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The Tech-ma-gogs are old beyond years. Back when Horus assaulted Terra ten thousand years previously, it was they who built the Daemonic Siege Machines of Chaos, it was they who helped corrupt the Titan Machines of Mars and it was they who Horus couldnt have possibly been without. Without them Horuss armies wouldnt have lasted the first week of the infinite war. For ten thousand years the Tech-ma-gogs have built ever increasing War Machines of Chaos, Daemonic Machines that destroy the lives of billions of Imperial and Xenos alike, and they will most likely continue for another ten thousand more. But for all their power, they still seem too few. In appearance, a Tech-ma-gog is a behemoth of metal, pipes and circuits, standing between 8 and 10 ft tall, clad in suits of armour of an unknowable age. Most Tech-ma-gog have massive extra limbs that stem from the Servo Harnesses that are just as much a part of them as any other arm or leg. Trailing behind them are the corrupted Servitors, slaves with their minds destroyed and replaced by simple machines, just another limb a Tech-ma-gog flexes to his whim. Sometimes a Tech-ma-gog finds a relic from the dark age of technology, when this happens; its not long before its corrupted and put to work. Mainly comprised of massive artillery pieces, they spew forth daemonic energy at their foes and while uncommon, sometimes handhelds are found. On the battlefield the imperials call them Chaos Infernals, something the Tech-ma-gog does not dispute. Note: Details on Corrupted Servitors and Chaos Infernals can be found on a separate Document.

Tech-ma-gog WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv 5 5 4 4 3 4 2 9 2+ Unit Type: Infantry Wargear: Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Boltgun, Servo Arm, Runic Armour, Frag & Krak grenades, Meltabombs Servo Harness: A Servo Harness can grant up to 4 extra limbs. In the shooting phase a Tech-magog can fire 2 Harness Mounted Weapons or 1 Harness Mounted and 1 other Gun. Servo Arm: Each Servo Arm grants a single extra Close Combat attack, made separately at I1, S8, ignoring Armour Saves. Special Rules: Independent Character, Fearless, Bolster Defences, Repair Bolster Defences: When you deploy, nominate one ruin in your deployment area for your Tech-ma-gog to bolster. The ruins cover save is increased by 1 for the duration of the game. A ruin can only be bolstered once. Repair: if a Tech-ma-gog is in base contact with any damaged vehicles during the shooting phase, he can attempt to repair one of them instead of firing. Roll a D6, adding +1 for every servo harness and Servo Arm the Tech-ma-gog has. If the result is a 5 or more, then either a Weapon Destroyed or an Immobilised result (your choice) will be repaired. Repaired Weapons may fire in the following shooting phase. A Tech-ma-gog cannot repair if he has Gone to Ground or is Falling Back.