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NANCY SCRUGGS________________________________________ 232 Dahlia Street Denver, CO 80220 ns12a8cfe@westpost.



Sales and Marketing Leadership / Business Development / Strategic Planning /Recr uiting & Talent Management / P&L Responsibilities / Growth Strategies / Start-Ups / Turna round Management Builder and Mentor of High Performance Teams: I am recognized as a strong motiv ator, team builder and respected leader. I have had great success and retention in recruiting, performance management, and training. I am a passionate and posi tive leader and believe that strong training and development, continual communic ation, proven tools and metrics are the keys to building successful teams. Administrative Efficiency and Success: I am skilled with leading all aspects of executive management from operations, to sales and marketing to business develo pment and business administration. I have a track record of increasing sales, re ducing costs, and streamlining operations in a wide range of situations. I poss es strong P&L skills and have consistently exceeded company sales and revenue ob jectives. Strategic Sales & Operations Leader: My background encompasses 15 years of sales leadership and operations management, with proven success in leading growth by focusing on delivering bottom line net profit results. My experience includes bu ilding, implementing and achieving sales budgets, defining individual accountabi lity and team building, and building strong client relationships. I have consist ently generated additional revenue by bringing value added solutions to the cust omer. Selected Achievement & Skills Grew Company Revenues from $200,000 to $23 million- As Vice President Sales and Marketing for TruStile Doors, I recruited, trained and lead national sales forc e 45 reps, as well as an inside customer development team of 16. I grew sales i mmensely through strategic distribution, innovative marketing and exceptional cu stomer development. Turnaround and Start-up Management- I have extensive experience and success in i mplementing change, developing new strategies and teams, and managing extreme gr owth through innovative planning and leadership. Recruitment and Development Across Industry - I have experienced repeated succes s in building inside and outside sales teams within multiple industries includin g: building & construction, software, technology, retail and personal services. Skills- Exceptional verbal and communication skills. Successful project managem ent experience across industries and positions. Highly personable and capable o f working with C-level executives, family businesses as well as individuals. Pro ficient in solving problems, closing deals, and implementing solutions under tig ht deadlines. Hands on executive capable of handling all levels of budgets. Career Overview/Entrepreneurial Experience DIRECTOR Westwood College Online, Broomfield, CO 2010 * Hired to run admissions for the College's pilot program for their School of Pr

ofessional Studies which offered both undergraduate and masters business degrees . * Coached, trained, developed and lead a team of 12 admissions representatives. This included weekly one on one meetings, observations, and trainings with team . Responsible for all hiring and training. Conducted bi-monthly reviews, weekl y assessments and term reviews. * Interviewed all students to confirm they met all admissions requirements and p roper expectations were set by the admissions representative. Confirmed the stu dent was set up for success with emotional, financial and time expectations. * Managed each term start to company's quotas and budgets. Note: I left the organization due to several factors. When I was hired the col lege was weeks away from getting accreditation, was in good standing as a busine ss, and the college represented that the future of the School of Professional St udies was where the entire college was going. The college is now under investig ation from the Department of Education, is in a class action lawsuit, didn't get regional accreditation, disbanded the School of Professional Studies and in fac t has lost accreditation at several campuses. I was very upfront with my boss, the AVP, and he knew I was looking to get out of the situation as it wasn't an o rganization I wanted to be associated with. All AVP's and Executive Directors h ave been let go. CONSULTING SERVICES 2008-Present Performed various projects for companies including: operational efficiency anal ysis, development of all marketing collateral & website content, management of w ebsite development, interim sales management, change management, multiple admini stration and HR projects and restructuring, program development and general mana gement. Specific longer term project included below, others upon request. PROJECT: DIRECTOR CLIENT SERVICES: Vydrogen, Denver, CO esent PROJECT: MANAGING EDITOR: Cherry Creek Living Magazine, CO -Present 10/2010-Pr 9/2010

PROJECT: SENIOR SALES CONSULTANT MANAGER: ITS Companies, Denver, CO 2009 Managed, trained and lead sales team of 10 through metrics, analysis and weekly team and individual training. I developed training metrics, materials and the t raining schedule. I also had independent production expectations which included identifying potential executives, qualifying executives who were a match the co mpany's professional service representation, engagement and maintenance. OPERATIONS MANAGER/SALES DIRECTOR TrackVia, Inc. Denver, CO 2008 * Initially was brought on as the operations manager of TrackVia, a start-up onl ine database software company that just went through their first round of VC fun ding. * Managed and was responsible for all HR, administrative and operational areas t ypical of the Operations Manager. Lead and completed a major project involving the relocation of the headquarters from an executive suites environment to a lea sed office space in Lodo. Successfully coordinated and completed all aspects of the move including the purchasing of all equipment, furniture & cubicles, suppl ies, agreements with vendors & service providers, and installations. The move wa s completed without any downtime of our operations. * As Sales Director I hired, trained & developed an inside sales team of four, w hich was the first sales effort and initiative of the company. This development was grassroots as the product had only been marketed through free trial efforts

online. I developed all of the training materials, sales methodology, procedur es, metrics and reporting. Monitored team performance through reports and analy sis. OWNER/BUSINESS MANAGER Sparrow Restaurant & Market Cafe, Denver, CO 2004-2008 * Opened a successful & popular mid-sized fine dining restaurant with my (execut ive chef) partner. * Developed and maintained the business systems including: preparing and maintai ning the financials, HR, legal and the sales & marketing for the restaurant. * Hired, trained and managed staff of 25. * Ran all of the private events and banquets for corporate customers including V olunteers of America, UMB, University Hospital, MCPN, the Colorado Symphony, Hin ton & Grusich, Hein & Associations and the Denver Art Coalition to name just a f ew. * Published a 90 page, hard cover coffee table Sparrow Cookbook for promotional purposes. VP ADMINISTRATION & CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT TruStile Doors Inc., Denver, CO 2001-2004 . * Ran the inside sales/customer development department for the company. This te am of 15 handled quoting, value-add selling, purchase orders, CAD drawings, qual ity issues and warranties for over 1,000 customers. * Provided comprehensive support for the company's 40 outside sales reps. * Structured, managed and maintained the HR systems for the company (staff of ap proximately 200). This included major restructuring through different phases du e to the tremendous rapid growth of the company and the vast diversity of the em ployees. * Had success with a final re-structure when the company was bought out by a lar ger corporation. This included major personnel changes. The buyout had a huge impact on morale that had to be dealt with through a variety of HR initiatives. * Managed the legal and insurance needs for the company. These were ever changi ng. VP SALES & MARKETING TruStile Doors Inc., Denver, CO 1997-2001

* Directed and managed overall sales & marketing efforts for the company (under my direction the company's sales grew from $200,000 to over $23 million). * Played an integral role in directing the overall systems & growth of the compa ny. * Developed sales strategy, budgets, as well as developed the nationwide distri bution network for the company. Hired, trained managed 40 National Sales Repres entatives who sold the product throughout the United States. * Conducted regional and national sales meetings and trade show presentations. * Directed & developed all of the promotional and marketing programs for the com pany. Projects included: interactive CD-ROM, web-site, structuring of the compa ny's pricing system and database, national TV spots (This Old House, Morley Safe r's Architectural Review, and Hometime) national magazine advertisements, press releases, brochures and numerous other sales and marketing tools. OPERATIONS & BUSINESS MANAGER Contact Marketing Inc./NPPN, Lakewood, CO 1990-1997

* Directed and maintained the daily operations of the business. Hired, trained a nd managed staff of 20 personnel. * Managed receivables and expenditures and budgets. * Helped to build and maintained a national sales force of 3,500 distributors wh o marketed the product throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

* Developed policy, procedure and training manuals. * Maintained relations with the company's national accounts. * Handled all sales support, training, development and maintenance. Education B.S. Harvard University 1993 Cambridge, MA