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International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)


International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011) CSE SI.NO 1 UNIQUE ID CSE001 AUTHOR NAME V.AArthy Mr.Prof.M.Subramani T.S.Adlin Shibin, V.Kalaivani TITLE OF THE PAPER Effective Role of CMT-PF with Heart Beat During Path Failure


A Texture Segmentation using Modified Hill-Climbing Approach


S.Afrin Banu

Reusable Key Management Techinque For Secured Broadcast Services A Wireless Sensor based Grid Healthcare Monitoring System


L.G.X.Agnel Livingston, L.M. Merlin Livingston


Aiswarya M.S., M.S. Bhubaneswari

SURAP-A Secure Ultralightweight RFID Authentication Protocol

Prevention for Effective Jammer Attack in 6 CSE006 Mr.Ajesh.F, Mr.Aravind SwamiNathan Wireless Sensor Networks

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

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International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)


N.V.Ajin, P.Renuka

Volume Estimation of Thyroid Gland from Ultra Sound Images to diagonise its Pathological Effects



Texture Classification Using Regression Model based on Multiresolution Analysis Facial Recognition using Modified Principle Component Analysis Algorithm A Novel Design for High Speed and Low Power Full Adder Dynamic Approach of Using RPCM In Wireless Networks Synchronized Pseudo Random Key Generation in Wireless Sensor Networks Cryptanalysis of an edge crypt Encryption method Developing Sensor Movement Scheduling Algorithm for Achieving Near-Optimal Target Detection Performance Effective Stegnography using Edge Adaptive Scheme An algorithm for unbalanced portioning of a Swarm of Autonomous Mobile Robots Page 2


S.Angelin Merlin Thava



Anitha C Ms. Anju Mary Joseph,



Dr. A.Kathirvel Anuja Alexander, Ms. Venifa Mini. G S.Anusha, Mr.B.Bhubaneshwar Archana aravind, Mrs.K.P.Sampoomam

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CSE012 CSE013


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CSE015 CSE016

G.Arunaa Arunima Maity,Deepanwita Das

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)



Anu Priya C., Balasaravanan T.

An effective Cancer Classification using Expressions of Very Few Genes using Support Vector Machines Performance Analysis of Heart Rate Turbulance Detection Secure Time Based Encryption and Keying for Wireless Sensor Networks In-Depth Packet inspection using Frequent Gram Generation Nonparametric Discriminant Analysis and Multiclassifier Integration for Face Recognition Enhanced Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Directionally Selective and Shift invariant analysis Avoidance of Spoof Attacks Using Multibiometric CryptoSystems Analysis on the performance of CART & Simple CART Algorithm for Cardio Vascular Risk Factors and Active Heart Health Diagnosis Develop a Tracing Tool via Output Tracing and Callstack-Sensitive Slicing A Novel Approach to Energy-Efficient ACO Routing in MANET Grain Quality Identification Using Genetic Algorithm and SVD Face Detection using Active Testing Approach Page 3



Asha S.L., S.Mary Vasanthy



P.J.Auslin Pajila Babin Raisa.B., Mr.Y.R.Packia Dhas K.Beema,Dr.S.Ravi B.Binitha,G.Kharmega Sundararaj R.Benzi, T.Anto Theepak











Binu John

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CSE025 CSE026 CSE027 CSE028

Blezzy S.L., Mr.Danielliezar L.R.Branesh,Aravind Swaminathan Chinna durai G. R.Chitra,Dr.S.Ravi

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

Deepak K.P.,Prof.J.Amar Pratap Singh M.Deepa Lakshmi, M.Subramaniyam V.Dhanalakshmi, B.Shanthi K.Dharani Diana S.Steffi,G.Ignisha Rajathi B.B.Dinesh Kumar,V.Saravan V.Elakiya Shanmuga vadivu P.,Eliahim Jeevaraj P.S Ellusami Uva Shakthi,Ms.Shanthini B S.V.Evangelin Sonia,R.Thalapathi Rajasekaran C.Felsy, Dr.A.Suruliandi H.J.Fenila Bell, A.Muthumari V.Gnana Graba, S.Kohila N.V.Ganapathyraj, Dr.V.Vishnuvardhan D.Gayathri, Dr.N.Shankar Ram S.G.Gino Sophia L.GodliAtlas, Maximum Weighted Lag Scheduling Algorithm for Input Queued Switches An Efficent Semantic Based Webservice Discovery using OWL-S Ubiquitious Life Care System using Secured Wireless Sensor Networks-Integrated Cloud Computing An IRIS Based Authentication System Automatic Segmentaiton of Cell Nuclei in Histo Pathology images Energy Meter With RF Communication Based on MSP430 Malacious Content Extraction Program from Web Pages Selective 8-Neighborhood Based Median Filter for Images Corrupted with High Density Fixed-Value Impulse Noise Multi Platform Packet Sniffer Tool for Network Traffic Analysis and Intrusion Detection A Co-operatiove diversity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Peformance Analysis of Retines and Wavelet Image Enhancement Techniques Watermarking for Free-View Video using Image Based Rendering Video Object Segmentation using Motion Information in H.264 Compressed Domain Syllable Pattern Analysis for South Indian Indic Scrypts Protecting Against Shrew Attack on Edges With Shrew Attack Protection (SAP) Model An Edge Based Detection Algorithm A Scalable and Secured Scheme of Key Page 4

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CSE029 CSE030 CSE031 CSE032 CSE033 CSE034 CSE035 CSE036 CSE037 CSE038 CSE039 CSE040 CSE041 CSE042 CSE043 CSE044 CSE045

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

N.Muthuvairavan pillai Mrs.C.Gomathi, Mrs.Aniffa Begam J.Mannar mannan, M.Gopi B.Indira,Dr.D.Devaraj G.S.Jennice Rooshitha, D.C.Tomar Mrs.Y.Jaspine Bami Rani J.Jasmine Shirley, Prof.R.Velayutham Ms.Jayashree Patil, Prof.S.M.Bhagat S.Jebasheela, R. Natarajam Jeeba Chandy, R.Velumani T.Jegan, V.Vidya S.Jegadeswari, Mr.P.J.Devanand V.K.Jegadeeswari, Jeevashankari W.Sylvia Lilly Jebarani, J.S. Jerlin Shylo T.C.Jermin Jersha, B.Shanthini P.Jayabharathi, T.Samrajlawrence Joes Miranda, G. Vijaya Josephines sutha V.A.P. Management for MANETS Tracking and Detection of Moving Objects Enhanced Approach for Static Multi Agent Clustering System Developing an Artificial Neural Network Model for Finger KNUCKLE Surface Recognition A Hybrid Approach for Predicting the Risk of Hepatitis Security Service RSVP for Multicast Applications Improving Authentication and Confidentiality using AES-CCMP Implementation in IEEE802.11i Backbone Routing Load Balancing in MANET An E-ENDAIRA Algorithm For Secured Routing in MANETS SybilGuard: An Improved Defense Mechanism for Network Sentry Against Multiple Fake Identities Development of Morpho Syntax Based on Natural Language Water Marking Scheme A Compact HMACSTREAM CIPHER Under Computationally Constrained Environment An Enhancement of Information hiding Based on LSB Matching Automatic Image Segmentation by Region Merging Dynamic En-Route Quarantine Scheme for Filtering False Data in Wireless Sensor Networks A Novel Approach for Data Reporting in Wireless Sensor Networks Feature based Image matching on Structural Patterns A Survey on Fractal Image Compression Using Neural Networks for Medical Images Page 5

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CSE046 CSE047 CSE048 CSE049 CSE050 CSE051 CSE052 CSE053 CSE054 CSE055 CSE056 CSE057 CSE058 CSE059 CSE060 CSE061 CSE062

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

Detection of Performance Measures in a Hybrid Sensor Network due to Impact of Mobile Node Density Privacy preserving Data publishing and Anonmity Review of Classified Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks A Solution to Enrich Pervasive Environment for a Blind Person in Outdoor using Auditory Assistance Innovative Face Recognition by constructing Quantized Histogram Data on Intensity Difference of Adjacent Pixel Genetic Algorithm Based Distributed Explicit Rate Flow Control Schemes in Multi-Input-Output Network Systems Secure Data Aggregation Protocol for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks Design of Low Power-High Throughput JPEG2000 Coder Using Publish-Subscribe model for Applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Network High Speed Power Saving Protocol for Multicast Services in 802.11 in WLANS A comparative study on Image Segmentation using GSEG AND JSEG A Hybrid Approach for f-Information based Gene Selection WS-Business Transactions By Using Rule Based Technique in Distributed Environment Removal of Scratches and Sharpening of Images by Patch Propagation in Image Inpainting Contrast Enhancement based on the Quantization Matrices in the DCT Domain Automated Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation and Lesion Detection Page 6

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CSE063 CSE064 CSE065 CSE066 CSE067

Kamya E., R.Tamilarasi N.Kanagavalli, Dr.A.Kannan R.Kesavan, Dr.V.Thulasibai Krishna Priya SRI, R.Ganesan Kshitija Pol, Sudhir Sawarkar

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CSE068 CSE069 CSE070 CSE071 CSE072 CSE073 CSE074 CSE075 CSE076 CSE077 CSE078

Lakshmi P.J., R.Suji Pramila R.Lakshmi Priya L.R.Priya, Dr. B.Shankaragomathi S.R. Chougule, Prof.Mrs.M.A.Shah M.Madlin Ahsa, P.J.Devananth S.Muthukumar, M.A. Maffina P.Ganesh kumar, D.Mahibha S.P.Manimozhi, P.Indirapriya R.Mary Lydia Meera Boban, P.Senthilkumar Merlin Gethsy D., Jaya Thamarai Gladeys F.

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

Secure CAPTCHA Input Based Spit Mitigation in VoIP Fast Parallel Multiplier-Accumulator (MAC) Architecture Based on Radix-4 Modified Booth Algorithm EMG Resolution of Superimposed Motor Unit Action Potentials using Soft Computing Techniques On-line Learning System Through Tamil Language for Rural Mass using Roll Based Access Control Spreadsheet Models with Logocal Rules Ontological Defintions A Mobility based muti-source Multicasting Routing Protocol in MANETs The NREE (Non-Repudiation and Element Encryption) layer: Overcoming the SSL Protocols Vulnerabilities Efficient Learning for Distributional Characteristics of Text Categorization Range Free Localization based on RSS for Wireless Sensor Networks A Novel Feature Extraction for Facial Expression Recognition IRIS Recognition Using Image Registration Technique by Normalized Mapping Functions Establishment of Defenders Repudation Against Insider Attacks Extended Probabilistic Scale Space for Image Restoration Online Record Matching over Query Results from Multiple Web Databases An Efficient Sequential Pattern Based on two way Based Pattern growth Approach Overlay Text Detection and Extraction by Page 7

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CSE079 CSE080

S. Kayalvili, M.Mugil Muthulakshmi C., T.Ramesh R.Muthusivagami, S.SujaPriyadharsani M.Sheerin Banu, K.Nagalakshmi Ms.V.S.Nagambika, Prof. C.RajaBhushanan Nancy Jeba Jingle Narendra Shekokar, Sathish Devane N.Naveenkumar, Dr. K.Batri Nimmy Lazer, S.Pavalarajan Mrs.Beshiba Wilson, Ms.Nisha O.S. S.Nithiyanantham, K.S.Gayathri D.Noble Raj, Mrs.C Sathish R.Pavithra, A.JayaChandran E.Pavithra, Mr.G.Sankar J.Prabula, Mrs.M.Muthuselvi Pradeeshkumar

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CSE081 CSE082 CSE083 CSE084 CSE085 CSE086 CSE087 CSE088 CSE089 CSE090 CSE091 CSE092 CSE093 CSE094

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

Transition Map Generation and LBP Video Denoising in Wavelet Domain using SURELET Edge Adaptive Image Steganography A Novel Ruin Gratis Fair Digital Contract Signing Protocol based on RSA Signature Dynamic Multiple Object Tracking in Video Images Intelligent Face Recognition using 2D-Wavelet Transform, Principle Component Analysis with Singular Value Decomposition and Bayesian Classifier Secured and Authenticated Group Key Sharing For Group Using Key Generation Centre RSA based Solution for FAIR Protocol Signing In-Home Health Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Networks Effective and Efficient Query Processing Technique for Video Subsequence Identification Maximum Throughput in Wireless Mesh Networks using Spatial Division Multiplexing Dynamic Scheduling of Data using Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing Work flow Scheduling using Heuristics Based Ant Colony Optimization Relay based Cooperative Communications For Cognitive Radio Networks Feedback-Based Scheduling for Two stage Switches Frequently used multiple Document Summarization using Timestamps Efficient Monitoring of Application Layer DDoS Attack by Genetic Algorithm Tuned HMM Improving the performance of Medium Access Page 8

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CSE095 CSE096 CSE097 CSE098

Priyanka Sebastian, D.Vijayakumar Priyasangeetha B.J.Priya Suganya, C.Vimala Josphine R.G.Ragitha, Dr.VijayaSamundeswari N.Rajkumar, S.Vijayakumar



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CSE100 CSE101 CSE102 CSE103 CSE104 CSE105 CSE106 CSE107 CSE108 CSE109 CSE110 CSE111

T.Rajaprabu, B.Sivashankar Rajasree R.S., Ramesh K.Rajesh, D.Joseph pushparaj T.C.Ramesh, C.Sathish Rameshwari G., Rekha S R.Ganesan, M.Ramya J.Rathinaraja, P.Ganeshkumar V.Rena Cathrine, Harisree Rekha S., Dr.Kannan Balasubramanian Mrs.Renisha G.R. Shalom, Mrs.Arul Chandra K.S. Renjana Ramachandran, Suji Pramila C.P.Reshma Chand, J.Arul

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

Lincely 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 CSE112 CSE113 CSE114 CSE115 CSE116 CSE117 CSE118 CSE119 CSE120 CSE121 K.Revathi R.Revathy, Hari R.Saranya, S.Sureshkumar D.Saranya, K.Sivachandran Saranya George, Dr.A.Kathirvel V.Sasirekha, Dr.C.Chandrasekar Sasithradevi, Dr.Nirmal Singh P.Sathish, Dr.Shankar Ram Seema Mishra, Swati Patil Y.U.SelvaLaxmi, C.Vimala Josphine Senthilkumar T.K., Rajalingam S G.Shanmugapriya, Mr.P.Vetrivelan B.Shanthini,Dr.Swaminathan R.P.Shanthirani, S.Rajesh Control (MAC) Layer Using Virtual Backoff Algorithm(VBA) Image Compression With Parameter Assitant Inpainting High Throughput for Multicast Services in 802.11 WLANs Asynchronous Packet Scheduling for Combined INPUT-CROSSPOINT-OUTPUT Queued Switch by Optimizing the Buffer Size Second Order Dissimilarity Method for Uninterpreted Schema Matching Advanced Approach of Using a timeserving Routing Technique in Hybrid Wireless Networks Enhancing Security in ATM Networks through Congestion Control Technique Color Restoration from CFA Samples Using Polyphase Recontruction Techniques Scaling Byzantine Fault Tolerance Using Enhanced STEWARD Protocol in Multiple Wide Area Sites Cooperative Communication in Coognitive Radio Networks An User Efficient Mutual Authentication and Key Exchange using Nested One Tine Mechanism for Wireless Networks Proposed Technique for Content Based Sound Analysis and Ordering Using CASA and PAMIR Algorithms A Quality Oriented Vertical Handover mechanism for Seamless mobility in Heterogenous Overlay Networks A Security System using Genetic Based Face Biometrics for MANETs Privacy Concious Screening Framework for Frequently Moving Objects Page 9



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CSE123 CSE124 CSE125

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

Computer Aided Diagonosis of Spinal CT Images using Image Processing Techniques Effective Role of Mobile Agents based Anomaly Intrusion detection and Response (MABAIDR) in Distributed and Adhoc Networks A Kernel Modular Eigen Space Approach for Facial Recognition Scaling By Binrank Using Materialized Subgraphs Scheduling Algorithms For Buffered Combined Input And Output Queued Switch A GUARANTEED GEOCASTING USING VIRTUAL SURROUNDING FACE APPROACH IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS New approach for Predicting vulnerability at design stage for object oriented design Human Identity Verification Using Multimodal Biometric System MR IMAGE CLASSIFICATION AND SYMPTOMS DETECTION USING ANFIS EFFICIENT MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT IN AD HOC NETWORK USING ROBUST AND SCALABLE GEOGRAPHIC MULTICAST PROTOCOL(RSGMP) QUERY PROCESSING IN UNCERTAIN DATABASES USING PRUNING METHODS A METHOD OF WEB SERVICE SELECTION BASED Page 10

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CSE126 CSE127

C.Sharmila, Prof.S.Allwin M.Shivakumar, R.Subalakshmi Shyam Jegadesh J., Prof.R.Mathusoothanan S.Kumar S.Shiny Felix, S.Manikandan C.Sindhu, Beaula Jayavanthanan

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CSE128 CSE129 CSE130



Sivasubramaniyan N.A.P.



Ms. Sonali P. Kadam , Dr. Shashank. Srikanth. V.P, Dheeba. J Sri meena.r Pallikonda rajasekaran.m.,








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CSE136 CSE137

Ms. K.sudha,

Mr. P.rajan


Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011) Mrs.K.Jayashree Mrs.R.Suji Pramila Mrs.A.Anitha,Lecturer Mrs.T.Kavitha Ms.C.Gomathi Thara krishnan.r,
ON QOS AWARE PARTICLE SWARM TECHNIQUE DATA CONFIDENTIALITY IN WIRELESS BODY AREA NETWORKS Automatic Shot Detection for Surveillance Systems Face Recognition Using Hierarchical Ensemble of Global and Local Classifiers Throughput Utilization in Wireless Networks Using Scheduling Algorithms Denial Of Phishing By Combining Heuristic & Content Based Search Algorithm On the Security of Elliptic Curve Cryptography over RSA Cryptography Algorithm Secured Distributed Document Clustering in Structured Peer to Peer Networks Fingerprint Identification Using Minimum Spanning Tree Bayesian Learning and Modified Expectation Maximization Approach to Discover New Attributes Reliable face recognition under Uncontrolled lighting condition Page 11









S.Thiripurasundari, J.Preethi



R.Vadhani A.Vaikundeswari, D.S. Senthil Nivas Vaishnavi.V.Nair, J. E. Judith










J. Mannar mannan m.vanitha




Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

Identification of Dependencies and Their Higher Impact on Fault Proneness in Software Engineering Project Monitoring The Ddos Attacks For Popular Websites Online Signature Verification System Using Data Mining Design and Implementation of PWM Based Sliding Mode Voltage Controller for Buck Converter Providing Randomized Routs for Avoiding Compromised node and Denial of Service Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks SMOCK: A scalable Method of Cryptographic Key Management for Mission-Critical Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Syllable Pattern Analysis For South Indian Indic Scripts Performance evaluation of routing protocols



Vidyamol N.A, Ms. P. Micheal Jebakumari Vijitha C.Chrisprin



Mrs. J.Vijila T.VIVEKA Mary synthia Regisprabha Anitha Robert.P

150 151

CSE150 CSE151



A.Arence Flemi M.Rajaram



D.Thlegavathy B.Vishinu Varadhan



Ganapathi Raju.N.V R. Indhuja



T. Samraj Lawrence R.V.Lakshmi Priya



N.Sankar ram S.Ramalaksmi

Sybill Guard : To defense Sybil attacks Improved reactive protocol with proactive route maintenance Lossless image compression using Burrowswheeler coder Page 12



S.Sriram Sundar R.Rathipathy



A.H.R. Begum

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

International Conference on Intelligent Science & Technology (SUN IIST-2011)

E.Sivaganseh 159 160 CSE159 CSE160 R.Velayutham N.Visalatchi

A secure software implementation of Nonlinear AES S-Box with the enhancement of biometrics Encrypted Image compression using resolution progressive compression

Sun College of Engineering and Technology, Sun Nagar, Nagercoil

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