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Dear TGMC Participants,

Congratulations on your successful registration in "The Great Mind Challenge '08"

Now the NEXT STEPS...Please start working on your project synopsis and on your Project


Step 1: SRS Documentation:

a. Students should send the Project Synopsis in the given format as per the guide
lines: ("http://www.tgmc.in/resource.php")
b. For Sample Project Synopsis & for Project Development Best Practices- RUP, refer
to the below mentioned link: http://www.tgmc.in/resource.php
c. For Technology details, refer to: http://www.tgmc.in/tech_details.php?id=5

Step 2: SRS Submission:

a. Attach the Project Synopsis and send it to tgmcsynopsis.2008@gmail.com with "
Team Name/State " in the mail subject (Note: Mail subject is very important)
b. Project synopsis need to be submitted on or before 15th Sep 2008 to the mail id to
get 5 Bonus Points. These points will be very much helpful during the final evaluation stage.

Step 3: Project Development:

a. Continue the development of the project in the Technologies specified in the site.
For more details http://www.tgmc.in/tech_details.php?id=5
b. Make use of Discussion forum to post queries to get appropriate support from e-
Mentors. You can login with your team id to post your quieries
c. For downloading sofware you can use : http://www.tgmc.in/resource_new.php
or you can ask your Faculty guide to register with IBM Academic Initiative
www.ibm.com/university. You can use your Faculty guide user id to download any software
available in the site. Steps to be followed for registering with IBM Academic Initiative is given
in http://www.tgmc.in/resource.php

Step 4: Project Submission:

a. Projects should be submitted on or before 1st Nov 2008. Projects should be written
in a CD/DVD and to be sent. (* Mailing address for the submission will be soon updated in the
site www.tgmc.in)
b. Projects should be strictly packaged in the format given in the site with the Team
name,Project scenario and State name clearly mentioning over the CD/DVD (* Format will be
soon uploaded in the site.Do check)
c. Students can browse through the Top 5 Projects of last year in http://www-
d. For any more technical searches you can also browse through
Next Steps…
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Team Registration

eLearning / eTraining / eMentoring through Websites, discussion forums,

eMails etc

Synopsis Submission – First Review

Final Project Submission

For any queries on the same you could write to us at admin@tgmc.in