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How do cry "real" movie stars?

Many times the audience sitting in his chair wants to mourn when the display is doing the heroine of the film. If you notice, the star cries normal disadvantages those who mourn in real life. His eyelids barely skin swollen and red. They have a trick. It is a breathing method that brings into play the abdominal muscles, a sort of gasp that ends in tears, but there are stars who say that crying really empathize with the situation when they interpret, an unlikely event. The technicians say that it is all story, because if the director thinks that the scene must be repeated 20 times, the stars would have to mourn many others. Impossible. Personally will have to ask what is the truth.

DNA Test for taxidermists

Each time you use the already known DNA test to try alleged hunters of animal species in the United States. As until now been difficult-if the capture of a poacher (although the term "Braconier" is used and everywhere) - proving that crime, usually tacked on comparing the DNA stolen from nature, either at home the accused o. .. in the local taxidermist. The suspects are undergoing DNA testing. The test is valid if the animal is dissected and the sale and poachers find it hard thanks to DNA.

Psychologists replaced by computers

A recent issue of "Science Illustre" elaborates on the fact that the patient rarely psychologist tells the truth, so it makes the task more difficult. The editor of scientific issues of the journal said, however, the patient is inhibited much less to a wellprogrammed computer. The data, probably true, would the idea that the solution would be to make the program psychologist for each patient and then it is in front of the computer. After the last word is not the psychologist's computer. So the psychologist does not stay on the dole.

Hiccups, hysterical or not.

Someone please solve this dilemma you personal statement in the headline. The reason lies in a hypo-violent contraction of the diaphragm and constrictor muscles of the glottis. Even in one of his books, the famous Spanish doctor Maran cited five or six kinds of hiccups, including the hysterical. The muscle contractions can occur above the food or strong drink, or simply be caused by unknown causes. The remedies of our grandmothers: a shock, glass of water, bread crumbs, breath holding, are now obsolete. It's best to forget it all to relax the nerves, basically, are the primary cause.

INTERNET users continues to gain

Latin America began to connect to the network in 1998, but China, which began a year before it hundred times users today. He has also tripled Argentina and Mexico. Africa's population exceeded two million users in 2001, but 85% were South Africans, although there are also now in Namibia and Nigeria. Except in the Maghreb. Each time the network is multi-lingual and Spanish with English could compete in 10 to 15 years over large areas. But in Africa to the nomads 'Tuaregs' of the Sahara, whose trade in salt across the desert ruled by neglect, now have a new business: selling crafts made in Niger through the "Cybertienda" the Internet. Each time you use more worldwide, for example, U.S. environmentalists get information almost daily in the market toxic products and toxic emissions or transgenic food, thanks to the Internet. A final phenomenon of advertising is increasingly moving from the television screen to the Internet.


The remote sensing satellite, according to journals in the United States, is to discover the possible invasion of pests. According to them the American Landsat or Spot continually monitors European vegetation over large parts of the territory. Weather satellites provide basic complementary details. All these data are interpreted after teams of biologists. In St. Lucia, West Indies, a type of tick (Amblyomma variegatum) has been discovered to be guilty of serious damage to livestock. Other findings: the danger of the liver fluke, a parasite that gets into the liver of herbivorous animals and is now being removed. For when a satellite to discover the vast crops with genetically modified seeds, now that the eyes of the satellites have demonstrated their effectiveness?


Sounds simple, but not used at major airports. We refer to the method of shooting jets of dry ice, 20 to 30 mm. in diameter, designed with the most rebellious force against the mists of airports, through new ice crystals completely dissipate the fog. The effectiveness of the method of certifying its inventor, Professor Detlev Moller, a German chemist at the University of Cottbus. In France we used a time in the airports of Paris, but this and other systems were suspended when the planes began using automatic landing systems and fog problem became second nature. Professor Moller has released a report saying that your system should also be operated on roads and highways and all roads stadiums land and even sports. Moller did not want to lose, apparently, a job well done.


During the weekend rains more than the rest of the week in the United States. Higher rainfall, according to local experts in meteorology, can rise to 22% on Saturday and Sunday. Climatologists think it's not magic, but that phenomenon is explained simply by the massive pollution caused by hundreds of thousands or millions of vehicles on all highways, roads and cities in that country. In short, the figures seem excessive and accordingly the remedy against drought would be for the White House, very simple: take the whole fleet in North America to the streets during the weekend and store water that is sure to fall and save millions of dollars.

The military spy artificial bird

Just the size of a starling or less, there is camescopio (Japanese invention, 1982) that satellite can not be called bird nor unless artificial additives. Was or is a secret weapon over U.S. intelligence and can even perform such missions from an altitude of 80 kilometers. Its batteries are lithium and allow a flight range of 10 to 12 miles over two hours. Very light, fast, remote control, can be transported by one person, with or without uniforms and transmit information from the environment. The operator retrieves it, charging it (with a video-cassette) and can operate from another location. What seems, indeed, a competition with spy satellites, whose vision is less clear. This is not out of a book of Asimov's science fiction but reality.


Many Western tourists the sacredness of cows in India seems an aberration. But cows, religious symbol of fertility and motherhood are sacred and are protected by law. They should not be mistreated or harassed, strange in a subcontinent where hunger and disease abusive man. The situation has improved greatly in recent years. The origin of the sacred cows lost in the past. 2,500 years ago reduced population growth so that grazing cows died. A few dozen were kept for their milk and manure. In this Buddhism came that protected the minority of cows and made them sacred tradition.

Climate change under water.

People often think that climate change is obvious, it only affects the land. The German Max Planck Institute points out that if temperatures continue to rise, coral reefs will disappear by 2100. Observes that any diver to see the coral loses its color and will remain white. Besides the increase of temperature variations negatively involved carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the sea, which is a sewer.

In the air without a motor and pilotless

Imitating birds or seabirds certain they do not need wings to move almost keep up, man has achieved a new glider wingspan of 4.30 and 7.5 kg of weight, in some experiments made in Dryden (California). However, to take off you need a small motor that turns the 300 meters and then the glider is flown by remote control. It is designed to exploit the so-called "tenniques" updrafts well known to glider pilots.

Spiders are generally not harmful.

Spiders are carnivorous and feed on live animals captured in his canvases. They are voracious, but are generally not dangerous to humans. However, science can benefit greatly from the fibers that are being studied and even grown in laboratories, for their enormous flexibility that can produce resistant filaments for various applications, including medicine. Of the 35,000 types of spiders classified, they fall a hundred those considered dangerous. The "altrax" and "loxoceles" in Australia, for example, they are. Also on charges of "Black Widow" in some areas of the Mediterranean. It is very detectable because it measures an inch long. Its bad reputation is, in exceptional cases, unproven.