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Varababu Lakkakula Mobile: (+91) 9030445100 Email : varaprasadit@gmail.

com Address: Gayatri nagar, 4-58 1/c, room no: 302 Kukatpally, Hyderabd. CAREER OBJECTIVE Looking for a challenging and empowering work Environment with a high value Driven ethic, the opportunity to be a part of an exciting fast paced global leadership which allows me to use my talents and to apply my proven skills in a career with potential for long term advancement. PROFILE Currently I am working as a Software Engineer in Caprus IT Pvt. Ltd. Looking forward to work in a more challenging and responsible role where I can enhance my knowledge and skills and constantly contribute towards the growth of the organization. KEY STRENGTHS

Having 4+ years of experience in coding in various stages of product as a Team Member. Strong in OOPs Concept. Proven expertise in developing multi-tier web application projects using J2EE technologies such as Struts, Spring and Hibernate. Good knowledge in Analyzing, developing, testing and developing of applications. Good in problem solving, troubleshooting and analytical skills.

Worked on PERF issues like reducing the page load execution time to improve performance for pages like reports.
Extensive experience in using Stxx framework Architecture and supported technologies spring and Hibernate Hands on experience in using Eclipse as IDE for developing software applications Hands on experience in using Concurrent Versioning System (CVS). Well Versed in working with Onsite Coordinators for Support and Requirement definition.

Good exposure in Aviation Maintenance Services domain.


B.Tech from M.L.E.C under JNTU, Andhra Pradesh (20012005) with 60.8%. Intermediate from YVCRCSP Junior College, Karamchedu (1999-2001) with 89.2%. X Standard from ZP High School, Swarna (1998-1999) with

TECHNICAL SKILLS Area J2EE Standards Languages Databases Data base tools Markup Languages IDE Application Servers Versioning tools(CVS) Test Case framework Logging frameworks Skills Java, Spring and Hibernate Java, J2ee, JavaScript, AJAX Oracle 9.x, MSSQL Server DbVisualizer HTML, XML/XSLT Eclipse JBoss Concurrent Versioning System Easy Mock and JUnit Log4J


Project: EmpowerMX FLEETCYCLE MRO Manager (Dashboard)

Technologies: Java/J2ee, Spring, Hibernate, Stxx, XSLT, Ajax and JUnit. Team Size: 3
Client: EmpowerMX, Minneapolis, USA Description:

The purpose of Dashboard is to provide a one-stop-shop for data pertaining to the company, station, bay or BOW that is tailored to the different levels of the organization. This Dashboard will display a variety of information based on the location level and the location view selected. Location levels will include; Company (all stations), Station, Bay and BOW. Location views will include; Company YTD Summary, Station YTD Summary, Station Status Reports, Station Labor Summary, Bay YTD Summary and BOW Summaries. More detailed data may be accessed by drilling down from the Production Dashboard page through the use of links.


Implemented Business components, services and written queries using DAO architecture. Mentoring new team members and providing training to them.

Project: EmpowerMX FLEETCYCLE Production Manager Technologies: Java/J2ee, Spring, Hibernate, Stxx, XSLT, Ajax and JUnit.

Team Size: 12
Client: EmpowerMX, Minneapolis, USA Description: Fleet Cycle Production Manager is software designed for multiple users of a production coordination system within the heavy maintenance environment of the aviation industry. This tool brings the power of internet/intranet and wireless technologies directly to the hangar floor to handle the complex task management and massive data management associated with heavy maintenance checks. Responsibilities

Preparing/Updating Technical Specifications for Tasks & Enhancements identified by onshore. Code reviews for the Enhancements and fixing bugs Code implementation for the new functionality and modifying existing functionality based on the clients requirement as per the Technical specifications (Tech Specs) and Change Orders (COs). Analyzing existing code for various flows & fixing bugs in assigned modules as well as in other modules based on the priority and severity of the bugs. Resolve the tickets raised by client on the production and send a patch with the Enhancement/Bug fixes by mentioning the criticality of the issue through Dev Assessment.

Critical issues handled in project: Extensively worked on both UI and backend side based on requirement. Worked on performance issues in java side.

I worked on PERF issues like reducing the page load execution time to improve performance for pages like reports.

Good in analyzing PERF issues like where exactly time taking to load the page.

Worked on Hot fix issues for Hot fix releases. Worked on optimization of java code and HQL queries while doing the performance issues.

Involved in OOAD designing. Worked on PERL scripting used to analyze the logs identifies the performance problems.

PERSONAL PROFILE Date of Birth: Gender : Marital Status: Nationality : Language Known: 24-07-1984 Male Single Indian English, Hindi

DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Varababu lakkakula