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A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 6: Mitch embraces Blanche attempting to hold her in a tight grip, after a few seconds

of awkwardness he succeeds, she sinks into his hold. Blanche: That was not all Mitch, (she pauses letting out a deep strangled sob she releases herself from Mitch s arms.) Mitch: What do you mean Blanche? The blue piano begins playing in the background. Blanche: (bringing her hand up to cover her eyes, from the sudden bright light from a passing streetcar) I have not been awfully honest about my past Mitch. I have had many transgressions that I know would never have crossed your simple mind Mitch. No you would never lose your mind or behave in such a vile way Mitch. No, not you. But I was alone.............. So alone, everyone had moved on and left. No one was there anymore. I have always depended on the kindness of strangers. Mitch: Blanche............ Blanche rushes around the room in search of liquor; she finally locates it and hastily snatches a glass of the counter. She hurriedly takes a seat at the kitchen table. Mitch remains standing, observing her movements with confusion. Blanche pour herself alcohol into the glass, her hand shaking in panic and anxiety. Mitch: What are you talking about Blanche? (He awkwardly moves towards the table, halting when Blanche stares up at him, a look of fright crossing her features.) I m afraid Mitch that you would not like me if you knew the real meMitch: I like you to be exactly the way that you are, because in all my experience, I have never known anyone like you. Blanche: I know I fib a good deal. After all, a woman's charm is 50% illusion. I have created an enchantment, a facade which I have drawn you in, like the spider that I am. How Ironic. (Her eyes glaze over as she stares into the distance, lost in memories) Mitch: (Confused) what is ironic Blanche? Blanche: I am, I have lied Mitch, I am not merely an innocent school teacher from Laurel, no that is not my only profession. I worked in the Tarantula; yes Tarantula was the name of it. I stayed at a hotel called the Tarantula Arms. Just like a big spider. That's where I brought my victims. Yes, I've had many meetings with strangers. (She draws the glass full of liquor to her mouth, draining it) Mitch: Maybe you should stop drinking that Blanche? (A Blanche releases a humourless laugh which causes Mitch to cringe away from her). You are becoming delusional Blanche, all this talk about tarantula s.

Blanche: YOU DON T UNDERSTAND! (Blanche furiously smashes the glass against the table, cutting her hand in the process, a hysterical scream reaches her lips as red liquid seeps onto her dress) Mitch: (Mitch instinctively moves forward to help her) It s all right Blanche, I m not going to hurt you, just let me run that under the tap. (She passively allows him to help her. After she allows him to attend to her and cover her wound, she regains her seat at the table, whilst Mitch remains standing over her). Blanche: It was a horrible time Mitch. Mitch: what was a horrible time? Blanche: The Tarantula arms. At the Tarantula Arms, I gave myself up to men for money. Not only that but at my previous school, I kissed a young boy and the superintendent found out, the boy s father had written a letter. I was unfit to teach. The music of the blue piano begins to play louder. Mitch s face visibly pales and he takes quick steps away from her, preparing to leave the house. Mitch: you are boxed out of your mind. Blanche: Everything I have told you is the truth. (Just as she says this the blue paper lantern sways harder, casting more shadows across the room). Mitch: have been lying to me this whole time, I thought that I had finally met a lady worthy to bring home to my mother, but all you were was an Illusion not real at all. The Polka music begins to play. Blanche: I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people. I do misrepresent things. I don't tell truths. I tell what ought to be truth. The room is cast in shadows; the light bulb covered by a paper lantern continues moving against the slight breeze weaving in through the open windows. Blanche is still seated at the table, with a half drained liquor bottle resting by her elbows on the table. She looks drowsy and drunk; Mitch is stood at the entrance of the room, a look of pity crossing his features. Blanche: Mitch, please understand, after Allan s death, nothing, nothing was right anymore. Everything was ruined, I was so madly in love that the loss of him broke me apart, it still breaks me apart. I will never, ever be rid of him. That damn music when will it stop. The polka music increases in volume. Mitch: why did you not tell me the truth from the beginning, I understand what grief does to a person. You should have been straight with me. Blanche: Straight? What's 'straight'? A line can be straight, or a street. But the heart of a human being? Mitch: you should have been honest with me.

Blanche: Do you hate me Mitch? Mitch Hate, a moment ago I thought I loved you Blanche. Blanche: what about now? Mitch: I m not so sure. Oh I don't mind you being older than what I thought. But all the rest of it. That pitch about your ideals being so old-fashioned and all the malarkey that you've been dishin' out all summer. Oh, I knew you weren't sixteen anymore. But I was fool enough to believe you was straight and more a fool to believe that you were not as cruel as Stanley said you were. Blanche: I am not a liar, or cruel, deliberate cruelty is unforgivable, and the one thing of which I have never, ever been guilty of. (Blanche begins to sob quietly, attempting to hide her face)