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Assassin's Creed (PC) - Assassins Flags - Masyaf - game guide, walkthrough, secrets, game tips & strategies

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Assassin's Creed (PC) Game Guide

Assassins Flags - Masyaf
by Maciej Shinobix Kurow iak (guides.gamepressure.com) Free game guides, w alkthroughs, solutions, game FAQs and maps for gamers. rate guide:

Assassins Flags - Masyaf (20/27)

Below you will find all maps needed to localize flags and Templars. Flags are marked with red numbers and Templars with purple X.

Introduction Controls How do they see you? Weapons and fighting WALKTHROUGH Tutorial Memory Block 01 MB01 - Jerusalem MB01 - Masyaf Memory Block 02 MB02 - Masyaf MB02 - Tamir of Damascus Memory Block 03 MB03 - Garnier de Naplouse of Acre MB03 - Talal of Jerusalem Memory Block 04 MB04 - Abul Nuqoud of Damascus MB04 - Wilhelm de Montferrat of Acre MB04 - Majd Addin of Jerusalem Memory Block 05 MB05 - Sibrand of Acre MB05 - Jubair al Hakim of Damascus Memory Block 06 MB06 - Robert de Sable of Jerusalem MB06 - Arsuf Memory Block 07 MB07 - The final battle Flags and Templars Assassins Flags - Masyaf King Richards Flags - Kingdom - NW King Richards Flags - Kingdom - SW King Richards Flags - Kingdom - SE King Richards Flags - Kingdom - NE Saracens Flags - Damascus Flags - Acre


Flags - Acre Jerusalem Crosses

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Assassins Flags - Masyaf (20/27)

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i have this on 360 but i would say near the end of the game when it opens or the last part when u finish the boss fight (no spoilers) How do I get behind the c astle to the garden like area to get flags 17 and 18? I c an't figure out any way through the steel door or around the outside of the castle... Please help??!! Mr. Progamer

31/08/2008 23:38
Blood Raven

31/08/2008 18:33

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