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2777 East Point Street East Point, Georgia 30344 404-510-8498 cmitchell@eastpointcity.org Clyde K. Mitchell City Councilman Ward D Greetings, and welcome to Ward D! There is a saying, To Lead Is To Serve, and as your Councilman, it is my honor to serve you with the utmost integrity and commitment to excellence for each and every one of you! As your elected official, it is my responsibility to help oversee governance and administration policies, as well as adopting budgets and legislation, to ensure effective management of our City and Ward for all of us. Yes, all of us because I live here too, and I care! With that in mind, I am very pleased to take this opportunity to highlight below many of the outstanding accomplishments we have recently achieved in our great City of East Point! I am sending this in an effort to inform you of the positive things we are doing to help make our City one of the best cities in America to live, work and visit. Partial Listing of our 2010 Highlights Developed Senior Discount Program for utility. Provided significant capital investment for pot-hole repair and street maintenance. Implemented Hotel/Motel Tax increase which will help increase revenue for specific projects. Revamped Budget Billing for utility customers in an effort to provide equal monthly payments. Implemented Prescription Drug Program to help you save money. Continued 50 Worst Properties initiative to address blighted homes and public safety concerns. The Citys overall fiscal condition has improved remarkably in the past four years, recovering from a General Fund deficit of $6,250,000 to its current positive balance of $5 million; AND, from a cash deficit of $500,000 to a positive cash on hand of $8,321,000 (excluding MCT reserves of $5,265,000). Reduced short term borrowing by $4,000,000. Managed through a projected $1.9 Million shortfall in Property Taxes in late 2010; and paid an $8 million Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) on time. Reduced staff in Planning & Zoning, Customer Care, and Fleet Maintenance. Realignment of pay for public safety personnel to stabilize retention of experienced personnel. Intergovernmental agreements to reduce operational costs, (i.e. animal control, fleet maintenance). Improved customer service through website enhancements providing easy to find information, convenience of doing business on-line (payments, forms and documents) and upgrades. Replacement of a Fire Engine pumper and enhancing fire service for our citizens. Replaced vehicles 15-20 years old within the Emergency Services Bureau. Provided resources for the construction of the South Commerce Drive Park. Provided funding for Sanitation front and rear loader equipment to enhance Solid Waste services. Provided funding for Street Sweepers. Provided for major electric utility infrastructure and equipment replacement. Decreased the Citys dependency on Tax Anticipation Notes (TANs) by 33%. Closed out six (6) years of outstanding audits with the State of Georgia. Adopted an 8% decrease in General Fund through adopted FY2010-2011 budget. Capital Projects: $1,278,866 in MEAG MCT-funded capital improvements and an additional $3,460,871 in capital improvements funded by revenues from the utilities. It is my expectation that the East Point City Council will continue the positive trend of the aforementioned achievements. Therefore, I will keep you apprised of future accomplishments in later correspondences. However, I must emphasize, while we have accomplished a lot, we are not finished and cannot rest on what are now past accomplishments. There is still much to do, and miles to go, before we can rest. If you would like continued updates of city issues, concerns, and progress please forward your e-mail address to clyde31260@aol.com or cmitchell@eastpointcity.org.

Clyde K. Mitchell
Clyde K. Mitchell Councilman Ward D