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Firewall, VPN, Data Encryption, Encoded Backup...

...what about the voice?

You have secured everything

Communicating in a secure way today is a strategic need for any business. There are many ways of stealing sensitive data from our phones within easy reach of everyone.
The main target for such attacks against privacy is the communication between cellphones and calls provided by PBXs. Traditional PBXs often present a vulnerability that can be exploited. Wiretapped party will not detect this until the damage is done, which is non-reversible.

There is a solution to making safe phone calls: Enterprise VoIP Security Suite.
To protect the privacy of corporate communications, PrivateWave a company specialising in telecommunications security, has created Enterprise VoIP Security Suite. This is the first unique landline and cellphone integrated solution, that offers secure calls throughout the whole company network.

Case 1
Secure mobile network integrated with a pre-existing landline telephone system
with PrivateGSM

with PrivateGSM with

Nokia PrivateGSM



VoIP PBX PrivateServer Corporate network

If company already has a VoIP PBX, there is no need to replace it. You can simply adopt PrivateServer and use PrivateGSM to allow everyone to make secure, encrypted calls directly from their desktop to any cellphone. The system strengthens communications security by furnishing confidentiality beyond the company network.

Benefit of a secure communication:

protection of strategic and confidential information, such as new patents, as well as communications from management, can be handled securely via phone ensuring protection from competitors. increase business efficiency, by saving time and money, it will no longer be necessary to manage confidential negotiations in person. A simple, safe and impenetrable phone call will be enough. 100% confidentiality is guaranteed to the company's customers. protection of employees lives within high-risk areas, thanks to the impenetrability of their conversations.

A voice communication can be considered totally secure only when supported by an integrated system:
integrated systems are not vulnerable to external attacks and and therefore they do not create gaps on the network wich can become weaknesses within the system; updating and repairing an integrated system is fast and safe, you only require one specialist to know the whole system thoroughly; communicating within an integrated system is more convenient, and gives the possibility to securely communicate with everybody worry free.

Case 2
Secure mobile & landline network
with PrivateGSM

with PrivateGSM with

Nokia PrivateGSM



PrivateServer Corporate network

Landline phones SIP (compatible with SRTP/TLS)

If a company does not have a VoIP PBX, they can still use PrivateServer. It is possible to make secure calls to all landline phones and to external cellphones that have PrivateGSM installed. Optionally, it can be connected with an other PBX or with the PSTN.

Functionally scenarios:
Financial institutions can offer the total confidentiality as added value for private banking operations. Business secrets are secured through companys use of protected channels of communication. Prevent the spread of sensitive information, the activities of law enforcement are more effective and less risky. The Government can prevent the spread of personal information both judicial or administrative. Telephone operators can bring the benefits of a secure conversation to the mass market.

The PrivateWave Enterprise VoIP Security Suite consists of:


VoIP corporate PBX for encrypting phone calls to and from landline and mobile phones.

Features General features Maximum registered users Maximum concurrent calls High Availability support User management Secure Web administration VoIP account management VoIP groups management Voice Security Signaling encryption: SIP/TLS Key exchange: SRTP/SDES Voice encryption: AES Mobile phones support VoIP Infrastructure Integration Advanced telephony features PrivateGSM for Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia S60 SIP Trunking with existing PBX Secure conference room (with/without PIN) Conference call / three way calling Secure call transfer support System Security Digital certificate management VoIP Firewall System Management Add On ISP Add On Call Recording NSA compliant hardened Linux OS Create/Revoke Certification authority VoIP Firewall: Anti Intrusion and Anti Fraud Configuration backup/restore via web Add On for carrier/provider Call recording

Business Version 30 20 -

Corporate Version 4000 1000


max 1 gateway or PBX 1 only fixed

unlimited unlimited


custom **

* available only for the 250 - 500 - 1000 concurrent calls versions. ** designed on customer requirements.


Encryption software for mobile phones compatible with:

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