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Fundamentos Grupo: 15 21/09/11

Last class we talked about the reflective teaching and read some information about it. In my opinion is an excellent idea, because its a way to improve and be a better teacher. We may begin this process in response to a particular problem in our classes or just as a simple way to know more about teaching. The first step is to ask ourselves what we do in the classroom, thinking why we do it, and if what we are doing really works. This first step of selfevaluation requires that we know what goes in our classes and identify what we are doing well, what we are doing wrong, why, and how we can improve. We knew four different ways for recollecting information about what we do in classroom, such as teacher diary, peer observation, recording lessons and student feedback. Once we have the information we want, we find three things we can do after this, such as, think, talk, read or ask. This will help us to find a solution for the problem we have in our classroom or keep doing the things we are doing well; is a way to know the impact of us and our classes on the students, and decide to do something in a different way, or decide that what we are doing is the best way. Once we start this reflective process it become something cyclical because when we start to implement changes the process starts again, asking ourselves what are we doing?, why are we doing it?, how effective is it?, how the students respond?, and, how we can do it better?