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Meet America future s innovators at Northwesterns acclaimed Entrepreneur Idol.

Your organization will be front and center as hundreds of the most promising young executives of tomorrow convene to show the strength of their vision. Details enclosed...

November 15th, 2008 Northwestern University

InNUvation | 2133 Sheridan Rd Room 2-331 | Evanston, IL | 60208

From the InNUvation Team

Back by popular demand, the undergraduate chapter of InNUvation welcomes your participation as a sponsor in Entrepreneur Idol. Entrepreneur Idol is an elevator idea pitch competition which emphasizes fun, vision and delivery. Last year, thirty teams from both Northwestern University and the University of Chicago competed head-to-head for several cash prizes. This year we upped the stakes, reaching out to universities across the Midwest. InNUvation, Northwesterns premiere entrepreneurship club, gives you an exciting opportunity to support and be recognized in this prestigious competition. As a participating sponsor, you would benefit from exposure on all marketing: University and municipal press, web presence, fliers, posters and major at-event recognition. November is the crucial time for college recruitment for many organizations. Entrepreneur Idol brings out the bright, ambitious and innovative minds that are suitable for any job setting, from large corporations to small start-ups. A networking session will be held in order to help advertise yours and other businesses. You would be able to use this time as a networking opportunity for your company. As Northwestern Universitys only interdisciplinary entrepreneurship and innovation forum, InNUvation aspires to kindle the entrepreneurial spirit by providing opportunities for education and idea-exchange, fostering commercialization and new venture formation. We hope that you will join us for the 2nd annual Entrepreneur Idol competition. Thank you. Sincerely, The InNUvation Team

Northwestern Universitys student organized and run

InNUvation is one of the organizations of which I am most proud. The competition among Chicagoland undergraduates at Entrepreneur Idol is noteworthy. I fully support InNUvation and its entreprenuerial spirits.

Henry S. Bienen President Northwestern University

InNUvation | 2133 Sheridan Rd Room 2-331 | Evanston, IL | 60208

How to Get Involved

Become a Judge If you are interested in judging at the Preliminary Round, we urge you to apply. We need experienced professionals in a wide area of expertise to find the best talent among a highly motivated pool of undergraduate entrepreneurs. Become a Mentor Capital helps student businesses get off the ground, but sound advice from experienced professionals takes them to the next level. Mentorship can come from many sources in several ways. Patent lawyers can give an hour of their time to the winners. Venture capitals can advise students for what they look for in an elevated idea pitch. The opportunities are endless and provide invaluable development for young entrepreneurs. For ideas and question regarding how to get involved, please contact Daniel Arnold at darnold305@gmail.com Promote Entrepreneurship Support Entrepreneur Idol by making a donation. You will be recognized in the competitions program. If you have any other ideas for supporting the cause, we are open to any suggestions and ideas. Please contact Daniel Arnold at darnold305@gmail.com.
Former President and COO of Cappex.com Founder of Vicarious Communcations

Last years judges Troy Henikoff

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Kellogg School of Management Former President of Amacai Co-founder of SurePayroll

Mike Moyer

Edward Voboril

Professor of Engineering, Northwestern University Former President and CEO of Greatbatch

InNUvation | 2133 Sheridan Rd Room 2-331 | Evanston, IL | 60208

Sponsorship Levels
$500 Booth As one of just 20 booths, you will enjoy exclusive exposure among all its participants. At your display booth, you will appreciate exposure on all marketing materials, including university and municipal press, web presence, fliers, posters and major at-event recognition.

More jobs and growth in our

economy comes from entrepreneurial activity than from any other source. It is opportunities like the InNUvations program and the open competition that help foster this spirit in our next generation.

$1,500 Private Recruiting Session As a gold sponsor, you will receive all of the benefits of a bronze sponsor, as well as a private recruiting session for your organization. During the first round of competition, host an hour-long private info session. You could collect resumes, conduct interviews and convince talented students to come work for your organization.

Bob Shaw Former co-owner of Milex Products

Title Sponsor Your organizations name and or identification would be above all Entrepreneur Idol advertisements. As a platinum sponsor, you will also receive all of the benefits of a gold sponsor. Contact Daniel Arnold for more details at d-arnold@northwestern.edu or 305.215.7144

All donated money goes directly to event logistics and award prizes. Sponsorship of an individualized level is gladly accepted.
InNUvation | 2133 Sheridan Rd Room 2-331 | Evanston, IL | 60208

Competition Format
November 15th, 2008 Preliminary Round 10:00 12:00pm Teams are given 3 minute to pitch for a panel of judges. There will be rooms with teams from all universities competing at all times. The Preliminary Round Judging Panel will be comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academics, non-profit founders, legal professionals, and patent experts. Networking Lunch 12:00 1:30pm Lunch is served. Sponsors will be introduced. Businesses with info booths can use this time to recruit. Students will use this time to network with the different organizations and distribute resumes. Judges will meet during this time to whittle the competition down to eight teams. Final Round 1:30 4:30pm All audience will move into the main auditorium. A keynote speaker will be kicking off the event. Eight teams will be competing in front of a panel of four judges: An experienced entrepreneur, an entrepreneurship professor, a venture capitalist, and last years Entrepreneur Idol winner. Each team will be allowed 3 minute presentations, using any visual aid, to give its elevator pitch. Entertainment will be provided at the break time and an audience vote will be conducted at the end of the competition for an Audience Favorite Award. While the judges deliberate for a winner, another presentation will be given by a successfully run student business. Winner and Audience Favorite Awards will be announced promptly afterwards.

Participating Schools University of Chicago University of Illinois Northwestern University Loyola University DePaul University Illinois Institute of Technology University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Dayton

Entrepreneur Idol is an

opportunity for future entrepreneurs to dip their tow in the water and excited about building companies. One of the teams from my class last winter decided that entrepreneurship was more than just a course credit to them they secured funding from the State of Illinois, participated in an incubator program all summer and have now launched their business. It is all very exciting to watch!

Troy Henikoff Professor of Entrepreneurship Northwestern University

InNUvation | 2133 Sheridan Rd Room 2-331 | Evanston, IL | 60208

Past Performances
Entrepreneur Idols inaugural year was a great success. There were seventeen Northwestern entrants and twelve University of Chicago entrants. Eight of those teams made it into the final round, where they gave three minute pitches, followed by a Q & A from our three experienced judges: Troy Henikoff, formerly the President of Amacai and Co-founder of SurePayroll, questioned the participants on the market validity of their ideas. Mike Moyer, former COO of Cappex.com and winner of the U-Chicago Venture Challenge, explained and advised with some of his own experience competing in a students innovation competition. Edward Voboril, formerly the President and CEO of Greatbatch Inc., brought to the table his many years of experience in the medical and innovation industry. In 2007, Justin Savage from the University of Chicago devised a point-of-sales system to replace the antiquated software currently used at Subway franchises in his hometown. This idea won him the first place. The runner-up, Josh Glucoft from Northwestern University, received the second place and Audience Favorite award for V.com, a venture capital firm specializing in collegiate internet startups. The intent is to help university entrepreneurs develop a working prototype of their idea in exchange for equity.

Entrepreneur Idol Finalists of 2007 University of Chicago

nMove.com Mobile Music Sharing Online Prediction Markets Subway Software Venture
Northwestern University

Rivet Ad Solutions Sri Pathshala V.com Touch Screen Gesture

Entrepreneurial enthusiasm is

alive and well on the Northwestern and neighboring campuses. Teams competing in Entrepreneur Idol demonstrated that enthusiasm in an impressive display of creativity while underscoring for me the continuing importance on innovation for our future well-being.

Ed Voboril Former CEO of Greatbatch Inc.

InNUvation | 2133 Sheridan Rd Room 2-331 | Evanston, IL | 60208

Currently there are over 1,200 InNUvation members participating in seven Northwestern schools. InNUvation is the only group that integrates undergraduate actives with Kellogg, the School of Law, Feinberg Medical Schools, and other Northwestern graduate schools.

InNUvation Team
Undergraduate President e-zamri@northwestern.edu (224) 456-5604

Elan Zamri Daniel Arnold

Event Coordinator d-arnold@northwestern.edu (305) 215-7144

Undergraduate Vice President j-cagadas@northwestern.edu (847) 401-1652

Jonathan Cagadas


Please contact Daniel Arnold, the event coordinator, to become involved.

Registration Form
There are two ways to submit a registration form Option 1: Log into http://www.entidol.com and click on Contact Us/Sponsors. You will be able to submit an online participation form as well as donate money via PayPal using either a credit card or your PayPal account. Option 2: Fill out the following form and send it to us (contact information is in bottom of the page).

Please mark the options in which you would like to contribute for the 2nd annual Entrepreneur Idol Serve as an Entrepreneur Idol Judge Serve as a Mentor Become a Sponsor Participant Information Title Mr. Mrs. Ms. Telephone Number Address City Fax Number State E-mail Address Last Name First Name Organization Name

@ Sponsorship Level Bronze ($500 - $1500) Gold ($1500+) Platinum Amt. $ Amt. $
Please Contact Daniel Arnold (305) 215-7144 d-arnold@northwestern.edu

Completed Entrepreneur Idol Registration Forms and checks should be sent to: Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2133 Sheridan Rd Rm 2-331 Evanston, IL 60201 Checks should be written out to Northwestern University with InNUvation in the memo. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at d-arnold@northwestern.edu.

Other ($0 - $500) Notes:

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