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100 Grassmyer Family Values 1. Relationship with God 2.

Relationship with each other; spouse first, then children 3. Friendships that are Christ centered 4. Living debt-free 5. Support of international missions and missionaries 6. Involvement in local ministries 7. Spontaneity 8. Having fun as a family 9. Respect for elders and others 10. Respect for property, both personal and others 11. Being trustworthy 12. Honesty 13. Time together as a couple 14. Family time 15. Quality time with individual children 16. Family devotions (Bible reading and prayer) 17. Individual quiet times 18. Investing in our children by having Mom stay home until they are in school 19. Memorization of Scripture 20. Healthy living- making healthy dietary choices and exercising regularly 21. You first attitude 22. Cleanliness 23. Organization 24. Consider each others feelings before we act or speak 25. In-depth study of Scripture and the history of our Faith 26. Study of other world religions- increased knowledge, more accurate world view and ability to defend our faith 27. Treat others as we would like to be treated 28. Slow to anger and quick to forgive 29. Willingness to admit fault 30. Punishments that fit the crime 31. Parents who are approachable for their own sin 32. Humility before honor- pride comes before a fall 33. Teachability 34. Marriage- one woman, one man...forever. 35. Participation and/or attendance at other family members events 36. Siblings showing interest in each others lives 37. Going to church as a family 38. Family loyalty 39. Family night 40. Date nights

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Dad and Moms relationship as the primary relationship in the family First time obedience Cheerful attitudes Seeking the Lord in prayer before we seek the advice of others Valuing the Family Vision Preplanned family events will have priority over last minute activities Selflessness Being Peacemakers rather than Peacekeepers- conflict resolution is important to The family unit as more important than the individual Spending time outdoors and appreciating Gods glory in the world He created Savings- building a strong financial foundation Morality The life of the unborn child- abortion is not an option Family birthday celebrations The individual- each member is special and unique Hating divorce- God hates divorce Going above and beyond Timeliness and punctuality- showing respect for others by valuing their time Boundaries- we can only control our own actions Generosity Living beneath our means and giving above the normal tithe Reading good books Praising each other into becoming what we would like for them to be Love languages- each member gives and receives love in unique ways The Bible as the living word of God and view it as truth Loving and serving the least of these Doing everything for the glory of God Family holidays and making our own holiday traditions Pouring into Jonathan, Alyssa, Joshua, Jessica, Amanda, Zachary and Jakob Good sportsmanship We will speak words of life, not death, into the lives of others Speaking the truth in love Siblings as our best friends The appeal process Rejoicing in the success of others