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Holes ,Positions, & Play Calling

Unique Hole Numbering Based on Defenders positions Backs and Linemen Numbers Aid in teaching plays Blocking Schemes and Tags Plays= Series + Back + Hole + tag

Calling a Play
Sample Play: 491 stretch 491= 400 series- spin strong side 491 = 9 back carrying the ball 491= 1 hole Stretch - blocking scheme

Play Series in the Hybrid SW

100- Read/Option series 200- Counter, Trap, Reverse 300- Buck Lateral 400 Spin-strong 500 Spin-weak 800- Quick passing 900- Rollout passing

Play Breakdown per formation

Pistol Formations 100 series read 200 series- counter Passing sets Red formations 300 series- Buck Lateral 400 series- Spin strong 500 series Spin weak Play action passing

100 Series
The Read/Option series

200 Series
The Counter Series

300 Series
The Buck Lateral Series

400 Series
The Spin Strong series

500 Series
The Spin Weak series

Passing from the Hybrid

Drop Back- Quick Passing game Roll out Passing Play action Screens

Quick Passing
800 series Route tree Mirror routes Overload the zones

Roll out passing

900 series Passing tree complimentary routes Overload the zones Get the perimeter and run

Use against hard charging full flow defenses Set them up Easy blocking schemes Do not overuse

Wrap up the Hybrid

Spreads the Defense Uses Single Wing blocking and play series Is consistent Forces the defense to prepare for two offenses while you rep one