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1) Just before arising from bed in the morning, pause for a moment and don't get up.

Relax and contemplate any dream recollections you just had. Ask yourself what symbolic significance such a dream could have had for you. Assume your subconscious mind provided those images to you for a reason. By asking yourself what that reason might be while relaxed and immediately after awakening, your subconscious mind oftentimes will provide you with an instructive answer for the day (Exercise - Problem-Solving During Sleep). 2) When you do arise from your bed, give yourself a quick self-massage (Exercise - Self-Massage) and reiterate confident healing messages to yourself, like "I am strong & healthy," "I feel good about myself," "All areas of my body are filled with invigorating energy," etc. (Exercise - Positive Affirming, Positive Living). 3) As you go through your morning ritual, be as conscious as possible without going unconsciously into an automatic mode (Exercise - Mindfulness: Improving Your Conscious Awareness). To assist this process, do things in a different order than usual or use your non-dominant hand for various tasks, like twisting off bottle caps, stirring your coffee, combing your hair, brushing your teeth or buttoning a garment (Exercise - Learning To Be Ambidextrous). 4) While going to work, reiterate positive statements to yourself about what you want to do, how you want it to happen and visualize yourself in the positive process all the way through to its completion (Exercise - Imagine and Mind Walk Your Goals). 5) Open up your mind and consciously drink in the sights, sounds, odors and bumps in the road as you drive to work. Observe the street signs and billboards and play at spelling the words backwards to yourself as you pass them (Exercise - Attention To Detail). 6) At work, make a point of delivering some complimentary word each hour to your work mates. Find someone you normally have difficulty with and sincerely compliment him (her) in a positive way on something unique to their personality (Exercise - Skillful People Handling). 7) Study people and step into their shoes and imagine what they are feeling and experiencing (Exercise - Role Taking As An Actor). See if you can tell what is going on inside their head or bothering them (Exercise - Scanning A Person). Ask yourself how they would experience what you are experiencing (Exercise - Experiencing Another Person's Senses). Note their mannerisms. Are they sincere, truthful, internally angry, confident or intently attentive (Exercise - Discerning Body Language). You'll get better at this as you become more aware of your own internal workings.

8) When you first meet someone new, take conscious note of their name and ask them how it is spelled (Exercise - Remembering Names). Study that person's face, clothes and demeanor and note any unusual features. Caricaturize something ridiculous about those features for better recall later (Exercise - Ridiculous Associations). 9) When eating your daily meals, consciously attend to the process. Observe the food intently, smell it, chew it slowly, savor the subtle flavors and how your teeth, tongue and gums react to each morsel (Exercise - Mindfulness: Improving Your Conscious Awareness). 10) If you become tense, tired or scattered during the day, focus on breathing rhythmically and deeply for a few minutes (Exercise - Rhythmic Breathing To Harmonize Body/Mind Processes). At this time, tune inwardly and ask yourself for inner guidance (Exercise - Asking For Inner Guidance). 11) Before retiring at night, relax in your bed and mentally visualize in a quick series of images all the events that happened to you throughout the day (Exercise - Daily Visualization). Reiterate positive statements to yourself as you breathe slowly and rhythmically to yourself. Visualize any goals you have in a series of images through to completion with total personal involvement and confidence that you will achieve them. (Exercise - Obtaining Money & Material Things). THE 100% BRAIN COURSE

Some Preparatory Thoughts Before Doing The Exercises.

1. Calm yourself and your mind before doing the exercises. 2. Be prepared to DO the action necessary to accomplish each exercise. If necessary, make a pact or commitment with yourself to do the exercise as outlined so you know youve struck a deal with yourself. 3. Understand that the exercises cannot fix you -- you are responsible for yourself. Only you can fix you. 4. Be fully honest at all times with yourself. Keep a daily journal and tell yourself whats on your mind before each days exercise routine. 5. If you don't like something that is going on in your life, say so. Then ask yourself what action you can take to fix it. 6. Recognize that progress comes one step at a time, and be prepared to decide on each step to be taken. Then take action so that your goals can become reality. 7. Be still and listen to your inner self-guidance. Hear your inner voice without any preconceptions and without overlaying it with the thought patterns that have held you back in the past. 9. Recognize that outer and inner changes will most likely happen together, because one is unlikely to occur without the other.

10. Be open to success, and to wonderful changes in your life. Expect them, demand them and know they will come.

........As an exercise to revitalize your overall condition, assume a comfortable, relaxed position and take a few deep, abdominal breaths. Close your eyes and relax all parts of your body progressively from your toes to your head. Begin breathing slowly through your nose and say to yourself, "I am breathing in vital, healthgiving, positive energy." Visualize a positive current of bright, yellow sun energy flowing through you with a tingling sensation, and radiating from every pore in your body. Feel yourself filling with love, appreciation, joy, compassion, forgiveness and contentment. Now slowly exhale through your mouth and say to yourself, "I am exhaling stale, devitalized, negative energy." Visualize a negative current of cool, blue moon energy being expelled from your body. Feel yourself letting go of all fear, anger, guilt, depression, worry, loneliness and harmful emotion. Visualize yourself with a complete body and mind that is whole and well. Notice the mental clarity, and relish the experience of freedom, joy and personal power spreading over you. Do this energizing technique at least 10 minutes in the beginning of each day or whenever you feel down or "under the weather" in some way. You'll feel immediate benefits from it. 1) Get used to your body in new ways. Switch your handedness and comb your hair, brush your teeth, stir your coffee or do other simple tasks with your non-dominant hand. Close your eyes and "sense" your way slowly around a room. Get truly conscious of the sounds and smells in the space around you. Also, use your feet to pick up things, flush the toilet or close a door. Read a page in a book held vertically and then upside down! 2) Where normally you would criticize someone, find something to compliment them on instead! Suspend your judgment about that person as well, and view him (her) as simply another human being with different viewpoints than your own. 3) Look in your refrigerator briefly, but thoroughly. Then close the door and enumerate the items contained therein. Do the same with a room of your house, a store front window or a detailed picture on the wall. 4) For 5 minutes every day, put yourself in another person's shoes and view things from another person's perspective for a change and see how it feels. Suspend your judgment about that person as well. Pretend you're an actor and taking on the part of that person in exact demeanor and manner. Feel how it feels!! 5) Whenever you catch yourself worrying, doubting or looking down on yourself, think instead of what you most want out of life in complete detail, and affirm to

yourself the achievement of same. Replay this positive inner movie whenever negative thoughts intrude during your day. 6) At the end of every daily hour, review what happened to you during the previous 60 minutes. This is good practice for getting more mindful throughout your day, and should only take seconds to do. At day's end, mentally review all the events that happened to you throughout the day up to your present point. Memory gaps about your day's events reveal unconscious moments. 7) To develop flexibility and adaptability to change in your life, do something different every day. Shop at a different store. Take a different route home. Bake a pie or a loaf of bread. Involve yourself in a new game or sport, like roller skating, bowling, karate or sky diving. Introduce yourself to a new neighbor. Sameness every day is a death knell to your brain. For more complete usage of your brain, diverse stimulation is the key. It also gets you unstuck from habits and ruts that are bringing you unfavorable results.
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) I am feeling good. I am feeling wonderful. The beats are slowing now -- slower - slower. The time between each beat is seeming longer and longer. I am relaxed and I have lots of time. Time is only relative to what I want it to be. Each stroke is further and further apart now. There is lots of time. I feel so relaxed and at peace with myself. Time is slowing down. Each beat of the metronome feels distantly separated.

......Repeat the above suggestions or similar ones over and over to yourself until you "feel" that each click of the metronome is spaced between 2 - 4 minutes apart. Bring into mental focus the material you want to review and say the following:
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) I have plenty of time to review this. Every time I do this, I improve myself and my performance. I am relaxed and taking my time. The more I practice, the easier it becomes. I am feeling good and experiencing no hurry. I have all the time that I need to accomplish this review. I am completing my review.

.......At this suggestive state of mind, you can review any material you wish in a matter of seconds over and over again. By being relaxed and saying to yourself that you have lots of time, your mind does indeed 'create' lots of time. You work at optimal levels of efficiency when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself. The more you practice this exercise, the easier it will become. Bring yourself out of the selfhypnotic state by counting backwards from 10 to 1 and then progressively awaken. Always give yourself a post-hypnotic suggestion that the next time that you want to experience self-hypnotic time distortion, it will be easier and faster to undergo. You can even create a tape for yourself with the above suggestions.