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~~ Transcript of the NIE Library Audio Tour Podcast ~~

Level 2

Welcome to the NIE library audio tour!

Check that you have downloaded the sound files for all three levels of the library. You may
also wish to download the library map so that you may refer to the tour stops along the way.

Stop 1 is the Information Desk & Loan Counter

As you enter the library on level 2, the info desk and loan counter are on your left. Our
friendly counter staff will help you with your enquiries, membership matters, library fines and
collection of books on hold.

Stop 2 is the Reserve or Red Spot Collection

Red spot items may be borrowed for two hours at a stretch. You may keep them overnight if
you borrow them two hours or less before closing time. Red spot books should be returned
at the loan counter rather than through the book bin.

Stop 3 is the WebOPAC terminals

The terminals here are meant for searching the library catalogue only. If you’re looking for
Chinese or Tamil resources, there are dedicated terminals for the input of Chinese and Tamil

Stop 4 is the Self-Check Machines

There is a total of five self-check machines. You’re encouraged to use them but don’t forget
to collect your receipt at the end of the transaction!

Stop 5 is the New Books Display

Besides new books, the display showcases books that are of topical interest.

Stop 6 is the Reference counter.

This is the place to come to if you need help in locating library materials or searching e-
resources for your assignments. Our helpful Reference staff will be on hand to assist you.

Stop 7 is the Electronic and Microform Resources (or EMR) Room

NIE library currently subscribes to over 40 databases. The workstations in the EMR Room
are meant for searching these databases. Sometimes you may find a user education class
going on in this room. At the far end of the room, you’ll see a row of cabinets containing
microform materials.

Stop 8 is the Reference Collection

As you move into the room, you’ll pass shelves containing NIE academic exercises and
dissertations, news clippings, annual reports and prospectuses. Reference materials should
be used within the library premises.

Stop 9 is the Mother Tongue Collection

This collection comprises books in Chinese, Malay and Tamil. The Chinese titles number
51,000 while the Malay and Tamil titles number around 6,000 each.
Stop 10 is the photocopiers

At the end of the Right Wing, on each level, you’ll find photocopiers. Do make sure that you
have a cash card on you as the machines accept cash cards only.

The washrooms are located at the extreme ends of both the Right and the Left Wings.
Water coolers are also located here.

This concludes our tour of level 2.

Level 3

Welcome back. You’re now listening to the audio tour of the NIE library for level 3.

Stop 1 is the Automated Disc-Dispensing Machine or the ADM

Once you come out from the lift, you cannot fail to notice a huge contraption in front of you
that looks like a jukebox. The ADM is a self-service machine for the dispensing and
returning of discs. It is the only one of its kind in a Singapore library. You may keep the
discs borrowed from the ADM for three days.

On your left is the LearningHub@LIBRIS. The first of its kind to be set up in an academic
library in Singapore, the LearningHub was designed to provide a conducive environment to
promote a collaborative learning culture in NIE.

As you head for the SMART room, the floor-to-ceiling glass panes on your right offer a
breathtaking view of the greenery outside. The glass façade is an environmentally friendly
feature that allows natural light to enter, thus reducing the use of artificial lighting. Another
energy-saving feature is the automatic sunscreen. This minimises heat load on the building
and lowers air-conditioning costs.

Stop 2 is the SMART Room

SMART stands for Sharing, Multidisciplinary, Autonomous, Reflective and Technology-

enabled. The SMART room is equipped with a SMART Board which is an interactive touch-
screen white board with computer and audio-visual capabilities. The room can seat up to 25
people. It is ideal for presentations, training and group activities.

Stop 3 is the Lifestyle Café

The café serves gourmet coffee, cakes and snacks at affordable prices. With a wonderful
view, yummy food and comfortable seats, it is a popular place to relax, engage in small talk
or do group work.

Stop 4 is the Main Lounge

Behind the café is the Main Lounge. It has two large plasma screens to display visual
images from computers, the Internet, VCRs and DVD players. Drawing the heavy curtains
on both sides will cordon off the area and transform the lounge into a mini theatre! The
lounge can also be used for classes and small group discussions.

Stop 5 is the Staff Lounge

On the right-hand side of the Main Lounge is a door that opens into the Staff Lounge. This is
a quiet corner set aside for staff where they may meet for a quick discussion or have a quiet
read over coffee.

Stop 6 is the Media Resources Room

As we make our way back to the lift lobby, we pass a collection of magazines for your
browsing pleasure. Make a detour into the Media Resources Room on your right. A
colourful display of reversible dolls greets you as you enter.

The audio-visual collection has about 39,000 titles and is in numerous formats including
discs, software, slides and cassettes. Here you may also find scores and sound recordings
of local works that make up the Singapore Music Resources Collection.

To your left is the media counter where our knowledgeable media staff are ready to serve
you. On your right are eight carrels where you may view the AV materials you have

We leave the Media Resources Room and head in the direction of the lift lobby.

Stop 7 is the Periodicals section

Current issues of periodicals are displayed on the shelves. If you lift up the shelves, you will
find the back issues. The library has a thousand print journal titles. Further on, you will see
rows upon rows of leather bound volumes in which older journals are collected.

The next time you are looking for teaching resources, remember to drop by our next two

Stop 8 is the Assessment Exercises collection

This is the place to come to if you’re looking for assessment materials that are published

Stop 9 is the Instructional Materials collection

Here you’ll find a comprehensive collection of textbooks, workbooks and teachers’ guides
being used in Singapore schools.

Stop 10 is the Children and Young Adults’ Collection

Our final stop on level 3 is the collection for children and young adults located at the end of
the Right Wing. It consists of both fiction and non-fiction books. Note that books about Asia
are put together in a separate section here and bear a yellow label.

If you pop around the corner, you’ll find a photocopying room where you may purchase or
top up cashcards, or get assistance and service from the operators.

Our tour of level 3 ends here. Let’s make our way back to the lift lobby to take the lift up to
level 4.

Level 4

Welcome to the final part of our library tour. You’re now listening to the audio tour of level 4
of the NIE library.

When you’re out of the lift, take a left turn and make your way along a corridor to the
Computer Laboratory.

Stop 1 is the Computer Lab

As you enter the computer lab, you’ll see the Services Hub on your left. This is where you
may get help with IT-related problems, including the configuring of your notebook for
wireless access. The staff here will also be able to help you with enquiries on your campus
network account and password needed to access databases and e-books.

The lab has about 70 personal computers. You may use them to surf the Internet or work on
your assignments. You may send your print jobs to the colour or black-and-white printers
which operate by the use of cash cards. Commercial services available here include faxing,
scanning and burning of CDs.

Stop 2 is the Singapore Education Resources or SEDU Collection

As you return to the lift lobby, you’ll pass the room where the SEDU collection is stored.
These are closed stacks which are not open to browsing by users. The collection consists of
materials on Singapore education that have been published locally or overseas. Enquiries
about the SEDU collection may be made at the Loan Counter on level 2.

Stop 3 is the C J Koh Collection

Past the lift lobby, on your left is a special collection donated by the late Mr. Koh Choon Joo,
a prominent lawyer. Mr. Koh had made the donation in memory of his beloved wife, the late
Mdm Pradap Kow who had been a teacher at the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, formerly
located at Victoria Street. The C J Koh collection focuses on the training of teachers and
teaching methods.

Stop 4 is the Main Lending Collection

On your right is the bulk of the lending collection with 157,000 books on open shelves. They
are shelved by the Library of Congress call numbers. Move between the stacks to get to the
convex side of the building to your right. As you walk towards the end of the Right Wing,
you’ll pass first, the collections on American Literature, then Fine Arts and finally Music.

Stop 5 is a Discussion Room

At the extreme end of the Right Wing, you’ll find one of three Discussion Rooms in the
library. You may make your booking personally at the Information Desk or call 6790-3626.
At this spot just outside the Discussion Room, on a clear day, you can see all the way to

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed our library tour. If you have any feedback, comments or
suggestions, please call us at 6790-3631 or drop us a line at We look
forward to being of continued service to you and hope to see you again soon at the library.
Have a great day!