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1. If you book a room for one person, you usually book a 2. If you want a room with a double bed, you book a 3. If you want a room with two separated beds, you book a 4. For families there are usually special offers if they take a .

. .

5. In youth hostels rooms are often shared by 10 or more people. This kind of room is called .

6. To get 10 people into one room, two beds are usually placed on top of each other. They are called . . for

7. No matter where you're staying, you usually have to fill in a form at the 8. Then the receptionist tells you your room number and gives you the your room. 9. During high season it's advisable to book a room in .

10.If a B&B is fully booked, they usually have a sign in the window saying No .

The following text is from an online travel agency. Read the text carefully and answer our questions on the text. The hotel has 8 Standard, 6 Deluxe, 4 Family rooms and 9 Cottages. Rooms have hot and cold shower and private balcony. Room service and laundry are available. All rooms except Cottages offer air conditioning. Each room has two single beds, Family rooms have 4 single beds. All rooms (except for Cottages) have televisions. If you wish to make a reservation or request more information simply complete the form. Our travel staff will typically respond to any

Universidade Snior sempre@prender.net request in 1 working day. A confirmation of your booking will be sent to you via e-mail (and fax if required). If for any reason you need to cancel your booking we would ask you to do so as early as possible by e-mailing our travel staff.

Questions on the text. 1. Showers There are no showers in the Cottages. There is a shower in every room. Only the Cottages have showers. 2. Air Conditioning There's no air conditioning available in the Cottages. Air conditioning is available in every room. Air conditioning is only available in the Cottages. 3. Except for the Family rooms, all rooms are ... double rooms. twin-bedded rooms. single rooms. 4. To book a room you must ... respond in one working day. send a fax. fill in a form. 5. Everyone who makes a reservation will receive a confirmation via ... fax. e-mail. air-mail 6. What are the hotel amenities?

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Read this short dialogue at a hotel. Hotel Clerk: Welcome to the Home Again Hotel, sir. How may I help you? Mr. Edwin: Hello. I would like a non-smoking room with a double bed. Hotel Clerk: Do you have a reservation? Mr. Edwin: No, I'm afraid I don't. Hotel Clerk: Hmmm. Let me see. We don't seem to have any rooms with double beds right now. We are very full tonight. We've got a large conference going on. Mr. Edwin: I see. So what do you have available? Hotel Clerk: Well, not much. It seems we have a small corner room on the 5th floor. It has a single bed and a bathroom with a shower. Mr. Edwin: And is it a non-smoking room? Hotel Clerk: No, the 5th floor is a smoking floor. But that is the only room we have at this time. Would you be interested in it? Mr. Edwin: Wow. That's terrible. I didn't realize... I knew I should have made a reservation before I left home. Hotel Clerk: Yes, you never know if we will have vacancies or not. Mr. Edwin: I guess I'll have to take that room, then. I don't have time to look for another hotel. Hotel Clerk: Great. First, let me just have your name... Say if the sentences are True (T) or False (F).

Universidade Snior sempre@prender.net 1. Mr. Edwin would like a single bed in a non-smoking room. True False 2. There is a large conference at the hotel right now. True False 3. It's easy to know if the hotel has vacancies without making a reservation. True False 4. The hotel has only one room available. True False 5. Mr. Edwin made a reservation before leaving home. True False 6. Mr. Edwin is going to look for another hotel. True False 7. The hotel clerk was polite to Mr. Edwin. True False

Exercise on Booking a Room Complete the sentences.


Hotel Beach House, can I I'm phoning to a room.


would you like to arrive? Tomorrow.Morgen. How many nights are you going to Two nights.Zwei Nchte. ?

What kind of room would you ? A double room with a shower.Ein Doppelzimmer mit Dusche. Just a moment, I'll check. ... We have a nice room on the second How is it? , breakfast included. for that room, please. .

It's $25 per person and

That's a good price. I'd like to make a

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Very well. May I have your Conners. Could you that, please? It's C-O-N-N-E-R-S.

, please?

Thank you for your reservation. See you

Mr.Brown has gone on tour to Lucknow. He enters in the Chitra Hotel and goes to the Hotel Reception Hotel Receptionist: Good afternoon, Sir. Can I help you? Mr.Brown: Good afternoon. Can I get a room in the Hotel please? Hotel Receptionist: Have you made advance booking, Sir? Mr.Brown: Im afraid I havent done any room reservation. I tried to do hotel online booking. I believe the hotel reservation software was not working then. Hotel Receptionist: What kind of a room do you want, Sir? A double room or a single room Mr.Brown: A single room, please.

Universidade Snior sempre@prender.net Hotel Receptionist: Let me see. (Looking at the register). We are fully booked up at this time of the year. No, we havent a single room available, sir. Mr.Brown: But please do try to help me out. I wouldnt know where else to stay. Hotel Receptionist: Would you like to see the Hotel Manager, Sir? He just might have some rooms reserved for emergencies. Mr.Brown: Thank you. Can you direct me to the Hotel Manager, please. Hotel Receptionist: Ill trace him for you in the hotel. Just a moment, Sir. (Talking into the phone). Please get me the Hotel Manager. He might be in booking office or he might have gone on a round of the hotel. It he is not in the booking office, try the North Indian restaurant. Thank you Mr.Brown: In the meanwhile, can someone get my baggage out of the taxi? Hotel Receptionist: Why not?! Of course. (Tapping a bell for the porter. To the porter.) Please get the gentlemans bags out of the taxi. (To Mr.Verma) please do sit down. Ill speak to the Manager of the Hotel about a room for you, Sir. Mr.Brown: What is the room tariff in this hotel? Hotel Receptionist: We charge 100 a day for a single room Sir. (The telephone rings.). Yes, I want to speak to the Hotel Manager. I am speaking from Hotel Reception. Good afternoon, Sir. I have a small problem. There is a guest here who has just arrived from Delhi. He wants a single room and we havent any single rooms vacant. Is there some way of helping him out, Sir? Hotel Manager: Just a moment. Ill come down myself. Mr.Brown: (Approaching the Hotel Reception desk again). Could you get me a single room? Hotel Receptionist: The Hotel Manager is coming down here and then well see what can be done. Dont worry, Sir. Well try our best to help you out. Hotel Manager: Good morning, Sir. I am the Hotel Manager. What is the problem? Hotel Receptionist: The gentleman here has no reservation but requires a single room. All the rooms are booked up. Hotel Manager: (Looking at the register). How long do you want to stay, Sir? Mr.Brown: Just for one night. Im catching the afternoon train tomorrow. Hotel Manager: All right. I think we can accommodate you. Miss Smith, give the gentleman one of the rooms booked for the German group. Their plane has been delayed and they will now be coming in tomorrow by lunch time. Will that be all right, Sir?

Universidade Snior sempre@prender.net Mr.Brown: Thank you very much. Manager: You are welcome. Hotel Receptionist: Here you are, sir. I am giving you a single room on the second floor. Will you please fill in your name and address in the registration book please. Also I need to see your I.D. Thank you. Mr.Brown: Does the room fee include meals also? Hotel Receptionist: No, Sir. Meals are charged separately. Here is your room key. Weve put you in room 206. The porter will take you bags up to your room. Is there anything else you would like, Sir? Mr.Brown: No. Thank you very much. Hotel Receptionist: It is a pleasure, Sir. Mr.Brown: Oh yes, I forgot to mention. Can I get morning tea at 5oclock tomorrow morning? Hotel Receptionist: Certainly Sir. Well call you at 5 oclock tomorrow morning, with tea. If you want to eat your meals in the hotel, you can either call Room Service, or come down to eat in one of the restaurants. Mr.Brown: Thank you.

Answer the questions: 1. Did Mr. Brown make a reservation? Why? 2. What kind of room does he want? 3. When Mr. Brown first talks to the receptionist does he get a room? Why? 4. Who does he talk to to solve his problem? 5. How much does the room cost? 6. How is the problem solved? 7. Are the meals included in the fee?

Build your own dialogue at a hotel.

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