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Senior Gold

Description SeniorGold is specially designed for our Senior Citizen aged 50- 80 years. This wonderful product ensures Guaranteed Acceptance and No Medical Check- up required! It provides up to 5 times of the principle sum insured for Accidental Death Benefit with an affordable premium. Even more this plan offers an essential coverage for the elderly, which is natural death. It also gives you coverage up to 100 years old which ensures your golden years a total peace of mind! Benefits i. Accidental Death Benefit In the event of accidental death, the Accidental sum insured will be payable according to the attained age of the insured. Natural death Benefit - Natural Death Benefit after 2 consecutive years policy incepted. In the event of natural death occur after 2 consecutive years from the date of policy incepted, the basic sum assured is payable according to the entry age sum insured table. - Natural Death Benefit within the first 2 years policy incepted. In the event of Natural Death occur within the first 2 years from the date of policy incepted, all premium paid will be refunded. iii. Repatriation Benefit The company will reimburse up to RM3,000 to the insureds legal representative for the cost of bringing the mortal remains back to Malaysia in the event death of the insured occurs whilst travelling outside Malaysia. Maturity Benefit Basic Sum Assured is payable upon the survival of the insured to the maturity of policy (100th birthday of the insured). Cash Value In the event the policy is surrendered prior to the maturity date, some amount of surrender value is payable.




Underwriting Entry Age Insured : 50 to 80 years old Policyholder : 18 years old and above Mode of Payment ~ Annually ~ Semi-annually ~ Quarterly ~ Monthly Maximum Sum Assured Each applicant can apply for maximum 5 units only. Policy Maturity Age 100 years old Plan Code Individual ~ 1 unit : SG101 ~ 2 units : SG102 ~ 3 units : SG103 ~ 4 units : SG104 ~ 5 units : SG105 Let MAA Senior Gold make your retirement years a lot more comfortable and peaceful. For only RM50 per month, you can enjoy great benefits from a product that caters for your specific needs: super benefits at an unbeatable price you can enjoy at any time, anywhere in the world !. So, for a worry-free life get MAA Senior Gold. After all, you've earned the right to enjoy the best life has to offer ! Insurance Protection that the Elderly need the most ...................... No Worries, Guaranteed Acceptance Hassle Free. No Medical Check-up Affordable premium as low as RM50 per month Premium does not increase with age Best Coverage -Natural & Accidental Death Benefits Coverage Renewable up to 100 years old Guaranteed Cash Payment 24- Hours Protection, Worldwide Repatriation Benefits up to RM3,000 High Entry Age

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