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Energy Efficient Technologies in Indian Integrated Steel Plants - Shri. C.S.

Gupta, Senior Steel Sector Expert with the Energy Efficiency

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vices Limited (EESL) and Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), New Delhi

Steel plant to focus on energy efficiency

Aims to become world class plant, says GM Energy conservation measures helped the plant save Rs.354 crores during 2004-05 Plans to grow jatropha plantations in the plant area IREDA outlines measures to help industries conserve energy VISAKHAPATNAM: The Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) will focus on adopting energy-efficient and cost-effective technologies while taking up its expansion to double its capacity from 3.2 million tonnes to 6.4 MT. This was disclosed by VSP General Manager (Energy and Environment) C.S. Gupta in his keynote address at the inaugural session of a three-day special training programme being organised here by Winrock International India Ltd., in association with APITCO. The VSP had taken up several measures during the past five years for energy conservation and invested Rs.17 crores for the purpose. In return, the VSP could save as much as Rs.354 crores during 2004-05, and received the National Energy Conservation Award during the year from President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. The plant also could win a special prize for energy conservation from the Prime Minister, he said.
Future plans

Mr. Gupta also revealed that there were plans to grow jatropha plantations in the plant area and set up a bio-diesel unit later. He exhorted industries to take up energy audits and conservation methods as the costs were minimal and rewards were high. General Manager of the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IRDEA) B.V. Rao said several training programmes were being conducted for industries, stakeholders and bankers. The IREDA offered incentives and subsidies to industries for energy conservation and energy audit would be conducted free of cost for any industrial unit, he stated. "We are trying to help the small and medium enterprises, particularly in rural areas, in taking up energy conservation measures,'' he said. Programme Manager of Winrock International India Amit Kumar, welcomed the gathering.

"We have invested Rs 17 crore or so on these measures during the five-year period. In return, we could save as much as Rs 350 crore during 2004-2005. The plant bagged the National Energy Conservation award during the year. It was given away by the President. The plant could also get the special prize for energy conservation from the Prime Minister," he said.

Yes, getting us in touch with the Steel plant you worked with would be extremely helpful. I would appreciate it if you could do that. I just got back from visiting the plant in Ecuador. The head engineer there mentioned

that they are indeed creating a new plant. This sounds like it would work perfectly for getting them to save from the very beginning. With respect to what is being offered to the Ecuador Plant, my company has retrofit products for Lighting, Air Conditioning, refrigeration and motor-driven systems, that we are presenting them with. Also, we have a world-class energy management system, that will allow them to see, 24X7, in real-time, over the web, for the first time, more than 16 significant energy-related data elements, which include Power Factor, Voltage, Amperage, CO2 emission, cost per Kwh, etc. The cost for the management system is extremely low, and the same holds true for the products. We are partnered with a company in the U.K., who manufactures them, and works with its partners like us to introduce them to the target market. They can monitor and see the electrical consumption of specific equipment or areas of operation. This is the first step toward reducing consumption. Then when they implement the changes we recommend, they will be able to see the decreased consumption, and continue to check that they maintain their savings levels. Here is the website of our Parent company. www.enigin.com They do not do business with customers directly, but only through partners like us. (If we could assist businesses in India, that would be a tremendous coup.) My interest in contacting you was for us to consider creating a packaged process for the mitigation of wasted heat and gases, that we could present to other steel manufacturing plants. We have a relationship with a very talented HVAC (Heating, Ventillation and Air Conditioning) company here in the states. The process you described seemed to me to be one which they could develop. I think the company in India could definitely benefit from our solutions, and I think that the industry in general could benefit from us working to develop a standardized process for mitigating the gas and heat losses. Is there any way that we could see the model you proposed to the Indian company? Also, please let me know if you agree with my belief that our products could help the Steel company in India. Thanks so much for communicating with me on this. Im anxiously looking forward to your answers.