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PES Best Formation

January 24th, 2010 Z Neo

The BEST and DEADLIEST Formation Of PES Through experience, I have discovered the Best formation for use in PES 2010. This formation, together with good player selection, will help any player become a proficient PES 2010 player, in AI matches and multiplayer mode. The 4-3-3 in a great balanced formation that focus on attacking, while not neglecting defending.

This formation ensures you have enough support for attack from Left, Right and Center. Left Flank LW, LB, LCM Right Flank RW, RB, RCM Center 3 CMs, CF, CB With a strong center midfield consisting of 3 CM, and a further 2 CB, you channel your opponents attack to the flanks, delaying their route to goal while your attacking wingers track back. This formation will guarantees goals with top sides. Imagine Real Madrid with Kaka and Ronaldo at the flanks and Benzema as the CF. Barcelona with Henry, Messi and Ibrahimovic. Inter with Mancini, Milito, and Etoo.

Man Utds Park Ji-sung, Giggs, Rooney, and even Arsenals trio of Arshavin, Walcott and van Persie. Weak teams, WF Select the fastest attackers. CF Select the tallest Striker. CMs Select at least 1 Tall CM to win headers and tackle. (Above 180cm) PES Team Style And here are the slider options. Player support 75, Support range 50, Position switch 75, Attacking style 25, Pressing 75, because I like to win the ball back quickly in order to launch a fast counter attack. Defensive line 70, Compactness 70, I set my defensive strategy at 0 as I prefer a flat back. Having a sweeper simply confuses me. I think the main 3 attacking options are player support, position switch, and support range, in the order of importance. High player support ensures you have players in front of you to pass to. High position switch will order your player to move about freely to confuse your opponents. Your LM will run to RM and so on. Support range determines the distance between your dribbler and your teammates. In my opinion, Player Support and Position Switch should be relatively high. Support range should be average as you dont want your teammates to crowd around the dribbler. A Low attacking style will order your players to open up and use the full pitch, perfect for delivering crosses. Do not forget that condition of players is more important than their ability. A reserve player in top form is more deadly than a star in normal form. Consider the condition arrow in your selection policy, with RED indication TOP form. Once you have adjusted your formation and selected the in form players, you can post a strong challenge to anyone! Of course every player will have their own preferred formation, with some playing 4-4-2 and getting great results, even 3-3-4. I just wish to share this 4-3-3 formation as a

balanced formation and will recommend it to anyone who is struggling to get their desired results. So why not try it out, and let me know how it goes!