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Turkish Companies Discovered Social Media

Turkish companies are consuming budgets in the last three years, Internet advertising, social media have adopted very quickly, Facebook, Twitter and sites like YouTube in the faces of a large number of companies in the news was passed. Turkish Airlines, Turkcell, the Pleiades, Blue Jeans, Avea, Warranty, Akbank, such as the local large companies, as well as Nike, Starbucks, Microsoft, P & G as well as international brands overseas activities, successfully continues taken care of news, this rapid rise in Turkey social media was highlighted as an important indicator of the depth of acceptance.

Turkish companies use social networking websites for new customers

Turkish companies have discovered 46 percent of their new business markets and customers via the Internet .Companies are spending larger portions of their total marketing budgets on trade opportunities and social networking websites. Small enterprises spend 25 percent of their marketing budget on social networking websites, while big companies spend about 20 percent. In return, small enterprises find 52 percent of their new customers by Internet.Sixty-five percent of Turkish companies use Internet for contacting customers, and 76 percent used the web for trade, research showed.Social networks have turned into a main device for trading. Still some companies believe these networks will never play a distinctive role in reaching customers and consumers.The high internet trading figures in Turkey were not surprising, Turkey hosts the seventh highest Internet population in Europem, and second most popular short messaging activity.These networks are mostly used to contact customers [around the world], still companies succeed in finding new customers online.The new customer finding rates are higher in countries such as Holland (48 percent), India (52 percent), Mexico (50 percent) and Spain (50 percent).The survey reflects that companies who do not invest in social networks miss important business opportunities.


Turkish Airlines currently has one of the success stories in the bussiness world.At the very heart of story is highly successful growth rate and carefully planned globalisation of organization which pride itself on superior service. At the same time Turkish Airlines is one of the best companies using social media and the most active brands in social media as one of the 3 ranked.

We are Turkish Airlines We are Globally Yours

Social Media Investmentsn 2010 Turkish Airlines undertook numerous investments in the area of social media, which has come to be seen as an important element of communication today. To this end, the companys channel and presence on Facebook was strengthened. In addition to an English-language Facebook page, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world in line with TurkishAirliness global identity, a specially designed Turkish-language page was also created.All Turkish Airlines-related promotional campaigns and activitiesare also now being published on the airlines Twitter page. This has created another channel by means of which our passengers may obtain information about current developments at the company.As a company with a high level of social awareness, Turkish Airline take pride in supporting national and international activities in the areas of sport, culture, art, and science and in channeling resources intosocial investments. The underlying objective of every step taken through the sponsorships and social investments that they undertake in many different areas is to bring them closer not just to their own target audience but to all interested parties in the global arena.