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RON CRIGLER - EDITOR (AVID and Final Cut Pro) Phone: 310.562.8934 - Email: rc130edf6@westpost.net - Address: P.O.

BOX 11252 Marina Del Ray, CA 90295 EDITOR EXPERICENCE: Over 20 years editing experience including TV, Film, Promos, News, Talk Shows, Reality Shows, Documentaries, Commercials, Music Videos, and specializing in Sports. Additional experience includes online editor, graphics, technical director, producer/editor, and director of over 5000 hours of live tel evision. NHRA Unleashed Disruptive Studios Senior Editor, 8 reality style drag racing half hour episodes. Marina del Rey, CA, 8/10 - 12/10 Muay Thai in America Muay Thai in America Producing/Editing all Opens, Feature stories on fighters, sizzle reels . Santa Monica, CA, 2/10 - 7/10 UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship Positive Image Video/Spike TV Designer, Producer/Editor - Designed and edited national commercials, show opens, and main event sports features, as well as numerous shows for Spike TV. Santa Monica & Las Vegas, 6/02 - 7/09 Toughman FX channel Avid Symphony Editor, Features on the fighters. Santa Monica, CA, 7/01 - 6/02 Fox Sports Net promos FX Channel promos The Post Group West Avid Editor - Promo editor for all sports. Santa Monica, CA, 6/00 - 2/01 NFL This Morning Fox Digital Feature Editor, feature stories. Los Angeles, CA, 8/99 - 2/00 Access Hollywood NBC Burbank Feature Editor, Topical entertainment news packages. Burbank, CA, 8/97 - 8/99 Fox Sports News Features and Special Interest Stories Fox Sports N ews Feature Editor, Special interest stories on players, coaches and teams . Responsible for daily graphic packages and designing high-end graphics such as the Fox Scope, also many Dveou s studio transitions. Hollywood, CA, 8/96 - 7/97 EPKs, BTS, Interview segments, and promos Popcorn Channel Editor, EPKs, BTS, Interview segments, promos for movies and entertain ment. Santa Monica, CA, 6/96 - 8/96 Channel One News program Channel One Communications Technical Director/Senior Editor for news program viewed by 8 million intermediate students daily, responsibilities included high-end graphics builds, switching live to tape and editing entire show. Hollywood, CA, 8/95 - 6/96 Won 2 BDA Awards in '95 and '96. ABC America's Funniest Commercials, A&E Biography, ESPN Sports Feature Presentations Beverly Hills Video Group Senior Editor, episodic, conformed feature films, and trailers. Santa Monica, CA, 8/94 - 5/95 Pioneer Electronics Laser Disc Karaoke Entertainment U-Best Laser

World Editor - Offline and on-line editor on over music videos (karaoke ente rtainment). El Segundo, CA, 1/93 - 4/94 Discovery Channel, America's Most Wanted, National Geographic, N.A.S.A. Interface Video Systems On-Line Editor with extensive graphics and animation. Washington D.C., 5/ 89 -10/92 RON CRIGLER - EDITOR Page 2 Phone: 310.562.8934 - Email: rc130edf6@westpost.net - Address: P.O. BOX 11252 Marina Del Ray, CA 90295 EDITOR EXPERIENCE (CONTINUED): SSN Packaged segments and graphic based promos Mizlou Sports News Network(SNN), On-Line Editor, on packaged segments and graphic based promos. Managed overnight tape playback. Arlington, VA, 2/90 - 6/90 USA Today on TV Gannett On-Line Editor, Topical news packages. Arlington, VA, 2/89 - 5/89 TECHNICAL DIRECTOR EXPERIENCE: 8/95 - 6/96, Channel One Communications, Hollywood, CA, news. 5/89 -10/92, Interface Video Systems, Washington D.C., News and tele-conferences . 2/91 - 9/92, Monitor Channel (Rod McCliesh/Congress this Week) Political news ta lk shows. 1/87 - 2/89, (Director/TD) HSN, St. Petersburg, FL, entertainment sales, 6 hours live per day, 6 days per week. 4/85 - 2/86, WVUT News, Vincennes, IN, one hour live regional and national news coverage. SKILLS: AVID - AVID SYMPHONY, AVID Media Composer & EFX FINAL CUT PRO. - Final Cut Pro. All Versions OTHER SYSTEMS - GVG 51,151,351, CMX Omni 1000, Ampex Ace 200,25, Abekas Solo, So ny 900 SWITCHERS - GVG 1600,1680,200,3000,4000,1200, Abekas A 82,Solo, Ampex Century 200,300,Vista, Central Dynamics 480 VIDEO EFX - Photoshop, Sapphire Adobe After Effects Plugins (for both AVID and Final Cut Pro.), Abekas A 53,57, DVEOUS, ADO 100, 1000, 2000, 3000, Microtime Impact TAPE HDCam, DigiBeta,SX, BVW 60 - 75, D2-10,20,Ampex VPR 80,VPR3 w/ Zeus, 3 00(D2), BVU 1000,2000, Bosch D-1, JVCS component digital AUDIO BOARDS - ADM, Sony, Auditronics, Nueve, Graham Patton ROUTERS - Utah Scientific, Bosch, Di-Tech, Group Aundre Perry MISCELLANEOUS - Abekas A 62, 64(DDR), A 42 Still Store, Leitch Still File, Chyro

n 4200, Scribe, Infinit, Betacart, Odetics, Interactive Motion Control Camera(IMC)

Excellent references available upon request.