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Personal Clothing and Rock Climbing Kit

The following websites might be useful, if you find other websites please list them;
http://www.snowandrock.com https://www.cotswoldoutdoor.com www.highonropes.com/climbing-rope-glossary.htm

CLOTHING Using the web, answer the following questions on climbing clothing: 1. What is GORTEX? A Gortex is a list of equipment that you would use for mountaineering. E.g. jacket, gloves, shoes/boots, pants 2. Why is GORTEX good to wear whilst mountaineering or climbing? Gortex are very waterproof. Also it is very good at letting heat out as you will get sweaty when climbing or walking but it will not let know cold in 3. When talking about clothing, what is a base layer? A base layer is a thin, tight quick dry fabric that absorbs sweat. It is light and flexible and again lets heat out but does not let anything in. It is the same as wearing 3 layers of clothing but it is all in one. 4. Why is it important to wear loose / comfortable clothing whilst climbing? Because you need to be as flexible as possible as you will be forced to go into awkward positions. Also you will need your body to be as light and to be able to move freely as possible. 5. Name 2 clothing (not equipment) brand names for climbing 1. The North Face 2. Ice Breaker ROPE Using the web, answer the following questions on climbing rope: 1. What is a dynamic rope? The Dynamic Climbing Rope will stretch when put under load. This means that the rope can absorb some of the shock when a climber falls. Less pressure is therefore put on

the climber and their equipment/anchors. This is why it is imperative to use a Dynamic rope if you plan to go lead climbing.

2. What is a static rope?

A static rope does not stretch like a Dynamic. Static ropes are stronger and last longer than dynamic ropes, but they are not to be used for actual climbing except as a top-rope because their lack of stretch and elasticity causes the force of a fall to be placed on other parts of the climbers safety system, including anchors and harness, and can lead to failure and severe injury.

3. What are the 3 most common lengths of rope? 50mm 55mm 60mm 4. What is the typical diameter of a single rope? Usually 9 - 11 mm in diameter 5. Quote the cheapest and most expensive climbing ropes you can find The cheapest rope is 23.95 The expensive rope is 273.49 CLIMBING EQUIPMENT Using the web, answer the following questions on climbing kit, you must explain what each piece of equipment is used for. 1. What is a Carabiner? Typical price? Carabiner or karabiner is a metal loop with a sprung or screwed gate that is used to quickly and reversibly connect components in safety-critical systems Price - 10 2. What is a Quickdraw? Typical price? Quickdraws reduce rope drag when a rope is pulled through a series of carabiners. The quickdraw allows the rope to pull to the centre and allow a less resistive path from the belay point to the climber Price - 14.99 - 17.99

3. What is an ascender? Typical price? An Arrester allows the user to choose two orientations to vary the amount of friction that can be applied to the rope, allowing you to choose the speed of descent. Price - 12.00 - 42.99 4. What is a belay device? Typical price? A belay device maintains a silky smooth feeding. Belay devices are mechanical pieces of climbing equipment used to control a rope during belaying. Price - 15.99 17.99 6. What is a Gri Gri? Typical Price? A grival is a medium size mental pole that has many uses. 1. 2. 3. 4. It can be used as a walking stick It can be used as a shovel It can be used to pull yourself on rock/ice It can save your life. It is called the Ice ace arrest. What it basically does is if you are slipping down a hill, you can use your grival, put it up to your chest, somehow you need to flip yourself onto your front and the grival will hopefully stick into the ground and slow yourself down. Price - 50 - 130 7. What is a camming device? Typical Price? A spring-loaded camming device is a piece of rock climbing or mountaineering protection equipment. It consists of three or four cams mounted on a common axle or two adjacent axles, so that pulling on the axle forces the cams to spread farther apart. You can use this if there is a grap inside of the wall. Just simply put it inside to grap and as it will want to keep opening, it should hopefully grip itself. Price - 54.99 - 59.99

5. Name a climbing protection piece of equipment, and describe what it is used for? A hard hat. A hard hat is used for protection for your head. If you fell and started swing on the rope and went into the wall, the hard hat will protect your head. Also when climbing up a mountain rocks or ice could on at any moment, so again the hard hat you protect you from falling objects

6. Is it sensible to climb in trainers, if not what should you wear? When climbing, it is not best to wear trainers as they do not have enough grip and you may slip. The best shoes to wear when doing climbing are Rock shoes. These are specially designed for extreme moves on small holds; the special toe profile provides excellent precision on marginal holds, making it perfect for technically difficult, vertical or overhanging routes. 7. Name 3 climbing equipment brand names 1. The North Face 2. Salomon 3. Arc'teryx

A days climbing . . .
You are off to Cheddar Gorge for a days climbing with a friend, the weather forecast is cold and wet. 1. List EVERYTHING that you would take in order to be dry, warm and safe. 2. When you return describe how you would care for your kit.

1 water proof jacket 1 water proof trousers 1 jacket 1 par of boots 5 pars of socks 1 par of underwear 1 Rucksack 1 Altimeter Watch 1 GPS 1 t-shirts 1 Climbing Thermals 1 pair of mans stretch neo pants 1 hat 1 par of gloves 1 head touch (with lost of batteries)1 compass 1 scarf 1 Bouldering mat 1 Helmet 10 cams 5 ropes 10 belays 1 harness 1 chalk bag