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Detect and Engage Human Targets to 1500 meters Un-cooled System for Silent Operation and High Reliability High Resolution State-of-the-Art Sensor Fire Control System - Electronic Reticule Adjustment for Range and Ammunition Ballistics Built-in Memory - Stores Maps and Mission Data Smart Program User Friendly Menus Advanced Picture Processing Low-Consumption Electronics - Operates 10 hours on Standard Batteries Low Weight, Rugged and Compact - the Winning Combination USB Interface for 2-way Communication with External Computer



Continuing its long tradition of providing state-of-the-art solutions for the day and night battlefield, Meprolight introduces the MEPRO NOA an advanced Thermal Night Sight that also functions as a mission computer, surveillance device and intelligence gathering tool. MEPRO NOA enables warfighters to acquire and engage targets at longer ranges, enhancing their survivability and lethality. A state-of-the-art FLIR device, since the MEPRO NOA operates silently and emits no heat or RF energy its use cannot be detected. Sensing very small differences in temperature, the MEPRO NOA accurately acquires the target - even through battlefield obscurants, adverse weather and total darkness. This unique sight is an industry leader that features: State-of-the-art, improved technology Focal Plane Array (FPA) detector for high resolution thermal night vision. Advanced controller with the capability to create moving reticules, perform target programming or call-up digital maps for use in mission planning. Large memory for storing (maps, pictures, mission data). Capability to present pictures and text loaded while preparing for a mission. Simple download of pictures taken. Completely integrated Fire Control System (FCS) can receive target distance manually or from an external range finder and moves the reticule (Super-Elevation) as a function of the range and specific ammunition ballistics. Designed for SEALS, Commandos and other Special Units, the MEPRO NOA withstands pressures (internal and external) to a 10 meter depth. Especially small physical dimensions and light weight. Easy to customize - lens, reticules, program changes such as language, menus, extended memory. Can be operated remotely or on external power source.

Picture taken from 1000m

Technical Specifications and Features

FPA Sensor Spectral Sensitivity Field of View Magnification Maximum Man Size Detection Maximum Man Size Target Identification Maximum Target Recognition Weight (Incl. batteries and mount) Dimensions (mm) Eye Piece Focus Range Reticules Reticule Calibration / Zeroing Windage & Elevation Bore-sight Retention Mounting Battery Type Battery Operation time Display Display Dimensions Video Interface Controls: On / Off / Stand-By Brightness, Focus, Contrast Image Polarity Un-cooled, 320 x 240 micro-bolometer 8 to 12 microns 6.1 X 4.6 = 7.6 (With 7X, 3.5 X 2.6 = 4.5) 4X Optical 7X Optical 2X Digital Zoom 2X Digital Zoom 850m 1500m 500m 1000m 250m 450m 1350gr. 1900gr. 300L x 90H x 72W 380L x 92H x 110W Diopter adjustment 5 10 meters to infinity 4 types (or as per customer requirements) Electronically, 10 mrad in Windage & Elevation 10 mrad < 0.25 mrad Adaptors for major Israel and US platforms Four (4) 9V Lithium Batteries 10 hours minimum, Low Battery display OLED Viewfinder 8 mm X 6mm RS-170, 8 bit digital (CCIR, 8 bit digital optional) Toggle switch GUI, Electronically GUI, White/Black

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