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com | January 14, 2012

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2 JANUARY 14, 2012


Lancaster, P a.

Barbara Hough Roda

What I learned at the holidays

When I need them most, the scotch tape and scissors are never in the drawer between the stove and the refrigerator. Its one of those absolutes that seem to pulsate in neon at the holidays. And its the reason Ive come to carry a roll of tape in my purse, Thanksgiving through New Years Day. The holidays always teach me a few things, and remind me of nearly forgotten lessons learned from Christmases past. Some are more profound than others, but all make for eclectic reading. So here goes: Even though Ive done it before, its not easy being away from my daughter to work a holiday. I can still fake one night, maybe two, of no sleep. The 2011 holiday stamps were issued as Forever postage, meaning they are good for 1-ounce, first-class mail forever. That tip came on one of many trips to the Millersville post office. In other words, expect the Madonna of the Candelabra by Raphael on your Valentines Day cards. Even though she cant talk, my nearly 3-month-old niece was delightful company Christmas Day. I made only one pan of fudge and a single batch of cookies in December. And, surprisingly, I was OK with that. Better yet, everybody else was too. A dear friend and I took time to meet for coffee at George Street Cafe the Monday before Christmas. What a stressreliever! The Christmas Eve candlelight worship service is extraordinary. Always remember friends enduring hardship and heartache. Other moms understand. My daughter and her friends have discovered their mecca: the makeup aisle at the drugstore. If you spent no time in downtown Lancaster in December, you cheated yourself of a grand experience. I cant get enough of Hallmark Channels Christmas movies. Our schnauzer Sophies limitless capacity for expressing unconditional love is remarkable. And its an attribute that we should work hard to mimic. I dont like coconut. Touch base with other giftgivers. What were the chances my sister-in-law and I would get her toddler grandson the same VTech helicopter for Christmas? Darn good. I sorely miss the family I didnt spend time with at the holidays. I like a good page-turner, but am warming up to e-readers. Im now privy to the worlds best recipe for sweet potatoes. Colleague Michael Longs holiday treat it tastes more like a dessert than a side dish made believers out of relatives whod always shunned the vegetable. (If you want the recipe, go to LancMoms.com.) I enjoy cooking when I have the time. Dont get too close to the person ahead of you in the grocery store self-checkout line. I did, and was severely admonished. It was a bad day all around, and I didnt know whether to step as far away as possible or bawl my eyes out. I did both, somewhere in the dairy aisle. Three times is a charm when youre determined to get your hands on a Wii Madden NFL 12 for the nephew. Did you know that eyelashes look best, or at least are at their fullest, when you brush mascara on the top of the top lashes before beginning regular application? This jewel came from Jerseylicious. OK: I was flipping through the channels. Really! If youre heading to Fenz with great expectations, you wont be disappointed. Im smothering my parents with worry and concern. My intentions are pure, but Im going to extinguish their joy for living if I dont soon stop. Walks are better with the dog and a path lit by Christmas color. Chocolate is the highest heaven on earth. I really could listen to holiday music all year as long as Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and Mele Kalikimaka arent among the selections. Edmund Gwenn is Hollywoods best Kris Kringle. Check out The Shoppes at 301 North Queen. Treasure friendship. I like eggnog. I like it better with a touch of rum.

Lancaster Project for the Needy volunteer Tyler Beazley, 13, of Maytown, helped distribute food to local families on Christmas Eve at Clipper Magazine Stadium.

Jeff Ruppenthal photo

Youll be surprised what you can find at Tuesday Morning and the local dollar store. Its lots more fun to put up the tree than to take it down. Young Adult is a movie worth missing. But theater time spent with friends made it worth the trip. War Horse is a film you wont forget. Take tissues. I loathe the department store return lines. Remember to enjoy the celebration. More people are spelling

Santas surname incorrectly Clause. Blame the Tim Allen movies. Expand your circle by opening yourself to the friends of friends. Best Christmas gift of 2011: a happy child. Barbara Hough Roda is mom to Faith and managing editor of the Sunday News. Email her at broda@lnpnews.com or call 481-7335. Check out her blog at LancMoms.com.

L ancaster, P a.


JANUARY 14, 2012 3

Apryl Sweezy
By Maureen Leader Special Features Writer Apryl Sweezy is the first one to admit that her life is a sort of controlled chaos. And shell also admit that motherhood has at times been a little overwhelming for her. Especially since she never in a million years imagined myself as a housewife and mom. But as surprising as it is to her that being a stay at home mom is her life, right now as she is in the thick of it, she wouldnt have it any other way. Sweezy and her husband, Adam, have two children: Odessa, 10 and Erik, 4. The couple met on line and Sweezy said, It was love at first sight. Sweezy said she always thought she was too selfish to have a family but after meeting her husband she started feeling that I want to have babies with this man. Any fears about being too selfish to have a family evaporated. As soon as you hold that baby, you know its not about you anymore. Sweezy is a stay at home mom and that also surprises her. My mom worked (outside the

Mom of the Month

home) and I assumed I would, too. But Sweezy says that she has learned that she is blessed to be a stay at home mom. My place is here, she said. But the lifestyle does not come without sacrifices for the family. Sweezy says it is a luxury for her to be at home and that the family does without a lot because of it. We have one car and we live in a little town home. But she wouldnt trade it. I would miss the absolutely craziest things that come out of my childrens mouths! But at the same time Sweezy admires other mothers who do work fulltime outside the home. She says, I dont know how they do it. Single moms are my heroes. As much as Sweezy loves being a mom, it can take a toll on her. Erik has hearing loss and has been diagnosed with autism and Sweezy spends a lot of time and energy being an advocate for him. Hes come a long way, she says. But interestingly, it has been motherhood itself, that has taught Sweezy how to be patient. She has had six miscarriages and had a bad bout of postpartum depression. Sweezy also suffers from bi-polar disorder. But

Apryl Sweezy with her children, Erik, left, and Odessa.

through therapy and medication and her family she is doing great. Something that Sweezy credits for helping her is something the entire family
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4 JANUARY 14, 2012


Lancaster, P a.

Savvy ways to upgrade finances, lifestyle in 2012

(ARA) People always look forward to a new year, whether it's a chance to start over from a tough year, or an opportunity to build on something great that happened the last year. Either way, upgrading from one year to the next is an important start. Upgrading our finances is the place most people want to start, according to MarketWatch personal finance columnist and lifestyle expert Jeanette Pavini, but even more Americans are looking to upgrade their lives in some way. According to a new Harris Interactive poll, commissioned by the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, 93 percent of respondents want to upgrade their lives in 2012. "It's all about making small changes that don't feel like you're cutting back, and then adding a small indulgence to make you feel good," says Pavini. "Whether you want to feel better about your relationships, your health or your career, focus on small changes that can turn an average experience into a sensual, enjoyable, satisfying one." Pavini offers some financial and lifestyle tips that can help you upgrade your 2012 and get the year off to a great start. 1. An easy way to start saving money is to stop going out for lunch every day. The average deli lunch is close to $9 per day, while making that same sandwich, lunch and drink at home can cost less than $2. Follow this as often as you can and you can save up to $1,800 per year perfect to use to start saving for a relaxing vacation somewhere luxurious.

3. Cook extra. Another way to save is to cook extra food at night when you make dinner and bring the leftovers for lunch or keep them in the freezer when you're in a pinch. Casseroles, soups and chilies freeze well and keep their taste when reheated. Most cooked dishes will last for two to three months in the freezer. Cooking meals on your own ensures that you have the best ingredients and no hidden calories.

4. Indulge at home. A night on the town can be costly but don't let that discourage you from having a romantic date night. Turn your kitchen into restaurant with a white tablecloth, good dishes and candles.

meal or vacation, and according to 2. Look for easy ways to indulge. a recent Harris Interactive survey, Our busy lives can often make it 63 percent of women and 54 percent challenging to indulge in a nice of men say they would spend more on chocolate when they felt

5. Think long term when it like indulging. Adding a premium comes to saving money. For most chocolate bar to your bag lunch is homeowners one extra mortgage one way to indulge without breaking payment a year can shave about the bank. - continued on page 9

Ask an Expert at
Megan Conklin Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist with HARTZ Physical Therapy Fitness, injury prevention and rehabilitation Dr. Maria Meliton M2 Dentistry for Children & Teens, LLC, Pediatric Dental Health


Dr. Pia Fenimore Lancaster Pediatrics Pediatric Health

Kirsten Freitag Murray Parenting Development Coordinator with Compass Mark, Inc. Social, relational and/ or behavioral issues

Terry Evearitt, Certified College Planner, College Funding Advisors, Inc. College financial planning, aid, other college financing

Terry Evearitt Question: My 12 month old daughter has only rolled over from back to stomach or Question: Our daughter is a junior. We have saved over $100k for college for her. Some stomach to back a handful of times. She has not done it at all since she was about 8 months of the money is in her name/SS #. Some of the money is in 529 plans. From a financial aid old. She is now crawling and starting to pull up to stand. However, she still sleeps on her back and does not try to move at night or during naps. Should I be concerned about this? Do standpoint ...where is the best place to have money? In her name or in the parents? you foresee a need for early intervention or do I wait and see what happens after she begins Megan Conklin walking? Thank you so much, Evelyn Question: I would like to begin working out for 30 minutes in my home before work each morning. What suggestions do you have for making the most out of such a short period Kirsten Freitag Murray How do you teach your child (a 6 year old) to focus and keep them from dis-engaging of time? My goal is to lose 10 pounds. in school?

Dr. Pia Fenimore

Find the answers to these questions at


L ancaster, P a.


JANUARY 14, 2012 5

Ask an Expert

Always sick? Its cold season!

that it is virtually impossible for the body to produce and maintain antibodies to all types of this virus, so you are never completely immune. Even pediatricians get colds! It is also highly infective, with the virus being passed through respiratory aerosols or on contaminated surfaces. Typically symptoms will begin within 48 hours of exposure. The three main symptoms of a viral cold are nasal discharge, nasal obstruction and cough. Colds last longer in children than adults: 73 percent of kids report symptoms beyond 10 days and only 20 percent of adults. This is for two reasons: Adults typically will have at least some antibody recognition; and, kids are more likely to get ANOTHER cold on top of the one they are already fighting, thus prolonging symptoms. In about 10-30 percent of kids with a cold, a bacterial infection will occur as well. This is usually in the form of an ear infection, a sinus infection or a pneumonia. These are hallmarked by persistent fever, worsening symptoms and pain. For these, treatment is required, and you need to see your healthcare provider. In the absence of bacterial symptoms, you do not usually need to see your pediatrician

By Dr. Pia Fenimore, M.D. Its cold season! The average school-aged child will get 9-10 colds per year, and since each infection yields symptoms for 7-10 days and most colds are concentrated in the months of September through March, it is true that your child may always be sick. More than half of colds are caused by rhinovirus. Rhino is the Greek word for nose, the body part which is most severely affected by the virus. There are 99 known types of this virus, with millions of proteins aggregated on the outside of the virus. This means

Dr. Pia Fenimore

Germ hotspots to watch for

(ARA) Were reminded time and again of the good health habits we should practice during the winter germ season wash your hands, cover your cough and stay home when youre sick. While you likely know these basics, you might not be aware some of the most common places germs tend to congregate and spread. Taking proper care to kill germs after you come into contact with these germ hotspots can be one of the keys to staying healthy this season. The tricky part is many of these hotspots are places you encounter when youre on the go and arent necessarily close to a sink. Thats where keeping a portable And while cashiers typically work hard to keep their counters clean, hand sanitizer handy can help. its never a bad idea to wash your The gas station and hands or use hand sanitizer after exchanging cash or touching other convenience store When youre pumping gas, have common areas in the store. you ever thought about how many The gym other hands have touched the same Most health clubs go to great pump since the last time it was wiped down? A recent study confirmed that lengths to keep equipment clean and gas pumps are one of the filthiest make members feel comfortable. items we encounter in everyday life. But if youre hopping on the After you fill your tank, your next treadmill right after someone else, it move should be to reach for that never hurts to use a sanitizing wipe, bottle of hand sanitizer in your car. which many clubs keep readily

when your child has a cold. There are lots of things you can do to make your child feel better. Use anti-fever and pain relievers to help with the aches and pains associated with a cold. A cool mist humidifier at night can help to thin out nasal mucus and limit cough by moisturizing the airway. A neti pot is a device which irrigates the nasal passages with salt water and clears them to make for easier air exchange. What most pediatricians do not recommend are over-the-counter cold medicines. Most of them do not have high efficacy rates, which means they dont do much to help, and many of them have Dr. Pia Fenimore, of side effects. Lancaster Pediatric Associates, What about zinc?? I get that is a contributor to the LancMoms. question a lot, and the truth is com Ask an Expert feature.

we are not really sure. A recent study does support the use of zinc to shorten the duration of the common cold. But it was a small study, which used many different formulations. So we are not certain that zinc may be helpful. One thing is clear if you are going to try it, you should begin as soon as symptoms show up, which is when zinc works best. One thing that everybody agrees on is that you should not take an antibiotic for a common cold. They do not help, and this promotes resistance to antibiotics. So avoid the urge to ask for that from your primary physician; its probably not in your childs best interest. The common cold is here to stay. There are no vaccines or cures on the horizon. Take it as a cue to slow down, rest and catch up on reading time. Use supportive therapies to make your child feel better. And teach your child to wash hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, play outside even in the winter, cough into their elbows, and clean high-traffic surfaces frequently.

available. Pay it forward by using another one when you are done. Grocery store If youre a parent, you know that its not just the drivers hands that are getting all over the shopping cart, since kids tend to be obsessed with any moving object with wheels. Consider using a sanitizing wipe before touching a grocery cart. Once youre done shopping, cleansing your hands and any younger shopping companions hands with
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Chocolate Moose Daze

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6 JANUARY 14, 2012


Lancaster, P a.

Day Trippin: A day at the Ice Park

By Rochelle A. Shenk Special Features Writer Cure the January Blues with some outdoor winter fun at the Ice Park at Clipper Magazine Stadium in Lancaster, the only This is the fifth year for the Ice Park, which attracts people of all ages. The special cooling system makes it possible to skate on the ice rink in temperatures up to 50 degrees. Its a great family activity. We often see parents teaching their children to skate or learning to skate along side of them, says Tony DeMarco, senior director of marketing for the Lancaster Barnstormers Last year more than 25,000 people visited the Ice Park. The outfield of the stadiums ballfield is transformed into a 135-foot x 80-foot ice rink with day and nighttime skating available. You can even watch the zamboni. It opened mid-December and will be open until mid-February (weather permitting). Its pretty unique where else do you get to skate in right field of a ball park? Being outside and skating is one of

those classic winter experiences for families; learning to skate is a ritual of youth, DeMarco says. Because of that, the Ice Park attracts not only families, but its also a popular Date Night spot on Friday and Saturday nights. DeMarco says that this year the ice quality has been upgraded, and the slide has been removed. The ice park also hosted its first Little Winter Classic with a midget ice hockey game with two matches for players under age 8 prior to public skating time on Sunday, Jan. 8. DeMarco explains that the rink doesnt have the space needed for adult games, but the size is perfect for childrens games and the organization is hoping to host more midget teams at the rink. If you or your children dont have skates, dont worry skate rentals are available (infant size nine skate is the smallest skate available for rental). If you havent skated for a while no worries there either. Our guests range from novice to experienced skaters. On any day we have people who may be experiencing the Ice

Park or skating for the first time as well as families who come back several times throughout the season. There are also a lot of skaters who come to practice outdoors, he says. You may work up an appetite or just need something to warm up while youre there. If you spend an hour or two on the ice, you can really get some great exercise, especially if youre just learning and have to pick yourself up off the ice a few times, DeMarco says. Selected concession stands are open, and offerings include coffee, hot chocolate, and soup to warm you up. You can even celebrate your childs birthday with a fun day of skating. There are several birthday party packages to choose from. The stadiums second level suites are also available to rent for private parties. You get to enjoy the warmth of the suite and also have a birds-eye view of the skating action, DeMarco says. For those who wish to watch skaters, rather than take a turn on the ice, sections of seating are

open, and there is no admission charge. The Ice Parks normal hours of operation are Thursdays and Fridays 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturdays noon to 10 p.m.; and Sundays noon to 6 p.m. There are also special holiday hours of noon to 6 p.m., Monday, January 16 (Martin Luther King Jr. Day). Admission is $7 (skate as

long as you like), with a $1 discount on Thursday. Tickets may be purchased at the box office or online. Skate rentals are $3. Parking is available at the stadium. In the event of inclement weather, check the Ice Parks website www. lancasterbarnstorners.com/ icepark.cfm for information.

L ancaster, P a.


JANUARY 14, 2012 7

Looking to food as a source of wellness

(ARA) It was about 60 years ago that processed foods and fast-food outlets started to become mainstays of the American lifestyle. The fast-food culture that developed tended to view eating as an inconvenience, providing basic fuel for the day and not much else. More than half a century later, many Americans are more particular about the foods they choose for themselves and their families. In fact, people are seeking out the added health benefits that can be provided by functional or super foods. According to the 2011 IFIC Functional Foods Survey, as many as 90 percent of Americans can match at least one food with its associated health benefit. Popular functional foods like fruits and vegetables, fish and fish oil, whole grains, tea and green tea were among the foods Americans look to the most to maintain or improve their health. This apparent increase in the awareness of good nutrition bodes well for the future, and may partly explain the recent

uptick in discussions about healthrelated concerns. However, while knowledge of functional foods is increasing, health care costs and astronomical obesity rates seem to demonstrate that knowledge doesnt always reflect action. The good news is that nutrition education is working to raise awareness of the health benefits of natures ingredients, but the ongoing challenge is to translate awareness into behavior modification, says registered dietician Ashley Koff, whose nonprofit tool, Ashley Koff Approved, helps people identify products that meet a high standard of nutrition and marketing integrity. A major impediment to making change continues to be the perception that it will require an expensive and complicated total diet overhaul. I strive to communicate that dietary improvements are very simple, affordable and enjoyable. For example, add a cup of tea to your day all you need is water and a tea bag. Koffs easy-to-follow tips for Add a cup of tea white, green, black, oolong or herbal to your day for antioxidants (natures clean-up crew) and other health benefits. improving wellness through dietary by improving the quality of the habits include: items you consume most frequently, so focus on upgrading your daily Minimize the added sugar staples. For instance, select items Many products that you may not that do not use potentially harmful expect like tomato sauce and breads pesticides, choose to eat raw, whole have added sugars, so make sure to (versus processed) vegetables, drink check the label before you make a water with lemon or eat a piece of purchase. fruit instead and limit fruit juices. Incorporate color Count the Start your day off right Eat colors you consume and challenge a complete, well-balanced breakfast yourself to see how many colors and try adding a cup of tea white, you can include in a single meal. Of green, black, oolong or herbal for antioxidants (natures clean-up crew) and other health benefits. There are many brands that offer a While enjoying variety of green teas and wellness your perfect cup of tea, teas that are delicious, natural and pour over these other healthful. interesting tea facts. Focus on a balanced diet The best bet for optimal energy is a nutrition plan comprised of four pillars: quantity, quality, frequency and balance. Think evolution, not revolution It will seem less stressful to think about making exchanges rather than omissions to your diet (and stress reduction puts another check on your health report). You get the biggest health benefits * Aside from water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. * Differences among the four types of tea black, green, oolong, and white result from the various degrees of processing and the level of oxidization. Black tea is oxidized for up to 4 hours

course, its important to remember that the good colors are those found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Its, of oourse, a given that Americans will occasionally indulge in nutrient poor meals this year. But perhaps well be enjoying more healthful foods, too, as many of us strive to achieve a more optimal wellness level. For more information about teas, visit Facebook.com/ celestialseasonings.

Tea Trivia

and generally tastes the strongest. * Tea is nearly 5,000 years old. * When enjoyed straight, tea is a nocalorie drink and makes a nutritious addition to most peoples diets. * The Tea Association of the United States says that on any given day, about one half of the American population drinks tea.

8 JANUARY 14, 2012


Lancaster, P a.

Keeping Mom in Work-At-Home Mom

between motherhood and an at home business. Here are five tips that Ive learned For me, the most challenging from my 10 years of being a workaspect to being a work-at-home at-home mom: mom is keeping the mom in 1. Write down your priorities: work-at-home. When my sons were babies and toddlers, it was easy for Who comes first, second, third, me to think about how to expand my fourth, etc. in your life your business, and Id get frustrated that it husband, your faith, your children, was practically infeasible to do that your work? After you write them with an 18 month old and an infant down, post them where youll see your list every day. to care for day and night. Then, as the boys got older, I got 2. Separate work life from into a pretty solid routine during the school year only to find that summer family life: This can be tricky rolled around, and I didnt know especially if youre like me, and your how to scale back my workload for office is in the corner of your dining room. Yet, I found some techniques summer fun in the sun. This is definitely a work in to turn off work and focus on home progress for me, especially as my life: Ive set limits on my work time sons get older and need transportation by having a cell phone for busines to various activities. Over the years, where I turn it off after Im done Ive consulted with other moms and working. People can leave a voice experts about finding the balance mail for me to return the next day. By Wendy Komancheck Special Features Writer

Also, in my minds eye, I picture a sheet over my desk during family and holiday meals. That way, I can focus on the event rather than my upcoming to do list. And this year, Im actually thinking about buying a decorative sheet to place over my desk during holiday dinners. 3. Dont take working vacations: For the first time in eight years, I didnt take a laptop with me on vacation. I did check voice mails and emails, but thats about it. Additionally, I made sure all of my deadlines were met the day before I went on vacation, and I put a vacation notice on my incoming email messages. That way, clients, editors, and others knew that I would get back to them on a specific date after I returned; thus, giving me control over my time. 4. Relax and let go when you leave your office. There

are some benefits to working in an office away from the home, such as the daily commute Wendy Komancheck to and from work. This gives you time to wind down and to be able to solely concentrate on work projects rather than be distracted by a million different things. But you can wind down at home by taking a nap, going for a walk, reading a book, and even cleaning the house. And you can block out chunks of time using a kitchen timer where the kids and others know that youre working. For example, over the summer, I learned to set the timer for 45 minute chunks. I told my sons that once I hit start Im unavailable unless theyre near death or bleeding profusely. And it works. When one of them comes to ask me a question during the 45-minute block, I encourage

him to write it down to ask me later. That usually satisfies the child, and he goes back to playing while I work. 5. Finally, try to stretch your day out as much as possible. Again, this can be tricky and has been a learning curve for me. I get up about an hour to an hour and a half before my kids wake up, and if I need to get them to an activity during my regular working hours, I get up even earlier. Yet, this gives me the time and control to get the work done when Im at my best. Others feel more alive at night. So, decide if youre a morning person or a night owl, and utilize that time to get some work done. In my mind, Ive often equated my at home business as another child who needs my attention. However, I know that this kid will be with me as long as I want her to be; yet, my flesh and blood kids will only be with me for a short time. Thats why I list them above my writing business; and by doing that, I keep the mom in work-at-home mom.

Most people are busy balancing family life and careers. This can make mealtime challenging. Sometimes it seems easier to go through the drive-through lane of the nearest fast-food restaurant than to spend time in the kitchen. But making dinner doesnt have to be time-consuming or difficult. Arriving home from work at 6:30 p.m. and then thinking about making dinner leaves many people feeling stressed out. It is possible to create healthy meals the entire family will enjoy with planning and smart time management in the kitchen. Here are some tips that can make for easier meals in a snap.

Shortcuts for fast meals

ingredients and stock up the pantry and the refrigerator. Come mealtime, its simply grab and cook. * Prep in advance. Some people like to spend Sunday afternoon pre-cooking items that will be used during the week. For example, you can bake chicken cutlets that can be used for a variety of meals later on. Or slice and dice items so that the prep work is done. Package into individual baggies or bowls for later use. Sometimes the longest time spent on meals is the prep work. * Take some shortcuts. Not every meal needs to be entirely from scratch. Mix fresh-made elements with storebought options. For example, serve barbecued flank steak with prepared salad greens from your grocers refrigerated section and cornbread from their bakery.

* Mark the calendar. Sure it may seem like a page right out of the school cafeteria operations, but planning at least two weeks of meals in advance can alleviate the toughest part of meal * Consider breakfast foods. creation deciding on the menu. This Breakfast foods tend to cook faster enables a person to shop for all of the - continued on page 9

L ancaster, P a.

Sweezy goes by herself. Just being in the car alone for three hours feels amazing! Shell play Black Jack, see a show and go home. Last year she saw the band, Duran Duran. But she admits while there she does spend a lot of the time thinking about her family. Sweezy is a big animal lover and admits to going out trick or treating with her children and coming home with a kitten. Currently the Sweezys share their home with 3 cats, 2 dogs and a hamster. She says I just love my furbabies! Sweezy supports the Humane League and animal rights. Everyone should have a rescue dog! she says. She wishes she had more time and resources to do more. Im the crazy lady who hands out pamphlets! Like many moms, Sweezy has suffered from mommy guilt. I wonder if its bad if I dont read three books to them each night. Or if they need to be watching Einstein videos. But I just look at other children and I know I am doing a good job. She wants to share with other moms who may feel the same way what she says to herself: If youre worrying it means you are doing a good job and you have nothing to worry about!

JANUARY 14, 2012 9

does together. She started taking her children to the Lancaster YMCA for Tai Kwan Do classes and would sit and watch. She decided to try a class and was hooked. Soon husband, Adam joined in and now the entire family takes weekly classes. She says It builds self-confidence and is good exercise. Of course her annual birthday trip to Atlantic City in February also does wonders to help recharge her mommy batteries.

- continued from page 3

Mom of the Month Details

Sweezy loves to read and Sweezy was born and raised says she will read anything in Lancaster. except romance novels. Her The Sweezy family love to favorite author is James play board games together. Michener. Sweezy loves to sew and can Sweezy also loves to learn make clothing for her children. and wants to instill that love in her children. She has taught As Sweezys Mom of the them how to count in different Month nominator, friend languages. Sweezy says, Im Janene Mussmon said, No one a total dork! deserves it (to be Mom of the One of Sweezys favorite Month) more.

- continued from page 4

eight years off their mortgage. It may not seem like a lot at the time, but over a lifetime, that can mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings. 6. Check the benefits of membership. Many museums sell family memberships for a discounted rate, which can

- continued from page 8

sometimes include free or discount admission to hundreds of other museums, aquariums, zoos and science centers. 7. Nothing can add to romance like a relaxing massage. Check out local massage schools for deep discounts. Students who are about to graduate need to get their hours in, and you can benefit by getting a and poultry cut into smaller strips and pieces will cook much faster than an entire steak. Pair this with favorite flavors, such as ginger and teriyaki and seasonal vegetables (fresh or frozen) and serve over rice or noodles. There are dozens of stir-fry recipes a person can create with a little experimentation. * Have leftover night. One night of the week can be set aside for leftovers to clean out the refrigerator. Simply reheat and serve, letting each member of the family concoct a buffetstyle meal, featuring a little of this and a little of that.

professional massage at a fraction of the cost. 8. If you love a high-end dining experience, eat out for lunch instead of dinner. Many of the same dishes are offered at half the price. And instead of dessert and coffee, have a chocolate bar waiting at home or the office for a perfect finish to a meal.

things to do is to nap with Mussmon described her as Odessa. the most accepting person I About her house: Theres a have ever met. She (Sweezy) lot of love in this house. This is an amazing woman and is is not the cleanest house but doing everything she can. Her Ill have plenty of time to clean family is an absolute joy and I after they (Odessa and Eric) are am so lucky to have them in my life. in college!

and with less prep work than others. One night a week serve pancakes, French toast, omelettes, or Belgian waffles. Its easy and tasty. * Invest in a slow cooker. Slow cookers cook food on very low heat for several hours. Many now feature programmable displays so a person can punch in the cook time and the slow cooker will automatically shut off when done. Individuals can come home after a long day of work and school with an entire meal fully cooked and ready to eat.

enjoyable and often fast. Tacos, fajitas, personal pizzas, nuggets and dipping sauces all of these options are quick to make and eat. Plus, they get the kids involved in meal preparation. * Pastas a plus. A pot of pasta can be boiled in 7 to 10 minutes. In roughly the same amount of time, it is possible to put together a sauce to top the pasta, whether oil and garlic, tomato or something creambased. Pasta should be the go-to dish when a person is short on time and needs a hearty meal.

Germ hotspots
- continued from page 5

Cooking for the family during the week can be done quickly * Make-your-own. Foods and easily with organization and * Stir-fry satisfies. Meats that involve participation are a little know-how.

phone and keyboard means germs multiply at your work station. sanitizer is a good way to stem the Keeping tissues and hand sanitizer spread of germs that might have at your desk can also be helpful for been picked up from frequently those emergencies when you cant touched surfaces in the store. leave your seat immediately to get to the sink. The mall Escalator and stair railings, as Theres no way to avoid germs well as drinking fountains and altogether during the winter germ armrests on benches, see a lot of season, but you can take action action throughout the day and collect by recognizing some of the most germs quickly. Put those sanitizing common areas where germs tend to stations in the shopping centers congregate. By keeping your bottle hallways to good use after touching of hand sanitizer (such as those these areas. made by PURELL) close, youll make sure you can keep your hands At work fresh and clean no matter where you Frequently touching your desk, are.

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Crazy shoes and socks

By Patrick Burns Special Features Writer Im a morning person. As a freelancer in the 1990s, Id wake at 4 a.m. and pound the keys to produce a couple of features by 8 a.m. Of course those were prekid days. My routine is different now. I get up at 6:30 a.m. and struggle to wake the kids for 30 minutes. It takes another half-hour to clean, dress and finally feed the humans and animals girl, boy, fish, cat, dog in that order. Then its off to transport Michael and Maggie to school, arrive back home and read the paper while on a marsupial march with Skittles. Ive discovered that I can attach his leash in a gigantic pouch in my Old Navy Sport pull-over jacket ($5 at Goodwill) that allows hands-free reading of the editorial page and reports of the latest GOP candidate implosion. Anyone else see similarities between Herman Cain and Richard Pryors character in the movie Brewsters Millions? It seemed Cain was intent on wasting millions in campaign funds in a short period in order to inherit even more money like Brewster perhaps in the form of inflated speaking fees and book deals for Cain? Presidential campaign wrangling is just the type of distraction I succumb to when I fail to start writing in the early a.m. On a typical day I arrive at work well after 9 a.m. when my creative energy is already vulnerable. For me, it takes sometimes double the work time to complete a project begun after 7 a.m. So, facing a full plate of deadlines, I tried to resurrect my old routine recently. I woke at 5 a.m. and

Holding down the fort

The (K) Clues are for Kids

Created by Timothy E. Parker June 27, 2011

2011 Universal Uclick www.amuniversal.com/ups

23-A) Swap

Riddle answer:

avoided politics and the editorial section. I was flying and would easily complete one of three stories on my list before Id wake the kids. The outside darkness and inside silence, even Skittles was asleep, sparked my focus. Forget breakfast. Three coffees loaded with cream and sugar and, like I said, I was flying. But then something strange occurred. At 6 a.m. both Michael and Maggie called me for breakfast. I typically wake the kids by firing the lights and booming the stereo. Since we keep the heat low to save money and energy, I invariably end up carrying a half-awake Michael to the portable heater sitting atop the kitchen island. Mike detests the morning but cannot resist the allure of the $20 Walmart personal heater and the bowl of Lucky Charms awaiting his consumption. But on this morning there was no heater or cereal. What caused the premature awakening? Ah, Id forgotten about Crazy Shoes and Socks Day at Our Mother of Perpetual Help Elementary School an amazingly simple idea that ignites a childs ambition through individual expression. So strong, it compels an 8-year-old boy to abandon a warm bed and motivates a 5th-grade girl to rush to classes. Oh well. Since my work would be delayed, I reached for the editorial section and thought maybe our elected officials should have weekly Crazy Shoes and Sock Days.

ACROSS 1. Palindromic horn sound 5. (K) Edge or lip 9. (K) Slip up 12. Some of this and some of that 13. Saintly emanation 14. Airline ticket word 15. (K) What ice does in the heat 16. (K) How have you ___? 17. Mischievous one 18. The ___ Boys (40s-50s film group) 20. (K) Tiny bit of land in the sea 22. Large, flightless bird 23. (K) Trade 25. (K) Needing to visit the nurses office 27. (K) Pleasant

29. Zeal 33. Old way to send messages (2 words) 36. (K) Back talk 37. And lead us not ___ temptation 38. (K) Golf peg 39. (K) ___, present and future 41. (K) Female pronoun 43. Old record material 46. (K) Look for something 49. Unforgettable time of history 50. (K) Like Mother Hubbards cupboard 53. Breathing abnormality 54. (K) Opposite of bottom 55. Stumble ___ (run across) 56. (K) Bright twinkler

57. (K) Number in a million? 58. (K) Track encounter 59. (K) Informal hellos DOWN 1. (K) Burial building 2. Toast-topping spread 3. (K) Gushers in Texas (2 words) 4. (K) Native American pole 5. (K) Infant 6. Wish things otherwise 7. Anger 8. Suffix with Beatle or Wrestle 9. (K) Hear no ___, see no 10. Frosty covering 11. Completely absorbed 19. (K) Step on a ladder? 21. Gush

23. Hardly sufficient 24. (K) Shed tears 25. (K) ___ your move 26. Poets pasture 28. Rainbow goddess 30. Like an English teacher 31. (K) ___ we there yet? 32. Maiden name preceder 34. Catch sight of 35. (K) Gardeners water line 40. (K) Book of photos 42. Brutal 43. Presidential thumbs-down 44. (K) Press clothes 45. (K) Neck back 46. (K) Mailed off 47. Ali, originally 48. The ladys 51. Young or Kong 52. Salmon eggs

Can you find the answer to this riddle within the solved puzzle?

Pull the switch?


L ancaster, P a.


JANUARY 14, 2012 11

Beat the winter blahs

(NewsUSA) For many of us, sticking to our health routine can be difficult. Morning runs outside get replaced with snuggling under the covers, and healthy eating goes by the wayside as sweets become the norm. Well, you can indulge and still stick to a healthy routine with just a few simple tweaks to your lifestyle. Valerie Waters, celebrity fitness trainer and contributor to publications like In Style, Fitness, Self and People, offers motivational tips just for you: 2. Eat dinner earlier. When you eat dinner between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., you are less likely to munch early or eat something late at night. 3. Eat seasonal fruits and veggies. Pick the brightest fruits and veggies and experiment with new flavors. Fresh produce improves your skin, gives you more energy and builds up your immune system. Options include butternut squash, kale, sweet potatoes and grapefruit. Complement your choices with a multivitamin, especially one for your specific health needs. Recently launched, Centrum Specialist multivitamins with heart, vision, energy or prenatal benefits gives you confidence youve made a smart nutritional choice. Drink a glass of water during each If you dont want to go outside meal and while you workout to help to work out, modify your routine stay hydrated. to exercise indoors. Squats, lunges, planks and pushups can all be done 5. Get off the couch, but stay in your own home. Aim for 15 to close to it. 20 minutes a day. Also, park farther
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1. Get your Omega-3s, even if you dont like fish. The body produces low levels of Omega-3s, and the average diet contains insufficient amounts, so supplementing is important. Omega-3s have heart, brain and eye benefits. For those who would rather not swallow a giant 4. Quench your thirst before pill, the makers of Centrum just you feel it. launched ProNutrients, a new line of Dry rooms and extra heat cause supplements with an Omega-3 that you to lose more water in the winter. comes in a concentrated MiniGel. If your lips are chapped or youre thirsty, youre already dehydrated.

away while shopping at the mall, and use the stairs when possible.

For more of Waters healthy living tips, visit www.facebook. com/Centrum.

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The water slipped through my ngers. You cant hold water in your hand very long, can you, Daddy? No, Jordan, you cant. Its a little like life. The minutes and hours and days slip from us like water seeping between our ngers. The weeks and months and years are soon gone. We cant hold life back. But theres something we can do while we have it in our hands. What, Daddy? Ask God to help us use each minute, while we have it, in a way that will shop people something of what he is like.
No. 202 Concord Associates. For a free copy ask for No. 202 and send a long, self addressed, stamped envelope to: Concord Associates, 205 W. Riverside Dr., Bridgewater, VA 22812.

MARTINS COUNTRY MARKETS, LLC Groceries Home Dressed Meats WEAVERS STORE INC. LIncoln Mall at Ephrata 738-3754 Shoes Boots Clothing Hardware Sporting Goods M. M. WEAVER & SONS, INC. Archery Range Housewares Massey-Ferguson Sales & Service Fivepointville - Rte. 897 169 N. Groffdale Rd., 717-445-6791 800-856-4031 Leola 656-2321 Leola 717-556-0791 Specializing in Hardware MUSSELMAN LUMBER, INC. Lumber Building Materials YODERS COUNTRY MARKET, New Holland 354-4321 RESTAURANT & BUFFET Ephrata 733-2241 Menu & Buffet Dining Banquets 14 S. Tower Rd., PaulB LLC New Holland 354-4748 Hardware Ephrata 717-738-7350 Fax 738-7360 ZIMMERMANS INSURANCE Paul B. Zimmerman, Inc. Company Personal Light Commercial Life 200 W. Main, Leola 717-656-2176 ROHRER SEEDS www.zimmins.net Quality Farm & Garden Seeds Smokestown 717-299-2571 ZOOK MOLASSES CO. Molasses: Liquid Dried Organic ROOTS COUNTRY MARKET AND GOOD FOOD, INC. AUCTION, INC. Processors of Syrups, Market every Tuesday Molasses, Sugar, Cooking Oils 705 Graystone Road & Dry Blending Manheim 717-898-7811 Honey Brook 800-327-4406 www.goldenbarrel.com ROOTS NURSERIES, INC Profssional Landscape Design & Planting Retail Plant Center 2361 Lancaster Rd. Manheim 17-898-0041 www.rootsnurseries.com SENSENIGS FEED MILL Grain Pet Food & Supplies 115 S. Railroad Ave., New Holland 354-4756 800-724-2002

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New Years Savings!



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