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Project Implementation i. Significance of the Project

As explained in the first part of the paper, De Castro Homeowners Association Inc. s (DCHAI) officers were to submit a certificate of candidacy and does not automatically requires experience or background in leadership. Moreover, one does not necessarily have any qualifications to meet. With that, officers do not have the proper experiences and skills that a leader must possess in order to be successful in this field and to work efficiently and as expected by the community. Therefore, the following must be achieved after the implementation of the project: y y y One is expected to understand the need of learning the basics of leadership. One is expected to know one s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to use them accordingly to assess and solve the problems of the community. The team is expected to work harmoniously and cooperatively in order to work efficiently for the jurisdiction. Scope and Delimitation As discussed in the significance of this research, the goal is mainly motivate people psychologically and educate them on things that are needed as a public figure and a leader in a community. The project does not necessarily include developments afterwards.



Procedures in Implementing I. Preparations

As included in the proposal of the project, preparations include interviews and scheduling the main event. Schedules, however, were hard to sync together due to individual s agendas to attend to. The team and the researcher boiled down to the decision of having it on a Saturday afternoon, December 3, 2011. The president of the association is currently in a committed affair in Zambales, and until now is not sure if he can make it to the said congregation. Due to conflict of schedule and the limited time given, the leadership seminar cannot be accommodated and organized anymore. However, the researcher decided that she cannot just ditch the seminar and have it compromised. Thus, the seminar was decided to become a meeting to convene the members, and have the problems of the community talked about. It might not be the same as a leadership seminar, where they get to talk about the technicalities and personal issues among each other, this congregation will be to give them a chance to talk about the community s status quo and the problems, setting aside whatever personal matters they carrying. However, that doesn t mean that the researcher is compromising the goal of the project; instead the researcher shifted the project in a creative way by having them discussed their jobs with themselves, and not blatantly talk about their personal matters all together. The same thing applies, however not directly done. There will also be an individual interview to compensate with the lack of methods to be used to assess one s personality. The individual interview may be done orally, with the researcher asking questions and filming it, or written, by providing them essay questions. Both of which will be attached in then appendix section. II. Methodology The meeting will be a brief meeting wherein the community s status quo and problems will be discussed. Likewise, the solutions to it will be discussed, along with the implementation details.


Assessment The meeting was able to achieve the goals set by the researcher herself. Not only that this community involvement was able to give the association the opportunity to meet themselves once again after a long time, but the meeting in itself gave way into letting the officers capabilities and will to help shine, have the problems of the community come to an end by giving solutions, and having to give them another chance to work together, not as competitors, but as a team. The meeting also made me realize how dedicated our leaders are into serving their others. Their works doesn t have salaries, or even allowances to keep them going. However, they still do it. And the researcher found the real essence of being a professional. It may not necessarily mean to work together harmoniously all the time, because bad things are just bound to happen. It may not necessarily mean to achieve all the goals at once and as soon as possible. It may not necessarily mean to be the most competitive person or team in town. Professionalism, is about doing something you love cherishing it, and sharing it with others. Therefore, the researcher can say that the meeting was a success, and that it does not help the team in itself change perception, but the researcher too.