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Captain, welcome. I realize that this is the first time we have met in person; it will also be the last.

What I must speak to you about is a matter that you must keep close to your chest. The Spaarti cylinders will be used to great effect producing clone soldiers for the Empire. With the help of our Dark Jedi ally, and the ysalamir, we have been able to take the entire cloning process, learning process, and deployment process and combined them into a single 21 day period of development. During this time, the clone will grow from an embryo that is a combination of the most pure genes from such great soldiers like Maximillian Veers and Jango Fett, and by the time the 21 days are over, he will be as skilled at arms and warfare, as well as imbedded with enough flash memories of general knowledge, that he could defeat most veteran career soldiers in their choice of combat. With this, we shall rebuild the Empire.

However, this entire process has come at considerable price, both on my part and on the welfare of my best soldiers. Specifically, your welfare. Among my men, I seem to have been able to count on you and your team the most, so it pains me to place you in danger once more, but there are several projects that Jorus requires of the Empire so that his cooperation is ensured. I will forward them to you as is necessary. However, the nature of the work may seem despicable at times, trying on the soul and the mind. Ultimately, Jorus wants the Empire to succeed, but that which needs to be accomplished makes me even shudder. Jorus requires an apprentice, but not one of common blood. He requires one of Vaders bloodline, specifically the children of Leia Oregana Solo. He wants to bend them to the dark side, train them, and eventually rebuild the sith order. This is a dangerous thought, meant to cause more disorder than good.

I will attempt to delay the missions as much as possible, but he will try to bend you as well to his will. Do not let him. The New Republic is our most pressing concern at the moment so we require his help and will comply with his requests on a timely basis, but once the war is over, he will have to be dealt with. Now, that which I need you to accomplish is of the highest priority. As you know, the Empire has been low on ships to fight the New Republic. Project Outbound Flight was an Old Republic initiative where two hundred katana-class dreadnoughts were to be sent to pacify the unknown regions. However, the project soon found itself in jeapordy. Due to the fact that this was just prior the the terrible Clone Wars, the project was sabotaged. The real Jedi Master Jorus Cbaoth and thousands of fighting men and women were sent through an anomaly that killed all aboard the vessels except for the Jedi Master who went mad with grief.

His dreadnought somehow appeared near chiss, where it attacked one of our fleets, specifically the one I commanded. After a massive struggle, the Jedi Master was killed, and his body was presented to the Emperor, then Chancellor, who took his dna from the body in hope of raising an army of forcewielders. The dreadnought that Jorus was aboard was destroyed in the battle, and the flight computer shows that it left hyperspace early while the rest of the fleet kept moving to some unknown coordinates. Due to the shared memory of the DNA, Jorus has volunteered information concerning where the main body of Project Outbound flight currently rests, but in order to find the exact position, we need to find a person, an intelligence officer of the old Galactic Republic who uploaded the codes that sent the ships of that fleet to that unknown part of the unknown regions and led to all those needless deaths.

He goes by Captain Hoffner, and since Project Outbound Flights disaster, he was dropped from the Republics military and has since turned to smuggling to make ends meet. We do not know his exact location, but until we do, I need you to stay on the Chimaera. I need your ship always prepped and ready, because we need to find this Captain before anything unfortunate could possibly occur to Captain Hoffner. In the meantime, the chimaera and other Star Destroyers will be gathering asteroids. It is time to test our new cloaking technology. I assure you I am not mad, but this is a plan that I need to keep close to the chest. For now, enjoy your time off, or train, but stay on the Chimaera. Also, I deposited 5000 more credits to your account, make good use of them. Good luck, Captain, and have a safe stay aboard the Chimaera.