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EB001 EB002 EB003 EB004 EB005 EB006 EB007 EB008 EB009 EB010 EB011 EB012 EB013 Anesthesia Control System Using Infusion Pump With Heart Beat Monitoring System Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System - RF Based Wireless Heart Beat Rate Monitoring System Smart Cars For Physically Challenged / Disabled Smash Smart Medical Automated System Handheld Device With Wireless Technology Medi Kit - Advanced Home Care System For Elderly Person Patients With Remote & Auto Dialer With BP ZIGBEE Based Medi Care - Patient Monitoring System With WAP RF BP Motion-Tolerant Magnetic Earring Sensor And Wireless Earpiece For Wearable Photo plethysmography (IEEE-May 2010) Bio Sensing Head / Neck / Eye Movement Based Driver Alert System A Hand Gesture System For Controlling Wheel Chair Power-Accuracy Tradeoffs In Human Activity Transition Detection (IEEE 2010) Wireless Medical Interface Using ZIGBEE And Bluetooth Technology (IEEE 2010) Wireless Telemetry For Line Data Transmission On A Mobile Unit Daily Monitoring Of Asthmatics By Means Of Individual Devices For Exhaled Breath Temperature Measurement (IEEE-Jan 2010)

EB014 EB015 EB016 EB017 EB018 EB019 EB020 EB021 EB022 EB023 EB024 EB025 EB026 EB027 EB028

Real Time Wireless Monitoring Of ECG And PCG Signals At Computer (IEEE 2010) Design And Application Of Mobile Embedded Systems For Home Care Applications (IEEE 2010) A Low-Cost Real-Time Closed-Loop Epileptic Seizure Monitor And Controller (IEEE 2010) A Wearable Airbag To Prevent Fall Injuries (IEEE-Nov 2009) Remote Wound Monitoring Of Chronic Ulcers (IEEE-Mar 2010) A Multimodal Transducer For Cardiopulmonary Activity Monitoring In Emergency (IEEE-May 2010) RFID Based Medicine Expiry Date Verification Intra-Body Temperature Monitoring Using A Biofeedback Solution (IEEE 2010) Physiological Signal Measuring System Via Multiple Communication Protocols (IEEE 2010) Bluetooth-Enabled In-Home Patient Monitoring System: Early Detection Of Alzheimers Disease (IEEE-Feb 2010) Retina Based Mouse Control (RBMC) ZIGBEE Based Health Monitoring System Design Of A Bionic Electro Location Sensor For Coronary Diagnostics Neural Network Based Efficient Knowledge Discovery In Hospital Databases Using RFID Technology (IEEE 2008) Remote Medical Monitoring Through Vehicular Ad Hoc Network A New Telemedicine System For The Home Monitoring Of Lung Function In Patients With Obstructive Respiratory Diseases (IEEE-Sep 2009) Smart Medicare System Bedside Patient Monitoring System With Wireless Sensor Network


EB030 EB031

EB032 EB033 EB034 EB035 EB036 EB037 EB038 EB039 EB040 EB041 EB042 EB043 EB044 EB045 EB046 EB047 EB048 EB049 EB050 EB051

RFID Based Medical Equipments Location Finding & Maintenance Microcontroller based electronic stethoscope Microcontroller based portable computer aided drug dispenser Wireless Network For Measurement Of WholeBody Vibration (Jour 2008) Opportunistic Medical Monitoring Using Bluetooth P2P Networks (IEEE-Aug 2008) MEMS with ZIGBEE wireless based light ON/OFF with automatic voice announcement system for disabled patients Bio metric recognition organism based digital voting machine Fingerprint prediction enabled passport authentication system Microcontroller based human body temperature monitoring system Microcontroller based digital trip monitor and alarm system Microcontroller based pulse rate monitoring system Electron IC library management system using finger print sensor MEMS based pc commands using hand signals Involuntary, biometric door access control and attendance protection system Microcontroller Based Patient care Monitoring and Information system Patient health information management system using finger print Microcontroller based temperature and respiration monitoring system Hospital Automation With Patient Monitoring System Intelligent Mobile Based Patient Monitoring System RFID based patient identification and medicine information system

EB052 EB053 EB054 EB055 EB056 EB057 EB058 EB059 EB060 EB061 EB062 EB063 EB064 EB065 EB066 EB067 EB068 EB069 EB070 EB071 EB072 EB073

Microcontroller based multi-channel temperature monitor and controlling system Microcontroller based hospital networking system Microcontroller based respiration monitoring system Microcontroller based automatic drug injector SMS based patient monitoring system Microcontroller based automatic glucose flow rate controller Ultrasonic and voice based walking stick for the blind people Microcontroller based insulin monitoring system Advances Home Care System For Patients (ADHOC) Bio metric based patient physical measurements with room temperature monitoring and controlling Microcontroller Based Automatic Blood/Glucose flow rate controller Microcontroller based ECG monitoring system through telephone RFID Based Health Card System Finger print based data access control system using arm microcontroller Patient medical information ATM system with finger print identification technology Microcontroller Based blood pressure monitoring system Auto phone control using hand signals for disabled patients using MEMS MEMS based home/industrial automation system Microcontroller based automatic patient temperature monitoring system Advanced Remote Temperature And Heart Rate Monitoring System Complete Body Scanning System With BP & RF Microcontroller based temperature monitor

through optical fiber cable EB074 EB075 EB076 EB077 EB078 Patient status observation system using CCTV camera Path Planning For Blind Person Using Ultrasonic Microcontroller based centralized monitoring system for hospital Automated wheel chair control using eye ball sensor Microcontroller based heart pulse monitoring through telephone line