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Denise Taylor, PsyD

2140 Redwood Highway | Greenbrae, CA 94904 | 707-297-1238 | dd131c51e@westpost.n et

Experienced Clinical Psychologist

Accomplished Clinical Psychologist with expertise in psychotherapy using behavio ral, cognitive and reality therapies. Demonstrated success treating diverse cli ent populations including children, adolescents and adults in individual therapy and Milieu therapy. Dynamic professional with notable strengths in the treatmen t of clients faced with substance abuse, opioid dependency, relationship issues and crisis.

Career Highlights

* Invited to complete a rigorous 1500 hour post-doctorate internship as Regi stered Psychologist at Marin Treatment Center from 2009 to 2010.

* Developed and implemented treatment plans while serving as Therapist to 55 challenging dual diagnoses heroin addiction clients. * Met organizational objectives as a Recruiter for Christian Foster Care for adolescents and teenagers boys with extreme emotional behaviors; methods employ ed include conducting psychotherapy using behavioral, cognitive and reality ther apy in individual and group settings. * Reached out to substance abuse recovery programs; ensured one of largest r ecovery homes in Alameda County understood the impact of methadone treatment for heroin recovery. * Evaluated and identified clientsa mental health and substance abuse/addict ion needs as Psychotherapist; addressed clientsa recovery needs. * Collaborated with social workers, parents and guardians in treatment of ad olescents and teenage boys and girls; instrumental in placing clients in residen tial homes. * Earned recognition for working effectively with the most challenging clien ts. * Highly regarded as Senior Therapist with HARRT Clinic. * Demonstrated success in Cognitive Behavioral and Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, Ivar Lovass.

Professional Experience

Hosanna Foster Care Home, Castro Valley, CA a' 2007 to Present

Recruiter: Engaged in non-judgmental treatment and provided unconditional suppor t to children and families. Focused on performance improvement.

* * * ction

Demonstrated expertise in oversight of initial needs assessments. Developed and implemented comprehensive treatment plans. Entrusted to respond to all emergency/crisis situations and supervise indu enrollment and outreach.

Humanistic Alternatives Addiction Research & Treatment, Hayward, CA a" 2001 to 2 008

Psychologist: Met rigorous standards while providing psychotherapy to 50 outpati ent clients prescribed methadone maintenance. Led a high performance team of pro fessionals in the care and treatment of clients. Collaborated with staff and wit h other medical professionals in the care of clients. Conducted interventions an d counseled family members. Interviewed clients, performed diagnostic and psycho logical testing and evaluated clientsa medical and physical conditions. Practice d cognitive and behavioral therapy; counseled individuals and groups. Ensured co mpliance with HIPPA and oversaw issues related to Medicare and Medicaid.

* Emphasized harm reduction, abstinence, 12-step programs, lf-regulation and personality responsibility. * Presented the program treatment model to the community and other treatment facilities. * Set challenging objectives aligned with the organizationas visions and val ues. Ensured excellence in the provision of client treatment by consistently mon itoring staff performance. * Reached out across the community by establishing relevant programs and pro viding advocacy services.

Denise Taylor, PsyD | Page 2 | 707-297-1238 | dd131c51e@westpost.net

Nurture Now Youth Services, Richmond, CA a' 2002 to 2003

Residential Clinical Therapist: Provided comprehensive clinical, case management , program development and services to at risk teens and their families. Develope d and implemented client care plans. Conducted comprehensive diagnostic and psyc hological testing. Played a role in patient transitions.

* Engaged individuals, families and groups in therapy. Provided crisis inter vention, advocacy, assessment, planning and discharge planning. * Played a central role in collaborative planning as a member of an interdis ciplinary team. * Represented the organization while serving as a community liaison. * Developed and delivered in-service training. * Ensured clients received access to health and wellness programs, appropria te professional services and vital community resources. * Performed social service activities including investigating abuse and negl ect, intervening in crisis situations and taking authorized protective action.

Milestones, Walnut Creek, CA a" 1997 to 2002

Behavioral Therapist: Designed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment plans i n support of 1-12 year old autistic children. Conducted in-home and in-school fu nctional behavioral assessments.


California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA a' 2006

PsyD Clinical Psychology

California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA a' 2002

Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology

Dominican University of San Rafael, San Rafael, CA a' 1997

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


Marin Treatment Center, Rafael, CA a" 2009 to 2010

Post-Doctorate Internship, Registered Psychologist: Performed 1500 hours as a Ps ychotherapist in support of 19 dual diagnoses outpatient clients prescribed meth adone. Worked in collaboration with providers to aid in the management of medica l conditions through non-pharmacological and behavioral intervention focused on leveraging physician time and developing appropriate patterns of utilization.

Regional Center of the East Bay, Napa and Santa Rosa, CA a' 2001

Pre-Doctorate Program Internship: Served as a Registered Psychologist in-trainin g within interdisciplinary rehabilitation teams on the inpatient, outpatient and extended care rehabilitation services. Researched seminars focused on participa tory action research, applied clinical neuropsychology and rehabilitation method ology.