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Animal Words

Animal Ant Ape Badger Bat Bear Beaver Bee Bird Eagle Falcon Hawk Kite .etc Cat Cattle Chicken Dog Earthworm Fish Fowl Fox Hare Horse Lion Mole Mouse Otter Owl Pig Pigeon tame Rabbit wild Rabbit Sheep Snail Snake Home Ant-Hill/Nest, Formicary Tree-nest Sett Roost,Cave Den Lodge Hive Nest Eyrie, Eeyric, Acrie Cattery, Lair, Den Barn, Byre, Pasture, Stable Coop, Run Kennel Soil Water Coop, Earth, Den, Hole, Lair Form Paddock,Stable,Stud Den Burrow, Fortress, Tunnel Hole, Nest Holt, Ledge Barn, Nest Pen, Sty dove-cote Hutch Burrow, Warren Fold, Pen Shell Nest

Spider Squirrel Termite Tiger Turtle/Tortoise Wasp Wolf

Web Drey Mound Lair Shell Nest, Vespiary Lair, Den

Animal Words
Words about Animals' Genders
Generic Name Ass Bear Goat Goat Pig Deer Deer Hare Rabbit Cattle Seal Elephant Whale Dog Fox Donkey Leopard Lion Sheep Horse Tiger Male ass bear goat boar buck stag buck buck bull bull bull bull dog dog donkey leopard lion ram stallion tiger Female mare she-bear she-goat Sow Doe hind Doe Doe Cow Cow Cow Cow Bitch Vixen Mare Leopardess Lioness Ewe Mare Tigress

billy-goat nanny-goat

Cat Wolf Swan Fowl Pigeon Duck Eagle Geese Hawk Owl Peacock Chicken

tom-cat wolf cob cock cock drake eagle gander hawk owl

tabby-cat she-wolf Pen Hen Hen Duck Eagle goose bowess Owl

peacock peahen cockerel pullet

Animal Words
Collective Animal Name herd of antelope army of ants colony of ants swarm of ants shrewdness of apes flange of baboons congress of baboons tribe of baboons culture of bacteria cete of badgers colony of badgers sleuth of bears sloth of bears pack of polar bears colony of beavers Collective Animal Name troop of horses cry of hounds mute of hounds pack of hounds charm of hummingbirds

clan of hyenas band of jays party of jays scold of jays smack of jellyfish herd of kangaroos mob of kangaroos troop of kangaroos deceit of lapwings ascension of larks

lodge of beavers flight of bees grist of bees hive of bees swarm of bees congregation of birds dissimulation of birds flight of birds flock of birds volery of birds sedge of bitterns siege of bitterns herd of boar singular of boar sounder of boar chain of bobolinks brace of bucks clash of bucks herd of buffalo rabble of butterflies swarm of butterflies wake of buzzards flock of camels army of caterpillars clowder of cats clutter of cats glaring of cats pounce of cats dout nuisance kendle kindle of cats (house cats) of cats (house cats) of cats (kittens) of cats (kittens)

exaltation of larks leap of leopards leep of leopards lepe of leopards pride of lions sault of lions sowse of lions troop of lions lounge of lizards herd of llamas plague of locusts tidings of magpies sord of mallards stud of mares richness of martens horde of mice mischief of mice nest of mice company of moles labor of moles movement of moles cartload of monkeys tribe of monkeys troop of monkeys troup of monkeys herd of moose barren of mules pack of mules rake of mules span of mules watch of nightingales bevy of otter

litter destruction

of cats (kittens) of cats (wild cats)

family of otter raft of otter romp of otter parliament of owls drove of oxen herd of oxen span of oxen team of oxen yoke of oxen (two) bed of oysters company of parrots covey of partridges muster of peacocks ostentation of peacocks colony of penguins crche of penguins huddle of penguins parcel of penguins rookery of penguins nest of pheasants of pheasants nide (on the ground) of pheasants nye (on the ground) bouquet of pheasants (when flushed)

drove of cattle herd of cattle kine of cattle team of cattle yoke of cattle (two) herd of chamois brood of chickens flock of chickens peep of chickens brood of chicks chattering of chicks clutch of chicks cartload of chimpanzees

herd of chinchillas bed of clams quiver of cobras rag of colts rake of colts bury of conies

cover of coots flight of cormorants band of coyotes sedge of cranes siege of cranes congregation of crocodiles float of crocodiles storytelling of crows

flight of pigeons flock of pigeons drove of pigs herd of pigs litter of pigs farrow of pigs

(piglets) murder of crows herd of deer leash of deer parcel of deer bevy of deer (roe deer) sounder of pigs (wild pigs)

shoal of pilchards congregation of plovers wing of plovers chine of polecats string of ponies pod of porpoises school of porpoises passel of possum coterie of prairie dogs bevy of quail covey of quail bury of rabbits colony of rabbits down of rabbits drove of rabbits husk of rabbits leash of rabbits trace of rabbits trip of rabbits warren of rabbits nest wrack of rabbits (young) of rabbits (young)

kennel of dogs pack of dogs litter of dogs (puppies)

pod of dolphins drove of donkeys herd of donkeys pace of donkeys trip of dotterel bevy of doves cote of doves dole of doves dule of doves flight of doves piteousness of doves flight of dragons weyr of dragons wing of dragons brace of ducks flock of ducks flush of ducks paddling of ducks raft of ducks team of ducks aerie of eagles convocation of eagles

gaze of raccoons nursery of raccoons colony of rats horde of rats mischief of rats pack of rats plague of rats

swarm of eels herd of elephants memory of elephants parade of elephants gang of elk herd of elk mob of emus business of ferrets cast of ferrets fesnying of ferrets charm of finches catch of fish haul of fish run of fish school of fish shoal of fish swarm of flies lead of foxes leash of foxes skulk of foxes army of frogs colony of frogs knot of frogs flock of geese gaggle of geese skein wedge of geese (in flight) of geese (flying in a 'V')

swarm of rats rhumba of rattlesnakes storytelling of ravens unkindness of ravens crash of rhinoceri building of rooks clamor of rooks storytelling of rooks run of salmon school of salmon shoal of salmon bob of seals colony of seals crash of seals harem of seals herd of seals pod of seals rookery of seals spring of seals team of seals school of shark shiver of shark down of sheep drove of sheep flock of sheep fold of sheep hurtle of sheep trip of sheep bed of snakes den of snakes nest of snakes pit of snakes walk of snipes

horde of gerbils corps of giraffes herd of giraffes tower of giraffes cloud of gnats horde of gnats

swarm of gnats herd of gnus implausibility of gnus drove of goats herd of goats tribe of goats trip of goats charm of goldfinches glint of goldfish band of gorillas skein of goslings leash of greyhounds covey of grouse pack of grouse colony of gulls group of guinea pigs horde of hamsters drove of hares down of hares husk of hares leash of hares trace of hares trip of hares warren of hares aerie of hawks cast of hawks kettle of hawks array of hedgehogs prickle of hedgehogs brood of hens hedge of herons sedge of herons siege of herons

wisp of snipes host of sparrows dray of squirrels scurry of squirrels murmuration of starlings muster of storks mustering of storks flight of swallows bevy of swans herd of swans wedge of swans (flying in a 'V')

flock of swifts drift of swine sounder of swine spring of teals ambush of tigers streak of tigers knot of toads hover of trout flock of turkeys brood of turkeys (immature)

bale of turtles generation of vipers nest of vipers colony of vultures mob of wallabees herd of walruses pod of walruses pack of weasels sneak of weasels gam of whales herd of whales pod of whales

shoal of herrings crash herd bloat of hippopotami of hippopotami of hippopotami

school of whales plump of wildfowl herd of wolves pack of wolves rout of wolves route of wolves warren of wombats fall of woodcocks descent of woodpeckers

drift of hogs parcel of hogs passel of hogs nest of hornets harras of horses herd of horses stable of horses team of horses

herd of yaks herd of zebras zeal of zebras

Animal Groups and Their Young

Here are some of the more common collective nouns given to various birds, animals, and their young.
Alligator Ant Antelope Ape Baboon Badger Baracudas Bass Bat Bears Beaver Bee

Congregation Colony Herd Shrewdness Tribe Cete Battery Shoal Colony Sleuth, Sloth Lodge, Colony Swarm Male Boar Male Buck Male Male Boar



Hatchling Antling

Doe Female Female Sow

Calf Infant Infant Kit, Cub

Female Sow Female

Pup Cub Kitten Larva

Beetle Birds Bison Boar Butterfly Buzzard Camel Cat Caterpillars Cattle Chicken Chimpanzee Chinchilla Choughs Clam Cobra Cockroach Colts Cow Coyote Crocodile Crow Deer Dog Dolphin Donkey Dove Duck Eagle Eel Elephant Elk Ferret Fish Flamingo Fly

Swarm Dissimulation Herd, Gang Sounder Swarm, Rabble, kaleidoscope Wake Caravan, Flock Clowder Army Herd, Drove, Mob Brood Cartload Colony Chattering Bed Quiver Intrusion Rag Herd Pack, Shift, Wilieness Congregation, Bask Murder Herd, Bevy, Parcel Pack Pod Herd, Drove Dule Brace, Team, Flock Convocation Swarm Herd, Parade Gang, Herd Business School, Shoal Stand Swarm/Business Bull Bull Hob Cow Cow Jill Buck Dog Bull Jack Doe Bitch Cow Jenny Dog Bitch Bull Cow Bull Tom Cow Queen Bull Cow


Calf Piglet Caterpillar Chick Calf Kitten

Calf Chick Infant Kits



Calf Pup Crocklets Chick Fawn Pup Pup Foal Chick Duckling Eaglet Elver Calf Calf Kit Fry Chick Maggot

Fox Frog Gerbil Giraffe Gnats Goat Goldfinches Goldfish Goose Gorilla

Skulk Army Horde Herd/Corps Cloud Flock, Herd, Tribe Charm Troubling Gaggle Band



Kit, Cub, Pup Tadpole, Polliwog

Buck Bull Male Billy

Doe Cow Female Nanny

Pup Calf Larva Kid

Gosling Male Female Infant

Grasshoppers Cloud Gull Hamsters Hares Hawk Hedgehog Herring Colony Horde Husk Cast, Kettle Array, Prickle Army Bull Boar Cow Sow Calf Suckling Larva Stallion Mare Foal Chick Dog Bitch Pup Nymph, Larva Chick Ephyra Buck, Jack, Boomer Doe, Jill, Flier Joey Boar Sow Buck Buck Doe Doe Chick Pup Leveret Eyas Piglet

Hippopotamus Bloat, Herd, Crash Hogs Hornet Horse Hummingbird Hyena Insect Jay Jellyfish Kangaroo Kitten Lark Leopard Lion Locust Louse Drift, Passel Nest Herd, Harras Charm Clan, Cackle Swarm Scold, Band, Party Smack Mob, Troop Litter/Kindle Exaltation Leap Pride Plague, Swarm Colony

Chick Leopard Lion Leopardess Lioness Cub Cub Pupa Nit Duckling Chick

Mallard Ducks Sord Magpie Martens Tiding Richness

Mole Monkey Moose Mosquito Mouse Mule Nightingale Opossum Ostrich Otter Owl Oxen Oyster Parrot Partridge Peacocks Penguin Pheasant Pig Pigeon Polar Bear Porcupine Prairie Dog Puppies Quail Rabbit Raccoon Rat Raven Rhinoceros Seal Shark Sheep Skunk Snake Sparrow

Labor Troop, Cartload Herd Swarm Hoard, Mischief Barren, Span Watch Jack Flock Raft Parliament Yoke Bed Company Covey Muster, Ostentation Rookery Bouquet Sounder Flock/Kit Pack Prickle Coterie Litter Bevy, Covey Nest, Warren Nursery Hoard, Mischief, Pack Conspiracy, Unkindness Crash Pod, Colony School, Shiver Flock Surfeit Bed, Nest, Pit Host, Flight Cock Hen Ram Ewe Bull Bull Cow Cow Buck Boar Buck Doe Sow Doe Boar Boar Boar Sow Sow Sow Boar Sow Cock Hen Bull Cow Male Female Jill Buck Jack Doe Molly Male Bull Female Cow

Pup Infant Calf Nymph Pinkie, Pup, Kitten Foal Chick Joey Chick Whelp Owlet Calf Spat Chick Chick Chick Chick Chick Piglet, Suckling Squab Cub Pup Pup

Chick Bunny, Kit Cub Pinkie, Pup, Kitten Chick Calf Pup Pup Lamb, Lambkin Kit Snakelet Chick

Squirrel Storks Swallow Swan Swine Tiger Toad Trout Turkey Turtle Viper Walrus Whale Wild Boar Wolf Woodpeckers Zebra

Scurry, Dray Mustering Flight Bevy, Wedge, Team Sounder Ambush, Streak Knot Hover Rafter, Flock, Gang Bale Nest Pod, Herd Pod Sounder Pack Descent Herd, Crossing, Zeal



Pup, Kitten Chick Chick Cygnet

Boar Tiger

Sow Tigress

Piglet, Garrow Cub Tadpole Fry, Fingerling


Poult Hatchling Snakelet

Bull Bull Boar Dog

Cow Cow Sow Bitch

Pup Calf Boarlet Pup, Whelp