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Edward J. Nowicki 3604 Inverness Pkwy. Columbus, GA 31909 Phone: 248-881-2538 (day/evening) E-Mail: en13209d4@westpost.

net Objective Seeking a mid-level or senior-level competitive intelligence analyst position wi th a US Government agency or private sector company that will effectively utiliz e all source analysis skills and experience. Summary of Qualifications Over 9 years of military intelligence experience. Superior research, production, and briefing skills. 38 months experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. Excellent leadership and team building abilities. TS-SCI security clearance. Professional Experience Senior Intelligence Analyst, United States Army - 35F/96B. 2006 - Present Established the intelligence section of the Iraqi Army Mid-Euphrates Operations Center; resulting in the successful partnership between the 8th Iraqi Army Divis ion intelligence officers and US forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Led a brigade level all source production section during Operation Iraqi Freedom , covering five provinces and consisting of joint service personnel specializing in HUMINT, SIGINT, MASINT, IMINT, and all-source analysts. Synchronized efforts with Special Operations, CIA, and DIA personnel. Developed and produced intelligence products covering four provinces in northeas tern Afghanistan. Recognized as the subject matter expert for Nangarhar Province in the 173rd Airborne Brigade during Operation Enduring Freedom. Worked with St ate Department, DEA, British SAS, and Blackwater members that strengthened combi ned efforts in Nangarhar Province. Identified, developed, and created over 25 target packets resulting in the deten tion of numerous high value targets during Operation Enduring Freedom. Tactical Signals Intelligence Collector, United States Army 2005 - 2006 Operated Low Level Voice Intercept systems while embedded with a rifle company t hroughout Zabul and Kandahar Provinces, Afghanistan. Provided immediate intellig ence to the ground commander during combat operations. Ground Surveillance Analyst, United States Army 2002 - 2005 Emplaced Remote Battlefield Sensor System along Afghanistan - Pakistan border re sulting in capture/kill of numerous Taliban fighters entering Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Education BS Business/Finance, University of Phoenix Graduation Date: June 6th, 2011 Current GPA: 3.67 United States Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy Primary Leadership Development Course - Graduated on Commandant's List, 2005. Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course - Graduated with honors, 2009. Skills Proficient with DCGS-A systems, Analyst Notebook, , M3, SOF-VIZ, and Microsoft Office. Able to work ction or as part of a staff. Calm under pressure; g interpersonal skills. Able to recommend courses Expert at identifying patterns and trends. ArcGIS, Query Tree, Falconview independently with little dire committed to excellence. Stron of action in a timely manner.