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I am eager to join your office and I am a quick learner.

I have gained much offi ce experience working for FBI Headquarters for a number of years as a paralegal specialist, etc., as stated in my resume. I would be most appreciative for an in terview. Please do not be concerned about my resume and think I am over qualifi ed. I am retired and am in need of being with the people and need the extra mon ey. Thanks. RESUME FOR LEGAL and/or ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, RECEPTIONIST and OFFICE WORK P OSITIONS Judith D. Bowen 6320 Manor Circle Drive Clinton, MD 20735 Home: 301-868-7413 email: jb123bb40@westpost.net High School Education, graduated Surrattsville High School in June, 1967. I hav e worked in a highly motivated work environment for 42 years at FBI Headquarters , with time limitations, etc. FBI Entered on Duty (EOD) Date: 7/5/1967. (FBI had been my only employer.) Reti red 2/28/2008 Former Employer: FBI 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20535 Former Position: Legal Administrative Specialist and Paralegal Specialist I worked full-time in the Records Management Division as a Legal Administrative Specialist (position title has been periodically changed). Previously, the firs t 9 years of my career were with the former Identification Division. My last po sition there was as an Assistant Supervisor in the former Fingerprint Correspond ence Section, Identification Division. I may still have my security clearances. I also have 3 years in reviewing docume nts pursuant to Exemption (b)(1) of the FOIA. Since April 25, 1977, I had held various positions in Records Management Divisio n (RMD), including reviewing FBI files for release to the public pursuant to the Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts and researching and writing declarations fo r filing in U.S. District Court in response to FOIPA requests that conclude in l itigation. The files reviewed consisted of the full spectrum of FBI files, from the oldest to the newest, applicant background investigations to foreign counte rintelligence investigations. Also, while assigned to this position, I have had the opportunity to become familiar with some of the operations of most of the ot her divisions of the FBI. I have computer experience on WordPerfect, which is w hat we used at the FBI. I was lastly assigned to the RMD, Records Information and Dissemination Section in Classification Unit #3. This unit reviews historical FBI files, pursuant to the guidelines of Executive Order 12958, as amended, for ultimate transfer to th e National Archives and Records Administration. I have been assigned to this uni t for well over two years. This unit was previously the Historical Evaluation an d Review Unit (HERU) whose members reviewed the JFK files for release to Nationa l Archives and Records Administration, mentioned below. I have also worked on special assignments, various projects, including, but not

limited to:

1-Reviewing Special Agent Career Board material in response to a litigation inst ituted by minority Special Agents 2-Review and oversight of JFK Assassination files reviewed for release to the NA RA. I was a team leader during most of this assignment. In this position, I al so reviewed FBI information contained in the US Senate Intelligence Committee at their offices. 3-I have also been on special assignments with the Strategic Operations and Inte lligence Center, including the terrorist attacks on 9/11/01 and the DC Sniper in vestigations. My whole working career has been with the FBI. It has truly been a rewarding car eer. I also volunteered with the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Foundation. From 20 01 to 2004, I have had the pleasure of being the local Chapter Coordinator for t he DC area and then as a national headquarters volunteer officer with the Chapte r Advisory Committee (CAC) of the PKD Foundation, which governed the local PKD F oundation Chapters. Duties at the local level included the support of others wi th PKD, education, public awareness of PKD and fund-raising for research to find a cure for the most common genetic disease in the world. During my term with t he CAC of the PKD Foundation, my fellow members and I revised the bylaws of the local chapters, not an easy task. During this term, I also was an ad-hoc commit tee member of the Governmental Relations Committee of the Board of Trustees of t he PKD Foundation. Also in the past years, I have been volunteering with the Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) Comprehensive Transplant Center (CTC) Outreach Program. I am a certified transplant mentor for new transplant patients and candidates at Johns Hopkins H ospital and currently have 6 mentees. I am also am a member of the Transplant P atients Committee at JHH, which addresses patient issues, helps the JHH CTC staf f with a yearly conference for pre and post transplant patients, their donors an d caregivers and evening seminars. We also plan fun events such as the Annual P icnic and the Holiday Party. I have PKD, as do most of the members of my family on my mother's side. Both my mother and her sister died of PKD in the late 1960s, before the advent of dialy sis and kidney transplants. I have had a kidney transplant in July, 2003 at JHH . My new kidney was donated to me by a retired employee of the FBI. I have bee n so blessed to have such a good friend.