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10th Science Meet 2011 - 12

-:A joint activity of:Shikshan Prasarak Mandals KHANDELWAL ENGLISH SCHOOL And KUTUHAL SANSKAR KENDRA AKOLA
To, Respected Sir / Madam We are very happy to inform you that from the last ten years, we have been conducting above said scientific venture by name Interschool Science Meet in the memory of Late Shri. Shankarlalji Khandelwal, on 19th January every year. This year also, we continue our responsibility with your increasing support. It consists of Science Quiz Solutions for the Revolution Do It Yourself! The event is unique of its type This year too, we heartily invite you for the same. We request you that the entries of your school or junior college should reach us on or before 15th of January. For organizational arrangements, no entries will be accepted after 15th of January 2012.

Day Tuesday 18.01.2012 Wednesday 19.01.2012

Event Do It Yourself Solutions for the Revolution Science Quiz Valedictory Function

Timings 08.00 am 11.00 am 11.30 pm 02.00 pm 8.00 am 11.00 am 11.30 am 01.00 pm 01.30 pm onwards 03.00 pm 04.30 pm

Venue :- Khandelwal English School, Godbole Plots,Akola. Ph.No.-(0724) 2441508, Fax No.-2441508

Do It Yourself

The events are as

will be for std.5th to 7th students. It will be a team event with two members. For each group there will be maximum two entries from your institute. Subjects for Do It Yourself will be related to: Physics: Identifying instruments which are in their syllabus, taking the reading by instruments included in syllabus, designing and performing very elementary experiments related to physics.

Chemistry: Identifying instruments which are in their syllabus, Classification of given samples on basis of chemistry which is known to them Biology: Observing the given sample and record the findings which are asked, Identify the parts or portion indicated in figure or slide, Use of instruments which are included in their syllabus .Mathematics: To use formulae which are known to them. Prizes:1st Rs.700/- and a running trophy 2nd- Rs.500/3rd- Rs.300/-

Solutions for the Revolution

With the wings of scientific thoughts and intention to solve. Look into future by using past and present. Based on way of thinking I can I will and what comes is I did The event will be for two groups and participation is individual. th th 1) 8 to 12 std. 2) Graduation course students and Post Graduates of all branches like B.Sc., B.A., B.Com, B. Pharm. M.Sc., M.A., M.Com, B.Ed., M. Ed, B.B.A., B.C.A., - - - For each group there will be two prizes. In addition to the cash prize, a running trophy exclusively for 8th to 12th std. group 1st- 2001/ 2nd- 1001/The topics for science seminar are so chosen that the participants come up with concrete solutions for the problems of our city or society is facing today. Even if your suggestions may not be possibility, you may introduce them explaining its scope. Your seminar must range between 7 minutes to 12 minutes. The language of your speech may be Marathi, English or Hindi.

The subjects for Solutions for the Revolution are


Perform and Learn at Hall of Experiments: Plane of School level Laboratory open to all students you need to work for Intension, Use, needs, work plan, method to use, financial managements 02. My city cute city: How to make Morna river flow and use it as tourist spot. Work on the project that we can have river full with running water and convert some place near to it like Rana Pratap Garden , Akola Fort or similar to a tourist spot. The difficulties and solutions, plans, expenses., a case study. 03. Best for Waste The Garbage disposal system for city Think how much Garbage is generated, classify it into safe and unsafe, bio degradable, nondegradable, possibilities to use or to manage. 04. Clear your near Identify your vicinity, find out reason of un cleanliness and identify solutions think for sustaining of the solution, financial constraints and planning 05. Transform the traffic A problem of traffic may be due to misuse of private vehicles, or neglecting the traffic rules, Improper use of public transport or what so ever you think but identify at all levels or even at small part of it as use of bicycles, or efficient use of fuel and so on 06. Office without a paper piece Use and wastage of paper is big problem for nature so identify places / methods where use of paper can be avoided. Not just office but find the way where paper can be avoided and present it in proper way 07. Try for Good opening With every cluster in town planning there is a space of open space and some are from government, These are suppose to be lungs of city how can we monitor them and use them properly think in a scientific way and try for best project to utilize and protect open space. 08. Green should be clean We do have vegetable markets at three four places but none of them is clean can you find why it is not clean, what are the methods to keep it clean work think , design and convert into project You have to prepare your project on paper as well as in the form of powerpoint presentation. One project file must be submitted at the place of presentation. The best project will be honoured with Kakaji Memorial Award.

. Presentation Project Introduction, realization of problem, book/ method of performing the project, report Statistical data, Interpretation, conclusion, credits, Appendix Proofs of performance, like photo, letter, news, recordings Oral Language and clarity of talk (5), Describing presentation the project (10) completion in given range of time ( 3), Answering the questions asked (12) Display + Presentation

The evaluation will be based on following methodology

Marks 5 marks

5 marks 30 marks

10 marks

SCIENCE QUIZ Science Quiz is a group activity. Group will consist of two members of 4th std. students. 1st prize of 751/- and running trophy 2nd prize of 551/Attractive prizes for 3rd, 4th and 5th position. All teams must appear for written test as round one. Five best teams will be selected for stage performance, but if there are two or more teams from same school, only one of them will be on stage. The entrance exam will be on science, basics of computers, mathematics, basics of computers and logic. Complete science quiz will be conducted in English language only. The stage performance will start immediately after declaration of result of written examination around 1.30 pm and will be followed by prize distribution ceremony. For Further details please contact : Khandelwal English School, Godbole Plots, Akola. Mob.no:-9822361001,9823972646 Kutuhal Sanskar Kendra, Mobile number:9405967557 / 9850975597 / 9890698139