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Round-1 (Elims)

The country's bestselling table-butter brand, Amul, is well known for its topical, spoof-based outdoor
ad campaigns. Be it politics, sports, movies, lifestyle or current affairs, Amul has covered them all in its campaigns. Viewers and passers-by keep a keen eye on the campaigns, which change three to six times every month, depending on recent happenings. Whether these creatives are changed weekly or fortnightly, whether they are based on national or international issues, the fact is that they are enjoyed by everyone who lays eyes on them. They spoof the world, and they do it well. However, the question is Can you spoof them?

Prepare a spoof advertising campaign against Amul assuming that you are one of its competitors. The teams need to submit print ads and a word document containing the following deliverables: 1. The rationale behind your ad 2. 3 BTL activities for Amul to woo the youth.

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Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

The ads submitted would be uploaded on facebook page of Prayaag11. The deliverables would be judged on the basis of 1. Creativity 2. Rationale

The decision of the judges based on these parameters cumulatively would be final.

Round-2(On-campus round) The details of this round will be notified to the shortlisted teams later. Event Rules 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Team should comprise 2 members One person can be a part of only one team No restriction on the number of teams from the same college Register for the event by clicking on the link given on the website Each team should assign itself a distinct team name The entries should strictly be in the .jpg format only For round-1, it is mandatory to send a Microsoft word document along with the ads giving a brief synopsis as to the approach/idea/rationale behind the spoof campaign 8. The document should be in the form .docx only with Font Style: Arial, Font size: 11, Line spacing: 1.5 9. The document should not be more than 2 pages. 10. Both the presentation and the word document should be sent together in one e-mail only 11. The e-mail should be sent by each team only once. Hence, please check thoroughly that whatever you are sending across is the final draft. No modifications will be allowed once an entry from a particular team has arrived. 12. The entry should be mailed across to brandeed@jbims.edu in the following format: <brandeed_Team Name_College Name> 13. The subject line of the mail should be <brandeed_TeamName_CollegeName> 14. Any occurrence of plagiarism or obscenity will mean disqualification of the team with immediate effect Prizes Prizes worth 30,000 to be won !! Certificates for all finalists

Important dates
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Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies

Launch Date Last Date of Registration & Submission Results On-campus round

8th October, 2011 14th October,2011 16th October, 2011 23rd October,2011

For any queris, contact :

Tushar Sathe Rakesh Tatikonda

+91-9833114486 +919579363778

tusharsathe12@jbims.edu rakeshtatikonda12@jbims.edu

Email: brandeed@jbims.edu Website: www.jbims.edu/prayaag/index.html

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Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies