things. Sweet tongued and dear to all. Blessed with wife children and conveyance, land and houses etc. Recognition from public and government, average wealth and religious. He is fond of drama, theatre and music. Mostly business. Wife is beautiful and attached to world. Highly interested in opposite sex being debauchee despite having a beautiful wife. Attraction towards opposite sex is uncontrollable and one invites troubles because of this. Native will be having relations with a number of women. If Venus is afflicted, in the matters of sex, he will have sexual union with many and involved in sex scandals and disputes because of women. Marriage delayed in selecting partner.Though the native may be generally healthy throughout, he will be susceptible to urinary diseases, veneral diseases, vision defects of minor grade, wounds on the head and like. Venus in Second House - Venus will be located in Gemini. Being in friendly and intellectual sign the native is highly intelligent but education is not completed. Devoted to virtuous deeds, industrious, dear to friend and relatives. Sweet tongued, fond of food and drinks. Skilled, learned, poet and writer. Good for others, blessed with food and wealth. Sons few and worries regarding male issue. Highly sexual. But for some occasional troubles life is smooth. Normally wealth will be limited with Venus in Gemini. Disease and debt in later life. Money spent on illness. Cold, cough and scare of water. Venus In Third House - Here the sign is Cancer and the placement of Venus here is not auspicious. Education is not completed. Blessed with brothers and conveyance, fortunate with skilled work, foreign voyage, change of place, fame through own efforts, happiness, no steady flow of money. Due to continuous profit and loss in business there is financial trouble. Loss in business even if Venus is promoter of that business and so they adopt to other business. Instability of mind. Bad charactered, defamation because of sexual union, decline in prosperity due to enemies. Secret love. Wife will be just good looking. Daughter's are more and even sisters are more. Less consultation with wife, diseases because of women. There could be blood diseases, mental affliction etc. There may be trouble to co-borns. Will be fortunate and lucky depending on phases of Moon (if Venus is conjunct moon, digital evaluation of Moon need not be done as Venus will automatically become auspicious in Samagama).If Venus is afflicted by Mars, the native adopts to unnatural means of sexual pleasure. Venus in Fourth House - Here Venus is in royal sign of Leo owned by Sun who is inimical to Venus. Lord of 6th in 4th in inimical sign, so native may face opposition from wife in domestic matters. The native is educated. Skilled in Sanskrit language. The mother of the native will lack good health ie ailments to mother if alive otherwise he is deprived of maternal happiness. Blessed with land, houses etc., inimical to father, dear to women, married in a prosperous family, dear to all, courageous and gains through work. Worried about issues. Government service, capable of composing poems and writing. Interruptions in attaining higher post, wife beautiful and attractive. Marital happiness endowed with conveyance. Anxiety, foreign voyages, less fame, handsome and miseries from family. Patrimony is all lost either in luxuries or starting a big business. Gain much money through own efforts.

Settlement in 22nd year. Partner also earns and contributes. Besides business there is another source of earning. Venus in Fifth House Venus will be in Virgo the sign of debilitation and so generally will not give good results. Thus there will be sick progeny or lack of progeny. There is no male issue and even daughters with difficulty. Incomplete education and gets science degree with difficulties. Even if male issues are born they die prematurely and daughters are more. Sometimes one gets issue at an old age. These people are always desirous of having more education. Expert in skilled jobs. They are not much attached to wife and indifferent to family. Busy in their own business. They are even indifferent to people. Attend to number of other jobs simultaneously for progress and wealth, worried about wealth. Highly ambitious. They make efforts to become poet or writer and in case they do not succeed in their efforts, they write for literary conferences or meeting of poets. Wife and children are obedient, clever and fond of talking on topics related to women. Much interest in sex. Fond of music and dance. Not a very comfortable life and constitutionally weak. Suffer from secret diseases. Venus In Sixth House - Here Venus is in Libra sign owned by Venus itself and so normally it should give good results but Venus in 6th house does not give good results in certain aspects. The native is handsome, sickly and desirous of wealth. Licentious, amorous acts, not on good terms with business class ( Vaishya), blessed with elders and conveyance, slow progress, mental worries. Normally education incomplete, livelihood through small jobs, wife beautiful but her charms begin to fade after marriage. She is vicious and quarrelsome and so gradually differences crop up between the two. Defamation on having relations with other woman. Being licentious talk with other women and have sexual relations with them. Maintains secret relations with other | women. Normally there is no marriage and at all, married wife is corrupted. Procures landed property by taking loans. Enjoys reasonably good wealth and health excepting occasional marring of fortunes. He II prevail over his enemies. Loss in 28 years. Health of wife is bad at years or 40 years. Maternal uncle and aunts fortunate. Being debauchee and licentious they suffer from secret diseases related to reproductive organs, urinary troubles and disease of diabetics. There is frequent ejaculation of semen and diseases related to it. Venus in Seventh House - Venus here will be located in sign Scorpio owned by Mars. This is not a good sign for Venus to occupy. Native is unmoral and keeps sex relations with women other than his wife. Involved in many vices and immoral activities. Defamation and financial loss because of illicit relations with other women. It can be a love marriage. Wife with masculine features and haughty in temperament. Fortunate after second marriage. Engaged in small jobs. Ordinary education, mostly rise in business. Mostly sick, troubles from people. However in many respects he will be better off viz somewhat wealthy and fortunate. Wife is sick and haughty. She may be older in age or from a different caste. Native takes her to be only a source of sex and gratification. Normally engaged both in service and independent business but business in partnership does not succeed. Suffer from secret diseases. Venus In Eighth House - Here Venus will be in Saggitarius which is not a friendly sign. Venus being lord of 6th in 8th house constitutes Vipreeta Raja Yoga and so good results after troubles. In childhood the native has to face many obstacles and there may be occasional diseases and penury. Venus alone in 8th can give a long span of life as the aphorism is that the 6th lord in an evil house will increase the span of life, ignoble nature. Troubles of mind and body, always miserable, dependant, fear of enemies, obstacles in promotion. This position of Venus normally gives incomplete education, favours not much gain of money and life is ordinary. Delayed marriage. Not popular with woman and obstacles caused by woman. Marriage is either with a widow or one older in age. Becomes an artist. Disputes with son and loss. Licen-tous and amorous acts. The native is profligate and of loose morals.Disease like diabetics, syphilis, urinary troubles and hernia etc. Venus in Ninth House - Here Venus will be in Capricornus sign which is a friendly sign for Venus. Religious, daily new functions, blessed with relations, brothers and conveyance, happiness and victory, can be a writer, gain of money being skilled. Romantic and name in society. Fame, position and fortunes will be on increase throughout. In a females horoscope this position is very fortunate for progeny. In dasa of Venus, child of the native may be susceptible to injury of longevity. Ordinary life but still marital life is happy. Occassional differences with wife. Miser and selfish and not on good terms with brothers, fortunate after marriage. As the native is not able to make up the education, he takes up business for which money either comes from inlaws or wife. Honoured. After death of wife downfall begins. Wife is haughty, selfish and attached to worldly pleasures. He suffers because of bad temperament of wife. He is controlled by wife. If Venus is afflicted in this place marriage is out of caste or with one older in age or widower. Unnatural relations. Gains as a student are not of much use later on. Under the influence of wife oppose parents. Patrimony is spent and there are financial troubles. Natives behaviour is steady and good. Keep away from politics because of fear of troubles. These people normally want to live happily without hard work. They are not much popular with opposite sex. Venus in Tenth House - Blessed with complete education and here he achieves some recognized standard specially in science and engineering. Normally there is also proficiency in Biology, Archeology, nursing, medicines and tailoring etc. Proficient in mathematics and astrology. He is also proficient in singing, acting, cinema, chemical, physics, photography and motor driving etc. Being lord of 6th in 10th native is more inclined for medical, chemical, biology, nursing etc. They are attached with number of women through whom the money comes. But for money they are not interested in woman. Father dies early. In case they go for professions in areas of which Venus is promoter, there is no name. Attempts a number of professions but not much success. These people go either for business or service. However business is more favourable. Blessed with parents, conveyance, house and lands etc. He will have a sickly mother and will prove ominous for her. He will not have good relationship with parents. Normally native is indifferent to marriage. He marries only when he gets wealth. Tempramental in compatibility exists between the two. Two marriages are possible. Venus in Eleventh House - Venus will be in Pisces sign which is not a favourable sign for Venus but normally planets give benefic results in eleventh house, so wealth and fortune will be conferred uninterruptedly. Will be endowed with wife, children, education, success in skill of writing, happiness and cheerful. Honoured by public, profits from business, worry and anxiety in having more daughters. Earn money through business and loose through thieves, fond of journeys and water sports. Gain through business animals. Sexual union with other women, indifferent to friends, two marriages are possible. If Venus is spoiled sickness will torment the native. Kidneys will be susceptible to serious attacks in the sub-period or major period of planets posited in evil houses, asterism ( 3rd, 5th and 7th from Natal star), evil navamsa etc. suffers from cold, diseases bom out of water, indifference to friends.of periods. There is propensity of having no issues but if favourable aspect and asterism is there, daughters are only possible. In lower class the native is fortunate from 22 years but in higher classes this period is at 32 years. Unsettled, very proud and viciousness are the results. Cold and cough and always scared of watery diseases. Venus in Twelfth House Venus will be in Aries sign which is very unfavourable. It gives less education, earns through business and other occupations. He will be ordinarily wealthy. Fear of enemies, thieves and fire. Pain in body, eye disease, many other chronic diseases and other secret diseases. As wife is quarrelsome so marital life is miserable. In some cases there will be no marriage. The native is highly immoral. Spends money on ( prostitutes) for gratification of sexual desire. Keep secret relations with wife of others. Defamation and disputes. Unsuccess and losses in business. Incur debts on account of auspicious functions in the family. If Mercury joins him, there will be moderate riches and if Jupiter joins both in the 12th, the Taurus native will be very opulent. Venus in this place if afflicted by Saturn indicates disputes with wife and marriage could be either out of caste or remain unmarried. Financial gains are not much and debts are there.

GEMINI ASCENDANT For Gemini Ascendant Venus is lord of 12th and 5th house. 12th house is a neutral house and lordship of 5th house bestows benefic powers to Venus. Thus Venus is highly benefic for Gemini Ascendant. Venus in First House Venus here will be in the sign of Gemini which is friendly sign for Venus. It is a sign of duality and airy sign. The blending of duality fifth and 12th lordship along with airy element makes the native highly imaginative and romantic. Involved in a number of love affairs. For fun sake they seduce other women and girl. Under this placement, wife is barren sometimes, with inauspicious bearing but attractive for men. Gain of wealth through woman. Wife is loving, affectionate, intelligent and educated. The native himself will be short (medium height) attractive, intelligent, long living, and will enjoy worldly pleasures. During education there could be some problems but it is completed. He can be a poet, writer or engaged in publication work. Wealthy and sweet tempered and fond of music and other artistic work. Speaks affectionate words. These people can be in government service where there is not much progress but more progress from other works where he gets fame. These people can be good teachers. Normally earning is from two sources. Fond of attractive white dresses and scents. These people are fond of moving in higher strata of society, are respected and become famous. Leads a kingly life. Being highly sexual keep on flirting with girls and always have love affair with some woman or other. Fond of love marriage and leave home to live with some singer women or actress. Obviously two marriages are possible, children are beautiful and prosperous. Secret sorrows and limitations. Venus in Second House Here Venus will be in Cancer sign which is inimical to Venus and hence the effects are reflected in the results. He will suffer miseries on account of children (being lord of 5th in inimical sign). He will attain financial success (lord of 5th in 2nd) but spend on evil accounts (lord of 12th in 2nd). If Moon falls in the process in Scorpio navamsa, he will be troubled by poisonous creatures. Education is not complete but still he is expert in the art of writing poems, dramas, novels and stories etc. Earns good money but the same is spent. The normal results of Venus in 2nd house as lord of 12th and 5th is that there is no steadiness in saving of money but at the same time there is no paucity. Fortunate after marriage and wife also contributes towards earnings. Wife is beautiful and educated but marital life is not happy because of disagreement of ideas. Blessed with more daughters and worried for having a son. Secret love with either a widow or pross etc. Earns well in business. Two marriages are possible. Start earning from 23. First half of the life troublesome and later half full of prosperity. If Venus is afflicted wife becomes a widow and leads a troublesome life. It gives a sudden loss at 32 years and sudden gains at 38 years.Disputes with in-laws regarding money matters. Suffer from a number of secret diseases, due to drinking, because of women. Mind is always disturbed. Venus in Third House - Leo, the royal sign but inimical to Venus. Location of Venus here is not considered auspicious. This position of Venus indicates incomplete education but gives other number of artistic qualities such as singing, music, poetry, drama, dance, playing instrumental music. He is proficient and expert in these arts and earns sufficient money through them. Being possessed of eye catching beauty and expert in art of attracting women, attract women and earn money through them besides enjoing them. Fortunate after marriage. Marriage in a prosperous family. Wife is intelligent, attractive and haughty. Being licentious keeps relations with women and enjoy sexually. Normally they would like to have sexual unions in the day time. Native is benevolent. In matters of profession as mentioned above, if Sun does not join Venus, he can pursue music and the like. Less issues, one or two sons and this position of Venus normally does not favour daughter . However worry regarding issues is there. Not many brothers ( 12th lord in 3rd) and sisters. As Venus is lord of 12th and placed in 3rd house, there could be trouble in the ears and as a lord of 5th may give good status or act as a solicitor. Obstacles in religious works and pilgrimage.Diseases regarding disorders of respiratory system, digestive system. There could be general swelling. Venus in Fourth House - Here happens to be Virgo sign which is the sign of debilitation of Venus which happens to be lord of 5th and 12th houses. The education of the native is not completed despite having an urge for it. No progress in government service, gains fame at the age of 40 in vocations like poet, dramatist, astrology and palmist etc. He earns sufficient money through these vocations. He is fond of literature, astrology, poetry etc. and even studies them in advanced age. Engaged in religious works. Parents live but differences with them and lives away from them. Frustrated in love. If married not on good terms with wife. If Venus in this position is conjoined with Sun, there is hatred for wife. In case Venus is eclipsed by Sun there is no marriage but native is clever in talking to women and some being addicted to women fall in love with girls from low or depressed class resulting in loss of prestige. Ordinary life. Early demise of mother, frequent changes of residence. Professionally the person will always be unhappy as Venus aspecting 10th house is not only lord of 12th but lord of 8th from 10th. If Venus be in 4th in Virgo as the 6th is occupied by Moon, Mars and Ketu one will suffer from dental disease. Two marriages. Native is very miser and selfish. In earlier stages does both service and business and finally settles down in business and as mentioned above gets fame. Venus in Fifth House - Here Venus is in Libra which its own sign and also owns a twelve houses indicating secret love affairs leading to some sorrows and difficulties. Lord of 5th is in 5th and so these people complete their education and attains high degrees from various universities and are proficient in areas. Connected with vocations of lawyers,doctors, poets, writers, musicians, singers and dancers etc. Blessed with sharp memory. These people can be able judges or lawyers, teachers and writers. These people have very sharp intelligence. They get success in any field or area wherever they enter and are respected by society. They are kind religious and do selfless service. They get cooperation from friends, relatives and brothers. They are gloomy in case they don't marry with a girl educated like him and if so loose interest in wife and love number of women. Blessed with wealth, conveyance and luxuries'. They speak soft words and soft at heart as well. May have foreign journeys. He is virtuous and enjoy abundant monetary gains but some fmancial debacle will come to occur in adverse bhukties of Venus dasa. Native is easy going and lives luxuriously which results in no savings. They have respect for women. Native is very licentious. They do not get issues normally and specially if association of or aspect of Saturn or Mars is there. They can become famous on account of published works. The partner may get a due respect but second marriage may take place. If some strong benefic aspects are there they may get daughters and hardly one male issue. If children are there they are prosperous and gains through them. In female horoscopes this indicates menstrual troubles, moenorrogia or barrenness. Venus in Sixth House -- Here Venus is in Scorpio sign of Mars so does not give good results and makes the native highly sexual, licentious, profligate and of loose morals. Gain from women as Venus is benefic for this ascendant. Wife is graceful but with manly ideas. Disturbed married life because of husband's loose morals and debauchee. Clever in enticing other women. In this placement it is seen that wife is also involved with other men. Second marriage if any is also troublesome. He is mentally agitated, there is fear of enemies, fire and poisoning through some women. Education is completed with interruptions, not much progress in government service. Ambitions for foreign journey is not fulfilled. Differences with parents, brothers and sisters. This position of Venus of course confers riches made by the native himself which is liable to finish sooner or later. Few issues. Failure in business if with own investment. Loss in business if in areas of which Venus is promoter. Maternal uncle and aunt unfortunate. Even maternal uncle either may not be there. Rough in language and selfish. If married before 20. Second marriage is possible. Being licentious and lustful suffers from diseases connected with semen, diabeties and night dreams etc. Victory over enemies and litigations in life. Troubles through employees and labour. Venus in Seventh House - In this case Venus would be located in Saggitarius which is not only inimical but fiery sign. Despite of having incomplete education these people impress as a very learned man. Famous for artistic work and people are envious of his rise. Normally independent business. Native is fond of singing, acting, writing and printing. Earns from two sources but more inclined to service. Highly skilled. If by chance pushed in

business it can succeed specially in partnership. The native is famous and is blessed with many conveyances, comforts and luxuries. Blessed with property both moveable and immovable. Holds a post of authority. Trouble through deceit, treachery, contract and law suits. Loss of money. In areas of marriage and progeny will enjoy moderately good effects. Sometimes if Venus occupies more Virgo divisions there will be utter dissatisfaction and frustration in these two spheres. Spouse beautiful with graceful and long attractive hair. She is a lady of determination and not shaken by troubles. She keeps the management of the house under control and keeps the house under her order. She is educated and is a solace to husband during distress. She is not very passionate, thoughtful and of masculine behavior. Matured in thinking. The wife is good adviser to the husband. Despite all this the husband does not love her. The native is attractive to women, sensual and gay but respects the women. Give equal status to woman. Marriage is delayed. Venus in Eighth House - In this case Venus would be located in Capricornus, a friendly sign and so benefic result but because of eighth house involvement some evil effects are also noticed. Venus is lord of 5th and 12th houses. Under this placement native are found both fully educated and half educated. The subject may have short life and not much happiness from marriage and progeny. Get married but lack of marital happiness. Strife with wife and children. Get money through other women under whose influence he comes. Disappointments in love and defamation because of having relations with a woman from depressed class. In some cases it has been found that these people fall in love with some irreligious women and become crazy in her love. For night births if Venus is in 8th and Saturn in fall (in 4th from 8th) the mother of child will face instant death. These people normally go for business. They get importance in areas of wholesale business. They can also be educationist if favourable aspect of Jupiter and even can be chief of some organisation. This placement of Venus generally gives life full of miseries and diseases. Trouble in foreign countries and friends cheat him. Early marriage and with death of wife fortune declines. Venus in Ninth House - Here Venus is placed in Aquarius sign which is friendly to Venus. It indicates expertise in skill of arts and craftsmanship and gain of money and fame through these areas. They are well educated and financially well off. He will possess lot of precious stones and incur favour of rich men. He will be happy with his children. Lover of peace but lazy in doing work. Deprived of patrimony. These people improve their status gradually through some vocation. Late marriage but in a wealthy family and gains there from, comforts and happiness from wife. If first born is daughter there is stable gain and in case it is son there is gain in the beginning and loss in the end. These people realise their ambitions due to good luck of wife. More brothers than sisters. In the same way daughters are more than sons. Fond of poetry, opera, acting, mimicry and theatre etc. Gain money through foreign journeys or trade in iron, black dresses and woolen clothes. If placed in government service, they become famous and gain authority. Here they gain wealth through government. Venus in Tenth House - Here Venus is placed in Pisces an inimical sign, it denotes that after getting education, the native would prefer running own business more than service. The native is placed in very high position, professional prosperity very famous and opulence etc. Despite being blessed with position in society, conveyance and happiness, the native is caught in some case of cheating. Native is generous, socially popular but addicted. Financial gains are there but no savings. Troubles are there. Lazy tempramentely. Can be singer, astrologer or any other artist. Blessed with parents and their money but relation with parents is strained. This position of Venus is good for domestic peace and fortune after marriage. If marriage is around 20 years, there is another marriage after the death of first wife. In some cases wife may help the native in his profession. He spends money under the influence of women. One or two sons. It is possible that the relations may be strained with first son and it is possible that for the gain of money he may have illicit relations with some women. In company of Mercury most of these ( benefic) results stand spoiled in Venus dasa.The results only are there fully in Mercury dasa. If dasa of Venus were to precede the dasa of Mercury then these are only dreams or in very little quantities. Venus if afflicted indicates that there may not be any marriage and disrepute on account of unnatural relations with women. Journey to foreign lands. Loss of wealth and troubles. Loss of children, extravagance. Venus In Eleventh House In this case Venus will be located in Aries which is inimical sign being owned by Mars. It gives good education but with obstructions. This placement will give abundant wealth coupled with financial downfall and sick children. Success both in service and business. Earn fame and money through either business or any service. Most of the money is spend on journeys, religious functions and charities. Very licentious and passionate. As marriage is delayed, so they have secret relations with another woman to gratify the sexual urge. They are fond of having sexual unions in the day time specially after food which spoils the digestive system. Because of relations with I some woman or prostitution, they suffer defamation and money is lost in disputes and litigations. This causes lot of misery. This placement of Venus also gives two marriages. Gain through and after marriage is indicated. The birth of daughters are more than SOBS. They may not have even any single issue. However either sons are not bom or die after birth. The elder child will be particularly prone to be hurt by fire, chemicals and.violent animals etc. while other children will be less prone. Differences with elder brother or has to bear his financial burden.These people are selfish, greedy and fall down because of love relations with women from low class. If afflicted by Rahu or Saturn or both, the native is highly immoral and keep relations with women condemned by society. Grief from death of brother in youth. Venus in Twelfth House " In this case Venus will be located in Taurus belonging to itself which is good position for Sayana, Sukh or Bhoga. He will be highly sensuous or debauchee. They love beautiful women. Sexual involvement with others is not considered sin by them. Because of this principle and sensuous nature, thereas always quarrels with wife and there is no peace at home. Despite all these defects these people are generous, charitable, polite natured, religious and by nature inclined to help some deserving poor person to such an extent as to enable him to stand on his own. Earn lot of wealth and at one stage all his earnings or a lions share thereof will be spent on charitable and auspicious deeds. Sometimes two marriages and disputes are also because of money not forthcoming from her. However despite differences and strifes with wife, in the eyes of world their married life appears to be happy. These people do not believe in public service with motives. they believe in really benevolent job and selfless service, not as a matter of duty but as a matter of recreation and hobby. This position of Venus in Taurus makes one romantic poet, artist, actor, female actor in dramas and vocal and instrumental musician in cinemas etc. These people normally flourish in business particularly like real state, automobile, beauty parlour, cinema etc. However these people are prosperous among friends, gain lot of wealth and fame. Gain money through marriage. Progeny may be delayed unless Jupiter is well placed. Fond of water sports, water journeys and other water recreations. While being in foreign countries they do not hesitate in accepting other religions for the sake of woman. If afflicted by Saturn either marriage out of caste or remain unmarried. Native is extravagant and may also even incur debts. CANCER ASCENDANT For Cancer Ascendant Venus being lord of 4th ( kendra) and llth ( Badhaksthanadhipati) house is according to Parashar a functionally malefic planet. This is because it is lord of badakasthanadhipati and lord of 4th house where its mool trikona sign falls. But in my opinion,this malificencc is more related to health matters and not to the sphere of wealth. It has been seen that in the main period of Venus and sub-period of Saturn the native of Cancer Ascendant suffers physically but the periods of Venus are conducive to income because of lordship of the house of income. Thus Venus is inauspicious for Cancer lagna as per principles of Parashar but good for money matters as discussed above. Venus in First House - Education is ordinary. Not much progress in business or government service. The probable vocations are beautician, poet, writer, drama actor and female acting etc. They are good artist, beautiful to look at. Attractive to other woman. They are reserve, sweet tongued, shy

and get their work done by being social. Fond of love marriage. These people don't hesitate in love marriage with women of another caste. Sometimes have secret love with someone. Enjoy a happy marital life. He enjoys a fortunate life through marriage. Dearer to children. Only one marriage. Venus promises happy, comfortable and luxurious life with wealth, conveyance and houses. Gain of property from relatives and friends. Money through patrimony. Gain money from business of land and property. Respected. Fond of artistic things and has a profound taste for gardening, fortunate. Because of drinking and union with other woman suffer from secret diseases like albumenaria, defective semen and diabetics etc. Venus in Second House Venus will be in Leo sign and being in inimical sign should not give benefic results, specially in respect of eyes. There could be blindness or defect of eyesight, destruction of family, and fear from poison, fire. Family happiness is likely to be marred. Barns money through service, patrimony is there but all is finished due to extravagant and rash nature of the native. Because of greed of money invest in races, lottery and gambling but the desire for becoming rich lofa sudden is not fulfilled. Blessed with natural acumen for music, dance, composing of poems and art of writing. Good progress in service. He is honest, affectionate and having preference for good taste "and arts. Fond of juicy food and fruits. He is a man of taste and attractive to women. Through marriage gets wealth, fame, peace and happiness.Being sociable in society gets respect from friends. He is clever in attracting women. The greatest worry is about issues. Suffers from disease of albumenaria. Venus In Third House - In this case Venus will be in Virgo sign which happens to be its sign of debilitation which is not a good position. Number of diseases, fool hardiness and misfortune will torment the subject. Incomplete education. Fond of astrology, palmistry and composing poems etc. Not much progress in government service. If business there is no steady flow of money. Fluctuations in business with alternating losses and profits and there is always financial stringency. In case of doing business in areas of which Venus is promoter there could be loss and one is forced to change the area. Escapes from danger and troubles many times. Wife is just good looking and native is loyal to her. Despite having a licentious nature being devoted to wife, checks his passions. Not many brothers and fortunate after the age of 40 years. However if in this position Venus is aspected or associated with Mars, the passions become wild and native adopts unnatural methods of pleasure. He becomes immoral. There will be relations with girls from depressed community and gets money through them. Visits prosses. By the age of 32 years there will be number of women. These people marry without giving any consideration to caste. Separation from wife. Remarriage and defamation because of love relationship with women from low class. Troubles through secret diseases. Venus In Fourth House Venus will be in its own sign of Libra in Kendra. This position will give rise to malavaya yoga and so the native will enjoy some results of this yoga because of defect being a malefic for this lagna. Incomplete education. These people are recognised poets, writers or musicians and highly romantic. In these areas they earn money. Wear scented and washed clothes. Gain through business of books on literature or stationary etc. Blessed with friends. Not good for mother. There could be ailments for mother and in case of affliction, she may have even short life. Marriage in a good family but wife is not beautiful. Fortunate after marriage. Blessed with children. Owner of the money of the father (patrimony) but most of it is consumed in starting a big business establishment or some Utopian project. These natives normally eke out their livelihood in his native place and acquire maternal properties, lands etc. They as a result of malavya yoga enjoy all comforts of conveyance, house, wealth and honour. Life is peaceful and comfortable. May gain hidden treasure ie underground. Lives like a king holding a status and respect from public. Old age or last days not very comfortable. Much money is spent in luxuries and comforts of life and construction of good luxurious house. After youth gains money through his own efforts. Settlement is normally after 22 years. Partner also earns and contributes. Besides business earning is also from other sources. Venus In Fifth House - In this case Venus will be in Scorpio owned by Mars. This is not a good position for Venus to occupy normally put Mars is Yoga Karaka for Cancer Ascendant and so results are much different. Here we see an exceptionally good Venus to bestow his learning favourable mother, properties huge gains. The planet may even prove a very powerful Rajayoga Karaka conferring a significant and enviable position. Thus Venus partakes the good role of favourable Mars for this ascendant yet the position of Venus in house of Mars does not allow the native to remain without loose morals. He keeps relations with bad and corrupted woman which can be the cause of defamation. Mental happiness is not much. Disputes with first wife and second marriage after the death of the first. Normally there is no male issue and even one is born, dies prematurely.so worry about son is there. Male issue could be at old age. Daughters are more. Gain of money and fame through government service or scientific persuits. Venus in Sixth House -Here Venus will be in Saggitarius which is the sign belonging to an enemy. Obviously some bad results are expected by this placement in the areas of health but not as related to material gains. The native will be prone to serious diseases viz abdominal urinary, kidney, diabetics and diseases in reproductive organ. If unmarried ejaculation of semen in nights. These people despite incomplete education are highly skilled artist, poet and because of 1 acumen in these areas gain a lot of prizes money and fame. Not much happiness from the side of grand maternal uncle. Maternal uncle and aunt are fortunate and he gains money through them. Gains money through brothers as well. Obstacles and hinderances in obtaining authority and fear of enemies. Nearly at the age of 30 years they suffer either through servants or any other accident. He is of virtuous disposition and blessed with wealth and fame. He will be dear to all people and excellent personage and will be very popular. Will be held in high esteem by his family members and loved by them. Will be a scholar and enjoy wealth and fortunes. Will be holding a very high position. Like a minister. Highly intelligent with pleasing manners and impressive personality. Wife of manly behaviour and manners. Beautiful voice, slightly harsh. Troubles in swimming and water journeys. Troubles from enemies when out of country. There may be loss in 28th year. Wife's health may deteriorate either at 36th year or 40th years. Venus in Seventh House - Here Venus will be in Capricornus a friendly sign. Here native even with incomplete education can be a whole sale dealer and earn money through foreign countries. They also gain money in speculation and partnership. Wife fat, short, with round face and well versed in domestic work. She runs the family affairs smoothly and keeps husband under her control. Marry only for the gratification of sexual urge and greed of money. They don't marry for love. In case of love with others they are disappointed. Marriage can be out of caste and spouse older in age. Because of falling in love with a corrupted lady older in age, there is defamation and loss of money. In case of any foreign journey, they have love relations with some foreigner and lose their money and prestige. Not much pleasure out of wife and children. He does not respect his wife much and even looks her down. Miserable due to heavy expenses and emaciated body. Will suffer from heart disease. Miser in matters of money. He can cheat people and cannot be relied for his words selfish. His progenic ability if not marred but will be very restricted. Both husband and wife are weak in constitution. Visits prostitutes. Native will face many obstacles in his livelihood. Fortunate in later part of life. This place of Venus is a real trouble shooter. In this place if Venus occupies Taurus Navamsa while Moon remaining in Scorpio Navamsa, then the native lives at the cost of virtues of his wife. Venus in Eighth House Education is not completed and earns through various arts and astrology etc. The native is very cunning and also earns money through cunningness and making fool of others. Danger of life in swimming or water journeys like sea voyages. His children will not enjoy a fair longevity. The native will be a synonym of poverty. His married life will be either short or unpalatable. Delayed marriage. Wife is beautiful but even then being very sensuous are attached to other women. Out of these women he gets money. Attached to widows and divorcees. Opium eater or addicted. Lazy and consume patrimony. If Venus is afflicted, it will give diseases in private part of the native and wife. Becomes desirous of sex from an early age of 16. Being very sensuous indulges in unnatural means to gratify sexual cravings. Will enjoy fairly long life. Death at some religious place. Loss of limb due to falling or accident from conveyance. Gifts and legacies from friends as lord of llth in 8th. It could be that gains may be there through estate and property as Venus is lord of 4th and llth and in 8th.

Venus In Ninth House - Venus here will be in Pisces sign owned by Jupiter. As this Sign happens to be the sign of exaltation of Venus, mostly benefic results are expected. He will enjoy a legendary luck and will amass a plenty of wealth. Great wealth is possible even at birth. Education completed with certain obstacles. Good progress in government service or through poems, drama and art of writing. Favours and gains from government, religious mind, virtuous deeds, kind, benevolent and fond of pilgrimage etc. Blessed with beautiful and impressive wife. Wife egoistic and haughty and husband suffers due to this temperament of wife. She is very effective and keeps the management of the house in her own hands or otherwise disputes. His coborns will also be very rich and his relations with them are very smooth. There is another marriage if married before the age of 20 years and if it is otherwise, There is no second marriage. They follow their convictions outside the religious restrictions. Fond of unnatural relations with elderly female relatives or friend's wife or widows. These people in foreign country get involved in love affair with another woman resulting in loss of prestige. Wordly life is very happy. All his undertakings will prove auspicious and successful. He will achieve an enviable social status. He will have a very mellifluous voice, singing talents and the like. There is loss because of either cheating or theft or in any other way. Disputes with in-laws and worries on account of them. Fond of travelling. Gains through service, religion long journeys and foreigners. Social life with aristrocratics and friendship with them. Venus In Tenth House - Here the sign of Mars, Aries is there and despite all good aspects and benefic results the native does not escape the evil arising out of relationship of Mars and Venus. As a result these persons either go to prostitutes or keep secret love affairs with the wife of others causing loss of prestige and money. These people are otherwise inclined to remain unmarried till there is not enough money to live luxuriously, comfortably and till he earns name and fame. Tempramen-tal incompatibility exists between husband and wife. The native is active and of sweet speech. He completes his education with lot of obstacles. This position of Venus makes the native educated, learned, scientist and gives knowledge of many skills, such as singing, photography and mathematics. They also have good knowledge of other artistic works. These people earn and get fame through lottery, lawyers profession, archeology, mines and forests etc. Benevolent and social. This placement ensures a famous position in society. The native will enjoy abundant money in business of his own. Father if alive not on good terms. Blessed with mother and get full advantage of her money. If Mars is in fall simultaneously in the ascendant then it portends severe and early evil to mother. Enjoy the company of his wife and children even in other places. Worried due to his wife and enemies. In old age face some troubles. Gain through high ups, trade and profession. Venus In Eleventh House - Here Venus will be in its own sign Taurus and is in good position. These people normally complete their education but in some cases incomplete education has been found. Makes a good progress in service, business and other vocations. Blessed with wife, comforts conveyance and house. They spend the money well. Fond of journeys, song, dance, music, poetry and role of female in dramas etc. Selfish and carefree. Blessed with elder brother and keep on swindling him. Get married and more daughters and by nature uneasy. Gain through friends, fond of society and favour from females. Well respected. Proud and worry regarding sons. Native is loose in character and have relations with women condemned by society. He will have maternal property and monetary gains. Wants a post of chief without spending money. Improper behavior with family members and keeps on quarreling. Blind faith, sticking to old traditions, religious, no cleanliness in eating a and drinking highly sensous and addicted to women despite religious learnings. Venus in Twelfth House - Here Venus will be in Gemini the sign owned by friend Mercury. The natives happiness will be limited and the mother may be subjected to difficulties in her personal life. These people are poets, romantic writers, singers, dancers, artists, photographers, gossip writers and fond of other artistic works. These people are liar but happy and wealthy. Marriage is late and by that time corrupt a number of girls. Sensous, sexual and debauchee and spends money on sexual gratification. Sexual union with other's wife. Secret love affair leading to enmity of women. Progress in government service. Not on good terms with wife. Secret diseases connected with albumenaria and semen. Afflicted health, end of life in seclusion and study of occult sciences. LEO ASCENDANT Venus becomes lord of the 3rd (malefic house) and 10th ( kendraadhipatya dasha) houses. As a lord of 10th kendra, Venus a natural benefic ceases to be so and because of ownership of 3rd house becomes all the more malefic. Thus Venus is malefic for Leo Ascendant. Venus In First House - Incomplete education. Has acumen for poems, vocal and instrumental music, dance, drama, writing and other arts. He earns his livelihood through them. He will be attractive, intelligent, affectionate, honest, social, liberal, spend thrift and endowed with good friends. He will be chief among his folk and be famous. Beautiful and attractive to entice other women. Wife beautiful, calm, cheerful and gives satisfaction. Marital relations are harmonious and they love each other. Long life, popular in friends. Command over foreign language. Fame and wealth through marriage. Daughters more than sons or there may not be any son. Starts feeling sexual urge from the age of 20 years. Venus In Second House - Venus in this position will be in Virgo, the sign of debilitation. This placement of course gives incomplete education and lot of family difficulties. Monetary insufficiencies and short life. The native is sweet tongued, romantic, poet, writer, musician or dramatist. Normally there is no patrimony and if it is there either he does not get it or is not fruitfully utilized. Devoid of money and leads a miserable life. Native is debauchee, licentious and sex dwells in his mind. Due to sweet words becomes very popular with woman and fall in love with some beautiful girl from low community. Wife is always sick and lot of money is spent on her ailments. Progress through service. The native is religious and kind hearted but still the life is miserable and with loose morals. Gains through woman. Suffers from diseases related to semen, cold and cough and hydrocele. Troubles through water journeys. Venus in Third House - Despite being blessed with good brain, the education is incomplete. Blessed with brothers, sisters and parent. Progress both in government service and independent business. Gets dowry and earns through business and skill of arts. Service of public, blessed with noble friends and high post. Always desirous to be the chief of some organisation. At the age of 20 years this position of Venus gives craziness in love of someone. Long life, fame and wealth are indicated. Native is fond of other woman. Being very passionate and licentious keeps relation with other women. Native is choosy in selecting a girl as life partner and so an opportunity to have a charming wife slips out of his hands. Delayed marriage but if aspect of Saturn is there, it could be by 20 years. Wife is intelligent but haughty and quarrelsome. Everyday there is some dispute on one excuse or the other. Despite less issues she has even differences with them. She is shameless, considers husband like a servant. She always talks ill of her persons and others. She observes no cleanliness in meals and fond of washing clothes. The position of Venus favours only one or two sons and no daughters. Gains from learning, writings, short journeys and brothers. Suffers from the disease of defective semen. Venus in Fourth House The native will also reap similar good effects as Venus in 5th house with Cancer Ascendant but in a lesser degree. Here accent will be more on professional success while in the Cancer Ascendant native will enjoy less than a Leo native with Venus in Scorpio. Education incomplete. These persons initially do service but because of no progress so either start business or take up other vocations. Gains fame through composition of poems and art of writing. Not much happiness from father and patrimony. Early demise of mother. Troubles through conveyance. After marriage settlement and fortunate. This position of Venus is bad for domestic harmony. Wife is not very attractive. Either no marriage and if married there is separation. Disappointment in marriage. More misery with second marriage. Besides own wife keeps relation with some corrupted woman and because of which there are disputes resulting in loss of money and prestige. Remains out of house. Gets defamed in doing forbidden acts despite the

fact that he is devoted to God. Native is miser and selfish. They are always interested in increasing the bank balance but more money is spend on adulterous and amorous life. Happy and wealthy but not so much as under Cancer with Venus in Scorpio. May live out of his country and build house there. Fortunate in old age. Suffers from number of diseases. Venus in Fifth House - Less educated in terms of paper degree but he will be considered a great scholar by persons coming in his contact. They will be impressed by his. knowledge and expression. Religious, knowledge of languages, expert artist and good drama actor. Through the skill of these arts the native earns. He also gains money out of widows. His face is sexy and attractive to women. He will have a stout and long physique and be respected by all. Marriage is late but marital life is happy. Blessed with fortune and will be a king's minister. Earnings will be out of dutifulness and honesty. He will be a scholar and in some cases they have been endowed with good education. After education becomes lawyer or judge or scientist or teacher or a high ranking business man. Though initially there are obstacles in promotion but finally attains a high position and becomes wealthy. Love either some widow or older woman. Even then the native is virtous, dutiful and dear to people. In matters of progeny, Leo born people will obtain progeny quickly and numerously. The native here will enjoy much better results than Cancerians. Even he will not be prone to the diseases as applicable to the births in Cancer. Venus in Sixth House - Dullard and engaged in vicious acts. Uneducated. No government service and engaged in other vocations. Professionally there will be stalled progress. Earns money through false promises. Swindle the friends. More enemies. This position of Venus is capable of inflicting great miseries and unhappiness. Not much happiness from maternal uncle's family. Not much progress in business and no easy recognition. Get married late. Wife is from a poor family and quarrelsome. The native is highly sexed and is desirous of marrying or keeping relation with a lady older in age and be controlled by her for reasons of money. Though native is sexy but his sexual habits remain chaste. There is also disappointment in love. Difficult to meet expenditure and is always under debts which are even after his death. Less issues. Widow daughters burden may be there. Veracious eating causes indigestion, bad lever and diseases of intestines. He will suffer from diseases connected with semen and veneral afflictions. Danger to life through swimming or water journeys. Venus in Seventh House - Here Venus will be in Aquarius sign, a friendly place. It gives good education and will contribute to wealth and fortune of the native. Marriage is delayed. The spouse may be out of caste. Gains through marriage or opposite sex. Wife is normally employed and expert in other works. She is ordinarily beautiful. She is passionate and attached to the world. She is of corpulent body and intelligent. There can be gain and pleasure through business of articles,foreign journeys and water games. Native is licentious and passionate. Love relations with foreign women and gains money. Venus in 7th during its dasa causes physical distress. If he is in 6th navamsa in Aquarius (i.e. in Pisces navamsa) the native will live in an aristrocratic life after marriage. Though few children but these are generally able to realize their hopes. Venus in Eighth House The strength of Venus will be converted into a long lease of life more than anything. Professional attainments in general will follow but there is due scope of several reversals. These reversals will not be to the rock bottom in any case. It will be only in the form of a temporary distress and drawback. Thus things will move slowly with interruptions and reverses. However this position makes the native of self respect, learned and skilled in crafts. May be attached to widows or divorcees for sexual gratifications. Normally happy and wealthy. This position of Venus gives highly malefic results and is highly dangerous. There can be imprisonment due to disputes with his own people. Marriage with a girl of masculine temperament and features. Wife is profligate. Two marriages are possible. Can be sometimes in love with a woman out of caste and because of her may even change religion. Addicted to drinks. Gets money through hook or crook. There is also gain of money through skill in an art. Recognition and fame in public. Loss through relations with other women. Physical sufferings in middle age. Relations with friends and relatives not very cordial. Gain through legacy, courts and insurance if Venus is well aspected. Suffer from secret diseases connected with albumanaria and lot of money is spent in treatment. Venus in Ninth House - Here Venus will be in Aries sign of Mars and the result will be a blending Mars, Venus and ninth house which stands for father and long journeys mainly. This will cause the father to have extramarital relations. Number of long and foreign journeys. It gives good education. Native is religious, benevolent, learned and fond of pilgrimage. He does selfless service. Life is happy. The native is romantic and acquire skill related to music, drama, poet and writer. If this Venus is aspected by a benefic it indicates proficiency in music,art, drama, writing and cinema and it is in these areas he may get name. They have got natural aptitude for acting. Spouse is beautiful, impressive and likes to have full authority. She is jealous and quarrelsome. Marriage could be by 20 years of age. Despite all this wife is not passionate and is cold. Husband being licentious and profligate keeps secret relations with other women or indulges in prostitution. These people love their wives for show. Not many issues. A religious and intellectual mother. In some cases even early death of father. If Venus occupies Virgo navamsa being in this position, it denotes loss of children. The native may even suffer from diseases related to breathing. Number of foreign journeys. Venus in Tenth house - Here Venus will be in its own sign Taurus and this is a highly beneficial and strong position. Results of Malavya Yoga will be available. Good for domestic peace and harmonious life with general happiness. Education is completed and gets degree in science and literature etc. Wear scented coloured dresses, officer in government service or in business. But these people arc more inclined to run their own business rather than doing service. However whether placed in business or service, they progress well. These people are fond of doing hard work for music, dance, artistic works, making of coloured flowers and leaves. Blessed with mother but deprived of her affection. Professional activity is progressive and there is success. These people could be in one of the vocations of vocal and instrumental musician, poet, essayist, story writer and novelist Besides being artist, actor, cinema singer etc. they participate in all artistic activities. Life is happy and artistic. In some cases wife also helps the native in profession and business. Blessed with wife and children. One or two sons. Makes love with woman as a matter of recreation. Attached to woman. Spends money under the influence of other woman. If Venus is afflicted, it gives ill repute on account of relations with women. Differences with mother but till father is alive, relations with him are very cordial. Loves journeys, Foreign travels financial gains are there but no savings and faces occassional financial and other troubles. Lazy tempramentely. Endowed with land, conveyance and comfortable living. Generous, socially popular but addicted to drinks. Sensuous and passionate. Selfless service. They have no knowledge of religious activities and have their own convictions instead of philosophy of believing and not believing in God. Venus in Eleventh House - Venus will be in friendly sign Gemini and is likely to give good results. Planets in llth house normally give good results and here they will be magnified as Venus is benefic by nature. Functional maleficence may cause some results like licentousness, frustrations in love, easy demise of father, sensuous and lusty. Education completed with interruptions. Fond of artistic works like music, dance and writing. Simple living, progress in field of government service, teaching or professor etc. Professionally native is well placed. Earning from two sources. He will obtain happy progeny. May not have male issue but only daughters. Anxiety regarding male issue. They have their own views about marriage. Two marriages. If late marriage, good issues. Bear the burden of one of the brothers. There is gain from brothers and friends. Early demise of father and long life to mother. Patrimony not much. Sensual and sexual and there is sexual enjoyment. Troubles in journey. Desire for foreign journey. In childhood and old age may face difficulties. In middle age the native will be happy. Venus will give the best results. Helpful to friends and relatives. Venus In Twelfth House - Good education. These people write romantic poems and articles or are employed as clerks in government organization. Though the wife is beautiful and from a good family but still difference of opinion exists and there are always strife with her. Fortunate after marriage

either in business or service. There could be attachment with a widow. Due to high expenditure there is no saving. Enemies arc there. Danger of life in water journeys and get drowned while swimming. Fear of thieves. If Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Mars join Venus in 12th, a coborn is liable to die by drowning. VIRGO ASCENDANT For this ascendant Venus becomes lord of 2nd and 9th houses and so it becomes benefic. Venus in First House - Venus as a benefic for this house in sign Virgo which is its sign of debilitation may not give very encouraging results. Education is incomplete and earns money and fame through artistic works as music, singing, drama, romantic poems and writings. Shy and sweet tongued. Business. Inclined to inter caste marriage. He may like to remain unmarried till they get the desired wife. Being pretty looking and handsome, these people attract women very easily during conversation. Being immoral and debauchee will have illicit relations with mean and beautiful girls. One is miserable and will be repository of many diseases. Suffer normally from diseases related to semen ( diabetes), involuntary emmision of semen in nights or defective night dreams and other diseases related to reproductive organs. They do vicious and evil acts and indulge in malpractices. Venus In Second House - Here Venus will be in Libra which is its own sign. Good education, literary, businessman, artists and wears scented dresses. Venus in 2nd house gives money in various forms in dowry, gain of money through business in partnership and patrimony etc. Thus native will be very rich. He accepts some chief position in some organisation engaged in charitable and welfare work. Married in a rich family and wife is charming. Wife is sickly and so anxiety about her. There is also anxiety about progeny. Defective eye sight, attached with others wife. Two mothers. Gain from business and trade from foreign countries. In case of female there is apprehension of barreness. Venus in Third House - Here Venus will be in Scorpio owned by Mars and this position generally has not been considered favourable so far as morals are concerned. However with this place of Venus specific emphasis will be on good fortunes. There will be influx of wealth through brothers, friends and society. The native may even inherit a good deal of parental wealth. Native is with incomplete education and even if he is not conversant with some subject he will boast to have knowledge of that subject. Establishes relation with new persons and dear to everyone. Fond of romances during journeys and makes love as a matter of recreation. Lean, thin and miser. Composer of obscene poems. Native is very choosy regarding partner and in case there is aspect of Mars, he rejects a number of girls offered for marriage proposal. It results in late marriage. If married early wife dies. His wife is always worried. She is just good looking and she tries to check the licentious nature of the husband by keeping checks. Settlement after second marriage, worried about son. Daughters are more. Worried about living abroad and debts. Ear trouble. Loss of money and prestige due to illicit relations with some vicious women. If Venus is aspected by Mars, he adopts unnatural means to satisfy his sexual urge and native is immoral. Sisters are more. Venus in Fourth House - Here Venus will be in inimical sign of Saggitarius owned by Jupiter. This is a good position for high learning like literature, painting, astrology, forestry and growing of crops like sugar cane, cotton etc. Native will own abundant landed property around hilly areas. He may enjoy a kind of happiness in life. Blessed with good education, noble ideas, kind and gentle. He can be a good poet and writer. Achieve fame in his own field. Serves others. May also gain patrimony. Gain money and fame through his artistic ideas and works. Early demise of mother. If mother survives, she is sick. Wife beautiful and energetic. Marital happiness. Besides business there may be other sources of income. Quite handsome with good looks to entice women. Popular with women and debauchee. Venus in Fifth House -- Venus will be in Capricorn sign owned by Saturn a planet of restrictions and gloominess. He will have lot of family problems, financial insufficiencies and will suffer on account of his tongue. Being miserable will like loneliness. From progeny point of view, he will have only female children. These will be very virtuous. In case even he gets male issue, he may die prematurely. However after a long waiting a son may be born and survive. Inclined in science subjects and thus he may get graduate or post graduate degree. May even go to foreign countries for higher education. Married life not very happy. Not much respect for spouse and inclined to have sex with other women. For the sake of money love old women. Ordinary gain through business and indifferent to people. Proud, industrious and learned. Blessed with one of the skills such as arts, poetry, music and dramatist Endowed with conveyance and other comforts but under debt.Gain by speculation, races, lottery etc. Venus in Sixth House Here Venus will be in Aquarius, the mooltrikona sign of Saturn and so results are not very encouraging and more so as Saturn is lord of 6th itself for this ascendant. He will have incomplete education and devoid of learning. Sucess in artistic vocations, happiness through maternal grandfather. He will have many loans and suffer loss through enemies. He will have many family problems and will not be a successful house holder. Gets beautiful wife whose charm fades away after marriage. She is helpful. Gradually differences are certain to crop up between the two. If node joins Venus, his wife will be of a questionable character. This place of Venus makes him immoral, licentious and passionate. Marriage delayed and so he corrupts a number of girls. Falls in love with woman condemned by society. During foreign journey falls in love with women having no belief in religion and given to evil habits. Loss through wife. The native will suffer great loss of wealth generally and will be disrespected and illfamed. Gains through inferiors if not afflicted. Suffer from diseases connected with semen, cold and cough. Expenditure in illness, eye sight declines, trouble in swimming and water journeys. Venus in Seventh House Venus here will be in Pisces which happens to be its sign of exaltation. Complete education, noble ideas, foreign journey for education. This position of Venus will bless the native with a successful householdership, happy and advantageous marriage and fortune a galore. Early marriage. Native is fond of love marriage. Wife is impressive, selfish, extravagant and tactful. Native takes his wife to be a source of sexual gratification. The native is highly sexual and licentious. Fortunate after marriage and remains so till the wife is alive. Two marriage. Does not give proper respect to wife. Stability and success does not come till the age of 40 years and after this there is sudden progress. Fond of dance, music and drama. Wife beautiful but out of control and opposite in temperament. Skilled in amorous acts. Fond of others wife and prostitution. Prosperous life. Fond of swimming. Illegal sexual relations with some other woman. Venus In Eighth House Venus in Aries sign owned by Mars. Very less education, provocative, quarrelsome, less fortunate, violent, sinful nature and addicted to opium. While the natives family may be large he will suffer from acute penury, financial problems or financial loss. Early father's demise. Marriage with difficulties, proud wife, disputes with wife and children. Not much success either in business or service and loss of wealth and patrimony. Debts. Live on assistance from some good friends, fear of enemies, danger to life in water journeys or swimming, injury in accidents, living out of country, debauchee, secret diseases. It has been observed that these natives are unfortunate after marriage and suffer financial troubles. Venus in Ninth House Venus will be located in its own sign in Taurus which is highly ominious and auspicious. This placement of Venus indicates that even if native is not well educated he impresses being very learned. Sweet tongued, attractive, cheerful, artist, skilled, proficient in vocal and instrumental music. Wears scented coloured clothes. Dear to all, social and ambitious to occupy top post. He will be wealthy and happy. Family property will be enjoyed more by coborns, than the native. Religious, fond of pilgrimages, blessed with brothers, children and sisters. Learned and worshipper of God. Earnings and fame through poems, stories, writings, music, theatre and drama etc. Gain through foreign journeys and long

voyages, lucky after marriage. Gets money through foreign and relatives. Wife is ordinary but still married life is happy. She is wealthy and polite. Native suffers due to haughty temper of his wife. If Venus is afflicted here, then marriage is either out of caste or partner is old in age. Oppose parents under the influence of wife. Patrimony is there but all is consumed in establishing and running a business. Wants to live happily without hard work. Sexy and selfish. In case of foreign journey fall in love with a irreligious girl disregarding all cannons of religion, water journey pleasant, sexual union with other women. Venus in Tenth Home - Venus as lord of 2nd and 9th house in tenth identical with Gemini, a friendly sign. It is also a good position and capable of giving beneficial results specially in matters of finance as Venus is benefic for this Ascendant. Financial gains will be abundant. But for rare fall, professional happiness will prevail throughout. An earning wife is indicated through this position of Venus. Being a Mercurial sign wife could be involved in business activity or assist husband. She brings money. Father may die at an young age Learned and their education is completed, these people can be poet, writer, artist or actor. Sources of income can be more than one. Success more in business but both can be together and it is paying. He will have good knowledge of astrology, palmistry, medicines, biology and expert in vocal and instrumental music. Marries only when financial condition is well stabilised with sufficient bank balance. Marital life is not happy and dispute are there. Wife is beautiful. Blessed with good children, land, beautiful house and father. Kingly status with power and authority. Troubles to mother. These people are social, benevolent, religious, popular and extravagant and licentious. Venus in Eleventh House - Here Venus will be in Cancer sign belonging to Moon. Venus either with Moon or in the sign of Moon normally does not give beneficial results. With a slight affliction to Moon, it may give second marriage. This position does not allow education to be competed. Due to sharp intelligence make a good progress in running business or factory etc. Blessed with money and fame. These people are liars. Able to convince even educated persons due to clear conceptions and power of arguments. Proficiency in making radios, machines and agricultural implements. Blessed with wife and children. More daughters. Family displeasures, association with courtezans, gambling, drinking wine and addiction to other woman are the special features of the natives life. Frustration in love. Suffer from some secret and wasting disease. Immoral and relations with woman condemned by society. Two marriages, religious leanings, highly licentious. Gain through and after marriage. Venus in Twelfth House - Here again Venus will be in unfavourable sign of Leo belonging to Sun and so despite Venus being a benefic for this Ascendant not much good comes out. It gives incomplete education, independent views, lover of beauty, gain through daring actions and extravagant. Gets married but wife is quarrelsome and so native suffers. Not much success in business and have to do service, debauchee, miserable due to do not having male issues, settlement and gain of money after marriage, heavy loss through some mean enemy. These peope are selfish, follower of wrong path, drunkards and sinful. Though blessed with position but attached to amorous acts. Eye trouble. In short positional fall, perennial wants and lack of peace is characteristic of this position of Venus. LIBRA ASCENDANT Venus for Libra ascendant becomes lord of Ascendant where its mooltrikona sign falls. It is also lord of eighth house where the Taurus sign falls. Thus Venus becomes benefic. But experience has shown malefic results of Venus for this lagna. According to some authorities Venus is considered neutral for this lagna. However Venus is lord of ascendant and 8th and so represents longevity and being lord of mooltrikona sign falling in Ascendant gives the good result in respect of finances. We shall keep this aspect in view while considering the result of Venus in various houses. Venus in First House- In this position Venus will give the results of malavya yoga ensuring good health, and mental happiness. Fond of decorative and scented articles, and pleasures. Sweet tongued, dear to all and blessed with wealth, house,land, conveyance and house etc. Recognition by public, fame and honours from government. Religious. This native is educated and can be an artist, poet, writer or teacher etc. Gets rich dowry. Wife is lovely, beautiful and educated. Fond of love marriage and so keep on flirting with number of girls. Blessed with good friends and children. Average wealth and religious. He likes extramarital relations and sex dwells in his mind. Venus in Second House - Good education, devoted to virtuous deeds, industrious, dear to relatives and brothers, intelligent, skilled, learned, poet, writer of books and engaged in doing good to others. Blessed with food and wealth. By nature simple and earns his livelihood normally through art of writing or service. Fortunate after marriage, wealth not steady. Not very smooth relations with friends, frustration in love and defamation because of illicit relations with some vicious women. Married life not happy with second marriage after the death of first wife. Talk ill of preceptor. Secret diseases, cold and cough and fear of water. Family life moderately happy. There may be some misfortune in appropriate sub periods of Venus dasa. Wealth will be gathered by native with great difficulties and hindrances. Venus in Third House Venus will be in Sagittarius sign owned by enemy Jupiter. Venus in 3rd house proves detrimental and dasa of Venus will bring miseries, expenses and loss of income. If Moon sign is favourable then these adversities will disappear. It gives good education, gain of success in jobs requiring hard work. Blessed with brothers and sisters. Fond of composing poems and hearing the same. Foriegn voyage, change of place, fame through own efforts, happiness, profit in business, promotions if in service. Instability of mind. The spouse is intelligent, attractive, haughty. Native is woman seeker. Very passionate and licentious. Allure other women through beautiful and sweet words. Keeps relation with other women. Very choosy in selecting partner and in rejecting number of proposals even an opportunity to have a charming wife slips out of hands. When Venus is afflicted there could be troubles, restricted development and break in education. May indicate troubles or risk of death during journeys. Psychic and mysterious experiences. Venus in Fourth House - Here Venus will be in Capricornus sign owned by Saturn which is inhabiting and restrictive in characteristics but a raja yoga Karaka for this ascendant. Thus there will be ordinary wealth and learning in the dasa of Venus. If Venus and Moon are in 4th house, the child antenatally caused distress to the mothers physique. This position thus gives incomplete education, gives government service but not much progress and lot of obstructions in promotion. Life is better after marriage, number of brothers and sisters, blessed with wife, children and conveyance. Endowed with power of writing poems and can become a good writer. Lot of anxieties and foreign travels. Not much fame and troubles from family. Handsome. Differences with parents. Business. Marry not for love but for money and so always frustration in love. Remains under the influence of an older lady because of money, lives abroad fond of music law and knowledge of law and other languages. Less issues. As 4th house indicates land and property. Patrimony and troubles to father. Afflicted Venus may give death of father and troubles from property. Venus in Fifth House - Here Venus will be in Aquarius sign which is a friendly sign. Complete education, earns livelihood through proferssorship or lecturer or writing work. Success in business can also be there. Expert in skilled job. Feels frustrated if partner is not very educated and polite. Wife calm honest and well aware of behavioural etiquettes. Partner gets due respect but a second marriage may take place. Unfortunate in respect of children. Some child may die. More daughters than sons and even there may not be any male issue. Marriage is late. Many ambitions, worried about more wealth. Very passionate and licentious. Union with other women. No savings because of luxurious life and expenditure on speculations, sports or loss in recreations. Gain money and fame because of being learned. Secret diseases. He will have a medium span of life. He will suffer from diseases relating to heart. If Sun karaka of heart is there, this ailment is doubly certain.

Venus in Sixth House - Here Venus will be in Pieces sign owned by enemy Jupiter. Handsome, always sick, desirous of becoming wealthy, licentious, amorous acts, inimical to business community, blessed with elders and conveyances, slow progress and mental worries. Education completed, miser and very sharp intelligence. Besides these general results, he learns a number of arts for progress and fame but being greedy is not able to complete the jobs. Blessed with parents. Devoid of marital pleasures or remains unmarried. Two marriages are possible. Being debauchee keeps illicit relations with many girls. Inclined to have inter caste marriage but consideration of friends and society are great deterrents. Not much pleasure from children. Blessed with long life and may live up-to pretty age of 120 years proving the adage that a sinner lives longest lives. He will be miserable in his old age and will be dependant on others. His later part of the life will be full of sickness, misery etc. This does not mean that he will be an insignificant person in early periods with Venus in the 6th in peak ( exalted). This power grants Venus to elevate the native to a high class of society, makes him affluent and very happy. Disturbed married life because of natives licentious mature. Venus in Seventh House - Venus will be in Aries sign owned by Mars and inimical planet. Incomplete education, proficiency in artistic works. Earn money and fame through drama, poetry and music etc. Married life will be generally happy. Wife is beautiful but native still keeps secret relations with another woman which causes loss of money and fame. Wife is always sick with physical troubles. Highly licentious and passionate and inclined to intercaste marriage. Corrupted before the age of 20 years. Skilled in amorous acts. Travels and journeys, defamed, financial troubles. Happiness in business and journey. Suffer from secret diseases of diabetes and hernia. Wife is rich and gains through her. A man of rank and powers. If Venus is afflicted loss through law, women and open enemies, wife will be of short life unless Mars rulling 8th from 7th, is strong. Venus in Eighth House - Here Venus will be in own sign of Taurus. Education is incomplete, troubles of mind and body, suffers from number of diseases, always miserable, dependant, debauchee. Earns livelihood through business or other small vocations. Never very wealthy. Normally live well, cunning and selfish. Keep relations with either a widow or a divorcee. If married marital life is not happy. Both husband and wife suffer from one disease or the other. Not much happiness from children. They are saved if any risk of life arises during sea journey or swimming. Fond of white clothes and scented things. Romantic and lover of poetry, sweet tongued, innocent face and attractive eyes. They have number of friends who help at times. Obstacles in promotion if in service. Diseases of cold and cough and any disease connected with semen. Venus in Ninth House - Venus here will be in Gemini, a friendly sign. Here even if education is not complete one is learned writer and proficiency in editing and intelligent. Because of independent views less money and more fame. Fortunate after marriage. Inclined towards religious and virtuous works. Spend money in pilgrimage, blessed with brothers and sisters. Sweet tongued and lover of sweetness. Daily new functions. Victorious over enemies. Generous and of good temperament and endowed with fame and respect. In middle life more luck, comforts and happiness. Early marriage and downfall after death of wife. Spouse good and beautiful. Neither sexual nor inclined towards women. Gets money from wife for business. In this place Venus in combination with a benefic indicates skill in drama and cinema etc. and it is in these fields they get name and fame. They have natural aptitude for acting, Death in affluence Venus generally in ninth denotes a second wife for Libra. If Mars occupies the 10th the effect is doubly confirmed. It could also be there if instead of Mars, Sun is there. Venus in Tenth House - Here Venus will be in Cancer sign belonging to Moon. Education completed with interruptions. Being unsettled mentally are not able to stick to any profession. If in service, it is an organisation where more girls are employed. However this position is more favourable for fame and wealth through agriculture, literary fields and through precious stones. Not inclined to do service and likes to run his independent business. Fond of music, natural beauty, cinema etc. Profits can be from skills as well. Blessed with father but not a good time with father in-law. Addicted to drinking and seek union with other women. In event of foreign journey, establish relations with foreign girl. Blessed with house, lands and conveyance etc. Married life is harmonious and wife helps the native in profession and earns herself. The native is generous and socially popular but addicted. Despite financial gains there is not much saving. Tempramenlally lazy. Occassionally troubles are there. If Venus is afflicted here, relations with other women may adversely affect the good name. Waste of money because* of other women. Venus in Eleventh House - Here Venus will be in inimical sign of Leo. Education very less. Earn livelihood either through business or artistic work as poetry, painting of natural sceneries or jobs of making earthen toys etc. Life being dependant on elder brother. Miser and could not care less type. Marriage is normally denied and if it comes then issues don't survive. However in case of survival girls are more. Income very meagre and scared of journeys. Success in skill of writing. Honoured by public, profits through business. These persons are highly intelligent and capable of encashing all possible influence from government sources as well as from persons in position is denoted. A mole or scar on the ears may be noted. This position of Venus is considered highly auspicious. Gain of wealth through wife. Generous and good temperament. Gain of money through friends and assistance from them. Pleasures and comforts in life. Worry about cold and cough. Always scared of watery diseases. Venus in Twelfth House Here Venus will be in sign of debilitation Virgo. Education is not completed but still blessed with wealth. Knowledge of art of poetry, proficient in art of drama and great fondness for love marriage. Very much inclined even to intercaste marriage. No discrimination for religious or irreligious, spend a lot during journeys, worry about debts, changes in position, failures and losses in business. These people are generally with short life, sick physique and suffer from many chronic diseases and even secret diseases. Loss of eye sight due to ones own fault. There could be early demise of wife. Very passionate and licentious. Two marriages are possible. If afflicted by Saturn either no marriage or marriage out of caste. Married life unhappy, though there are various opportunities for him to satisfy his sexual urge. Loss through women. Benefit through occult sciences and secret mission. SCORPIO ASCENDANT Venus for this ascendant will be lord of 7th and 12th houses. 12th house is a neutral house. Venus as lord of 7th, the kendra, being a natural benefic ceases to be so and gives adverse results. Thus Venus is malefic for this lagna. In this Ascendant Venus predominantly represents sex being lord of 7 and 12 houses. Venus in First House Here Venus will be in Scorpio owned by Mars. Education incomplete. Hot tempered. Because of eye catching beauty they are able to attract women towards themselves. Late marriage, married life unhappy. Despite beautiful wife there are quarrels with wife. She either burns herself or dies otherwise. No happiness even from second marriage, licentious with no respect. Extravagant, many love affairs and gain from opposite sex. Trouble and bad name due to women. Because of illicit relations with some vicious women there is loss of money and prestige. Worried about debts while out of country. Love children more than wife. Being of unsteady mind are not able to concentrate on business and suffers. Mostly sickly and suffers from secret diseases like albumunaria and diabetes etc. Lot of money is spent on treatment. Fear of being convicted. Crooked in his ways and dealings. Afflictions from malefic is most devastating. Venus in Second House -- Venus will be in fiery sign Sagittarius owned by enemy Jupiter but this position is not so bad because of involvement of two acharyas and second house. Native will be of attractive appearance, be intelligent, very opulent, famous, etc. He is highly educated. Get money and

fame through government service and other artistic works. Blessed with noble thoughts, wealth wife and children. Sudden gain of wealth, income from two sources, religious, generous, obstacles in promotion and late marriage. Attract other women because of sweet words and romantic attitude. Licentious and passionate. For the sake of marriage love either a widow or old woman. Not much of patrimony. If Venus is afflicted acute facial and eye diseases. In general health will be afflicted adversely. Extravagance may lead to accumulation of debts. Venus in Third House - Venus will be in a friendly sign Capricorn owned by Saturn. Despite incomplete education sufficient money through wholesale business and other vocations. Differences with wife. Loss of money and prestige due to love relationship with some low class women during foreign journey, frustrated in love, lives outside country, troubles in sea voyage, desire to have sexual union at old age or marry a lady older than himself to keep her under control Quarrels with wife, gain of money through foreign trade. Early death of co-born. If Venus in this position is afflicted by Mars, the native becomes highly passionate and licentious and to satisfy sexual urges adopts unnatural means. Financial troubles are there. With the usual placement of Venus, more daughters. Respected and earnings without much effort. Marriage may be with a neighbour or a relative. Venus in Fourth House - Here Venus will be in Aquarius sign owned by Saturn. Incomplete education but he will attain mastery over sastras of ancient lore. Derive pleasure from artistic works and craftsmanship. Wife beautiful, attractive and prosperous. Blessed with children and patrimony. Delayed marriage and lazy in doing good deeds. Property by marriage, a chaste partner and happy ending to wedded life. Grief from untimely death of wife. May have debts. Wealth and fame through skills of art. Patrimony is all lost either due to luxurious life or starting and running a new business. Gains money through his efforts and settlement in 22nd year. Wife may also earn. This position of Venus Gives business besides other sources of earning. Abundant landed properties, very decent livelihood and an afflicted mother. Since the birth of native mother will not maintain a good health. Success in occupation, related to other women, become irreligious due to love with girl from different caste when in foreign countries, fond of foreign, vicious and sinners. Happiness and gain through water journeys. If in government service there is not much progress but gain in wholesale business of iron and articles of machinery and instruments from foreign countries. Venus in Fifth House - Here Venus will be in Pieces, its sign of exaltation. Education is completed and gets degrees in scientific subjects. Blessed with fame and wealth. Get married but not on good terms with wife, more daughters and worried about son. If son survives highly prosperous, successful in swimming, water sports and in foreign journey, obstacles in foreign journeys. There is one bad quality with them that they make love with some old woman for the sake of money and desert her once wealth is gained. In foreign country they even marry some one out of caste. During first stage of the life the native will be highly attached to worldly pleasures, be wealthy and popular. In last stages will engage himself in abstract meditation and will take to the path of supreme self. He will be devoted to good deeds, do service to others and in order to have better perloke after death go for meditation in a lonely place near a river or some water reservoir.In general these people are not much attached to wife and behaviour indifferent to family. Being busy in their own business they are indifferent to family and people.Intelligent and well respected. Wife is also intelligent and there are gains from wife, long life. Death of wife in young age. Secret sorrows through love and children. Venus in Sixth House - Here Venus will be in Aries sign. As education is not completed they do a number of vocations but mostly not much success. Hot tempered. Wife will be of masculine manners, harsh voice but beautiful. Marriage below status, wife sickly. Wife is quarrelsome and so either love someone secretly or go for prostitution. Because of extramarital activities there are quarrels resulting in loss of wealth due to litigations or expenditure in other channels. Maternal uncle is there but relations with him are strained. Eye sight declines after the age of 40 years. Enemies are suppressed but expenditure is more. Passions are aroused even before the age of twenty years. Because of much sexual indulgence they suffer from defect in semen, syphilis and diabetes etc. Sometimes these persons have to remain unmarried and suffer from involuntary emmission of semen in night, al-bumunaria, discharge on hearing and seeing etc. Venus In Seventh House - Venus in Seventh house will be in its own sign Taurus and here it will give general results of malavya yoga as described earlier. Well educated artist, poet, writer, editor, dramatist or being proficient in skill of music and dance is honoured in the society. Wears beautiful, washed and scented clothes and is himself beautiful and attractive. Marriage with rich woman. She is beautiful and obedient. She is slightly corpulent with medium height, early marriage. Wife manages and controls the house well but passionate. Native does not give much importance to his wife and considers her only a source of sex gratification. However they are themselves religious and fond of pilgrimage. Blessed with good friends. Wife is sickly and being highly licentious and sexual keeps relations with other women. Impatient in making love. These persons are very social with women and mostly keep the company of women whom they seduce and corrupt. Troubles in water journey. Because of sickness, discord and opposition with partner, the old age is troublesome journey to foreign land. In foreign countries gain of money by making love with a lady belonging to different caste and who may be normally a nurse, actress or welfare officer. Suffer from a number of secret diseases and diabetes etc. Venus In Eighth house Here Venus will be in friendly sign Gemini owned by Mercury. Despite being educated is not able to do any work satisfactorily, unsettled mind. Earn the livelihood either through art of writing or teaching. However married life will be most unpleasant and marriage itself will be at a very late age. Wife is sensuous and debauchee. The native will attach himself to girls selling their flesh i.e. prostitutes. This factor contributes towards disputes in the family resulting in disrepute. Improper domestic affairs because of both simultaneously leading a sensual life causing lot of expenditure and debts. All that is earned is spend. Native catches veneral disease through wife. Allegation of stealing money through some women or getting money from some women because of illicit relations. Troubles through women during foreign journey. He will be susceptible to acute sight defects. Mismanaged business and instability. Early marriage and after death of wife downfall starts. Money or property through marriage or death of partner. Some inheritance but difficulties over it. Many misfortunes and unsatisfactory end, death of secret enemies. Trouble and grief due to death of wife. Danger of fall or drowning. Venus In Ninth House - Here Venus will be in Cancer sign owned by Moon. Incomplete education. He. will be significant person in his race, be wealthy and fortunate. Engages himself in virtuous and artistic works, gain through business. Gets money from wife for business.Also earns money through writings or composing poems. Wife is good looking and gentle but still there are sexual union with other women which gives rise to disputes with wife. Because of licentious nature sexual union with others wife. Differences with brothers. Respected. After death of wife downfall begins. Partners do religious work, fasting and pilgrimage. Due to drinking suffer from indigestion and al-bumenaria. Unsettled temperament and fall in love with a widow. Not on good terms with father-in-law. Happy even with small jobs, learned and intelligent. Endowed with all comforts of life and wealthy. Early life troubled and worried. Gain of respect and rank in foreign land. Can get married with a stranger from a foreign land and gain money through her. Journey to foreign countries. Venus In Tenth House - Here Venus will be in Leo sign which is an inimical sign. Venus sheds his malefic tendencies born out of 12th lordship if Mars joins him in Leo. in such case native will be very famous, wealthy and prosperous. Venus alone in Leo will give short tempered wife (this is so even when with Mars) high status and association with religious activities. Even if Venus is alone it makes the native intelligent, well educated and religious minded. Marries a beautiful and educated girl. Marriage in a prosperous family. Fond of astrology, palmistry, gardening and other skilled jobs. Settlement in life mostly after marriage and native is fortunate after marriage. Early marriage. Wife may also help the native in his profession or earn herself. One of two sons. Blessed with property and other comforts of life. In event of any foreign journey there is a sexual union with a woman from

foreign country. Gives progress in business or service. He can be a government officer, lawyer or doctor. Fame in doing daring works. Parents die early in life and in case they survive, there are differences with them. Daughters more than sons. They want to be popular, sincere to friends. Though they earn a lot of money but still greedy.Venus if afflicted it gives disrespect on account of illicit relations with other women. Spends money on other women and financial loss because of them. Financial gains and expenditure both on par and so no savings. Possibilities of disgrace and discredit through superiors,government or persons in authority. Differences and disputes with government. Venus in Eleventh House Here Venus will be in Virgo, its sign of debilitation. Incomplete education, licentious, immoral character, believer of love marriage, irreligious, favours girls from different caste, romantic, relations with women condemned by society. Suffer from a number of secret diseases and are always worried. Cunning in conversation with women, enticing them with clever words and eloping with them without any expenditure. Thus with this character marriage will prove a big misfortune. Troubled with numerous evil expenses. Visits prostitutes and may even be imprisoned, great disappointments and obstacles. Deceitful friends and losses because of their advicers. Friends become enemies. Litigations and many secret enemies. He can be a poet, writer, singer, dramatist. Earns money either through service or through his own skills. Miser, deprive of pleasure of wife and children. Takes interest in topic related to women, frustration in love. Troubles in voyage, surrounded by anxieties, suffers from secret diseases. Venus in Twelfth House - Here Venus will be in its sign Libra. Native is intelligent, blessed with good friends, skills and scented things. Native is married to a beautiful wife and indulges too much in sex. Two marriages. There is much disappointment in married life. Wife is obedient. Get wealth and name through marriage. Prosperous among friends. Because of being highly sensual and debauchee, there are always quarrels with wife and there is no peace at home. Despite all these people are very generous and by nature inclined to help deserving poor to such an extend that they become independent. In the eyes of the world their married life is happy but truth is otherwise. Selfless service is a source of pleasure and recreation for them. These people can be romantic poets, writer, actor, female acting in dramas and vocal and instrumental musicians. Success in service, endowed with children, fear of enemies and thieves. In event of any foreign journey there is some illicit relation with a woman belonging to a different caste. They don't hesitate to accept a different religion for the sake of woman. Sexual in volvement with other's is not considered sin by them. SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT Venus becomes lord of llth and 6th house. Both are malefic houses and so Venus is malefic for this ascendant. Venus in First House - Though one may make abundant wealth and fortune, physical distress will be experienced more frequently as Venus is here lord of both injury houses and placed in first house. However education is not completed and even then he earns good name and money through composing poems and other artistic works. Earn through two sources. Fond of literature and blessed with wife and children. As marriage is delayed, till such time enjoy with other woman and love some old woman for the sake of money. Get money of some widow. Suffer from secret diseases and trouble in kidney, Longevity is average. Good progress in government service. May face debts. Fear from enemies, obstacles in promotion. Becomes famous as poet and writer. Venus in Second House - Here Venus will be in Capricornus sign belonging to bosom friend Saturn. This in general gives moderate yoga, limited wealth, literature, music etc. Livelihood is through service, no patrimony, wicked in temperament. Education is not completed. Expert in art of writing and fame through editorials and as a critic. Daughters are more. Debauchee, love relations with number of women. Love a woman older in age and because of money remain under her control Loss of money and prestige due to attachment with some corrupted woman. Two marriages are possible. Wife is always sick and lot of money is spend on her treatment. Gain of money through wife. Defective vision or eye. Debts in middle age and finances are average. Money through friends or acquaintances or interest on loans etc. These people suffer from diabetes. Venus in Third House - Here Venus will be in Aquarius owned by Saturn. Here Venus will be connected with third, sixth and eleventh house ( which is mooltrikona sign). Thus friends and acquaintances through writing sad journey on account of sickness or litigations orplanning against enemies. However not good relations with coborns and friends becoming enemies etc. However education will be incomplete, gains through works requiring crafts skill. Marriage at middle age gradually progress after marriage. His livelihood will be with difficulty. His sisters will flourish later on. If Venus occupies malefic shastiamsa, the loyalty of the native will be afflicted. Wife is intelligent, attractive and haughty. Native is woman seeker. Despite having a beautiful wife and children the native goes for sexual union with other women and gets money through them, danger to life from water games and water journeys, despite religious nature are not able to do religious work. Trouble in ear may start from 48 years and may become completely deaf by 55 years. Urinary diseases. Old age is miserable. Venus in Fourth House Venus will be in Pieces its sign of exaltation. Good education, noble ideas, learned, intelligent and a good mathematician and astronomer. Progress in government service and if own business there will be huge gains. Earning through self effort, gets house constructed, fortunate in property. Maintains contacts with high ups and officers, fortunate after marriage, fond of watery sports. Blessed with wife, sons and fortunes. He may find wealth, treasure on the way (i.e. when he will be on the move.) Will associate himself with thieves and gain through them. Also gains through agriculture and quadrupeds. Lack of domestic harmony, cheated by friends. Uneasy in love with other women. Enemies are suppressed. Venus in Fifth House - Here Venus will be located in sign Aries whose lord is Mars and it is a well known fact that this position of Mars gives a tendency to libidinous. There is always some trouble and danger from woman. These people have mania to go to better women for sex despite having a good wife and children. However these people are not much educated but still impress as a big scholar. Earn money through some skilled vocation or art. Average financial status but in general there is happiness and pleasure in life through children. Get married. There is not much of savings. Loss of money and prestige due to illicit relations with other women or prostitution. Impatience and disturbed if woman is not available In a way they are addicted to woman. More daughters. Not much concerned about home. As a result of over indulgence and sexual pleasures get number of secret diseases. Because of women involved sometimes in court cases and face financial crises. Settlement in life is normally after 36 years of age and second marriage is possible. Venus in Sixth House - Here Venus will be in its own sign Taurus and so native may be free from sickness, debts etc but may lose quite often in financial matters. He is generally immune to diseases but if other planets are qualified to bring forth sickness, it will be in the form of anaemia, sexual insufficiencies, veneral diseases, urinary troubles, frequent involuntary emission of semen, troubles from ghosts and crookedness of walking limbs. These people are normally educated and earn their livelihood through poultry, medicine or sexual service. They do small jobs. These people are highly skilled, artist, poets and because of natural acumen in these areas gain lot of prizes, money and fame. Not much happiness from the side of grandmaternal uncle. Wife though from a poor family but marital life is not happy. She is quarrelsome and vicious. Both are sensual and both go to others for gratification of sexual urge. Defamation on having relations with other women. Not on good terms with business class and women but still maintain illicit relations with women. Gain through watery things. In some cases no marriage has been seen but if married wife is corrupted. As mentioned above they generally don't suffer from a diseases but due to over-indulgence and contact with other women suffer from secret diseases of reproductive organ. Borrows money, loss of money and prestige due to enmity with some women. Success in service and employees. Suffer at the

hands of women and enemies. Venus in Seventh House - Here Venus will be in a friendly sign of Gemini. Endowed with skills of composing romantic poems, writing and drama etc. These people are sweet tongued. Lover of sweet things and highly sexual. In this case married life will be somewhat peaceful, yet the native will have to pay a heavy price for his wife's health who be tormented with diseases like consumption, asthma, and dysentry etc. etc. She will find no occasion to be lavish. Wife is noble, more educated than the native and good looking. Her beauty fades because of excessive indulgence in sex to satisfy the passions of her husband. The declining beauty and figure pains her. Late marriage and debauchee. Disrespected for loose morals and vice acts in early life. Can be two marriages. The native is expert businessman and artist, farmers or acharyas of music. Disrepute and defamation due to illegal relations with women. Quarrels, disputes, litigations and law suits. Fond of social connections and success in law suits. If Venus is afflicted in this place, there could be either two marriages or no marriage at all. Many of the evil results are experienced. By nature sensual, gay but respects woman. They will never encroach upon the modesty of women unless one is willing and inclined to sexual union. They give equal status to women in general and wife particularly and so much so that they feel happy to be controlled by wife. Venus in Eighth House - Here Venus will be in Cancer owned by Moon which is not a good place for Venus to occupy. Education will not be completed. These people are sweet tongued, intelligent, romantic, passionate and vicious. They are unsettled in mind and are mostly in business. They have good knowledge of sex and of loose morals. They use pleasing words and misuse these good and attractive looks to entice women. Many for the sake of money. Wife is quarrelsome and less number of issues. If in service they even here make good progress and get financial awards. Less happiness from parents and they may even die early. Have love relations with two or three women. He will be wretch in marriage. Momentarily he will gain through or after marriage. His family will be a scene of violent events. Not on good terms with in-laws. Gift and legacies from friends. Death of some friend. Disputes over ancestral property. They are heavy drunkards and due to drinking suffer from albumunaria, diabetics, syphilis and urinary troubles. Loss of money and prestige. If in foreign countries, they fall down in having union with irreligious women. Longevity not much. In general they are miserable on account of women, wine and finances. Venus to Ninth House - Here Venus will be in Leo sign owned by Sun. Leo sign is a noble sign. Thus relationship between two nobilities i.e. Acharya and king may give good as well as bad results. Here it gives good education, literary poets, writers, worshipper of nature's beauty. Wife beautiful and more daughters than sons. These people get good money and fame through works requiring skill or writing such as vocal and instrumental music, drama, poems and artistic jobs. Very beautiful and attractive to opposite sex. happiness, gain and success through long journeys. Make friends during journeys and travels and specially women are more attracted. They have friendship with people from higher strata of society i.e. educators, ministers, writers, artists, musicians, actors, explorers and inventors etc. They entice women and elope with them. Gain in works requiring courage and confidence. Sickness abroad or while travelling. They engage themselves in works of culture and high learning; university and foreign affairs. Because of relations with women are defamed. Parental gains, affliction to elder sister/brother, timidity, ear disease will come to pass. Despite having a good and beautiful wife these people are debauchee and go to other women. More brothers than sisters. Spouse good and beautiful but lacks enthusiasm. Here Venus in association with benefic indicates skill and fame in writing, music and acting in cinema etc. They have natural aptitude for acting. Worried about son. Venus in Tenth House. Venus will be here in its sign of debilitation Virgo. With this position of Venus, the persons even with incomplete education have knowledge of artistic works such as composing poems. Astrology, music and paintings etc. Not much progress in government service. Life is miserable. Happiness in profession is only in dreams. An early demise of parents and litigations with relatives. Settlement in life after marriage and he is fortunate after marriage. These people are well versed with behavioural etiquettes and social attitudes. Well respected and honoured. They can also be elected to be associated with municipal or national activities. Friendship with persons occupying good social and financial status and in authority. These friends could be government officers. Success in private business. No. of services are attempted but no Where there is success. Good for domestic peace and fortunate after marriage. Marriage takes place early. In some cases wife may help the native in profession. Early demise of wife. One or two sons. Illicit relations with some vicious women or one from low community. Native being clever in art of conversation, entices women and corrupt them. The position is worse if Venus is afflicted. Two marriages are also possible. Spend money for other's wife. Popular but addicted. Though there are financial gains but no savings. Because of illicit relations loss of prestige and money. Because of differences with parents does not get money through him. By and large life is miserable. Venus in Eleventh House - Here Venus will be in its own mooltrikona sign of Libra and so very good results are expected. Normally planets give good results in this house and so with this position of Venus much better results are possible. These people are normally highly educated. Makes good progress in service, business or any other vocation. They spend money well. Fond of music poetry and role of females in dramas. These people are also interested in legislature activities, political and social work. Many friends in places of authority and positions. Selfish and care free. Lives in simple but uses scented things. Blessed with all happiness, comforts and pleasures of opposite sex. Blessed with elder brother whom he keeps on swindling. Fortunate after marriage. More daughters and by nature uneasy. Proud and keeps on worrying about male issue. Addicted to other women. He wants to occupy a post of chief without spending money. Improper behaviour with family members and keeps quarreling. Blind in faith and sticking to old traditions. He is religious but observes no cleanliness in eating and drinking. He is sensuous. Afraid of enemies, artistic and simple living, proud, selfish and selfassured, ultimately benefits from disputes and quarrels after undergoing lot of difficulties, problems and efforts; this makes him wise, experienced and proficient in many fields. Venus in Twelfth House - Here Venus will be in Scorpio sign owned by Mars and most of the malefic results are experienced. Incomplete education and has to do a number of jobs. The native will be jealous, very malarious, irreligious, argumentative, crafty, not attached to brothers, unfortunate, troubled by enemies, distressed, inimical to unchaste women skillfull in killing, incur heavy debts, loss through enemies and opponents, imprisonment, work of secret or mystical nature (CBI or CID or Spying etc.) Suffer penury, suffer from veneral diseases, sorrowful and deceitful friends. Native is generally bereft of good qualities and is attached to vicious women resulting in quarrels, loss of money and prestige. Beautiful and attractive enough to entice other women. Delayed marriage, jealous of own wife. Troubles in love. Spends money on litigation and always under debt. Even miseries when out of country. Financial insufficiency. Second marriage more pleasant than first. Loss of money due to enemies. Lives out of country. Suffer from secret diseases. Lives in company of persons from low class and wicked in actions. If Venus is associated with benefics he can bestow wealth, fame and name. If related to favourable houses, still some qualities like extra marital relations, veneral diseases, distress etc. cannot be ruled out unless and until there are other natal indications to the contrary. CAPRICORNUS ASCENDANT Venus becomes lord of 5th and 10th house i.e. a kendra and a Trikona. Thus Venus for this lagna becomes a yoga karaka, a planet of affluence and gives results accordingly. Venus In First House - Here Venus will be in Capricornus sign owned by Saturn. Dull intelligence, incomplete education, earns through business. The native after rejecting number of girls offered for marriage and finally marries an ordinary girl. Many love affairs, wealthy and licentious, illicit relations

with old woman not for any love but for money. Frustrated in love and deprived of marital pleasures, lot of money is wasted in making love with women. Debauchee and licentious. Blessed with long life, fame name and authority. Inflex of money. His wife brings still additional fortunes. Industrious and rises because of his own efforts. Gains through mother. Suffers from secret diseases related to semen, diabetes and involuntary emission of semen in night. Venus In Second House - Here Venus will be in Aquarius sign owned by Saturn. Proficiency in education, artistic skills and writing. He gains money and fame in these areas. Good relations with family members. Slow progress but finally attains a good position, and gains in business. His married life will not have much charm in it, even though it is a late marriage. He is fairly a good householder. His monetary achievements will be limited. Expert businessman and gain of wealth through business, trade or industry. Patrimony from grandfather. Licentious and debauchee relations with other women and gain of wealth through them. Wife well wisher of home. Worried regarding male issues, gets all happiness from his wife but still goes to other women. Keeps company of ill reputed people. Suffer from one disease or other. If Venus is afflicted loss through investments and all malefic results in respect of sex and business. Venus in Third House - Here Venus will be in Pisces sign, its place of exaltation. Education is completed. Through daring works and bravery acquires government position and award. He is honoured for bravery and honesty in service. There is happiness and progress in service. Respect among relatives and neighbours. Success and honour in short journeys, writings and business trips. Blessed with brothers, sisters and friends. Gets married by 20 years of age. Wife is just good looking and all his passions are limited to his wife only. Loses money through cheating, lean body, and two marriages, ambitious to occupy top position. Natives father will have long life. He can also earn good money through contracts and commission. Fond of music, dance, drama and poetry. Gain through women. Many sisters who will be prosperous. Fortunate after 32 years of age, more daughters, two marriages and last days of life happy. Venus in Fourth House Here Venus will be in Aries sign. It gives incomplete education, mother sickly and blessed with patrimony and long life. There are disputes with brothers. Livelihood through private work and interested in mining, property business, Trade, colonization, agriculture Nursery and architecture. Early demise of mother. They are always interested in increasing the bank balance. His ambition of constructing his own house is fulfilled after 48 years.becomes owner of land and orchards and is victorious over enemies. Though blessed with wife and children but still have secret relations and love with other women. Frustrated lover. Prostitution and possibilities of second marriage. Because of secret relations with women and connections with prostitutes there are disputes, litigations resulting in loss of money and prestige. Gain through parents and landed property. Good progress and gain in business. Second wife though beautiful but does not love much. Fond of journeys. In general this position of Venus is excellent for journey, profession, conveyance, wealth etc. Venus in Fifth House Here Venus will be in its own sign of Taurus. Education completed. Inclined to science education and gets graduation and post graduation degree. He is also interested in literature. Wears scented coloured dresses. Write romantic poems and stories. These people are licentious but learned. They can be teacher, writer, lawyer or judge. They are not happy if they don't get a partner equally educated and under such circumstances keep company of other educated women. Native is not much attached to wife. Behaviour indifferent to wife. Married life successful though the native may not give due respect to wife. Not much respect and love for wife but wife is beautiful and obedient. Normally no male issues and even if any born dies prematurely. More daughters. Mostly worried about male issue. Blessed with wealth and conveyance. These people are soft spoken, soft at heart and can be in government service. They can be principal or professor. Take pride in education. Foreign journeys. Gain and honour through speculation. Children are prosperous and gain of happiness through them. Fond of artistic works and sports. Venus in fifth house in general will bestow huge financial benefits, high intelligence, number of female children, good and prosperous career, worry regarding sons and happy marriage etc. But in Venus dasa during adverse bhukties downfall, difficulties and distress may show their heads. Venus in Sixth House - Here Venus will be in a friendly sign of Gemini. Here it will give good education. Earn money simultaneously through a number of sources. It could be through writing works such as poems, story writing and teaching on the other hand it could be through service, employment, .medical profession or science of hearing or jobs in army or navy hospitals. Though Venus will be auspicious in regard to marriage of the native, the troubles arising out of family properties cannot be ruled out. There will be heavy debts. However a decent monetary flow is not ruled out. Money through careful speculation. Monetary gains from children. A modest worldly position with honour and fame is assured by this position of Venus. Not much happiness from grandfather in laws side. Early demise of father and long age of mother. Expenditure is high. Gives a beautiful wife whose charm begins to fade away after marriage. Gradually differences are certain to crop up between the two. Many enemies and opponents. Trouble in the chest. Sensuous, sexual and debauchee. Selfish to women. Relations with two women. Anxiety regarding family, suffering from diseases, envious towards son, retrograde intelligence. Suffers mostly from the diseases of chest, indigestion, lever and albumenaria etc. Venus in Seventh House - In this case Venus will be in an inimical sign of Cancer which of course ensures high education, high and refined imagination, romantic behaviour and thinking . These people are romantic poets writer and artist. In behaviour they are discourteous. Inclined to love marriage and so flirt with many girls. It indicates a wife with big eyes, selfish, quarrelsome, extravagant and unattached. Marriage is to gain money. Early marriage and wife is only a means of sexual gratification. Lot of problems are there in married life. Loss through theft and gains through law suits dealing with public. Honour and reputation through marriage and partnership in a reputable firm. Wife is haughty and like a witch keeps control over house. Such persons are attached with a widow and sexual union with her results in secret diseases. Love relations during foreign journey with irreligious girls. Union with other women and addiction to wine causes diseases of albumunaria, semen, cold and cough etc. Trouble during water journeys, swimming and water diving. Venus in Eight House - Venus here will be in an inimical sign of Leo. Besides a very important planet lord of 5th and 10th going to 8th house if left alone will mar the horoscope. There will be everlasting penury unhappiness and loss through enemies. Money of others and gains through law suits, legacies and inheritance etc. of dead persons. Very less education. Earn livelihood through difficulties through vocal and instrumental music, poetry and other arts. Lack of marital happiness by way of being deprived of wife. Less pleasure of children who may die before the native. Though most of the time there are quarrels but gets money and happiness through another woman. Early marriage but after death of wife downfall begins. More number of daughters and if any son, there are quarrels with him. However less number of issues. Loss through enemies, speculation or gambling. Troubles through conveyance, diseased and in general troubles from wife and children. Being engaged in sinful acts suffers from number of secret diseases of Semen. Troubles in journeys and last days are not happy. Ambitions are not realised. Venus in Ninth House - Here Venus will be in Virgo, its sign of debilitation. The position of Venus is not auspicious as in general fortune will be rarity in the life of this native. None of his undertakings will yield success. However he will be educated, knowledgeable in arts, honours through writing and publishing, research or philosophy, life settled after marriage, ordinary wife and she is haughty, quarrelsome, selfish and sexy. Husband suffers because of haughty and quarrelsome temperament of wife. The husband under the influence of wife opposes parents. Despite all this marital life is happy on the average. These people don't enjoy the results of good qualities with which they are blessed and are suppressed because of aggressive and oppressive nature of wife. Because of wife, as mentioned above, there are differences with parents depriving him from patrimony. Financial trouble is there. Children are dutiful and he gets pleasure out of them. Lucky for children who may become either scientist or explorers. Pleasure and gains in

long and foreign journeys. Clever in conversation with other women and keeps relations with the girls of low class. If Venus is afflicted in this place marriage may be out of caste or with women older in age or widow. He also maintains unnatural relations. These people are generally well behaved and steady in temperament and want to live happily without hard work. Normally unpopular with women. Venus In Tenth House Venus, here will be placed in Libra sign owned by itself. The native gets a number of degrees in any field of knowledge and gets a high post in government. These people can also be vocal and instrumental musician, poet essayist, story writer, dramatist, novelist signer or dancer. They participate in almost all artistic activities. These people gain honour and money through one of these artistic activity. They are also expert in astrology, mathematics and palmistry etc. and earn name and fame. These people are very influential and gain honour through profession. These people can occupy a very senior position in government. He will enjoy vast landed properties and blessed with decorated house and conveyance. If Sun is simultaneously in fall, the person will be liable to serious health afflictions. Renown in speculations, business or theatrical world. Highly materialistic and status conscious. Inclined to remain unmarried or marries only when he gets wealth. Temperamental incompatibility exists between husband and wife. Two marriages are possible. Gain through in-laws. In general the native because of this position of Venus is in post of authority and power. He is intelligent and learned. Children are also there. Bestowed with father and success through him. A very good relation with father. Differences with mother. He will spend on charitable and noble causes. Favourite of public and respected by people. Make love with other women by way of recreation. Foreign travels. Sensuous and addicted to drinks. Engages himself in selfless service and have no knowledge of religious activities. They have their own convictions instead of believing or not believing in God. He is benevolent and feels happy in serving needy people. Life is happy and artistic. Venus In Eleventh House - Venus will be in sign of Scorpio owned by Mars. This is not a favourable position for Venus but here because of Venus being benefic and planets give benefic results in eleventh house. Much of good is contributed. Thus Venus in llth will generally give benefic results. In this position it may cause a second marriage. However education is not completed. He is handsome, healthy, sweet spoken and intelligent. Good progress in business dealing with garments and other vocations. The person is mostly miser, selfish and fond of living abroad. At the age of 32 years one gets a chance to work. In young age there are number of illicit relations with young girls from good families and lot of money is spent with accompanying defamation and disputes. Wife is beautiful, attractive and enthusiastic. Gains through and after marriage are indicated. Native is generally highly romantic and marriage proposals start pouring at a very young age. Immoral in character and relations with women condemned by society. Gain through women, friends and persons in authority. High and ambitious ideals. Blessed with comforts of conveyance and property. An honourable fortune. Blessed with children, brothers and parents. Good gains through business in foreign countries. Journeys within the country and honoured by getting elected in assemblies etc. Patrimony. Get involved in evil and vicious acts outside their city. Prostitution, non-vegetarian food and drinking etc. In principal they believe in achieving their ends irrespective of the means which can be good or evil. Venus in Twelfth House - Venus will be in Sagittarius sign owned by Jupiter. The native will have noble ideas and can be poet, writer, artist, lover of music. He makes good progress in dramatic activities. Unexpected gain of rank and position. Wife is noble but quarrelsome and native suffers because of quarrelsome nature of wife. This position of Venus is very good for coborns. Sensuous, debauchee and gains money. Second marriage is possible. This position indicates sorrow through children, speculation, troubles from enemies, obstacles in promotion and disputes with wife. There may be loss of position, office or honour. Life is generally miserable and environments mostly unfortunate. As they take two works simultaneously in hand, there is normally no success. Keep relations with old lady and get money through her. Benefic use through occult sciences. He will acquire good progeny who will be successful and prosperous. AQUARIUS ASCENDANT For this Ascendant Venus becomes lord of fourth and ninth house i.e. of a quadrant and trine house. The mooltrikona sign falls in ninth house. Therefore, Venus is a yoga karaka for this ascendant and during its period will give benefic results in respect of status and finances. Venus in First House - Here Venus will be in Aquarius, a friendly sign owned by Saturn. It gives an ordinary education but his wife is well educated and devoted to husband. They love each other. Fond of teasing girls on the road and passing remarks. Despite of having such an educated and devoted wife, these people for the sake of entertainment seduce other's wife. Illicit relations with some other women. This position of Venus otherwise is fortunate and gives inheritance, gain through lands and property and mother. Takes interest in domestic science, automobile engineering, political economy, law and science. Fortunate in long journeys and gain from strangers. Lazy and wastes family property. Blessed with children. In the life some woman helps. Two marriages and secret diseases. Venus in Second House - This house will fall in sign identical with Pieces owned by Jupiter. Native will be well educated and can be poet and expert in art of writing. Fond of music and dance, less happiness from wife, second marriage and more daughters, Blessed with conveyance, wealth, chief post etc. He is learned and gains through writing. He is an expert writer. Gain of money through land, property, publication and foreign merchants, fortunate through women, in second part of life and particularly after second wife joins the native. Less marital happiness. He is religious, charitable and serves others. Endowed with children. Money is wasted being cheated by others. Sea voyage and gain through foreign things. He is happy till the end of life. Fond of food, drinks and playing of musical instruments. Venus in Third House -- Here Venus will be in Aries sign owned by Mars. We have seen enough of results arising out of mutual reaction of Venus and Mars in marital and sex life. However native despite being not very educated carries out work smoothly. He is healthy and blessed with wealth and brothers and sisters. These people being very choosy in selection of girl as partner, reject a number of girls proposed for marriage. In this process even a number of beautiful girls are rejected and thus an opportunity to have a charming wife slips out of his hands and finally marries an ordinary girl. Wife intelligent, attractive and haughty. He is fond of music and dance. Progress through travels, investigations, explorations, travels or writings. Love life up-to the age of 20 years and prefers love marriage but frustrated. Blessed with comforts and happiness, gains from relatives. May depend on his sister for livelihood. Parental help inheritance. If Venus is afflicted relations with women condemned by society. May go for prostitution. He is crooked, vicious and union with other women. Suffer from number of diseases of indigestion and defective semen. Gain through business. Venus in Fourth House - Here Venus will be in its own sign Taurus and benefic results especially in matters of finance are expected. Here in general it can give parental happiness, auspicious functions, learning, property, land and conveyance. The native is learned, intelligent and blessed with gardens, orchards and own house. It has been found by experience that mostly education is not complete. Less pleasure from mother or she dies early. Noble ideas and simple living. Marital life not very happy. Partner is not very attractive but ordinary. This gives the tendency of the native to have relations with a number of women. He will also get money out of them. However, he will be fond of opposite sex. Gains pleasure through women. Gain of property through old people and antiques. There can be delayed or second marriage. Earns money through artistic works. Miser and selfish. Name and fame in business. Any work or business will be more successful if established at birth place. Help from father and gains from wife's relatives. Death at home. Diseases like involuntary emission of semen at nights, defective semen and diabetes. People consider him a man of good morals. Venus in Fifth House - Here Venus will be in a friendly sign Gemini owned by Mercury. The native is intelligent, learned and cheerful. In any one

subject he will have mastery and highly learned. He will be writing in this subject and be a successful teacher. He has knowledge of number of subjects like Astrology, watch repairing, tailoring and composing poems. Early demise of father and long life to mother. Despite having wife and children, not much happiness from them. Believes in free living and is of unconventional ideas in regard to sexual unions. Highly licentious and sexual. Respects women in general. The native is very fond of having an intelligent and educated companion who should be well dressed. If native is married with a girl without above characteristic he will not only feel frustrated but find such a woman and maintain illicit relations with her. Male issues are more. May be only one daughter. These people can be teacher, professor or writer. Become famous because of published works. Fond of sciences, voyages, philosophy (vedantic), sports, entertainments, speculations, gambling, investments in foreign projects, foreign journeys and voyages. Thus in general the native will be endowed with fortunes, happiness, learning, maternal bliss, progenic bliss, merits of past birth, association with entertainments and long voyages. They are religious, social, reserved and unreliable. In a females chart this position indicates menstrual trouble, moennorrhagia or barrenness. Venus in Sixth House - Here Venus will be in unfavourable sign of Cancer owned by Moon. In general this position gives a number of diseases. Makes the native debauchee but highly educated and learned. The life is miserable and becomes burden. There is decline in fortune and he will be troubled by unending debts. Dangerous escape from drowning. Loss of wealth in sickness. These are the general results of the Venus in Sixth house in Cancer. He will be well educated, artistic, reserved, balanced, sweet tongued, benevolent and imaginative. He may not have much success as a philosopher or dramatist. Always in some trouble or other and with disturbed mind. Maternal uncle dies. Wife with masculine ideas. Second marriage is possible. Few issues. Failures in business specially in areas of which Venus is a promoter. Failure in business is more if it is with own investment. May build his own house. Difficulties and problems in work in foreign lands or in export business. Unfavourable for maternal uncle and aunts. Disturbed married life because of loose morals and licentiousness. Fond of having secret love, intercaste marriage or marriage with a widow. He marries for the sake of money. Frustration in love. Suffers from number of diseases on account of woman and wine. Venus in Seventh House - Venus again will be in unfavourable sign in Leo owned by Sun, but being a royal sign the results will be both good and bad. The native is educated, skilled, singer, romantic, poet, handsome, reserved and attractive to women. He will acquire an amicable, chaste and beautiful wife who will be an instrument in getting him property. She will be corpulent and intelligent. Wife will be more attached to worldly pleasures. Delayed marriage but only one marriage. Wife is of independent nature and not passionate. Marriage in a prosperous family. Settlement and fortunes after marriage. Not inclined to do service. Good for domestic peace. Happy life, one or two sons and more daughters. Native is licentious and debauchee. Gains money through other women. Lucky till wife is alive. Stability and success does not come till the age of 40 years. The native is considerate towards his wife. The financial condition is average. Fond of singing, instrumental music, composing and reciting of poems. Troubles in sea voyage. There are pubic enemies. If Venus is afflicted, in general all results are malefic but particularly native may have illicit relation with other women with consequences of loss of money and reputation. Venus In Eight House - Venus here will be positioned in its sigh of debilitation, Virgo. He will be a subject of a very short life and will never be happy. In general unfortunate after marriage and financial troubles. No success in business. Always under debt. More disciplined and educated as compared to Venus in Seventh house as above but even in this case no high paper degrees. However education is not much and without proper occupation. Wife clever in conversation. Worried regarding wife and children, relations with girls from low community and gets money through them. Clever in talking to women. Highly frustrated with life which hangs heavy. There are psychic experiences and these people are found with the matters connected with dead like legacies, goods of dead, religious function connected with dead body and also establishing relations with ghosts and spirits. There could be danger to mother during confinement. He is vicious and believes in getting money through evil acts for his conceptions and irreligious activities. Troubles in journeys. Suffers from secret diseases like diabetes etc. Venus in Ninth House Here Venus will be located in Libra, its own sign. This placement of Venus in general is highly auspicious and native is religious, charitable sweet tongued and prosperous. Even if education is not much these people impress as being highly learned. They are attractive, cheerful, artist and skilled. They are proficient in vocal and instrumental music and fond of scented coloured dresses. They are dear to all, polite, well behaved and literary. Blessed with all comforts, conveyances, wealth and are victorious over enemies. Fair in complexion and cheerful. Fond of pilgrimages. Their ambition is to occupy the top post. Blessed with brothers and sisters. Brothers are more. Similarly daughters are more than sons. Money and fame through poems, stories, writing and drama etc. Spends money on virtuous works. Gainful to people. Fond of religion and travelling for education, scientific and religious purposes. He is blessed with many fine qualities. Interested in cultural and development programmes. Wife good, beautiful, wealthy and polite. She is of pleasure seeking nature and interested in drama and poetry. She is not much attached to world and also not much desire for issues. Native gives an impression of being not very enthusiastic. He is keen lover of nature and fond of scented things and environment. Fortunate after marriage. Enjoys peaceful and happy life. He is cheerful. If this Venus is associated with a benefic it indicates proficiency in music, drama, writing and cinema and it is in these fields that native gets name and fame. Natural aptitude for acting. Venus in Tenth House - Here Venus will be in Scorpio owned by Mars. The evil of being in Mar's house is not much because Venus is Yoga Karaka and benefic for this lagna. It gives incomplete education. Business or Government service but more progress in Government service. The native is fond of authority and power. Blessed with wealth, position rank, authority and property. If in service gains authority and power, happy with happiness of parents. If married marital life is not happy. Not on good terms with wife. In some cases wife helps the native in profession. Not much happiness from children. Settlement in life after marriage. He in fortunate after marriage. One or two sons. If he runs business independently with his own investment, he may do well. In case he does business with other's money or borrowed money, there is not much success and in that case service will pay high dividends and more success. However the native is always more inclined to run his own business. Early marriage. Fond of music, dance and drama. As the age advances he acquires more authority, honour and fame. If Venus is afflicted, there are relations with other women, who is either condemned by society or from depressed money. Expenditure because of women. However in general the native is generous, socially popular but addicted to woman and wine. Financial gains are there but no savings. Troubles are there. Native is also lazy. Success in foreign affairs. Venus in Eleventh House Here Venus will be in Sagittarius sign owned by enemy Jupiter. Here Venus is highly auspicious and more so if conjunct with Saturn. It gives good education. The native is long lived, intelligent and blessed with property, orchards, money and fame. These people are successful artist and get income from two sources. Success both in service and business. More daughters and only one or two sons. Sometimes there are even no male issue and so the native are worried about male issue. Financially not a happy situation. Has to support the elder brother. The native gains authority and sometimes are found to be judges. Life is comfortable and gain through friends. Ambitions are realized in old age. Happy through water journeys and voyages. Friends among foreigners and in foreign countries. Contacts and aquanteses with educationist, scientist, legislators, ministers and actors etc. Fear from enemies. Fond of poetry. If Venus afflicted illegal relations with other women and loss of money and reputation. Venus in Twelfth House - Here Venus will be in Capricornus owned by bosom friend Saturn. It gives dull intelligence and education with interruption. No progress in Government service and remains in low status say clerk. Long journeys. Troubles from step mother. Sweet speech. Eye troubles in middle of life, deprived of ancestral property. Difficulty and sorrow through religion, traditions and customs. Has to live out of country. Success in business in foreign countries. Unsuccessful in love.

Because of greed for money does not marry till he gets a wealthy wife. He is always in search of a woman who can support him and meet domestic expenditure. The native may have secret marriage and indulge in sexual immoralities. He will have to undergo many or deals in regard to landed properties. In general he is unfortunate. He will have foreign voyages. In middle or later part of his life will seek seclusion for development and advancement of spiritualism, occult and mystic sciences. For this purpose he may undertake long journeys. These people are not happy with their marriage if money does not come along with it and try to maintain illegal relations with some woman who can give money. Differences with maternal uncle. Worry about enemy and debt. Native is of irritable nature if powerless and becomes hot tempered. PISCES ASCENDANT Venus in case of Pisces Ascendant becomes the lord of the third house and the eighth house. Both these houses are malefic and specially mooltrikona sign falls in eighth house. Thus Venus is malefic for this ascendant. Both these houses represent longevity and so nature of influence on Venus will give general indications of mode of death. Venus in First House - Here Venus will be in Pises, its sign of exaltation. This position gives the results of malavya yoga. It indicates that one is born with silver spoon, nay, golden spoon in mouth. Long lease of life will come to pass but if Venus dasa is first to occur than it may prove adverse. It gives noble ideas, well educated, occupies a high post, famous in government service or business. Accumulation of wealth and gain of wealth of others. Handsome wealthy and a man of good authority. Wife-educated and wealthy. This position of Venus indicates love marriage or marriage out of caste. Can be two marriages. The native can be a writer, artist, dramatist, poet, romantic and sexy. Fond of flowers, scents, white and coloured-apparels. Sweet speech and journeys. The native is shy, miser and fickle minded. Either partner is extravagant. Fond of opposite sex and consequent to union with women, suffers from secret diseases of diabetes and semen. Fond of swimming and water journeys. Victory over enemies. As Venus is lord of third house in Ascendant so concerned with affairs of neighbours and younger brothers. Venus in Second House - In this place Venus will be in Aries sign owned by Mars. Here native on completing education enters into service. The native has knowledge of many languages. Money through educational affairs, short journeys, writings, music etc. Gains through others money as Venus will be aspecting eighth house which happens to be its own sign. Similarly gain through dead. However money acquired through service, patrimony will all be consumed. Invests money in speculation, lottery, races etc. to have immediate gain of money. Industrious and prosperous. Desires to marry before the age of twenty years and if not married there may be number of diseases consequent to union with many girls or prostitution. The native is highly licentous and debauchee. This position of Venus is not favourable for married life and family happiness is likely to be marred. Causes strike with wife. Disappointment in love and two marriages. Venus in Third House Here Venus will be in its own sign Taurus. Here long life is conferred on the native who will however lack parental bliss. Well educated and gain of money through learnings, short journeys and brothers. Gains name, fame and money through business with his own efforts, intelligence and dignity. He could also gain through artistic works. He acquires good wealth through patrimony and marriage. delayed marriage, blessed with wife and children. Gets dowry in marriage. Service of public and company of noble friends. Acquires a high post. At the age of twenty years the native becomes crazy in love of some one. Troubles over money matters with relatives. Despite love between husband and wife there are illicit relations with many women. Blessed with wife, animals, brothers and sisters. There is gain of money through women as well. Devoid of bliss of father. If Venus is afflicted gives immorality and licentiousness. There is no steady flow of money and native faces financial troubles. Daughters are more. Marital life unhappy due to sex relation of the husband. Psychic and mystic experience. Venus in Fourth House - Venus will be located in friendly sign Gemini owned by Mercury. Education is completed with obstacles and interruptions. Government service, unsettled mind, obstacles in promotion, gains money through writings regarding home affairs and property. He can also earn money through some artistic work or composing poems or through business. Comforts through luxurious conveyances, owner of building and property. Ailments to mother if alive, otherwise early demise of mother. Patrimony, but all consumed either in leading a luxurious life or starting a business. Partner may also earn. Gain of money through more than one service. Though wife is beautiful and attractive but still disturbed marital happiness. Blessed with father. Coborns make huge riches. Sometimes he may suffer from serious miseries but generally happy. Relations with brothers are normally strained. Passionate and sexual. Scared of water. Venus in Fifth House - Here Venus will be in unfavourable sign Cancer owned by Moon. The native is highly learned, industrious and blessed with more daughters. Normally there are no male issues and even if some are born they die prematurely. Thus there is worry regarding male issues. These people can be skilled in arts, poet and singer. Fond of music and drama etc. Success in love affairs. Avaricious respected and wealthy. Mental pleasure and happiness through children, brothers, reading study and travel to pleasure resorts. Simple living and blessed with house and wealth. Not much attached to wife and indifferent to family. Not much love and respect for wife. Proud and indifferent to people. Remain mostly busy in business activities. If afflicted unfortunate children or death of some. Danger through excessive pleasures, speculation, gambling etc. Venus in Sixth House - Venus will be in Leo owned by Sun. It gives good education and native can be poet, writer and singer. The native will attract others through poetry and art of singing etc. Unsuccessful in love. These people are men of confidence and honest. Marriage within home and not much exchange of views with wife but still gets money from father-in-law. Wife with masculine habits and manners. She is beautiful. Grief due to wife, many enemies, difficulties through brothers and injury or sickness through journeys. Maternal uncle and aunties fortunate. Health of wife bad at 36 years or 40 years. Loss in 28 years. Disturbed married life because of licentiousness of the native. There is sense of responsibility in the partner. The native will be long lived though Venus dasa may not be prosperous and instead inflict miseries. Venus in Seventh House Venus will be in Virgo sign which is its debilitation sign. This is the worst place for Venus to occupy and native has hell on the earth in the form of marriage. His public relations will be quite poor. He will have diminished longevity. The education is incomplete but self study continues. While being in service there is also side work of Astrology, palmistry or some other work of similar nature. Native is irreligious and fond of love marriage with a beautiful girl belonging to some other caste. Disappointment in first love. Sweet spoken and clever in enticing the woman. Gain wealth through women. Differences with parents. This place of Venus is not conductive to happy marriage but on the other hand is a trouble shooter as he may not get married and even if married may be uninterested or unconcerned with wife. Two marriages. Early marriage. He takes her to be just a source of sexual gratification. Wife corpulent, attached to worldly pleasures and is sensual. She looks after sick and is well versed in domestic administration. Native does not respect wife. However the partner is rich and wealth through her comes unexpectedly. Marriage could be as a result of short journeys or exchange of love letters or through writings etc. Marriage is late and marital life is not happy. Less happiness from issues. Keeps relations with girls from low class or community. Sometimes under debt. Fond of aqueous sports and boating When out of country may visit prostitutes. Suffers from many secret diseases. Venus in Eighth House - Here Venus will be in its own sign of Libra. The native is learned and knowledgeable of some craft. Conscious regarding self respect. The education is incomplete. Earns livelihood through business or other small vocations. Fond of music, singing, acting, writing, study and printing etc. Never very wealthy but lives well. By nature sensuous, debauchee and gay. He respects his wife and accords equal status to her. Lazy,

romantic and fond of comforts. Gain through wife or ancestral property. Married life is not happy. Both husband and wife suffer from one disease or other. Native is exposed to the dangers of drowning or wound in the body. Illegal relations with some women with masculine features and is either a divorcee or widow. Get house constructed. Not much happiness from children side. Both husband and wife will be saved from trouble during journey or during swimming. Sickness and death of brothers. Troublesome journeys, false accusations etc. Fond of white clothes, romantic and lover of poetry, innocent face and attractive eyes. There are a number of friends who extend help when occasions arises, gain of wealth through skills in arts and crafts. Recognition of fame in public. Spiritualistic experience. Middle part of the life is happy. Suffer from diseases of cold and cough or any other disease connected to semen or reproductive organ. Venus in Ninth House - Here Venus will be in Scorpio sign owned by Mars. Education is incomplete and gets fame in doing courageous works. The native is romantic, poet and writer. Late marriage. Wife is good looking and fair complexioned. She is ordinary and simple. She is not much interested in worldly affairs but quarrelsome and haughty. Husband suffers due to haughty temperament of his wife and marital life is not happy. It is difficult for native to adjust to the temperamental pressures of wife. Even if there is second marriage, the marital life is not happy. The native is adultrous. His wife likes to have complete authority. She is not only quarrelsome but of jealous nature. These people love for the sake of show. Loss of money and prestige due to sexual relations with some wicked and corrupted woman. Native will be in general fortunate and will associate with spiritual activities and be a leader of men. Undertakes long journeys and gains through science and publication works. Brothers may go to foreign countries and marry there. Death in a distant land. Danger of death while on voyage or by drowning. Venus in Tenth House This house will in sign Sagittarius owned by enemy Jupiter. It gives high education and confers degree in science subjects. Respected, charitable and of noble ideas. Service along with jobs in other vocations. Learns any subject easily and masters it. Gain through writing and other accomplishments. Journeys connected with profession. May have business connected with death. Rise to high position through inheritance. Generally Venus in 10th house identical with Sagittarius sign gives great honours and status. His aspect on 4th house will confer high degree of learning and property, wealth, happiness etc. As he is lord of 8th he may not shed his stigma fully and in adverse bhukties under his dasa inflict greater harm which may be more than benefits given by him. Not much inclined to marry and marries only when financially strong with a good bank balance. Marriage is delayed. Native is choosy as regards the partner and has specific ideas framed. The native is social and dear to public, obstacles during service. Mostly not on good terms with people from high class. He is obliging but addicted. On average passes good life. Venus in Eleventh House - Here Venus will be in Capricornus sign owned by Saturn. It gives less education but earns good wealth through business. Gains through friends and foreigners. Honours and renown through writings. There are gains through legacies as well. The native marries for the sake of money and as marital relations arc based on money, so not very strong and differences crop up between them. He loves other woman also for the sake of money and mostly frustrated. He will even establish relationship with old woman, divorcee or any corrupted woman for the sake of money. No sons and daughters are more. Fear of water and danger of drowning during voyages or swimming. Waste of semen through unnatural ways. Suffers from disease of cold and cough and stomach. Venus In Twelfth House Here Venus will be in a friendly sign of Aquarius owned by bosom friend Saturn and so it indicates in general gloominess and great sorrows. It gives good education and knowledgeof skill in various arts. Progress in service. He will make notable spiritual achievements in old age and will engage in religious activities. His emphasis will be on ultra-mundane sphere. Very late marriage. Beautiful and attractive wife. Attachment with women, condemned by society. These persons are mostly licentious and debauchee and prefer to remain unmarried with a view to have free sex. Fond of having illicit relations with girls belonging to different caste. Even if married, they keep sex relations with some other women. Ordinary gain of money. Patrimony consumed in luxuries and romances, slow progress, eye pains, debts, secret sorrows, seclusion and occult learning. Youth full of troubles and disappointments. Loss through secret enemies. Realizes hopes in old age only and this gives great satisfaction

Sadhe-Sati Saturn is the son of Sun as per the ancient astrological texts.Astrological and relegious treastises have given various descriptions of Saturn.But
according to me he is "Mr. NO NONSENSE" why because he shuns pomp and show and lays stress on hard work and pragmatism.He is the hard task master who does not tolerate any laxity from its students. He is dark in colour and emits blue radiations.Neelam (Sapphire is his stone) and iron his metal.He is strict but often misunderstood as cruel. He represents longetivity,determination,losses,accidents renunciation,,prosperity ,lunacy ,servants and death in a astrological chart.He also represents oil,black colour,disease,lunacy ,toddy sellers,iron merchants,thieves,litigations and jailhouses.He is slim with deep set eyes. Whenver a native comes under it's influence his circumstances become difficult(If satrun is badly placed).Suddenly the native starts to lose his temper more often.There are financial losses.The children of the native become disintrested in studies and the native's martial life is marred by quarrels and misgivings.But there is a reason for this.Saturn has been blessed by Lord Shiva to be the judgement maker and give punishment to dishonest and cruel natives.Saturn will make the native go through various obstacles and when Saturn will leave the native the native will shine as gold.He will make him a better person just by serving difficult conditions on him.He makes a man of sterling character.Think can he be considered unauspicious.A Lawmaker is free from all emotions and same goes for Saturn.Think of how many people you have hurt.Think about how many times have you been dishonest.Think of how many times you have fallen prey to temptations that are immoral.Saturn will make you pay for all this and make you repent.As soon as you will start to change yourself he will start to help you.Saturn takes a person towards the higher goals in life. When placed in the 3rd,6th and the 11th houses in a chart Saturn will give great benefits to the native.He will make him enjoy kingly comforts and at the same time add to his spiritual growth.He can confer riches and comforts that are beyond the capacity of other planets. Whenver you are under his seven and a half year cycle or the 2 and a half year dhaiyya become humble.Pray to the God with strong devotion.Help others.Do not rush into decisions.Think not once but twice.Be slow to make a promise but be quick to keep it.Engage in some form of charity.Help the needy.Try to conciously control your temper and you will see a positive change occuring in your life.You will get divine expereinces and never be the same again.Saturn will make you like a shining jewel One of Saturns name is "mand" i.e slow moving.Become slow moving like him.Be cautious,weigh options pragmatically and then make a decision.Saturn will take you to great heights. A good example is of Super star Amitabh Bachhan.Amitabh gave his first hit in Saturn's major period.And for the next 19 years of Saturn's Mahadasha he scaled heights that will be difficult to equal by anybody.Saturn is defenitely the strongest planet. Remedies for The Seven and a Half Year cycle of Saturn: Lord Hanumana-Praying to him will lead to freedom from an adverse Saturn Affliction.

I have already stated the conditions applying to the remedial measures.Remedial measures are accessories,the main thing is your honesty , hard work and devotion. 1)Chant the mantra Om Sham Shaneschray namah for 108 times daily or chant the mantra for Saturn as described in the section Sacred chantings. 2)Procure an iron ring made from the horse shoe of a black horse.Wash it in pure water,preferably Ganges water,apply tilak,show inscense and wear it in the middle finger of your right hand.This should be done on a Saturday. 3)Try wearing a Sapphire.First tie it on your right arm.If it does not harm you in 3 days or you don't get bad dreams then get a ring made in panchdhatu(Mixture of 5 metals) and wear it on a Saturday in your middle finger in a rising moon period.I will be talking about Sapphire in a separate section in detail later on.I will also talk about the method for wearing the ring. 4)Water the Peepal tree(the fig tree) while chanting the 10 names of Saturn.The ten namesare:1)Krishna,2)Konasth3)Vabhru,4)Shani,5)Mand,6)Pipplad,7)Yama,8)Sauri,9)Rodrantko,10)Shaneshchar. Also mix some black sesame seeds(til) with water. 5)Do not purchase black clothes,iron materials,oil on a Saturday. 6)Worship Lord Hanuman on a Saturday .Light a Ghee lamp(Dipak) in front of his idol. 7)Chant the Mahamritunjaya mantra daily for 11 or 21 times. These remedial measures are good enough if you do them yourself.Although wearing a Shani Yantrais very effective but it is very difficult to consecrate it.Go for Yajana,Rudraabhishek and the"Shani Yantra" if the above described remedies do not give the desired benefits. Have faith.It is the strongest force.Narbhavi(Good Has to happen) The Dreaded Sade Sathi-Saturn's 7 and a half year cycle Saturn-The most dreaded of all planetsPerhaps the most maligned of all planets is Saturn or Shani.It's mention evokes fear in the hearts of even the most valourous.It is generally associated with cruelty,theft,murder,pain and disease. One should not go on hearsay and try to intepret things logically.It is very important to understandSaturn's character and it's role in this Divine world.If Sun is the King of all planets Saturn is the Judgement giver.He is the hard task master.It makes one pay for one's wrong deeds.Krishna says in the Geeta that the fruit of all deeds done are obtained in this life itself .Saturn performs exactly the same function.The phenomena that most people dread is the Seven and a half year cycle often referred to as Sade Sathi.I will be explaining it in detail. The Seven and a half year cycle of saturn: This cycle starts in a man's life when Saturn enters by transit the 12th sign from the Moon after birth and lasts till he leaves the second sign from the moon.Saturn remains in each sign for normally two and a half years hence for three signs the years are added and the complete period comes to Seven and a half Years.For example if a native is Gemini by birth then his/hers cycle will start when Saturn will enter Taurus in the Zodiac and end when Saturn will leave Cancer.These seven and a half years are like going to the "university of hard knocks",during this period Saturn irons out the defects in a human being making one more spiritual,humble,kind and pragmaticThe cycle is of 2700 days.Saturn exercises its infuence on various parts of the body during these 2700 days. The breakup of days is given as follows: For the first 100 days It stays on the face :Result-Losses For the next 400 days It stays on the right arm;Result-Gains in Profession. For the next 600 days It stays on legs:Result-Journeys. For the next 500 days it stays on the stomach:Result-Good fortune. For the next 400 days it stays on the left arm.:Result-Diseases,pain,losses,Death of loved ones. For the next 300 days it stays on the forehead.Results:Profits,Success in dealing with Government agencies. For the next 200 days it stays on the eyes:Progress,Happiness. For the next 200 days it stays on the lower half of the body:Bad results accrue from all sides.