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Human traffickers targeted
By Bill Silverfarb
Lawmakers and child advocates areseeking greater penalties against sextraffickers and pimps to combat thegrowing industry of human trafficking.Yesterday,U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier,D-San Mateo,threw her support behind aballot initiative effort to increase finesand prison time forhuman traffickerscalled theCalifornians AgainstSexual ExploitationAct.“We’ve collective-ly been ignorantabout how prevalentthe crime is here,”Speier told the Daily Journal yesterday.Speier kicked off a signature-gather-ing effort in San Francisco yesterdayalongside Chris Kelly,Facebook’s for-mer privacy officer,Marc Klass and oth-ers to support the CASE Act,whichneeds 750,000 signatures to qualify forthe November state ballot.“I am outraged that so few traffickers
Congresswoman supporting initiative to toughen penalties
 Jackie Speier
· Increase prison terms for human traffickers;· Increase fines for human traffickers,up to $1.5M to fundvictim services;· Remove the need to prove force to prosecute sex traffickingof a minor;· Mandate human trafficking training for law enforcement;· Make sex traffickers register as sex offenders;· Require that all sex offenders disclose Internet accounts;and · Prohibit use of sexual history to impeach or prove criminalliability of trafficked victims.
The CASE Act will:
By Bill Silverfarb
San Mateo resident Christine Salahdidn’t know much about football untilthe beginning of this season when shetook her two sons to watch the 49ers bat-tle the Seattle Seahawks at Candlestick Park.Her sons,Matthew,13,and Noah,11,however,are big football fans and wereeager to join their mother watch the49ers open the season against a divisionrival Sept. 11. The Niners won the game33-17 on its way to an improbable 13-3record,division title and home playofgame this Saturday against the NewOrleans Saints.The Salahs will be rooting for theNiners this weekend and will have theireyes set on No. 99,rookie linebackerAldon Smith out of the University of Missouri.Smith made his NFL debut against theSeahawks,although he did not start thegame,and recorded just a single stat thatgame as he deflected a pass fromSeahawk quarterback Tavaris Jackson.It was a slow start for the rookie as hedid not record his first sack until thefourth week of the season when hebrought down elusive PhiladelphiaEagles’quarterback Michael Vick.Smith would finish the season strong,however,recording a total of 14 sacks,aNiner rookie record,with two forcedfumbles and 31 total tackles.
Niners’rookie lifts cancer survivors
Apartmentrenovationset to begin
San Bruno project kicks offtoday
By Heather Murtagh
Rehabilitation of a 308-unit apartment complex in SanBruno officially begins today starting a 15-month countdownuntil the $93 million development will reopen. Treetop Apartment complex was originally built in 1985 andcurrently has 308 units. Years ago,San Bruno approved plansto demolish the complex on Susan Drive,which has beenvacant since December 2005,and replace it with a 510-unitcomplex. Without the funding in place,Developer Aimco
Analysis highlights Gov.’smany budget challenges
By Judy Lin
SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brownreceived praise from the Legislature’s non-partisan analyst Wednesday for producinga plan that could ultimately balance thestate’s perennially deficit-ridden budget,
Cancer survivor Christine Salah attended the 49ers home opener Sept.11 against the Seattle Seahawks with her sons,Noah,11,and Matthew,13.Rendering of Treetop Apartment complex in San Bruno.
“It was special to watch the game alongside my sons after the ordeal....I’m proud to be a survivor.” 
Christine Salah,breast cancer survivor
 Jerry Brown
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Actress KirstieAlley is 61.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
Textile workers at the Everett Mill inLawrence,Mass.,(most of them immigrantwomen) walked off the job to protest wagecuts. The “Bread and Roses Strike”spreadto other mills in Lawrence and lasted untilthe following March.
“Necessity does the work of courage.” 
— Nicholas Murray Butler,American educator (1862-1947).
RushLimbaugh is61.Howard Stern is58.
In other news ...Birthdays
Models present creations from the Second Floor collection during Fashion Rio Winter 2012 in Rio de Janeiro Wednesday.
Sunny. Highs around 60.Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph in the morn-ing...Becoming light.
Thursday night:
Clear. Lows in the upper30s. Northwest winds around 5 mph in theevening...Becoming light.
:Sunny. Highs in the lower 60s.East winds around 5 mph.
Friday night:
Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 30s.Saturday and saturday night...Mostly clear. Highs in theupper 50s. Lows in the upper 30s.Sunday through Monday night:Partly cloudy. Highs in theupper 50s. Lows in the upper 30s.
Partly cloudy. A slight chance of rain. Highs in themid 50s.
Local Weather ForecastLotto
 The Daily Derby race winners are No.09 Win-ning Spirit in first place;No.06 Whirl Win insecond place;and No.02 Lucky Star in third place. The race time was clocked at 1:46.61.
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 Jan.10 Mega Millions
5 12 14 16 27
Fantasy FiveDaily three midday
67 0 8
Daily Four
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Daily three evening
In 1519,
Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I died.
In 1773,
the first public museum in America was organized inCharleston,S.C.
In 1828,
the United States and Mexico signed a Treaty of Limits defining the boundary between the two countries to bethe same as the one established by an 1819 treaty between theU.S. and Spain.
In 1915,
the House of Representatives rejected,204-174,aconstitutional amendment giving women the right to vote.
In 1932,
Hattie W. Caraway became the first woman elected tothe U.S. Senate,after serving out the remainder of the term of her late husband,Thaddeus.
In 1948,
the Supreme Court ruled that state law schools couldnot discriminate against applicants on the basis of race.
In 1959,
Berry Gordy,Jr. founded Motown Records (original-ly Tamla Records) in Detroit.
In 1966,
President Lyndon B. Johnson said in his State of theUnion address that the U.S. should stay in South Vietnam untilCommunist aggression there was ended.
In 1969,
the New York Jets of the American Football Leagueupset the Baltimore Colts of the National Football League 16-7 in Super Bowl III,played at the Orange Bowl in Miami.
In 1971,
the groundbreaking situation comedy “All in theFamily”premiered on CBS television.
In 1987,
Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite arrived inLebanon on his latest mission to win the release of Westernhostages; however,Waite ended up being taken captive him-self,and wasn’t released until 1991.
In 2010,
Haiti was struck by a magnitude-7 earthquake,killingas many as 300,000 residents and leaving over 1.5 million peo-ple homeless. Country singer Ray Price is 86. Singer Glenn Yarbrough is 82.The Amazing Kreskin is 77. Country singer William Lee Golden(The Oak Ridge Boys) is 73. Rock musician Cynthia Robinson(Sly and the Family Stone) is 68. Singer-musician George Dukeis 66. Actor Anthony Andrews is 64. Movie director Wayne Wangis 63. Writer Walter Mosley is 60. Country singer Ricky VanShelton is 60. Rock musician Tom Ardolino (NRBQ) is 55.Writer-producer-director John Lasseter is 55. Broadcast journal-ist Christiane Amanpour is 54. Rock musician CharlieGillingham (Counting Crows) is 52. Actor Oliver Platt is 52.Basketball Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins is 52.
Police:Handcuffed man took cruiser,asked for key
INDIANAPOLIS — A handcuffed drugsuspect who stole and wrecked a policecruiser in northwest Indiana is still on theloose,but he did not take any loadedweapons from the car,authorities saidWednesday.William Francis Blankenship stole thecar Tuesday from a local officer in thePorter County town of Kouts and thenused the police radio to ask where to findthe car’s cigarette lighter — and a key tounlock himself,police said.“There was a conversation between himand one of our officers,”Porter CountySheriff’s Sgt. Larry LaFlower said. Thesheriff’s deputy did not tell Blankenshiphow to remove the handcuffs or use thecigarette lighter,and instead tried to talBlankenship into pulling over and givinghimself up,LaFlower said.Police found the town cruiserWednesday morning “wrecked and sub-merged in water”in a drainage ditch innearby LaPorte County,but Blankenship,22,was no longer with the vehicle,LaFlower said. Police say no other vehi-cles were involved and they are investigat-ing how the cruiser got there.LaFlower said loaded weapons — ahandgun,shotgun and a rifle — thathad been left in the vehicle were stillthere when the wreck was discovered.Police had reported earlier thatBlankenship should be consideredarmed and dangerous.The sole police officer on duty Tuesdayevening in Kouts arrested Blankenship ondrug charges. The officer pulledBlankenship over in a convenience storeparking lot in the town about 50 milessoutheast of Chicago,and then placed thehandcuffed suspect in the back of thepatrol car while he went to search theman’s car,LaFlower said.“He was doing an inventory searchwhen his car was taken,LaFlower said.Authorities are trying to determine howBlankenship got out of the back seat of thepatrol car. It’s not clear if he had beenlocked inside the car. The officer did leavethe car keys in the ignition,LaFlower said.LaFlower said he doesn’t know exactlywhen the officer knew Blankenship wasfleeing,but said the officer used hisportable radio immediately to let thePorter County Sheriff’s Department knowwhat happened and asked for assistance.The officer,who wasn’t injured,had hisservice revolver with him.LaFlower didn’t explain the nature of the drug allegations. “That’s still underinvestigation,he said.Kouts Town Marshal David Freelanddeclined comment and referred questionsto the sheriff’s department.The search for Blankenship has focusedon the town of Knox,about 20 miles eastof Kouts,where he has family and friends.The Porter County prosecutor’s officeobtained an arrest warrant Wednesdaycharging Blankenship with car theft,Chief Deputy Matt Frost said.LaFlower said the sheriff’s departmentplanned to seek help in the search from theU.S. Marshal Service.
Homicide drops off U.S.list of top causes of death
ATLANTA — For the first time inalmost half a century,homicide has fallenoff the list of the nation’s top 15 causes of death,bumped by a lung illness that oftendevelops in elderly people who havechoked on their food.The 2010 list,released by the govern-ment Wednesday,reflects at least twomajor trends:Murders are down,anddeaths from certain diseases are on the riseas the population ages,health authoritiessaid.Homicide was overtaken at No. 15 bypneumonitis,seen mainly in people 75 andolder. It happens when food or vomit goesdown the windpipe and causes deadlydamage to the lungs.This is the first time since 1965 thathomicide failed to make the list,accordingto the Centers for Disease Control andPrevention.The government has been keeping a listof the top causes of death since 1949.Homicide has historically ranked fairlylow. It was as high as 10th in 1989 and in1991 through 1993,when the nation saw asurge in youth homicides related to thecrack epidemic.
2 5 11 12 30 24
 Jan.11 Super Lotto Plus
Presents were taken from anunlocked vehicle on the 1200 block of LagunaAvenue before 5:10 p.m. Thursday,Jan. 5.
Bike theft.
A bicycle was taken on the firstblock of El Camino Real before 1:34 a.m.Thursday,Jan. 5.
Bike theft.
A bicycle was taken from a carporton 1400 Floribunda Avenue before 8:58 a.m.Friday,Dec. 30.
Vehicle theft.
Tires and wheels were taken onthe 1000 block of Cadillac Way before 4:20p.m. Wednesday,Dec. 28.
The side garage door of a residencewas pried open and jewelry was taken on thefirst block of Howard Avenue before 2:01 p.m.Wednesday,Dec. 28.
The rear right window of a car wassmashed and a purse in plain view was takenon the 1200 block of Chess Drive before 8:37p.m. Sunday,Jan. 1.
The passenger window of a car wassmashed and a woman’s purse was taken onSomerset Lane before 6:03 p.m. Friday,Dec.30.
A man was arrested after his wifereported that he slapped her on East HillsdaleBoulevard before 4:27 p.m. Friday,Dec. 30.
Bike theft.
A bicycle worth $400 was takenfrom a garage on Sea Spray Lane before 2:26p.m. Saturday,Dec. 24.
Hit and run property damage.
A vehiclewas struck at a shopping center on Foster CityBoulevard before 12:28 a.m. Saturday,Dec.24.
Two men were spotted trying tobreak into a car on Dover Road and JeffersonAvenue before 10:18 p.m. Tuesday,Dec. 29.
A truck was broken into onBlomquist Street before 5:53 p.m. Tuesday,Dec. 29.
Petty theft.
A rear plate was taken onVeterans Boulevard before 2:05 p.m. Monday,Dec. 26.
. A teenager was assaulted by otherteenagers who stole his bike at the intersectionof Broadway and Jefferson Avenue before10:19 a.m. Saturday,Jan. 7.
Grand theft.
Several packages were takenfrom the front porch of a home on the 800block of Cotton Street before 12:35 a.m.Wednesday,Jan. 4.
Petty theft.
A wallet was stolen on the 1100block of El Camino Real before 4:48 p.m.Wednesday,Dec. 28.
A wallet was taken from anunlocked vehicle on the 300 block of SharonPark Drive before 11:05 a.m. Wednesday,Dec. 28.
Someone sprayed graffiti on atruck and painted over the windows on the200 block of 24th Avenue before 11:54 a.m.Wednesday,Jan. 4.
A car was broken into on the 1600block of Wolfe Drive before 5:20 p.m.Tuesday,Jan. 3.
Unwelcome surprise
A family came home from vacation tofind their home burglarized andChristmas presents stolen on ClevelandStreet inRedwood City before 5:09 p.m.Tuesday,Dec. 29.
Police reports
By Heather Murtagh
Sentencing of a South San Francisco teenwho previously pleaded no contest to misde-meanor vehicular manslaughter and felonydrunk driving for the February multi-car crashthat left his 17-year-old passenger dead waspostponed Wednesday.Sean Danniel Quintero,18,also previouslyadmitted causing great bodily injury and,inreturn for the plea,was promised four years andfour months in prison by the court when sen-tenced. The District Attorney’s Office pushedfor five years in prison. Sentencing was post-poned until Friday,Feb. 3 — two days beforethe anniversary of the crash — at the request of the District Attorney’s Office since the attorneyassigned to the case was in another trial,saidChief Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti. Without the no contest plea,Quintero facedup to 11 years in prison if convicted by a juryof causing the death of Margaret Qaqish.Qaqish was a high school senior who wouldhave turned 18 the following week.On Feb. 5,2011,Qaqish was in a car belong-ing to Quintero’s mother,sitting in the middleof the rear seat as they and two other teensdrove back to South San Francisco after a nightof reportedly heavy drinking in Daly City andSan Francisco. At approximately 3:30 a.m.,asthe group loudly discussed what radio stationshould play,Quintero drove at roughly 60 mphtoward cars stopped for an unrelated accident.Unable to stop in time,Quintero reportedlyveered to the right,crossing over two lanes of traffic and rear-ended a car that hit a thirdbefore stopping. No one was injured in thosetwo vehicles but inside Quintero’s car two of the passengers had minor injuries like bruisingand chest pain.Qaqish was thrown forward by the impactand knocked unconscious. Authorities have notsaid whether she was wearing a seat belt. Shedied at the hospital.The California Highway Patrol reported find-ing an open alcohol container in the car andQuintero’s blood alcohol level 90 minutes latertested .15 and .16.He remains in custody in lieu of $325,000bail.Earlier this week,two adults were arrestedand charged with furnishing alcohol toQuintero which lead to the accident. On Jan. 10,2012,Department of AlcoholBeverage Control investigators arrested 45-year-old Abduhl Azeem Buksh,a clerk at themarket at 130 S. Spruce Ave. in South SanFrancisco,and 51-year-old Amelia Chin of Alameda,formerly of South San Francisco.Buksh,of South San Francisco,and Chin arefacing possible criminal charges of furnishingalcohol to Qaqish on the night of Feb. 4,2011,when she purchased alcohol at the market inclear view of both Buksh,the store clerk,andChin,an acquaintance of Qaqish. Chin is themother of one of Qaqish’s friends and alleged-ly accompanied Qaqish inside the store to helpher purchase the alcohol,according to theABC.The ABC investigator who worked on thecase conducted a series of interviews,examinedevidence and was able to determine that Bukshand Chin supplied alcohol to Qaqish. In addi-tion to the arrests,ABC will be seeking disci-plinary action against the market owner.
Sentencing postponedin fatal multi-car crash
 Teen facing multi-year sentence forpassenger’s death,alcohol involved
Pair arrested for $500K in drugs
Two people were arrested at San FranciscoInternational Airport late last month after U.S.Customs and Border Protection officers dis-covered more than $500,000 worth of cocaineand crystal methamphetamine in their lug-gage,authorities said Wednesday.Customs officers arrested Pedro DanielRodriguez,21,and Yuniba Elizabeth Cordero,22,on Dec. 29 and seized 2.24 kilos of cocaine worth about $158,000 and 6.5 kilos of methamphetamine worth more than $351,000,according to U.S. Customs and BorderProtection.The pair,both U.S. citizens,had arrived atSFO from Mexico and were referred for rou-tine inspection,agency officials said. The drugs had been stashed in false sides of the luggage,but upon X-raying the bags,cus-toms officers noticed anomalies in the imageand discovered the contraband,according tothe agency.Rodriquez and Cordero were turned over toU.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcementfor further processing.
Local brief