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How to make Pakistan a welfare state?

INTRODUCTION: The idea of the "welfare state" means different things in different countries.

An ideal model: The "welfare state" usually refers to an ideal model of provision, where the state accepts responsibility for the provision of comprehensive and universal welfare for its citizens. State welfare: Some commentators use it to mean "welfare provided by the state".


1. Pakistan GDP: The Gross Domestic Product of Pakistan decides the growth of Pakistan's economy. In spite of the fact that Pakistan is among the highest populated nations and that much of the citizens do not even earn a decent living, the country is fast improving its economic status. GDP - real growth rate: 2.7% (2010 est.) 4.3% (2009 est.) 3.6% (2008 est.) To become a welfare state expenditures should be decreased so that GDP increases. 2. Increase Development Budget: Pakistan development budget is reduced in 2010 to meet the debt burden & budget defense is increased by 18 %.To become a welfare state we should increase the development budget instead of defense budget. 3. Governing Legislative Process : One of the rudimentary prerequisite of being a welfare state is the system of governing legislative process which by definition should represent every faction of society with voice and opportunity to participate.

4. Reduce Debt Burden: Pakistans biggest development challenge to day is to reduce its debt burden in order to pursue a path that leads towards sustainable and equitable growth for poverty reduction. The main plank of the present government to meet this challenge is its Debt Burden Reduction Strategy popularly characterized as debt Exit Strategy. It is not the intention to stop borrowing but to borrow for productive purposes, use the loans judiciously, contact them at soft terms and reduce the overall burden of debt in relation to income. The idea behind this strategy is to reduce reliance on International Financial Institutions (IFIs) for balance of payments support. 5. Removal Social In Equality: Pakistan is suffering from a prolonged and ever-present poverty to be a welfare state Pakistan should remove social inequality & enhanced social mobility and transformed from agrarian society based on economy of subsistence agriculture to modernization under world system theory and globalization. They developed in indigenous technology and manufactured industry. 6. Human Resource Development: Pakistan is lacking principally in human resource development .Applied and formative research at higher education level is completely missing and never remained the convention in Pakistan. To become a welfare state attention should be paid on human resource development. 7. Measures To Improve Pakistani Education System: The present education system has failed to disclose before the new generation the founding reasons of Pakistan. The disastrous results of this negligence are now evident in every walk of life. The responsibility for this deterioration lies with influential factions, besides those in power. The most alarming aspect, besides ideological confusion and moral degradation, is the falling standard of education. Due to constant decay, Pakistani educational documents are now no more acceptable abroad. There is unacceptable level of class distinction in education. Because of this, Pakistani nation is most discreetly broken down into an upper English medium and a lower Urdu medium class. This trend needs to be checked immediately. Urgent measures should be taken to improve the deplorable conditions of the state owned educational institutions. Effective education policy should be decided in consultation with judiciary, teachers, education experts, peoples representatives and students representatives. Further, no political intervention should be allowed in implementation of this policy. Exploitation by private educational institutions in the name of education should be regulated justly through legislation. These institutions should be made to boost standardized education on the one hand and on the other, to embrace all classes of society on basis of merit.

The government should declare a national educational emergency and involve the whole nation, including the army, in waging a war against illiteracy. More emphasis should be given to language education and mathematics at the primary and secondary levels. The unfortunate fact is that usually even our postgraduates lack basic skills in these areas. Language and mathematics are the foundation on which acquisition of other skills depends. Though much of the problem is due to poor teaching, yet curricula, texts, pedagogy and examination techniques also have a lot to do with the current situation 8. Reduce Inflation: Inflation rate is 13% in 2010 .Economic policies to control inflation should be taken to transform country into a welfare state which needs to focus on the underlying causes of inflation in the economy. For instance if the main cause is excess demand for goods and services, then government policy should look to reduce the level of aggregate demand. If cost-push inflation is the root cause, production costs need to be controlled for the problem to be reduced. 9. Increase Trade: In terms of international trade we should make plans to increase trade this will help Pakistan to transform into a welfare state. Imports should be more than the exports. 10. Improve Infrastructure: We should make plans to develop basic underlying framework of a country e.g. large-scale public systems like power, water supply, roads, public transportation, etc 11. Achievements In Extra Curricular Activities: If strategies are taken to raise educational achievement i.e. excellence in all academic disciplines, in class as well as extracurricular activities. It includes excellence in sporting, behavior, confidence, communication skills, punctuality, assertiveness, Arts, Culture, and the like. This all will help in making country a welfare state. 12. Social protection: To become a welfare state social protection should be provided by a combination of government, independent, voluntary, and autonomous public services.

13. Taxation System: There should be a progressive taxation system. Progressive Taxation means taxing the rich through direct taxes and lowering or eliminating the indirect taxes to move towards a progressive welfare state. Only 13% of the total revenue is collected in terms of direct taxes while 87% of the total revenue is minted not collected through indirect taxes. And mostly people don't even know how much they are actually made to pay from their hard-earned money to keep these oppressive civil & military forces in rule. 14. Increase Quality And Quantity Of Universities: We should also have more defined plans to raise the number and the quality of top universities in order to develop Pakistan into a welfare state 15. Fiscal Policy: We should introduce a more credible medium-term plan for fiscal policy. Targeting low and stable inflation is not easy if fiscal policy is poorly maintained. 16. National Health Service Program: National Health Service program should be introduced by the government. For better health services government should; Develop and implement national standards for examination by which doctors, nurses and pharmacists are able to practice and get employment. Obtain proposals from private insurance companies on ways to provide medical insurance coverage to the population at large and execute the strategy. It is healthy to have competition in healthcare, and provide health insurance to the millions who cannot afford it. Encourage business schools to develop executive training programs in healthcare, which will effectively reduce the talent gap for leadership in this area. Revise the curriculum in medical, nursing, pharmacy and other schools that train healthcare professionals, so that they too are trained in the new paradigm. The government should appoint a commission which makes recommendations for the healthcare system and monitors its performance.

17. Improve Environmental Quality: We should make plans to achieve greater energy efficiencies and boosting the cleanliness of energy and water usage would increase the likelihood of a sustainable stronger growth path & help to convert Pakistan into a welfare state. 18. Population Control: We should make plans to take steps in controlling population which is also helpful in making country a welfare state. 19. Policies To Finish Terrorism: If we make policies to finish terrorism this will result in Peace, Satisfaction & Security this will help in making country into a welfare state. 20. Employment Opportunities: Unemployment rate in Pakistan; 15% (2010 est.) 14% (2009 est.)

So to reduce it employment opportunities should be provided. 21. Pay Attention To Textile Industry: Textile sector needs top attention of our policy makers as this sector is the backbone of Pakistans economy and contributes significantly to the export sector.