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Welcome Speech Good Morning One and all! Today is a proud day for all the Federalites.

This is the morning we all were waiting for! Its our annual sports meet, another feather in Federals hat. Today I am extremely happy to welcome all of you. Todays special invitee, Our Chief guest Mrs Sonali Sanade , is with us inspite of her busy schedule. Born and brought up in Mumbai, She has done her post graduation in Mumbai and worked for star hotels, welcome group of hotels and Oberoi. Married to Mr. Sasankh Sanade ,now she is taking care of the family business- Modular furniture named Insta Kitchen. She along with her husband is actively associated with many child centric activities like conducting skits, plays, musical programmes etc.. She feels association with kids is a great relaxation from the routine hectic life. On behalf of Federal public School ,I extend, a warm welcome to you Maam! Hope you will thoroughly enjoy the day. Its an honour to introduce our next guest. Sri Dayanand, One of the mentors of this institution. He is an expert in astrology, numerology and vastu Sciences and had been serving the society for more than 20 years. He hails from the family of great astrologers who served in the courts of Maharajas of Mysore. He has the title Jyotisha praveena, which has been given to him for his relentless service in astrology. Sir, we are extremely happy to have you here today. Welcome to the event. Our chairman, the back bone of this institution, Mr Chandrasekhar is also with us today. He is an engineer by profession, a visionary person who conceptualised this school. Its my privilege to welcome you to the event Sir. His efforts need no introduction. The result speaks for itselves. Our Secretary Mr. Anil Sir, a constant perseverant, is always an inspiration for each one of us. It is my honour to welcome him to the event today. Welcome Sir. She is the mother of this institution. As a mother, she looks into each and everything and everyone in this family. Her unweary nature is beyond description. Its my privilege to welcome her, our beloved Principal maam Mrs. Sheela Benegal to the event. Welcome maam

Parents, you are the most cherished guests of the day. You had given us your gems and we polish them to shine better. Today they are here before you to show their talents and make you proud of. Lets cheer for them together. Its my pleasure to welcome each one of you to the event. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. The enthusiasm and team spirit of my colleagues have been an inspiration to the students always. We work as a team to improvise and polish our students in all realms of life. I extend my warm welcome to you too. Children, its your day today. Bring out your inner spirits, grab the opportunity and put up your best show. I would like to welcome each one of you to the event. Once again welcome to one and all to Sprint n sport day in Federal Public School. Lets sprint and sport and cheer for our little ones. Thank you.