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DORAL, FL 33178 (786) 553-1154 MARKETING AND BRAND MANAGER Successful brand and marketing strategist with proven ability to grow revenues a nd market share for diverse clients in the Restaurant, Appliance, Cosmetics, Education, Plastics, Consumer Goods and Pharmaceutical Ind ustries. Bilingual: English and Spanish. EXPERIENCE Senior Marketing & Brand Manager (North American Region) June 2008 -To Date IMUSA USA, LLC Miami, FL PR COMPONENT * Designed Ad Campaigns launched in Trade and Consumer Magazines * Developed consumer participation programs with IMUSA Brand such as Demo and F ood Tasting, Little Chefs (Kids) Program, and Recipe Contest. * Managed the Chef Program with the participation of 3 Celebrity Chefs. Creatio n of 40 recipes featuring IMUSA Products, recipe cards incorporated in packaging , coordinated Demo events and web-site participation. * Coordinated PR activities: reached out core Trade Circulations every month an d consumer news through e-sites. 24 press releases facilitated 5 trade interview s with core Trade Magazines in the Cookware - Housewares Industry. * Coordinated Brand appearances at Hispanic TV Channels (Univision - Telemundo) to promote IMUSA through Cooking Product Demos, Recipes - Product Tips and Vign ettes. * .Initiated e-marketing & media 2009 program: 5 webisodes, online manuals, cha t room, facebook-twitter, blog & community component implemented in Company's We bsite. Increased online impressions by 36% * Coordinated IMUSA's Housewares Show in Chicago: Logistics, Set Up, Meetings, Design, POP and Amenities. * Negotiated and executed 3 Segment programs in TV Channels to promote IMUSA Pr oducts: UNIVISION MARKET RESEARCH COMPONENT * Coordinated branding research targeting the Hispanic population in the US. Da ta helped to improve forecast accuracy 25% and to reach out 372 new Hispanic aff luent stores in the Mass Channels. * Coordinated research to find about American Cookware consumers in the United States. Researched was then used to develop a complete product line for the Angl o Consumer in the U.S. interested in Ethnic Cookware. * Conducted 4 online focus groups to understand consumers: price points, colors , packaging and product size preferences. Researched validated the creation of S easonal Items with Fun Colors in Cookware. * Started the program " Store Behavior High - Low": Observations in all retaile rs to find about consumers behavior at point of sales. Findings helped to improv e merchandising materials, communication in packaging and price points. * Other research conducted: Seasonal Behavior, Brand Positioning vs. Competitor , Packaging Preferences for Cleaning Category, Appliances Trends in a Hispanic H ousehold and Economic crisis vs. household's cookware purchases. * 9 consumer, brand and product research programs completed in 2009 - 2010. NOTE: Thanks to my research programs concluded, major retailers such as MACY'S, BED BATH & BEYOND, WAL-MART, TARGET and other retailers reference data to valida te their consumer strategies. IMUSA is now the #1 data facilitator in reference to HISPANIC MARKET IN THE US AND WORLDWIDE. FINANCE & METRIC COMPONENT: * Initiated SKU rationalization that served to identify category margin perform ance. Coordinated phasing out product schedule and the launching of 124 new SKU' s in the cookware, appliance, and gadget categories.

* Built metrics to validate channel strategies as well as supported with quarte rly sales and inventory reports. * Drove team of analyst to conduct pricing analysis by SKU category and account level. Analysis improved IMUSA's contribution margin - accuracy and account $ i mpact. * Drove group of analysts to conduced POS analysis through specialized retailer 's links and software. Provided recommendations for pricing based on metrics gat hered through retail link, POL, EDI, MAAS system. * Elaborated quarterly and annual reports to be presented in Board Meetings. Da ta and Information accuracy and interactive ways of presentation. * Provided Inventory and Forecast guidelines for demand planning department as well as coordinated replenishment with customers' planners' team. * Assist and provide justification for Category product road map - 3 year plan by category. Define new product introductions and procurement efforts with Chine se vendors. * Quarterly Highlight Report that communicates to management findings, opportun ities and situations * Finalized account profiles that served as reference for pricing analysis. MARKETING AND CREATIVE COMPONENT * Created marketing tools that improved sales presentations for buyers: Sell sh eets, templates, flash cards, distribution strategies, roadmaps, etc. * Participated in the developing of the new IMUSA packaging of 300 SKU's. * Developed product manual from copyrighting to final execution. Total manuals developed : 45 in 2008-2009 * Collaborated in the design and business plan of new IMUSA lines. Total lines developed: 4 * Coordinated line reviews materials: presentation, samples, plan-o-grams and p lot plans * Assisted in the development of the 2009 PDQ and display merchandising program launching for the grocery store channel. This campaign boosted sales by 2.5 mil lion dollars. Total displays created 45 * Developed a complete Premium Line in the Cookware category with 8 SKU'S repre senting $550.000 incremental sales to IMUSA * Developed a complete line of appliances for Master Distributors and Grocery S tores Channel. $280.000 incremental sales in the appliance category in 2008 - 20 09. * Redefined and improved IMUSA website and Trade website Chef Latino. * Finalized the Product Packaging and Label Manual for vendors to use as refere nce when placing packaging labels in the products. Improved packaging complaints from Customers by 17%. * Coordinated product photo shoots and recipe imaging to be applied in packagin g * Coordinated private label initiatives with Wal-Mart Mainstays Brand. E-MARKETING COMPONENT * Launched a Twitter and Facebook program. With initial impressions of 40,000, 150 blogs, 35 banners, groups of fans. Program started direct interaction with e nd user to find about consumers preferences and opinions. * Coordinated Quarterly E-marketing Analytic Reports with Google adworks, IMUSA website, Chef Latino Website and Facebook - Twitter * Linked IMUSA website and products to Chef sites, Recipe Sites, Cookware Sites , and Blogs * Cross Site Promotion: For example, Espresso Makers category grew by 5% in 6 m onths after linking items to coffee distributor's sites. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMPONENT * Started two social responsibility programs with AUTISM SPEAKS and FRIENDS OF THE ORPHANS. Got IMUSA sponsoring these 2 programs and promoting a brand with a new IMAGE: "IMUSA is more than just a cookware company; It is about bringing fam

ilies and communities together". * Several press releases were sent to different sources to promote the Brand in a Social Level. Strategic Pricing Manager (North American Region) March 2007-June 2008 Black & Decker (Applica) Miami, FL * Responsible for the Strategic Marketing, general management and development o f accounts within the Mass, Specialty and Department Stores Channels. * Created budgets for annual new product placements, trade and sales plan, mont hly sales forecasts, annual purchase targets, product programs and marketing by account within channel. * Established processes for assessing product market pricing by product categor y and distribution channel and impacted positively company's Contribution Margin by 27% to 36% in different product categories. Determine product profitability within channel. * Double sell opportunities on excess inventory reducing warehouse cost by 11%. Elaborate price lists for line reviews. * Audit of project pricing by core categories including capture of special Coop 's and Rebates. Produce pricing and cost calculations through company's pricing model. * Made sure that customer forms are filled correctly to be able to enter new pr oduct placements into Customer systems. * Led go-to-market transformation team in strategic planning and recommendation s for the new global organization structure. * Provided leadership and direction to a cross-functional team, inclusive of pr oduct management, creative services, supply chain and customer service to create , develop and execute strategies for category growth. * Established promotion plan-o-grams and weekly calendar of promotional events. * Conduct NPD, POS, Market Track and Velocity analysis. * Coordinated Product photo shoots, recipe development and product testing to v alidate product launching strategies. * Provide pricing recommendations in segmentation campaigns by category and cus tomer in the channels. * Manage the Premium Line Market Research. Result: Impact company new product p lacement strategies and incremented business opportunities in 7 new channels. * Provide annual and quarterly sales reports for category and product evaluatio ns. * Conduced POS analysis through specialized retailer's links and software. Prov ided recommendations for pricing based on metrics gathered through retail link, POL, EDI, MAAS system. * Participated in budget processes to reach 15% cost reduction, 35% sales growt h, 23% of new product placements by analyzing sales results, forecast, product p ortfolio product initiative costs and marketing costs. * Provided support to sales for line reviews: Created customer presentations, d eveloped feature and product competitive analysis, developed mock up packaging, coordinated samples for line reviews and made sure company met deliverables on t ime. * Managed forecasting and planning activities and brought accuracy to better ex pand and allocate resources: * Work with Replenishment on seasonal opportunities and create item profiles * Develop DD's as needed for key item opportunities * Update lead times as required * Review Weekly In-Stock Reports * Provide Procurement Manager with updated forecast, seasonal cycles and opport unities to make sure accurate inventory is sourced * Attend forecasting meetings at least on a quarterly basis * Develop on-going tracking of shipments, setting objectives at all levels * Continue to expand IMUSA placement in new categories such as Electrics, House hold, Plastics, Gadgets, Cookware and Sporting Goods * Regular market visits to review store conditions in key markets

* Engage Regional Managers to expand promotional offering of IMUSA product for key holidays, bulk promotional buys and additional space Brand/Marketing Manager (Latin America Region) October 2006-Abril 2007 United Data Technology (UDT) Quito, Ecuador / Miami, FL * Conducted a twelve-month US market study and coordinated results with Europea n agency, and developed marketing strategy, (trade & consumer positioning) like establishing commodity/outsource relations with vendors in China & Malaysia * Managed the successful campaign to launch a major web educational brand, Nova go, exceeding sales goals by 250% * Assisted in the execution of business partnership between UDT and Ecuadorian Globatel Corp. resulting in $850K in sales * Established product objectives and features required to address competitive m arket conditions and meet business plan such as reaching South American Market a t competitive price and at wholesale/service provider levels * Accountable for annual revenues of $7.9 million by managing 8 person sales an d marketing team in Miami and South America. Generated incremental business oppo rtunities by designing plans with business partners including communication serv ice providers, laboratories, banking systems and other technology photodiodes us ers * Coordinated UDT's participation at the Supercom Trade Show 2006 which generat ed 5 new business partners. Resulting sales $2.5 million. * Developed packaging, merchandising, pricing recommendations for OSI-Optolectr onic components and satellite systems * Achieved 4.5% sales growth every month for the last 14 months with a signific ant increase in brand awareness across all metrics * Promoted UDT Services through Trade Magazines. Coordinated the elaboration of Trade Ads as well as short press kits and customer presentations. Research & Demographic Consultant December 2004 - October 2006 ANISA SA. Quito, Ecuador While living in Miami, FL I served as consultant to ANISA SA, located in my home country Ecuador. * Produced a structured framework for centralizing demographic data for Latin A merica and the Caribbean region. * Conducted analytical studies and research projects using advanced statistical techniques to analyze survey data collected by the various producers of demogra phic data for the Caribbean, Central American and South American regions. Commercial Assistant: Business Developer and Market/Pricing Specialist June 2003 -November 2004 US Embassy-Commercial Service Washington,DC -Quito, Ecuador Primarily responsibile for representing US Firms to Latin American buyers. Overs ee all sales, negotiations, pricing and development of product marketing program s. Worked with Marketing and Sales Directors and Product Development in creating promotional programs for US Manufacturers and other US accounts. Helped create new product lines that Latin American buyers requested and performed category ma nagement on several occasions. * Conducted market research, advised on market trends and entry strategies, and created channel and alliance partner programs for US businesses in Ecuador incl uding: Applebee's, Papa John's, Palladio Beauty, Nylonge, Wyeth, Oreck, Whirlpoo l, GE, Banana Boat * Conducted market research, developed brand strategy, and led franchisee recru iting for Applebee's and Papa John's which allowed successful entry in Ecuadoria n market. Led team of 12 account executives and creative. Resulting revenue per franchise: ~$155K between franchise agreement and annual royalty fee * Responsible for taking the cleaning utensils segment of Nylonge from low sale s to a 18% sales increase in the Grocery Stores Channel - Latin America. * Conceived and executed market research resulting in securing a $18 million do llar account in the white appliance industry in * Re-branded and re-launched an under-performing US cosmetics brand in South Am

erica (Palladio), boosting sales 12% * Established exceptional relationships with key retailers and wholesalers in t he white goods and small appliances industry across South America and the US. Th is assisted US firms in closing 2004 sales of $7.5 million of stoves, refrigerat ors, washers and dryers Public Relations and Marketing Consultant June 2001-March 2003 Naranjo Ordonez Developing S.A. Miami, FL * Accountable for the implementation of domestic advertising for Development an d Resorts Projects in South America. * Surpassed revenue goals by 35% in six months. * Analyzed campaigns for effectiveness, created media schedule for target prosp ects, and directed conception and production of ad copy, web, and collateral mat erials * Drove direct/online sales, increasing sales, and increasing customer satisfac tion through a consistent customer experience. International Accounts Coordinator August 2000-June 2001 Bank of America Charlotte, NC * Team leader-Latin American customer satisfaction division. Awarded certificat e of diligence, Nov. 2000. EDUCATION B.A., Marketing/Sociology/International Relations- Honors Designation- Universit y of San Francisco-Quito/Ecuador (2003) Management Certificate-Hayworth Business School/Queens College- Charlotte, NC (D ecember 2001) Certificate Marketing and Social Research- Albion College, MI (May 2001)