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The relevance of any organization to the purpose it was initiated for, the values it upholds depends on the persons

and the leadership involved. It has often been seen that leaders who has have initiated organization started with great level of understanding of the issue, enthusiasm and commitment. But when it comes to transferring the same to the next level of leadership, it can become difficult. The reasons may be internal as well as external like newcomers joining the organization as any other job, shift from process orientework to project based work, lack of institutional reflection spaces, lack of conscious efforts of mentoring & developing new leadership in the organization, rapidly changing socio-economic & political environment, etc. As a result, second line in the organization (mainly young individuals) gets frustrated and changes jobs or some of them just remain workers not taking up leadership roles. In this tension between external and internal realities of the civil society organizations, many organizations lack a strong response base and competent leadership, which hardly promotes and enables human resources at large. Janvikas has already completed the first batch of the Leadership Academy with this faculty and has been a space where young, second line leaders came and evolved over 15 months as more self responsible, aware and skilled leaders , in an environment of facilitated mutual learning. While exploring themselves as individuals and leaders; they built skills necessary for; and developed, clarified & reinforced core values that are relevant to this sector.

The Leadership Academy welcomes second line leaders associated with civil society organizations. They are expected to have experience of leading teams and being in a position of responsibility in order to be considered for a growth in their organisation in the near future. Fluency in English is a pre- requisite. Tripartite contract (between Participant, Head of Organization, Leadership Academy) will be made to ensure participation in all 4 modules, completion of inter modular assignments and space & time in the organization for both these components of LA. An overall feedback will be given by the LA to the head of the organisation at appropiate intervals along with the participant.


This Academy will run for a period of 20 months, having four learning modules as well as intermodular work, which is important and time consuming and which has to be done at participants workplace. The first batch of Leadership Academy (LA) is scheduled as follows: 1st Module 2nd Module 3rd Module 4th Module March 6 March 11, 2012 November,2012 February, 2013 November, 2013

Mr. Gagan Sethi is a development educator and institution builder, He is associated with several non profits in India and works in the area of Human and Institution Development & Organization Development planning in the non-profit sector. He has conducted several Leadership Academies in the past. Mr. Josef Imfeld is a psychologist, trainer and facilitator in HID, OD linking indigenous
knowledge with contemporary thinking on Human and Institutional Development. He was working with various NGOs and the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) in Geneva, Berne, India and Africa. He is now retired and gives his time pro bono.

Mr. Kurt Voegele is a social scientist, a philosopher and thinker in development

studies. Together with Mr. Josef Imfeld he pioneered in developing the concept of HID in SDC. He was working for more than 35 years with SDC in different roles. He is now retired and gives his time pro bono.

METHODOLOGY AND CONTENT The Academy uses self and the group as learning sites. Young leaders will be given opportunities to look at themselves as individuals and as role holders. After each module, the participants will contract inter -modular work to practice what they have learnt, including building their own LA. The learning will be essentially self driven and in addition to their normal work. The four Learning Events will cover the following dimensions: a)Understanding self in the context of poverty and existing power situations. b)Understanding organizations in the context of changing & turbulent environment c)Understanding the socio-eco-political environment in the context of globalization & privatization d)Integrating the above three in a personal is political context, building ones personal theory of change and the concomitant skills around that

Ms. Nupur, Program Anchor for this Academy is a graduate from National Law School
of India University, Bangalore. Presently leading Center for Social Justice as Executive Director, she has hands on experience in leadership, bringing special emphasis on feminist leadership.

Resource persons: Mr. Martin Macwan (founder of Navsarjan and Dalit Shakti

Kendra), Ms. Sushma Iyengar (founder of Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, promoter of Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan), Ms. Manjula Pradeep (Director, Navsarjan), Mr. Vijay Parmar (CEO, Janvikas), Mr. Amitabh Behar (Executive Director NFI), Mr. Aroon Joshi (Dean, ISABS) and others will contribute to the Leadership Academy.

Please fill up the attached application form, or request it via email to leadershipacdmy@gmail.Com. The last date for application is 10th

February, 2012.

Along with the application, we need a letter of assurance of participation from the head of organization. Please email these to programe anchor by email or to our postal address. Once we receive this, we will send your organization an agreement confirming your participation, which needs to be signed and returned to us.


The minimum contribution for participation in the Leadership Academy is Rs. 30,000, which will cover lodging & boarding as well as training material expenses. Rest of expenses will be borne by Janvikas. tion of persons is 10th February, 2012. The finalization of selection and contracting with organization will be completed by 20th February, 2012. Please email these to Last date of sending in application form confirming participa-

Promoted by Janvikas Batch 2 March 2012 - November 2013

Leadership Academy


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