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Editor: Christy Solly Sr. Editor: Autumn Faulkner April 20, 2007


This year will mark the eighth year that the
Lord has partnered us with Awan Chatarpal and the
Indians of Roraima, Brazil. I am enthusiastic about
what the Lord is doing after a year of death threats,
sickness, slanderous lies, car wrecks, historical
floods, lack of money, cancelled training sessions,
and key leaders quitting in discouragement. Yet
through it all the team made bold declarations for
2008. After three weeks of ministry with Alan Win-
ter, the team declared that they were given hope,
encouragement, health, strength and love in ex-
100 Children and 10 •••• .., - "." - .," > - .•• -: ~ " •••••

This church is
change for despair, sickness, discouragement,
also the home oftK ." \-::-:::: "'. _ ~ _ " ... " '.., _~ t _ .••
to Children" that
weakness and rejection. In December of 2007 this feeds up to 500 children at a time!
energized team made a declaration of ten exploits
for our Lord Jesus Christ to accomplish in 2008.
(turn to the next page for the details of these declarations)

Declaration Accomplished
Build the Bible College, $95,000 received to date. 3200 sq. ft. of classrooms nearly completed.
$0 pledged or on hand Dorms for 60 scheduled for completion in June.
Begin classes and receive federal recog- Bible College scheduled to begin September 1. The school administra-
nition. tor, Jemima Chatarpal, Awan's wife, will receive her school admini-
stration degree in December, allowing the school to be recognized by
the government and eligible to receive food and other supplies.
Send one more leader to driving school. I March 15.

Raise up two Indian church ly lead a group of "Joshuas and

teams. mised land.
Plant 30 churches in 1ndi Rita, Puxa Faca, Dabaca,
Pedra Preta, with plans of
16. Ellyvaldo and his team
hau, Yarra Velnelo and

Acquire two pick-up trucks . the second week of March.

church planting teams.
Acquire three motorcycles for tray
pastors that have more than one church.
Ordain Indian pastors.

Plant four churches in the city. Pastor Ageu has started his second group because they outgrew their
church building. Three weeks ago they had more people outside the
building than in. Ellyvaldo's church has two new congregations.
Awan to travel less and others taking on Ellyvaldo is stepping up to the plate as president of the mission. Awan
more responsibility and authority. will concentrate more on the Bible College, direction of the mission,
and have limited travel to the bush.

Ellyvaldo, C1eonis, & Children Melvina in the Children's Hospital Construction of Medical Clinic in
Boa Vista, Brazil Tegucigalpa, Honduras Mato Palo, Honduras

Look among the nations! Observe! Be Astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing



In January and February, Frontline hosted three teams from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from
Redeemer Lutheran of Marquette, Sion Lutheran of Chatham and Saints Peter & Paul Lutheran of Hancock.
The teams held nine medical-dental clinics, and saw 1857 patients with 178 commitments for Christ. We
constructed a church in Carrizal Lunes and a medical clinic in Mata Palo.
Our time in Mata Palo was clearly one of the highlights of ministry in Honduras. The Christian village,
located in a beautiful valley and home to some of the finest people on earth, can only be reached by a five-
hour drive by four-wheeler and then another three-hour walk. They are planted amidst ten non-Christian vil-
lages and have not been able to reach these villages for Christ due to generational feuds. They wanted a
medical clinic (the nearest one is a twelve-hour walk) in order to serve the other villages, share Christ's love,
and plant churches in all ten villages. While we were there, 31 people from other villages accepted Christ.
The blessing has begun.
We were not able to finish the building during our stay due to cost overages and time constraints. We
need another $3000 to finish the building correctly. Originally, we were going to build a smaller building in
another village but had to change plans three weeks prior to the trip because they were unwilling to help us.
Mata Palo began working before the first visit by the Honduran leaders. They also fed us, all 42 of us, and
hauled in all of our supplies exuberantly.
Our Honduran partners, along with Frontline, look forward to helping the Church in Mata Palo fulfill
their dreams in the Lord.


Pastor Mohammed Fizul Hack of Living Fountain Ministries of Mahiaca, Guyana, honored Alan by
asking him to bring the Easter dedication message for their newly finished church building. This service
promised to be an unusual one. Pastor Hack's family moved to the area in 1908 and were responsible for
starting the two Islamic mosques in the area. He is the only believer amongst his Muslim family who are
highly influential in government, Islam, and business. After serving the Lord faithfully for forty years, Pastor
Hack has recently received the honor of being called "The Pastor of Mahaica" by both the Christian and non-
Christian community.
Reporting from Mahaica, Guyana, Alan brings back great news about this service! The congregation
of Living Fountains Ministries is normally about 100 to 125 people, but for this service all 500 chairs were
filled, with 50 or so more people standing! Other curious people, most likely Hindu or Muslim, were lingering
outside the door. It was said that half of the people attending were those whom Pastor Fizul, through the
years, had prayed would receive salvation in Christ. Over 25 pastors of various nearby locations were
among the crowd. A few came from Venezuela. Since Alan was concerned about the service lasting too
long, he only preached for around 30 minutes (that's short for Guyana) and brought the service to a close.
Numerous people came up to him afterwards, telling him he should have preached longer and asking him to
please come to their services to preach or dedicate their churches. The Guyanese hold a very grand cele-
bration in times like these; not only did the service last nearly four hours, but the believers at that church fed
everyone afterwards! Can you imagine cooking chicken and rice for 500?
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All of us at Frontline are rejoicing in what the Lord has done! He has blessed us beyond
measure in Brazil by connecting us with a foundation to see that work explode. He has opened so many
wonderful doors of ministry in all locations that we are seeing the Lord glorified in every turn. Abundant
THANKS for your prayers and support that are ever constant. We couldn't do this without each and
everyone of you! Please join with us as we seek the Lord for an increase in Frontline's general finances.
God is our source and our high tower, the One we run to in time of need! "Now FAITH ..... "

June 7-15 -Honduras July 18-27- Honduras

New River Community Church Beulah Baptist Church,
Medical and Dental-Alan Medical & Dental - Harry &
June 17-26 -Alaska Dr. Vautin
Ministers Conference July 26-August 2 - Brazil
Alan & Heidi Manna Church North Carolina,
June 21-28 - Guyana Construction & Evangelism -
Dogwood Church Alan & Heidi
Medical & Construction - Save-R- August 2-12 - Guyana
Kids Children's Home - Harry &
Dr. Hoffler St. James Episcopal Church
July 5-15 - Brazil Construction & VBS-Alan & Harry
Peachtree Christian Fellowship
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