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Carol Kolkhorst 9129 E 3rd Place, Tulsa, OK 74112 - 918-960-7268 (H) - 918-504-4058 (C) - ck1341 c2e@westpost.


Objective Passionate in development of agents, in support of results that increase perform ance objectives as a technical subject matter expert. Recognize and provide real solutions in raising customer satisfaction through investigation of root cause. Coaching towards productivity with a focus on quality performance. Professional Summary * Highly motivated and results oriented, as an effective communicator with 3+ ye ars experience working at DirecTV. * Successfully built cooperative working teams to promote productive working env ironment through collaboration and interaction of various departments. * Focus on increasing performance through investigation of root cause issues res ulted in a 20% increase in customer satisfaction surveys due in part to departme nt cooperation. * Reliable, accomplished leader, customer service focused, performance driven, w ith critical time management skills and demonstrated ability to lead. * Experienced in Microsoft Office applications and quick to learn and navigate a ny computer based program. * Flexibility to work any shift any day, as required and/or needed. Skill Highlights * * * * * * Excellent communication skills * Creative problem solver Developed listening skills * Strong organizational skills Conflict resolution * MS Windows proficient Effective solution development * Training and coaching Time management specialist * Qualified project manager Critical thinking * Diplomatic management

Work Experience DirecTV February 2008 to Present Team Support Specialist Tulsa, OK * Provided customer service, answering customer/agent inquiries, solving problem s, and providing product information. * Maintained up-to-date knowledge of company policies and procedures, customer a ffecting issues, and customer communications. * Conducted weekly team meetings collaborated with my Team Leader to discuss ini tiatives, policies and deliver training through developed Power Point presentati ons. * Provided effective communication and customer service support to the Sunrise t

eams on daily basis including handling customer escalation calls. * Ensure superior customer experience by addressing agent and customer concerns, demonstrating empathy, and resolving problems on the spot. DirecTV July 2007 to February 2008 Customer Service Representative: Direct to Tech Tulsa, OK

* Provided customer service answering customer inquiries, solving problems, and providing new product initiatives. * Worked as a team member performing stand in duties, in technical product assis tance and taking escalated calls while providing excellent customer service. SmartCity February 2002 to March 2005 Manager of Customer Sales & Service Representatives Las Vegas/Orlando, NV/FL

* Managed wide variety of customer service and administrative tasks to resolve c ustomer issues quickly and efficiently. * Promptly responded to general inquiries from members, staff, and clients via m ail, e-mail and fax. * Interacted with customers ensuring highest level of customer satisfaction. Inv estigated and resolved customer inquiries and complaints in a timely and empathe tic manner. * Implemented new processes with collaboration across departments for improving customer service satisfaction. * Trained CSSR's in managed quality communication, customer support and product representation. * Provided an elevated customer experience to generate higher customer satisfact ion resulting in 20% increase. * Compiled after show survey reports with comparison of previous records for wee kly departmental convention services meetings. * Worked under strict deadlines and responded to service requests and emergency call-outs as24 hour on call, before and during show start. * Ensured superior customer experience by addressing customer concerns, demonstr ating empathy, and resolving problems on the spot. * Cross-trained employees and provided back-up for other customer service repres entatives regularly. * Resolved product/policy issues and shared benefits of matching product/service to specific need requirements. ClientLogic April 1999 to June 2002 Dell Tech Support Agent Las Vegas, NV

* Provided customer service answering customer inquiries, solving problems, and providing new product information for Dell desktop PC's, portables, and workstat

ions. Design One January 1997 to May 1999 Office Manager Las Vegas, NV

* Arrange dates and confirm schedules for production of play bills and advertisi ng. * Arrange and confirm travel via air or bus, hotel accommodations and venue ride rs. * Run payroll, invoicing, and revenues, taxes and compliance. * Create, write and implement training from on boarding to web design, to riding on tour bus, how to interact, if at all and what is required to support the tou r. * Implemented new processes and systems for improving customer service satisfact ion generating a 14% growth in revenue. * Organized monthly sales reports to track product success. * Provided an elevated customer experience to generate a loyal customer base. Diamond C Refrigerated Express May 1989 to January 1997 Operations Manager/Dispatcher Las Vegas, NV

* Contract negotiations for coast to coast trucking. * Dispatch of trucks for less than truckload (LTL) from California to Las Vegas. * Scheduled weekly inventory pickups and deliveries with shippers and vendors. * Achieved increase of monthly revenues over 200k with consultative, value-focus ed customer service approach. * Audit log books, truck maintenance and all areas for DOT compliance. * Payroll, invoices, and tax compliance including receivables. * Implemented specialized configuration of Quicken software to run reports neede d to avoid expenditure of $12,000 for trucking software. * Developed reporting capabilities to track expenditures and revenues per truck. * Implemented LTL strategies which resulted in 18% growth of customer base. * Developed reputation as an efficient service provider with high levels of time ly delivery. * Built long-term customer relationships. Education and Training American InterContinental University Online 2010 Project Management Bachelor's (BBA)- Business Administration Hoffman Estates, IL, United States

* Global Strategic Management * Project Management Principles * Managing Project Risks and Opportunities * Project Cost and Time Management American InterContinental University Online 2009 Organizational Psychology & Development Bachelor's (BBA)- Business Administrat ion Hoffman Estates, IL, United States * Decision Making * Concepts in Organizational Behavior * Statistical Analysis * Social and Organizational Psychology * Personnel Psychology * Employee Training and Development American InterContinental University Online 2008 Business Administration Associate's (AABA)- Business Administration Hoffman Estates , IL, United States * Business and Society * Business Management and Leadership * Business Ethics * Project Management Leadership Conference 2004 Leadership Skills Certification

Las Vegas, NV, United States * Focused principles of leadership PSI - People Synergistically Involved 1991 Focus on Action and Results Women's Leadership Certification High Valley Ranch, CA, United States * Enhance communication skills * Dramatic improvement on personal and professional relationships * Gain confidence and improve productivity * Discover new ways of creativity, focus, and direction * Empowerment CompTIA A+ 1991

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Las Vegas , NV, United States Awards 2010 Star Performer Wall of Fame - DirecTV