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Acer Quick Setup Guide for Intel vPro-equipped Veriton PCs

Author: Desktop R&D, Stationary Computing BU, ITBG / Jeffrey Chou Release Date: July 23, 2008 Revision: 1.1 Total: 4 Pages

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This quick guide will help you with the basic configuration steps of the Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) installed on your newly purchased Intel vPro-equipped Veriton PC. This guide primarily covers the setup of the simplest SMB mode. The use of Enterprise Mode is for more advanced system management requirements, such as encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) communications, etc. Please refer to the additional resources listed in the reference section for further details.

Products Affected Acer Veriton desktop.

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Acer Quick Setup Guide for Intel vPro-equipped Veriton PCs

First-Time Configuration
1. Entering Management Engine Setup (CTRL+P) When booting an Intel AMT-enabled PC, right after the initial BIOS screen, quickly press Ctrl+P to access the Management Engine (ME) setup. The Management Engine BIOS Extension (MEBx) is a module that allows you to configure the settings that control the operation of the client PC Management Engine. 2. Default MEBx Password Upon entering MEBx for the first time, you will be required to enter the default password, which is "admin". 3. Change MEBx Password After you enter the MEBx setup, you will need to change the password. The ME password must meet all "strong" password criteria, which include: Between 8 and 32 characters long Contain both upper- and lower-case Latin characters Have at least one numeric character Have at least one ASCII non-alphanumeric character (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *) Example: P@ssw0rd would work. 4. Configure SMB Mode Enter the "Intel AMT Configuration" menu. By default, a new PC is set in Enterprise Mode; you will see "Provisioning Server" listed in the menu. For a simple setup, you are advised to change to SMB mode. Select "Provision Model" a. Select "SMALL BUSINESS".

5. Configure Network (Sampled with DHCP) Enter the "TCP/IP" Menu a. When asked to disable the network interface, select "N" (No). b. When asked to enable/disable DHCP, enable it. c. When asked about Domain name, leave it as is (it's not relevant in SMB mode). If your network environment is set in Static IP mode, please check the network configuration section below. 6. Configure the Host Name Enter the "Host Name" Menu a. Enter the system host name.

7. Exit and Reboot the Machine Select "Back to previous menu" and then "Exit".

About Network Configuration

IP Addressing Scheme SMB mode supports both Static IP and Dynamic Host Protocol Configuration (DHCP) for the IP address assignment. DHCP provides the easiest setup but it requires a DHCP server in the subnet to provide the service. If DHCP is preferred, simply ensure that the DHCP is set properly in MEBx by selecting "DHCP Disabled? No".

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Acer Quick Setup Guide for Intel vPro-equipped Veriton PCs

With static IP, the Intel AMT client PC must have two IP addresses, one for the host OS and one for the ME. Static IP also requires separate host (computer) names for the host OS and the ME. To select static IP you will select "DHCP Disabled? Yes". You'll then be prompted to enter the IP information including IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and primary/secondary DNS server. A host name must be entered into the ME whether you choose static IP or DHCP within SMB mode or not. It is not necessary to enter a Domain name into the ME for SMB mode. Firewall Ports Intel AMT requires certain ports to be "open" to allow management traffic to go through, including: 16992 non-TLS (Transport Layer Security) AMT 16993 TLS AMT 16994 non-TLS AMT Redirection 16995 TLS AMT Redirection 9971 used in the enterprise provisioning process; not required for SMB mode

Basic Test of Intel AMT Client Functionality

When a vPro PC is configured in SMB mode, you can test whether its AMT has been properly configured by accessing its AMT port from another client PC (admin console) in the same network with a web browser. For example, an admin console can remotely connect to the managed AMT PC by entering the AMT IP address and assigned AMT port number 16992 into the address bar of the web browser, such as You will be prompted to enter a username ("admin") and password (the strong password that you entered earlier). The web interface will allow you to perform basic AMT management operations independent of the AMT PC's status, whether powered on or off. You will be able to get system status and hardware information, and to perform basic remote control functions, such as power on and off, reset, power recycle, etc. For more advanced AMT features, you will need to use management console software or other AMT-compatible products.

Acer MEBx Setup and Configuration Guide for Selected Veriton PCs: http://csd.acer.com.tw/acer/URMUL1.NSF/1af87a750eeeb70f0825628f006e0bfc/a9bf2411d8a7d600 48257432000f2b5e?OpenDocument Intel AMT Quick Start Guide: http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-1085 Intel AMT Setup and Configuration Service Installation and User Manual: http://cache-www.intel.com/cd/00/00/32/09/320963_320963.pdf vProExpert Support website: http://communities.intel.com/community/vproexpert


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