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Wayne Schutz 807 Glendal Drive Crystal Lake, IL. 60014 Phone: 815-477-0929 email: ws11ae4ca@westpost.net Mr.

Schutz has over 40 years of Land Surveying and Civil Engineering experience in the states of Illinois and Wisconsin. For 22 years he operated as the Presi dent and Chief Executive Officer of Illini Technical Consultants and has extensi ve experience in Land, Route and Boundary Surveying, Horizontal and Vertical Con trol Surveys, Right-of- Way and Centerline Surveys, Land Acquisition and Zoning Plats. As President and CEO, he was responsible for directing Illini Technical Consultants Staff for the coordination of the firm's technical activities. He h as been responsible for the planning, design, and management of numerous project s involving: Highway improvements, bridges, tunnels, municipal streets, railroad s, water mains, stormwater drainage, flood control, planning and feasibility stu dies. Mr. Schutz has worked in areas focusing on the writing of analyses and Construct ion Supervision reports. His expertise extends to the training in the fields of : Traffic Seminar for Local Road Construction and Inspection (1984), Value Engin eering Workshop Seminar (1985), Tree Identification Workshop- Morton Arboretum ( 1985). His report experience includes: Data Collection and research, agency coo rdination, preliminary and final report assembly and writing, coordination of pr oject assignments between in-house planning and design staffs when natural envir onmental systems will be affected, wetland studies, traffic intersection analysi s, preparation of materials for public, meetings, and hearings. Mr. Schutz's railroad experience includes the position as Designer of Roadways for various track development projects within the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad System. His design experience has exposed him to various critical route and tr ack design problems; while overseeing a design area of over 4,000 miles of track age. Some of his duties included the gathering of legal description information necessary for the continual updating of the company's ongoing Right-of-Way expa nsion, continuing collection and evaluation of field data, access, installation, rehabilitation and design of new track facilities under construction for servic e by rail. Consistent with, but not limited to were also duties of field evalua tion necessary for the development of feasibility studies for the track service sites. The studies outlined Drainage, Stormwater Retention/Detention and hydrau lic problems that would have to be taken into consideration when providing desig n criteria for the new track service site. Mr. Schutz's responsibilities extend ed to the continuous track gauging operations within the Illinois Central system as well as the perpetual track roadbed restoration and stabilization program. Mr. Schutz has hands-on experience in both track design and construction. With in the scope of construction, he has been responsible for the installation as we ll as the construction inspection of the systems continuous welded rail program. Mr. Schutz has had detailed design experience as well as construction install action experience of track design criteria handling vertical curves, horizontal curves, spiral curves super-elevated reverse curves, maximum and minimum speed restrictive design grades, turnout design, reroute design, crossover as well as split-switch design and broad design and installation experience in the field of improved grade crossings. Mr. Schutz is responsible for the development of each project from the conceptu al planning stage through the completion of working drawings and specifications and has prepared engineering and construction drawings, quantity and quality con trol documents, specifications, special provision drawings, cost estimates and c ontract documents. He also supervises field crews, records project constructio n notes, and issues construction permits, and conducts material and construction inspections. Mr. Schutz has over 30 years of experience in all phases of civil engineering i

ncluding: surveying, and site development for numerous projects. Education & Training * Proliance for design phase processes- Illinois Dept. of Transportation - 2010 * Land Surveying Safety Course - Geographic Systems - 2006 * Illinois Dept. of Transportation - Documentation of Contract Quantities- 2009 Registration Registered Professional Land Surveyor- Illinois No. 035-2834 Registered Professional Land Surveyor- Wisconsin No.1938-8

Work Experience

2/2010 - 12/2010 "Managing Agent" - Survey Department Manager AES Services Inc.. - Chicago, Illinois Illinois State Toll Highway Authority: Land Surveying for I-294 Tri-State Tollwa y - M.P. 30.0, Cermak Road Toll Plaza to M.P. 36.5 Wolf Road. AES provided Land Surveying support services as a sub-consultant to Parsons-Brinckerhoff Inc. for the reconstruction of the I-294 Tri-State Tollway. Mr. Schutz was the Project M anager, as well as the project surveyor for AES on this project. The project inc luded the stationing of Northbound and Southbound mainline centerline using GPS capabilities. Consistent with his duties was verification of existing Horizontal and Vertical Control for the project using the CORS geographic information syst em. Rim elevations with station/offset was provided for all inlets along the med ian wall for the corridor length. Guardrail terminal end sections with station/o ffset was provided throughout the corridor. Bridge deck surveys were provided on all bridge surfaces within the corridor. Mr. Schutz was responsible for lane cl osure coordination with the Tollway Authority. Lane closures were necessary as e dge of pavement elevations with station/offset were provided for both Northbound and Southbound Lane 4 edges throughout the corridor length. Mr Schutz was also responsible for project QA/QC for office to client transmittals.

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority: Land Surveying for I-90 Jane Adams Memori al Tollway - M.P. 0.0, Kennedy Expressway to M.P. 5.2, Elmhurst Road. AES provi ded Land Surveying support services as a sub-consultant to URS Corporation for t he reconstruction of the I-90 Jane Adams Tollway. The project included the stati oning of Eastbound and Westbound mainline centerline, as well as stationing both shoulder areas using GPS capabilities. Stationing included all ramps, and oasis , which ingress or egress the I-90 mainline within the corridor. Mr. Schutz was the surveyor on this project, consistent with his duties was verification of exi sting Horizontal and Vertical Control for the project using the CORS geographic information system. Mr. Schutz also provided superelevation cross-section measur ements for engineering design along all Eastbound and Westbound mainline, and sh oulders, as well as all egress and ingress ramps along the corridor. Overhead t russ, and cantilever clearances, as well as sign inventory was also provided. Mr Schutz was also responsible for project QA/QC for office to client transmittal s.

7/2008 - 2/2010 "Managing Agent" - Land Survey Department SPAAN TECH, INC. - Chicago, Illinois

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority: Construction and Land Surveying for I-88 Reagan Memorial Tollway - Spaan-Tech provided construction management services a s a sub-consultant to Globetrotters Engineering Corporation for the widening and reconstruction of the I-88 Reagan Memorial Tollway, Eastbound and Westbound fro m the Aurora Toll Plaza to Orchard Road. The project included the removal of the Illinois Route 31 bridge, construction of retaining walls, mainline and ramp pa vement, drainage, signing, lighting, ramp and crossroad improvements. Mr. Schutz was the surveyor on this project, consistent with his duties was installation a nd maintenance of the Horizontal and Vertical Control for the project. Mr. Schut z also provided cross-sections for volumetric calculations for earthwork, topsoi l, and unsuitable material excavation. He also provided Documentation of Contrac t Quantities for the project.

CHICAGO HOUSING AUTHORITY - CHA Task Order Contract 9050 Task 001. Spaan-Tech provided sub-consultant services for Land Survey, and Topographic Sur veying to Globetrotters Engineering Inc. Provided property Boundary Land surveyi ng for update of existing handicap ramps on three (3) existing buildings on two adjoining sites. Property boundary survey for construction permit application, and updates. Provide building dimensions, and locations in relationship to prope rty lines, shown are walks, decks, and below level entrances to buildings. Resea rch Boundaries and creation of legal description for site. Topographic survey co nsisted of: Utility search with utility locations, boundaries of topographic to existing property lines, shown are existing utilities, landscaping, storm ad dra inage manholes along with the size, type of material, and inverts of pipes. Elev ations and locations at thresholds, and ramp locations. Location of power poles and attachment locations to buildings.

Fire station # 106 - Great Lakes Naval Station - Waukegan, IL. Provide Planimetric and Topographic Survey with elevations to TENG Associates for High Pressu re water pipeline design to update existing fire station service. Provide local site, and extended quarter mile eastbound corridor cross-sections with elevatio ns at 25' intervals. Cross-sections were provided from back-to-back of curb, inc luding gutters, and crown of roadways. Utility location included: Manholes, catc hbasins, curb inlets, Light poles, Fire hydrants, valve vaults, shut off valves, steam vents, signs, and traffic control devices. These utility locations includ ed the size, type of material, and inverts of all pipes. Consistent with the pl animetric survey was the location of all curb and gutter, light poles, traffic c ontrol devices, manholes, steam vents, finish floor elevation, along with the l ocation of all doorways and the frame elevations of the doors on the fire statio n.

2007- 2008 "Managing Agent" - DIRECTOR OF LAND SURVEYING SIEBERT ENGINEERS, INC., LISLE, IL Responsible for directing Siebert Engineers Land Surveying Department, and coord ination of the firm's technical activities in land surveying and operating inclu ding: scheduling, proposals, bIlling, client contracts, budgets, marketing and p ublic meeting attendance. He performs office work on Boundary surveys, A.L.T.A. surveys, Topographic surveys, and engineering design support services. Mr. Sch utz had oversight of hiring, training and continuing education of field personne l within the department. 1986 - 2007 PRESIDENT AND OWNER ILLINI TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS, CRYSTAL LAKE, IL * Illinois Dept. of Transportation - Round Lake Beach. Illinois Route 120 -Wilso n to Fairfield Avenue - FAP 333 -Job # R-91-015-90. Subdivision of sections of L and. Land acquisition parcels for Right-of-Way widening. Create legal descriptio ns, and provide land acquisition parcel staking along 2 miles of roadway expansi on. * Illinois Dept. of Transportation. Illinois Route 173 - FAP 303 - Job # R-91-00 3-92 - Lake Villa. Illinois Route 173 over the Fox River. Right-of-Way surveys, legal description creation for temporary and permanent construction easements, a s well as Land Acquisition parcel legal descriptions, and parcel staking. * Illinois Dept. of Transportation. FAU 3514 (IL Route 62) Algonquin Road, Rolli ng Meadows. Illinois. Job # R-90-006-90.Right-of-Way widening with Land acquisi tion parcel surveying, creation of legal descriptions for land parcels as well a s temporary, and permanent easements. Project limits from Roselle Road to Il. Ro ute 53. * Oak Forest Hospital- Topographic and Utility Survey- Oak Forest, IL- Cook Cou nty Board of Commissioners- Provided Horizontal and Topographic Mapping of 5.3 miles of interior grounds and underground utility service of existing routes; es tablished geometric configuration of existing routes, control an correlate exist ing configuration to pre-existing 1976 Topographic Ariel Survey by process of di gitization and geometric compilation * Turnberry Golf Course Subdivision- Land Surveying and Engineering Site DesignLakewood, IL, McIntosh Development Inc * O'Hare International Airport- Utility Survey- O'Hare Associates, City of Chica go Public Works- Provided construction layout, supervision, and inspection for R unway extension 22L, provided second order Horizontal and Vertical Control * Illinois Route 120 Bridge over Fox River- Land Surveying and Construction Layo ut- McHenry, IL- IDOT- Provided construction supervision, inspection and lay-out , land acquisition of parcels of land, ROW staking. * Spring Ridge Subdivision Planned Unit Development- Boundary Survey, Topographi c Survey, Engineering Design- Crystal Lake, IL- McHenry County Development Compa ny * Northwest Center for Commerce- Boundary Survey, Topographic Survey, Engineerin g Design- Marengo, IL - F.L.R. Development Company, Inc. * New Century Townhomes Units 1-4- Boundary Surveys, Right-of-Way Surveys, Land Acquisition- Vernon Hills, IL - Coder-Taylor Associates Inc. Property Management

1984 - 1986 LAND SURVEY Manager

RACKOFF-EADS GROUP Performed Land Surveying and Construction Inspection services for the Illinois D epartment of Transportation for project FA Route 539 Bridge replacement over the Fox River in McHenry County, IL.

1981- 1984 DESIGNER OF ROADWAYS - ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF RAILROAD, CHAMPAIGN IL Consistent with his duties was the gathering of legal and field information pert inent to the acquisition, access, installation and design of new track facilitie s that were to be designated to provide rail access to existing and proposed war ehouse facilities. Included in these duties was the gathering of field data, me asurements, layout, design and inspection to ensure proper installation accordin g to set design standards.

Professional Affiliations * Illinois Registered Land Surveyors Association * Wisconsin Registered Land Surveyors Association * American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

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