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445C E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd. #134 Colorad o Springs CO 80906 Ph . No. 281-674-5141 Achievements; * Occupational Health and Safety Administration (O.S.H.A.) General Industry outreach instructor level qualified (501) * Completed O.S.H.A. 40 hour HAZWOPER to include level "A" suit requirements in January 2009 * Completed front line supervisor training with KBR as of September 2008 * Certified level "C" operation with the Drager 7410 Plus Alco-Test apparatus to conduct testing, accuracy and calibration for the unit * Selected to write and administrate Regional Respiratory Protection. I remained as the Program Administrator within the Central Iraq region until leaving KBR i n Dec. 2010 * Good working background in EM 385-1-1 along with AR600-55 2007- Dec. 2010 K.B.R. Responsibilities; * As an H.S.E. Coordinator my duties include inspections of living, dining and w orking locations. This position involved identification of hazards with correcti on and training as needed to resolve problems observed in a productive and non h ostile manner whenever possible. Audits of environmental conditions are also a p ortion of my position. I also traveled throughout Iraq to various military sites for safety training along with operator qualification and evaluation of Wheel b ased, Heavy Equipment and other special equipment needed to maintain a level of mission readiness under military plan and policy. Safety orientation instruction and evaluation involving the following equipment; All light and heavy wheel based equipment including hazardous transportation Specialty Programs Instructed and evaluations completed Dragger 7410 Plus Breath Alcohol test unit Confined Space 10 and 30 hour OSHA Competent Person Fire Extinguisher Hazard Communication Supervisor Refresher Respirator Fit Testing Personal Protective Equipment All heavy equipment except cranes * Implementation of Health, Safety and Environmental policy to include OSHA requ irements on bases of assignment. This deals on all levels of Construction, Gener al Industry and Hazardous material handling and storage * Assigned as Point Of Contact for up to 12 different outer bases and assigned t o investigate accidents and incidents, isolate root causes and implement trainin g and awareness programs to correct those issues of concern. Bruce Pattison Pg.2 H.S.E. Coordinator/Trainer

2006-2007 K.B.R. Responsibilities;

TTM School House Trainer

* Began as wheel based trainer dealing with Commercial Vehicle Safety * Re-assigned as point-of contact dealing with quarterly and annual O.S.H.A. req uired compliance training. During this time a complete reorganization was made t o stream-line safety the quarterly compliance training process. This increased o verall departmental compliance from approximately 10% to in some cases over 90% * Awarded Employee of the month for work accomplished and goals met in March 200 7 while assigned to Logistics Support Base "Anaconda" Iraq During this time additional training was written and/or included into existing p rograms for addition then submitted to department management to include; 1. Practical Hands-on fire extinguisher training added to the classroom portion of the program (Which is an Occupational Health and Safety Administration, O.S.H .A., requirement that was unavailable prior to my appointment to the position) 2. Improvised Explosive Device recognition training for the classroom (for convo y operations, not available prior to my appointment) 3. Senior Management site visit training programs 4. Convoy Commander instructional training 2004-2006 K.B.R. Responsabilites; * Ensuring safety and morale of all personnel on the crew. * Timely loading or unloading of freight. * Dispute resolutions among personnel on the team 2003-2004 Company driver Atwood Transportation Responsabilites; * Responsible for the implementation of delivery protocols for customers with mo re sensitive storage. * Introduced "Dense phase delivery" procedure initially developed with Bulk-Mati c transportation. * Introduction and primary trainer for new drivers with the company Convoy Commander

Bruce Pattison Pg. 3 2001-2003 Company driver Bulk-Mati c Transportation Responsabilites; * Developed and refined a safety training program for the guidance of new and ex isting employees within central Colorado * Assigned as Point-of-Contact involving 4 different customers with older and mo re sensitive storage systems * Developed a delivery process called "Dense Phase". This delivery process is us ed to service customers with older more fragile storage facilities 1999-2001 Trans-Am Transportation Driving Instructor and Company driver

Responsabilites; * Providing specialized one-on-one training working with critical close quarter skills * Provided specialized one-on-one training working with critical close quarter s kills * Responsible for processing 7-10 drivers each month as average one-on-one and u p to 15 in standard training 1996-1999 Driving Instructor Dic k Simon Transportation Responsabilites; * Initial development of a training program that was set up as to be a self-refi ning training system * Up-grading evaluations to place new drivers into equipment for employment * Irregular route driver working throughout the U.S. and Canada Education; * Graduated Monte Vista High School 1979 * Completed OSHA out-reach training as instructor level in General Industry. * Completed Hazwoper (40) hr training, to include level "A" practical suite qual ification. Other Experience Through association with establishing and developing training a nd safety programs including classes through KBR University experience has been gained in Excel, Outlook and Word.