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Posted:Tue 18 of Aug, 2009 (14:59)

Safdar Ali Khan Jamadari UK This is the new and upgraded version and a number of people have been added in the list. Mithial is pretty much fertile land and it furnished numerous talented people to our motherland. Certainly it would not be an exaggeration should I call them as cream of Mithial. We all Mithialians are proud of you the ones mentioned below. Please dont take it insulted if I could not describe full name of the stars of Mithial and for this I seek apology in advance. DEFENCE SECTOR. Maj Basharat Ali Khan Maj Muhammad Amin --- Late Maj Ghulam Ali ---Late. Col Inayat Ullah Khan (Rtd) Col Muhammad Rafique Cap.Muhammad Nawaz Khan (Retd) Maj Yaqub Khan(Rtd) Maj Zamurad Khan(Rtd) Maj Ghulam Muhammed (Rtd) Maj Taj Muhammad Khan (Rtd) Maj Matloob Khan Col Arshad Khan Col Riazat Khan(Rtd) Col Ibrar Ahmad Col Ejaz Khan Col Javed Ashraf Khan Col Arif Khan Col Tariq khan Col Amjid Saeed Maj Fakhar Alam Maj Fazal Khan Maj Pervaiz Ashraf Khan Maj Zahid Ashraf Khan Maj Tahir Khan Maj Farhat Amin Khan Squad. Leader Muhammad Ijaz Captain Hamid Khan Flying Officer Sajid Ali POLICE DEPARTMENT Inspector Muhammad Inayat Hussain Haidri --late Inspector Muqarrab Khan Inspector Aziz Khan--Late ASI Allah Dad Khan ENGINEERING SECTOR. Engineer Manzoor Ahmad --late. Engineer Khyzar Hayat Khan. USA. Engineer Muhammad Nasim Khan---late Engineer Umar Inayat Khan Dubai. Khalid Mehmood B.SC.Civil Engineering Muhammad Siddique B.SC. Engineering in progress MEDICAL SECTOR Doctor Amir Daood Khan USA. Major Doctor Muhammad Naeem USA Doctor Ifzaal Ahmad khan Doctor Muhammad Hafiz khan Muhammad Bilal Khan Jamadari M.Sc. Pharmacy USA Muhammad Asif khan M.Sc. Pharmacy

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Mubashir Javed MS. computer science Asif Nawaz Khan MS. Computer scinece Sajid Ali Khan. BCS. Muhammad Atique B.CS in progress. Rehmat Ali MCS in progress Saleem khan MCS. Tariq Zafar MCS. Muhammad Mujtaba Asad BE Electronics(He also designed web site of the village of Mithial, WWW.MITHIAL.8K.COM) BANKING SECTOR. Bank Manager Ghulam Abbas Khan Zaidi. Grade II Officer NBP Amanat Ali Khan. Muhammad saeed khan MBA Habib Bank. Muhammad Mazhar Zaman ACMA(Foundation)Habib Bank LAW AND COURT SECTOR Ashfaq Ahmad Muhammad Parvaiz Sher Ahmad khan AIR LINE DEPARTMENT General Manager Security Abdullah Khan -----late Station Manager Dhaka Air port Ijaz Khan. EDUCATION SECTOR Master Shoaq Sahib. Famous Poet of Urdu ---late Famous teacher and poet of Urdu Sabir Mithialvi---Late. Head Master Shaheenchi Khan MA English.---Late. Head Master AEO Fazal Elahi, MA B.Ed. M. Mukhtar Khan PhD. USA Aamir Amanat Khan Lecturer of Environmental Science University of Faisalabad and currently doing P.hD. in Malaysia. SST. Arab Khan--- Late. BA. M.Ed. Subject Specialist Askar Khan. MA. Economics. B.Ed. Head Master Safdar Khan MA. B.Ed. Zafur ul Islam M.Sc. Botany, M.Ed. Education JCO. Muhammad Taj.MA Education JCO Muhammad Akram.MA M. Saeed MA. Pol Science , M. Ed. Khuda Dad khan MA.B.Ed. Noor ul Huda M.Sc. M.Ed. Muhammad Munir MA.B.Ed. Arshad Ali. MA M.Ed. Abdul Waheed. MA B.Ed. AEO M.Nisar. B.sc. M.Ed. JCO.Azhar Iqbal MA B.Ed. Muhammad Naeem Afzal MA M.Ed. Liaqat Ali Khan owner and Principal of Dar-e- Arqam Model School Mithial. Wajid Ali Khan owner and Principal of Sir Syed Public School Mithial. ATOMIC ENERGY Scientific Officer Muhammad Ali Khan M.Sc. Physics Scientific Officer Muhammad Shoaib Ali Khan M.Sc. Physics HIGHLY EDUCATED IN DIFFERENT SECTORS Daughter of Parvaiz Akhtar PhD in Bio Engineering (England) Fahid Akhtar M.Sc. Maths. (England). Muhammad Farooq ACMA (Ireland). Arshaad Khan MBA. (Ireland). Safdar Ali Khan M.Sc. M.Ed. (England) Shokat Ali M.Sc Chemistry and M.Sc Petroleum, he is also doing M.S in Process Engineering from university of Calgary Canada.

Asim Habib Khan M.Sc. B.Ed. Sadaqat Ali khan M.Sc. Muhammad Sajjad M.Sc. Geology. Dr. Ghulam Hussain MA. Muhammad Elahi MA. Fazal Hayat MA Economics Muhammad Afzal M.SC. Physics Aamir Mahmood M.SC. Maths. Mahmood Ahmad M.sc.Physics Khalid Mahmood MBA RELIGIOUS LEADERS Ustaad Khuda Baksh--- late Ustaad Abdul Ghafoor--- late Ustaad Ghazi Shabbir--- late LITERARY SECTOR URDU POETS Yasin Shaoq sahib--- late Sabir Mithialvi--- late Muhammad Inayat Hussain Haidri--- late Aslam Shahid. Dr. Khudad Dad Khan Amir Mukhtar Khan Muhammad Ashfaq Shakir Wajid Ali Khan Haideri Shahid Bin Noor FICTION WRITER Aman ullah khan SPORTS SECTOR Abdullah khan Olympian Subidaar Muhammad Ashraf Olympian Subidaar Ghulam Qadir Olympian Subidar Amjid Ali International Basket Ball Player Zahid Ali Khan Coach of Uzbekistan Hockey team SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SECTORS Munshi Jaafar Khan Jamadari---late Sardar Tora Khan ---late Thakadaar Fateh Khan ---late Thakadaar Muhammad Khan--Late Numbardaar Malik Sher Khan Jumadari---Late Numbardaar Malik Muhammad Khan---late Subidaar Muhammad Akram Khan---Late Numbardaar Zakir Khan--Late Malik Banaras Khan--Late Hafiz Karam Khan Haji Banaras Khan--Late Subidaar Sher Khan--late Chairman Rab Nawaz Khan----late. Chairman Abdul Rehmaan Khan. Fazal Dad Khan---- (Late) Chairman Abdul Raoof khan Vice Chairman Khalid Mehmood JD Malik. Subidaar Noor Muhammad Khan Javaid Khan. Ch. Arshad Khan Shair jang--- Late. Saeed Akhtar Khan Asif Ali Khan Naib Nazam Asif Ali Khan

Naib Nazam Muqarrab Khan Vice Chairman Khalid Mahmood Khan Lala Altaf Khan Liaqat Ali Khan Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Mithial. Counl. Muhammad Naeem Haji Shehienchi Khan There are a number of other stars whose name could not be mentioned owing to a lack of knowledge and for this i beg pardon from all of them. If someone wants to get add up in the stars of Mithial, then kindly suggest me at, ariesattock@yahoo.com


A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Tue 15 of Nov, 2011 (10:27 UTC)

Respected ALL! I hope these words shall find you happy and healthy. I do agree that we have lot of problems in MITHIAL. But just crying about those problem will never be providing a solution. I had observed since my childhood that everyone complaining but none has ever been providing hope. One of my teacher, Dr Inam ur Rehman had taught me "apko zameen ki tarh hona chahey jo sari gandagi absorb krti rehti hy or hamesha phool he ogati hy" Yeh jumlah shaed itna qameeti hy k isko million doller worth kehna iski toheen hogi I hope, I had answer every query! Regards M ALI A daughter from Mithial

Re: A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Wed 26 of Oct, 2011 (12:50 UTC)

Respected n dear Mithalians! Your effort to put forward the history of Mithial on Google is great indeed but it made me cry my heart out when I saw u people pretending to be the most land loving people( m talking about sm of u). This village is the worst part of the land and I am ashamed to be a part of this village and its people. Its all hatred around here. Every other person seems to be having a charge of ur life. You people sitting abroad can only comment and gather information of this bloody part of earth but y cant u live here, ( i again am mentioning that m talking abt some of u nt all)? You r the most fake people I ever came to know about. Be honest, get the hatred out of your hearts and then say that u r a proud Mithalian. khan

Re: A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Mon 28 of Mar, 2011 (15:54 UTC)

Dear Ali, Keep on your flight towards success, honor and unlimited achievements. Every milestone is a new beginning ; perhaps a fresh start towards new horizons........I wish u all the best regards ALI
Joined: 25 Feb 2011

Re: A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Fri 25 of Feb, 2011 (16:25 UTC)

Asalam O Allikum! It is a great pleasure for me to write about my village. I have tears in my eyes because this village and its loving people had given me a lot but me yet unable to serve it. I would like to introduce my self. My name is Muhammad ALI s/o Subedar Muhammad ASLAM. Ashraf khan (Sahiwal) is my maternal uncle and I am proud that I had been his student (informal education from his vision and experiences). I did my Master in Physics from Quaid e Azam university and M Phil from PIEAS. Than I joined PAEC as a Medical Physicist and now a days I am in France for PhD. I am involved in a research project aiming to build original

& functional human organs like bones, stomach etc. I know that we Mithialians had spread all over the world and proved ourselves not less than anyone. Me here because of my great teachers Waris Khan, Abdul Waheed, Late Abdul Qadir Khan, Rafaqat Ali, Head Master Muhammad Khan and my Mathematics teacher Munir Ahmed. I am proud to be the class fellow of Israr Ahmed (Shari), Major Hamid Mukhtiar, Muhammad Hanif, Sardar Touqeer Ahmed. While me residing here in France but I couldn't forget all those who mater a lot for me like, Irshad Akhtar, M Shafique, M Saqlain, Bhai Khalid, Lala Inyat, Lala Fayaz, Lala Iftakhar, Dr. Tariq, the most unforgettable ZAHEER ABASS, Tahir Shaiekh and Safdar Ali (Choty malik). I hope to be back in Pakistan in 2014 after completing my PhD. As I am serving in an organization known for it intellect and I also run my personal educational centers in Islamabad so I wish to have at least one boy every year for PhD from MITHIAL. I would like to arrange scholarships for my village's students. At the moment it is a raw project but I am very much confident that I can make this dream a reality. For me the education is the only way forward for our nation. I would try to focus higher education because I am sure that my teachers are so expert that they can provide me best nursery. The only thing is that we should be in contact with them and just let them know our requirements. One day, I will be able to build a world class university in my village. At the moment I would like to provide free lectures in my village's schools. This will not only motivate the youngster but also provide them a new vision. I would like to suggest, to be gathered at an intellectual forum for the educational and medical improvements in our own village. Any one from Mithial can contact me on amuhammadali@gmail.com Miss Khan

Re: A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Thu 04 of Mar, 2010 (21:08 UTC)

Sal-am to all my beloved Mathialians. I am grateful to all who have added to my knowledge about my village. Whatever i am today is because of my ancestral homeland. I love its soil, its people and everything associated with it.The people who did valuable services for Mathial will always be honored by its people. I hope to finish my masters this year and wish to serve my village as a proud Numalian(inshAllah) Wajid Ali Khan

Re: A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Tue 04 of Mar, 2008 (20:48 UTC)

Salam It is very pleasureful for us that our village Mithial has got its space at Internet. Now we, discussing our village, can introduce our best at internet. Also, it gives us opportunities to be introduced to people like Sardar Daud Sb. I did happen to know about such great personality, but didn't know his name. I came to know he is doing his great job in USA. He is well known doctor in USA. It is a very respectful thing for our village that there are Mithialees doing their job for the good name of Pakistan in the world at the highest levels. I will try to describe Mithial in detail some time next. (I am Wajid Ali Khan. My fathr's name is Subedar Abdullah Khan. I am nephew of well known personality of Mithial, Late Subedar Muahammad Akram Khan. I am running SIR SYED PUBLIC SCHOOL in Mithial.) Sardar Amir Daud Khan, M.D., M.A.C.G

Re: A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Sun 10 of Feb, 2008 (18:10 UTC)

I was surfing the internet and I saw name Mithial. It suddenly reminded me a small quite village where I was born and walked in narrow streets where I could greet my elders with respect and play balls with schools mates like Abdul Rehman, Mohammed Ishaq, Mahboob Khan, Nizakat Khan, Arab Khan and many others. I still remember accompanying my late father Haji Sardar Misri Khan to Jamia Mosque for Jumma prayer and meeting his friends Sardar Fazal Dad Khan, Jamedar Tora Khan and Sardar Kala Khan. I walked daily from Mithial to Basal station to attend my high school. I cant forget the day when our head master in Basal High School Nazir Qureshi gave Rs. 5 for solving a grammar puzzle. It was simple but peaceful life. I left Mithial at age of 14 and went to Sahiwal and Lahore where I graduated from King Edward Medical College Lahore as a physician. I was House Physician in Mayo Hospital 1n 1971 and met a few patients from village Basal. As soon he told me that he is Khattar and from Basal, he became top priority patient for me. I treated him and his family like my own family. I cant forget the smile on the faces of his loves when I used to go to his bed on my daily round. I joined Pak Army and was working as a surgeon at Military hospital Rawalpindi. I met many people from Mithial and surrounding villages who came to see me seeking medical advise and I tried to help them the best way I could. It was very special day for me when my teacher Shahbaz Khan from village Thutta came to see me. I left Pakistan in 1975 and came to new York for my pos graduation and presently settled in Houston Texas. I do visit Pakistan every second or third year for a few weeks but it is hard for me to visit Mithial as my mother lives in Sahiwal and in laws are in Wah village. I get daily news about Pakistan from internet and find a peaceful country being terrorized by extremists. I hope and pray for safety and prosperity of Pakistan. Sardar Daud Khan, M.D.,M.A.C.G. website www.sdkhanmd.com K. H. Khan

Re: A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Fri 11 of Jan, 2008 (02:06 UTC)

Mithial Khans have spread all over the globe, contributing a lot in different fields of life. I was expecting some contribution from other Mithial Khans but I think they are busy making dollars and euros. So I am adding some stuff which I left in the first part ot my article. Mithial Khans excelled in two very important fields of Pakistan, Oil and Gas and Airline industry. There are some great names woth mentioning in airline industry. Starting from M.Abdullah Khan (PIA), Fazal Khan Malik (PIA and Emirites), Zafar Iqbal Khan(Lufthansa) to presently Ejaz

Asad Khan(PIA). In Oil & Gas, starting from Khan Ashraf Khan, Khan Afzal Khan,Mud Engineer M.Aslam Khan to presently Driller Naveed Aslam Khan. While mentioning great figures who contributed a lot to Mithial community, I forgot to mention the names of Sardar Zamurad Khan, Haji Gulab Khan, Sub.Amir Khan and Sardar Amir Mohd Khan. In present politicaians I forgot to mention the name of Lala Asif Ali Khan(ex.N.Nazim). K. H. Khan

A brief history of Mithial

Posted:Tue 27 of Nov, 2007 (23:23 UTC)

Mithial is a famous village of Attock. Its residents belong mostly to Khattar tribe. Mithial was named after its founder Baba Mitha Khan. (Baba Mithia Khan is buried in Kala Chita pahar.) And by the way, there used to a Mithi Khoee (a drinking water well). By all this mitha , mithas ( sweetness) comes to mind. But residents of this village are not that sweet especially u cant tell by just looking at them. But their true nature is well described by a great poet of Khatter tribe, Dr. Saadullah Khan Kaleem ( resident of Nara). His description is actually the nature of a true Khatter. Nafrat kee zad men hon to bare sakhat jaan han hum Hum ahle dil han hamen mohabbat kee mar ke Mithial has contributed to the literature ( Urdu Addab). Hakeem Yaseen Shauq was a proud resident of this village. He was a graduate of Dehli Tibbiya College and his collection of Urdu and Persian poetry was published in Delhi. This great person spent all his life in Mithial and served this villages residents with his Hikmat services. Another known poet was Sabir Mithialvi and M Anayat Hydri , not known as a poet in public but in very close friends without mention. But in the words of Shauq Sb, they were all jungle ke gullaab, unknown. A famous person of village Mithial was Thekedar Mohammad Khan who was very well respected. He introduced some great traditions which are observed in this village till this very day. When someone dies, everyone brings some wheat (gundum) to his/her home and smoking and eating in public is totally prohibited in that home. Mithial has a long history of service to the Armed Forces starting from British Army. The first commissioned officer was Major Ghulam Ali Khan. He was a great person and an intelligent officer. By religious affiliation, most of people belong to Sunni Jamaat and affiliated to Golra Sharif gaddi. Mithial has a long tradition of celebrating and praying namaz e Eid in a big gathering in a place called Eid Gah. Persons responsible for this religious unity were Maulana Khuda Bakhsh Khan, Ustad Ghaffoor Khan, and Ghazi Shabbir Khan. The only ahle tashee family in Mithial is that of Syed Anayat Ali Shah, a teacher by profession. People of Mithial respected this family very much. After military service, another profession in which people of Mithial excelled is transport and specially trucking field ( Attock Karachi Transport/Shahsawar Transport comes to mind). First important person in this profession was Haji Sher Jang Khan who was also first Haji of Mithial too. Then Haji Nawab Khan (in Attock), Sardar Saleem Khan (in Karachi) and Sardar Misri Khan /Lala Ashraf Khan /Haji Noor Zaman Khan(in Sahiwal) are worth mentioning. Mithial has also contributed to the profession of teaching too. The well respected names in the area are Shaheen Khan, Arab Khan, Mukhtar Khan, Abdul Rauf Sb. At political front, the name of J D Malik is worth mentioning. He was the first person to confront Malkan e Khunda. Being a very straightforward, not politically correct in our traditional way, he could not win elections, but he is serving the people with his political contacts. Among other political figures, some names come to mind who served Mithial in their own way are: Sardar Fazal Khan, Sardar Kala Khan, Sardar Fazal Dad Khan, Sardar Noor Mohammad Khan, Hafiz Karim Khan, Sardar Rub Nawaz Khan, Subedar Mohammad Akaram Khan, Major Amin Khan, Jamedar Tora Khan, Subedar Noor Mohammad Khan ( a close friend of Air Marshal Asghar Khan), Malik Banaras Khan, Haji Banaras Khan, Abdul Rauf Khan. Right now in young generation, Chowdri Arshad Khan, Javed Khan, Asif Ali Khan, M. Naeem Khan and Akhter Ali Khan are active in politics.