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Profile: Highly motivated individual who enjoys working in challenging environme nts that provide opportunities to excel.

Qualities include exemplary technical skills, a strong w ork ethic, and the interpersonal skills to utilize them, all developed through y ears of work and project experience. Possesses a unique skill set combining tech nical training from one of the best engineering programs in the nation, and lead ership skills obtained through managing a workforce of student assistants. Seeki ng to start a career with a company that will lead to a long and mutually benefi cial relationship Education: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo B.S. Mechanical Engineering with concentration in Mechatronics, December 2010 GPA: 2.74 Deans List (2) Employment: Disability Resource Center, Cal Poly (May 2007-Dec 2010) Assistant Coordinator of Student Services -Second-In-Charge of day-to-day operation of several services for students with disabilities including Alternate Media, Alternate Testing, and Tram Services. - Responsibilities include hiring and training student staff of over 30 employee s, creating work schedules, delegating work assignments, managing department databases, leading d epartment meetings concerning new policies, and training students with disabilit ies on adaptive software. Elder-Beerman, Fairfield OH (Aug 2003-Sep 2005) Sales Associate -Customer service for a major department store. -Assisted with developing sales strategy and general upkeep. Recent Projects: Senior Project Worked on a multi-disciplinary team to design and build equipment for a game cal led Foam Wars to increase activity of people with physical disabilities. Stayed within allotted budget to interface electronic and structural components, and su ccessfully made game universally accessible. Golf Ball Launching Remote Control Vehicle Worked on a team to design and build an RC car with the capability of shooting a golf ball through a 4" hole from a blind location. Performed majority of work o n launching mechanism. Determining Joule's Constant Worked on a team to build an experimental apparatus and perform an experiment to verify the value of Joule's Constant. Other: Lab Experience Completed coursework with laboratory requirements in Material Engineering, CAD ( SolidWorks), Manufacturing (Mill & Lathe work), Thermal Measurements, Dynamics, Fluid Mechani cs, Mechanical Design, Vibrations, Controls, Thermal Systems Engineering, Mechat ronics, and Robotics Computer Skills Well-versed in Word, Excel, Adobe, Abbyy (OCR Software), and various adaptive so

ftware. Extensive experience with SolidWorks from project work in half dozen cou rses. Practiced ability of creating instructional documents outlining department al procedures, designing and managing company databases, and creating and assign ing electronic workorders.