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TEAM NEW HUNK Title of the paper To improve/increase the Customer Satisfaction, the team has decided to reduce

th e actual operating load appraiser variation in horn module of switch. To get actual operating load by reducing appraiser variation of Switch Assembly Wi nker (SAW) Horn module .

Name of the Author/ Speaker Designation of the Author / Speaker Organization or Company Affiliation

Mr. Sanjay Rawat Team leader

Napino Auto & Electronics L td. Plot No. 3/P4, Sector Honda Park, IIE, Hari dwar Uttrakhand, Pin: 249403 India. 10, Hero



Short Description of the Speaker s Profile/ Bio-data Mr. Sanjay Rawat - Team Leader Associated with tool room department of Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. Mr. Vipul Gupta Deputy Leader Associated with Quality department of Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd.

Mr. Abhishek Pundir Member Associated with Production (RA & SAW) department of Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. Mr. Umesh Sharma Member Associated with Production (PPC) department of Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. Mr. Mukesh Tyagi Member Associated with Maintenance department of Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd. Mr. Dinesh Rawat - Member Associated with Production (ED) department of Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd.

INTRODUCTION: Napino is a joint venture company with Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Company of Japan, who are world leaders in the field of Power and Auto Electronic Produ cts. Our major products are Capacitor Discharge Ignition, Regulator Rectifier, M ain wiring Harness, Switch Assembly Winker and Resistor Assembly. Quality Circle Team New Hunk begins its project on 3.04.2009. The Team is consis ting of 6 Associates from Production, Quality, Tool Room & Maintenance departmen t of Switch Assembly Winker. General theory PROBLEM SELECTION: After detailed analysis of operating load value of horn module in Switch Assembl y winker through data analysis it was found 92.8% as it was inspected manually & were without fixture. PROBLEM ANALYSIS & SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT: After problem selection, the team has analysed the probable root causes with the help of cause & effect diagram & reached the actual root causes with the help o f Why-Why analyses such as the main reason behind the occurrence of such problem s were the no fixture used for holding the Switch and load tester, least count w as not appropriate of load tester and no automation was develop to check the rep eatability. After brain Storming team had taken most of action with the help of QC tools and validate accordingly such as change the load tester (0.05kgf to 0.0 1kgf) and fixture was develop in house for holding the switch and load tester. A machine was develop in-house for testing accurate load.

GENERAL THEORY In one of our product switch assembly winker (SAW), appraiser variation was obse rved in Horn module Load measurement upto 92.8% at final inspection stage, which was the major issue, raised by our customer Hero Honda motors Ltd. This has not only affected the supplies to customer but affecting our image adversely apart from their dissatisfaction towards not meeting delivery schedule


Following counter measure was taken to overcome the problem: Fixture was fabricated in such a way that 4 module can be checked with single fi xture while handle is mounted on a toggle press. Implementing these steps bring our appraiser variation to 66.42% thou we had to bring it to NIL.


The team decides to change the least count of load tester from .05 to .01 but st ill the team was away from their actual target. So, they replace the manual togg le press by motorized fixture.