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How do you correct the shape of line ends for very thick and incliened lines? 2. What is 'Scan conversion'? 3. How are fractels classified? 4. What does Y,I,Q represent in YIQ color model.? 5. Name a few analog and digital video broadcast standards. 6. What kind of database management systems are perferred for multimedia data? 7.Calculate the file size in MB for a 1 minute stereo recording of CDquality music at 44.1kHz sampling rate and 16 bit resolution. 8. What do you understand by refresh rates of a monitor and how do you measure it? 9. compare the performances of high speed LAN's for multimedia data transfer. 10.What are common navigation modes? PART - B (16X5=80) 11(a)(i) Derive Bresenham's algotithm for lines with slope magnitudes>1.. (ii) Use the above algorithm to find all the points on a triangle in the first quadrant with vertices at (0,2), (6,2),(3,6). OR (b) (i) Find the reflection of th epoint (2,4) with respect to the line y=x+1.. (ii) Apply cohen sutherland line clipping algorithm to clip a line with ebd points (1,7) and (7,5) against a window boundries xwmin=2,xwmax=6,ywmin=2,ywmax=6. 12 (a) (i) Discuss the characteristics of Bezier curves and Bezier surfaces in detail.. (ii) Write a short note on B-spline curves..

OR (b) (i) Depict and discuss the HSV color model in detail.. (ii) How do you implement morphing animation technique? Discuss with an example.. 13. (a) (i) Explain the multimedia systems architecture in .detail. (ii) What are the basic objects of multimedia.? OR (b) (i) Write a detailed note on the predominant areas of multimedia applications.. 14.(a) (i) Discuss the CCITT group of compression standards in detail.. (ii) Explain the TIFF file format.. OR (b) (i) Describe the operation of a pen Input system. (ii) Draw the video capture board architecture and write a short note on the functions of each component. 15.(a) (i) Discuss the types of multimedia authoring systems.. OR (b) (i) What are the components of a typical hypermedia message? (ii)What is hypermedia linking and embedding? Explain.


B.E. / B.Tech DEGREE EXAMINATION, APRIL / MAY 2008 Seventh Semester Information Technology CS 1354 GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA (Regulation 2004) Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks Answer ALL questions. PART A (10 x 2 = 20 marks) 1. Define persistence. 2. State the difference between window and viewport. 3. What is Self Affine fractals? 4. State the use of glyphs. 5. Define orchestration. 6. List two challenges in multimedia databases. 7. What are high definition systems? 8. What is speech synthesis? 9. Compare distributed systems with multimedia systems. 10. State the need for integrated document management. PART B (5 x 16 = 80 marks) 11. (a) Use the mid point method to derive decision parameters for generating points along a straight line path with slope in the range 0 < m < 1. Show that the mid point decision parameters are the same as those in the Bresenham line algorithm. Or (b) Write a routine to split a concave polygon using the vector method. 12. (a) Given the plane parameters A, B, C, D for all surfaces of an object, device and algorithm to determine whether any specified points is inside or outside the object. Or

(b) Device a procedure for rotating an object that is represented in an octree structure. 13. (a) Discuss the various aspects of querying the content of video libraries with reference to video databases. Or (b) Discuss in detail about the various multimedia data interface standards. 14. (a) Discuss in detail about Digital Video Interactive (DVI) with suitable diagrams. Or (b) Explain in detail about various animation and special effects in 3 dimensions. 15. (a) Write short notes on: [4 marks each] (i) Voice over IP. (ii) Video on demand. (iii) Interactive television. (iv) Movie on demand. Or (b) Discuss in detail about: (i) Hypermedia message creation. [Marks 10] (ii) Mobile messaging. [Marks 6]